Kamlepo says  some Ministers involved in K577bn cashgate: Parliament to seek donor funds for report

Outspoken Rumphi east MP Kamlepo Kalua says parliament would seek donor money assistance to enable the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)of the National Assembly meet to scrutinise the K577 billion cashgate report.

Kamlepo Kalua: There are cashgate accomplices in cabinet

Kamlepo Kalua: There are cashgate accomplices in cabinet

Kalua, who is also the vice chairman of PAC,  said the government has shown no interest to fund the meeting of the committee to discuss the report alleging it is because the Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) officials were involved in the plunder of the money at Capital Hill.

“I will be meeting my chairman very soon to see if we can raise money from donors to fund our meeting. It is sad that these people don’t want PAC to meet and discuss this issue,” he said.

Kalua said the only reason the government is dilly-dallying to fund the PAC meeting is that some current cabinet ministers were involved in the plunder of public resources.

“Those involved include some ministers in the current administration, you can never erase history, history never rots, Malawians will never forget no matter how long it takes,” he said.

He said the K577 billion report is of national importance, saying it is the genesis of the current economic problems.

Kalua said the current economic problems are self inflicted, saying the ruling DPP has a larger share of the blame.

“Most of the money was plundered by the DPP officials, this is why they don’t want us to discuss this issue. This government has no sense of responsibility, this government has no sense of direction,” he charged.

Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said all government departments are facing financial problems due to the prevailing economic climate, saying this is not unique to parliament alone.

Kalua also took a swipe at some civil rights leaders, saying they are silent when a bag of maize weighing 50kg is now hitting K20,000 and utility bills of water and electricity are raised wily-nilly.

“We know they have been given lucrative rewarding parastatal chairmanships,” he claimed.

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26 thoughts on “Kamlepo says  some Ministers involved in K577bn cashgate: Parliament to seek donor funds for report”

  1. jumani mwana ngwazi ( the original one ) says:

    No one has been as stupid as this guy called Kamlepo.

  2. zaliro says:

    Farmers need the MK 20,000.00 twenty thousand kwacha for a 50kg bag of maize given high cost of inputs. To have adequate produce the price should encourage farmers to produce and become wealthy. What is at stake here is lack of purchasing power of buyers (Malawians only) and that is what has to be addressed for Malawi to prosper. Simply put Malawians need to benefit from their wealth. This is not yet realized because we are not patriotic. Basi! Most of our resources are leaving the country at very low prices yet we import similar produce at very high costs. Whose fault is this if not our own. Government is importing maize from Zambia to feed the hungry I hope this harvest season it will buy from farmers at a price close to import prices so that farmers can make appropriate profits and it should then onwards buy maize from local farmers at higher prices not just at a price that is good for consumers! MPs can you not meet without being funded by ‘donors’. Can you not be donors for the good of your country! For example meet in the evenings when parliament is in session. I am ignorant but I know that when resources are scarce one tries to find alternatives before one becomes a beggar.

  3. All4ks says:

    Yes please seek donor funds to scrutinise and dissect the 577bn. This will shame these thuggish and thieving dpp embeciles. The donors will actually be more than happy to fund the scrutiny of the report as it will show that we are moving towards good governance.

    The govt is dragging its feet on this, why? Is it fearing the truth of their theft being exposed? You would think they would rush to publish the results so that jb / pp whom they claim stole the 577bn money will be exposed as the culprits. They must be fearing something in the report these dpp people.

  4. Katundu says:

    Its a matter of time DPP seating on a time bomb soon it will explode

  5. Gerald mapanga phiri says:

    Parliament need enough people like Kamlepo. Its not a place to be quiet its shame that opposition parties don’t have them. Mcp don’t make pressure like before, UDF is married. A country having quiet opposition is the same as dead. Mcp must produce vocal politicians, Jessie K now is getting enough of it is now longer hot like before

  6. keke says:

    By refusi to sign the ATI bill is one way of trying to escape the thievery that the APM govt has plundered money from our coffers. Just imagine a millionaire from America coming to Malawi to buy houses at K3m each instead of Paying the rightful amounts. The late brother also stole a lot of money. The ATI bill would unearth all the dirt. One day your sons and daughters will have to give up the stolen money and you will make them misserable; better do it now other than wait whenyou die or vacate mipando yononayo.

