Kamlepo says  some Ministers involved in K577bn cashgate: Parliament to seek donor funds for report

Outspoken Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua says parliament would seek donor money assistance to enable the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)of the National Assembly meet to scrutinise the K577 billion cashgate report.

Kamlepo Kalua: There are cashgate accomplices in cabinet

Kamlepo Kalua: There are cashgate accomplices in cabinet

Kalua, who is also the vice chairman of PAC,  said the government has shown no interest to fund the meeting of the committee to discuss the report alleging it is because the Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) officials were involved in the plunder of the money at Capital Hill.

“I will be meeting my chairman very soon to see if we can raise money from donors to fund our meeting. It is sad that these people don’t want PAC to meet and discuss this issue,” he said.

Kalua said the only reason the government is dilly-dallying to fund the PAC meeting is that some current cabinet ministers were involved in the plunder of public resources.

“Those involved include some ministers in the current administration, you can never erase history, history never rots, Malawians will never forget no matter how long it takes,” he said.

He said the K577 billion report is of national importance, saying it is the genesis of the current economic problems.

Kalua said the current economic problems are self inflicted, saying the ruling DPP has a larger share of the blame.

“Most of the money was plundered by the DPP officials, this is why they don’t want us to discuss this issue. This government has no sense of responsibility, this government has no sense of direction,” he charged.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said all government departments are facing financial problems due to the prevailing economic climate, saying this is not unique to parliament alone.

Kalua also took a swipe at some civil rights leaders, saying they are silent when a bag of maize weighing 50kg is now hitting K20,000 and utility bills of water and electricity are raised wily-nilly.

“We know they have been given lucrative rewarding parastatal chairmanships,” he claimed.

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jumani mwana ngwazi ( the original one )
jumani mwana ngwazi ( the original one )

No one has been as stupid as this guy called Kamlepo.

Farmers need the MK 20,000.00 twenty thousand kwacha for a 50kg bag of maize given high cost of inputs. To have adequate produce the price should encourage farmers to produce and become wealthy. What is at stake here is lack of purchasing power of buyers (Malawians only) and that is what has to be addressed for Malawi to prosper. Simply put Malawians need to benefit from their wealth. This is not yet realized because we are not patriotic. Basi! Most of our resources are leaving the country at very low prices yet we import similar produce at very high costs.… Read more »
Yes please seek donor funds to scrutinise and dissect the 577bn. This will shame these thuggish and thieving dpp embeciles. The donors will actually be more than happy to fund the scrutiny of the report as it will show that we are moving towards good governance. The govt is dragging its feet on this, why? Is it fearing the truth of their theft being exposed? You would think they would rush to publish the results so that jb / pp whom they claim stole the 577bn money will be exposed as the culprits. They must be fearing something in the… Read more »

Its a matter of time DPP seating on a time bomb soon it will explode

Gerald mapanga phiri

Parliament need enough people like Kamlepo. Its not a place to be quiet its shame that opposition parties don’t have them. Mcp don’t make pressure like before, UDF is married. A country having quiet opposition is the same as dead. Mcp must produce vocal politicians, Jessie K now is getting enough of it is now longer hot like before


By refusi to sign the ATI bill is one way of trying to escape the thievery that the APM govt has plundered money from our coffers. Just imagine a millionaire from America coming to Malawi to buy houses at K3m each instead of Paying the rightful amounts. The late brother also stole a lot of money. The ATI bill would unearth all the dirt. One day your sons and daughters will have to give up the stolen money and you will make them misserable; better do it now other than wait whenyou die or vacate mipando yononayo.


Zikutentha zedi tsano!!


Kamlepo keep it up. Cash gate and resource plunder has been there since Muluzi days.
Expose the people who have caused this mess.
This is time for a revolution.


Please exert more pressure on this matter in parliament. We want the truth to be known

charlie hebdo

Bwana Banaba…. you are right. This minister has 25 articulated trucks within a period of 18 months!! Pls investigate him. An as olla ndrama nkhani-nkhani….

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