  7. kalugap says:

    Zikutentha zedi tsano!!

  8. Bololo says:

    Kamlepo keep it up. Cash gate and resource plunder has been there since Muluzi days.
    Expose the people who have caused this mess.
    This is time for a revolution.

  9. nkhoma says:

    Please exert more pressure on this matter in parliament. We want the truth to be known

  10. charlie hebdo says:

    Bwana Banaba…. you are right. This minister has 25 articulated trucks within a period of 18 months!! Pls investigate him. An as olla ndrama nkhani-nkhani….

  11. Pinyox says:

    The nation needs two or more people of Kamulepo’s spirit.Up until when shall we stand aside and look while those we voted into power are plundering our resources instead of serving us? We are slowly turning into a dormant nation.Civil society leaders,you are just stupid,good for nothing!Why are you so mum on this issue?Advocating for same sex marriages is what you are here for?Fuck you! Agalu achabechabe!!

  12. Kenkkk says:

    These dpp thugs are failing to charge jb because they know that they themselves are even bigger thieves of govt coffers. Because of dpp selfishness people are suffering by hiding the truth on the 577bn.

    Very shameful this dpp govt.

  13. Achakulungwa says:

    Is Kamlepo Kalua aware that he is digging a a pit for his boss who appointed him to be Vice President of PP, giving him ropes to stand out and speak confidently but unfortunately he is pressing wrong buttons? The money he is talking about involves a lot of people in Malawi, his current interim president inclusive. Bwino bwinotu bambo muponda mu ufa.

  14. Banaba says:

    Mention them. Mwanamvekha is one of them. So is APM

  15. The Partriot says:

    No secret under the sun, those trying to sabotage the 577 billion report are just postponing their jail terms! No matter how long this issue may take, the truty will out one day!
    Even if some of the cashgaters will die of old age, the patriots will make sure that the long arm of the law catches up with them by forfeiting their assets posthumously! Some of us are still young and we will make sure that these thieves who have caused our nation so much suffering pay back handsomely for their crimes. Mungodziwa nonse kuti tikukuonanani, mujadzangochoka mu Boma mudzasova, inu ndi ana anu ndi akazi anu ! A Malawi sangabvutike chonchi inu akuba mukusangalala!!! Pa Malwwi pano ma politicians akuti enjeza kwabasi!

  16. THE SHINING STAR says:

    All those who have spoken against Kamlepo have just displayed their stupidity. We cannot close our eyes when we see a stupid and impartial government oppressing those fighting for justice leaving foolish DPP thieves. God will punish you. FOOLS!

  17. Kachepa says:

    Matabaluka on number 8,I salute you!
    We human beings are very dangerous creatures and thats why fire is waiting for us to take out this selfishness!If honourable Kaluwa is worried about money that needs to be accounted for which is MK577 billion,cant we support him on that topic and if it is that we dont like him in other issues,then we attack him later?,Thank you very much to those who took part in this MK577 billion but because of the government at present is backing them!

    Now listen,in whichever way you can,you will pay it whether if it is not you,your family will do it!!Dont forget that under the Sun,no secret can be served!Think gentlemen how people are suffering in Malawi and yet we are told 577 billion was stolen!
    Imagine what will happen to President Zuma about the money he took and yet he says he wants to pay back but our Malawi is because we want to leave everything to Jesus to fight for us since you guys got this verse that says God is there to fight for you!No no no no,God will fight for you if you yourself fights then you are not able to conquer!

    Malawians,have we gone out of that feeling we used to feel about other poor people??
    Lets wait and see and soon we will see what will eat you alive because of that money you guys stole!GOD IS ALIVE AND DONT PLAY WITH HIM AND IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ITS BETTER YOU KEEP QUIET THAN PROVOKING HIM!

  18. Boliwoli2 says:

    A Yaki mukulankhura chani pitani ku RUMPHI EAST CONST. Kwao kwa KK mkaone zitukuko zimene wapanga iyeyo phungo pa 2years zisakasa za sukulu zimene zinalipo pa nthawi ya phungo waDPP zinatha phungo adasanka komiti imene ikuyendetsa zachitukuko mdera lake

  19. Matabaluka says:

    Kamlepo is quite right that the genesis of this economoc turmoil is the Mk577bn cashgate whose culprits are yet to be taken to book. With the silence on this scam, it is naive to talk about budgetary donor support. We know that those attacking Hon.Kamplepo’s personallity instead of attacking his points are DPP zealots with no aorta of shame with the embarrasing failure of their stupid leader.

  20. Observer says:

    With due respect to Honourable Kamplepo Kaluwa, I have the feeling that his wishes are a bit misplaced. The report in question is preliminary whose one recommendation was for a full audit to be done. I think what the Committee should have been pushing for, is not for them to discuss this report. Rather, parliament should be pushing for the quick start of the full audit into the matter. The donors have already committed to fund this full audit. Only then can parliament meet to discuss the full report. In any case, the final report is for the prosecuting agencies to analyze to see if anybody has committed a crime. Parliament can however, provide an oversight role in ensuring that this is done.

    The way things are, Honourable Kalua sounds bitter and one can only suggest that this is because of the lost opportunity for the Committee members to make more allowances

  21. YAKI says:

    Munthu uyu wotchedwa kamlepo ndi chitsiru kwambiri nthawi nkhani yake imakhala yamtopola kodi kwao kuli chitukuko . zimene adamusankhira kwao sakuchita munthuyu . there is need for recall provision to cater this nonsense guys

  22. mphatso says:

    malawi tilipamavuto, escom yakweza tariffs, waterboard zakwera so, mtengo ya chimanga zakwera so, kwacha ayapita ma madzi ama agwa daily, tatopa ndi boma uyo

  23. Milward Malidadi says:

    Tamakulani a Kamlepo Kalua inu!! Always seeking attention. Kodi chimakhala chili chani? Iwe sunamumve Gospel Kazako akunena kuti dzuwa samalozerana _ aliyense amaliwona yekha. Umaganiza amatanthauza chani? Ngati inu muli ndi nzeru zakuya, zilekeni nzeru zanuzo anthu aziwone okha.
    By the way, ma records a nkhani ya MK577bn amasonyeza kuti ndalama zochuluka zinadyedwa during which regime? DPP or PP? Is this a case of problem ya definition considering kuti PP inabadwa kuchokera ku DPP and you are no longer sure whether they were DPP or PP? Why are you trying to erase history when you know very well that history cannot be erased?
    Akulilenji munthu …..akuti “tiwapempha ma donors atipatse makobidi tikumane”. Very pathetic!! And you say that ukumana ndi chairperson wako kuti mukambirane _ are you trying to say that your chairpesron is so clueless that it is only you who is able to think logically?
    You are fond of accusing DPP of diverting the attention of the public from burning issues, what are you trying to do here?
    We are all aware of the MK577bn issue and all culprits involved will be answerable sooner or later. We don’t need you dynamic wisdom to draw our attention to it. Kumvetsa chisoni!!!!

  24. Wamlombozi says:

    OKapito ali kuti kodi? Magetsi tsitsanikoni, makala akutha, umphawi ukukula. tithandizeni ife amphawi pakamwa tilinapo koma sangatimve ife.

  25. wein says:

    go deeper

  26. Hon. U. Mussah says:

    Kamlepo, are you referring to Che Kapita John? You have had behaved the same given the same position. You have already shown that in the way of have behaved interparty democratic within PP. When you were given the party position as deputy president, you did not hesitate to pay a blind eye and death ear to justice. I was disappointed at December 20015 executive meeting that you were just rubberstamping other people’s suggestions. Be critical my deputy.

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