Kamlepo seeks risk allowances for Malawi Police officers

Opposition lawmaker, Kamlepo Kalua of Rumphi East (People’s Party –PP) has expressed concern that Malawi Police officers do not get danger allowance that would cover them when they execute their duties.

Kalua: Give Malawi Police officers risk allowances

Kalua: Give Malawi Police officers risk allowances

Speaking in parliament, Kalua asked the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Atupele Muluzi, to consider incentivising the cops with risk allowances.

“Looking at the entire budget, there is no risk allowance for the Police Officers. The duties that the officers undertake are quite involving and risky, so if at all, there should be provision of risk allowance to the Police Officers,” Kalua said.

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Muluzi said government will consider the possibility of a risk allowance for the police officers.

“This is not included in the budget but this is something that should be considered in the future,” said Muluzi.

“We believe it is important for our officers to be motivated and we will certainly consider this in the Mid-Year Review Budget,” Muluzi added.

The Minister of Home Affairs also told Parliament that government will recruit more people to work in the Malawi Police Service to improve the ratio of a police officer to a citizen in a bid to crackdown on crime.

Muluzi also disclosed that government is in the process of procuring 100 motor vehicles this financial year which will be delivered to Malawi Police Service and that Parliament will be briefed accordingly.

Parliament approved the Provision of K24, 362,133,883 on Vote 341 – Malawi Police Service as part of the Recurrent and Development Estimates.

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27 thoughts on “Kamlepo seeks risk allowances for Malawi Police officers”

  1. nkholopanja says:

    nyapapi comment # 5,your comment is foolish,pena kumayamika zimene akupanga apolisiwa…iwe umadziwa chani pamenepo,kukanda mapwala?& 4 ua on imformation we dnt hv army in malawi,we r still far…mboli yako

  2. mwachilimba says:

    Muluzi is very stupid. Will the officers eat vehicles or recruitment ?despite all these police need good salaries. Once again muluzi is very stupid

  3. Che munde says:

    We believe in kamlepo kalua

  4. mtumbuka1 says:

    Mr kaziwiziwi, I get it but why is it that it works in countries like Germany and Russia? Even in south Africa,go to bait bridge there are soldiers helping to man the boarders. The police in south Africa also has a specially trained force called amaberete and these guys do not negotiate with criminals but maybe it can not work here but no bad feelings man it was my opinion and I stand to be corrected sibweni!

  5. Kaziwiziwi says:

    Mtumbuka1, Your Contribution Shows Your Shallow Thinking. What The Police Lack At The Moment Is Motivation: Good Pay, Good Housing, Modern Equipment, Transport And The Said Risk Allowances! Ask Yourself Why This Rising Level Of Insecurity And Why Are Most Cops Involved In Crime? ie corruption, armed robbery etc!

  6. Vincent kammanya says:

    what about our brothers in arms MDF. Can you imagine if they could join hands with those illigal brothers in arms as their counterparts in MPS couse they lack risk allowance.

  7. george kapirj says:

    gud suggestion by hournable kamlepo,i wonder why malawian police,when u go tanzania,mozambique etc welfare of police iz standard but malawi hii very xory so how can expect maximum security!

  8. mtumbuka1 says:

    While I agree with hon. Kalua on this, still I would suggest government can use some of our soldiers by having a group of soldiers and incorporate them in the police service as a special tactical force. They will still be soildiers but work with the police as a special auxiliary force because it does not make sense to me to have soldiers rusting in all our barracks just waiting to be sent to Congo in future for peace keeping! What if the war in Congo finishes? We can’t have soldiers whose job is to receive your president or go to Congo. Time to serve Malawi is now when we have these untold security lapses and they get paid for protecting Malawians and not Congolese people. I’m not saying they must not be sent for peace keeping but I can guarantee you Malawi can send all soldiers to Congo and just leave a few to receive your so-called president but still nobody will regret that cos nobody ever dreams of going to war with us so using a fraction of them(especially the young guys)to beef up the police while getting their normal salaries and a few incentives would make alot of sense…they can help to man road blocks and night patrols in all 4 big cities and this can be described as adding value to your country with available resources. Some things just need straightforward thinking but in my country most politicians are only good at stealing.

  9. Khonsolo says:

    That risk allowances should go even to Malawi prison service & MDF.osangoti a police okha.

  10. Balamanunkha says:

    a nyapapi comment #5 ngati mulibe Chonena mutha kungokhala chete!PATHAKU PAKU!

  11. mbuya from nselema says:

    thanx bwana KK gud idea

  12. cheyo the real northerner says:

    That is wonderful thinking coming from an opposition MP when MPs from government and the IG himself knows the truth about risk allowances but cannot say anything. That is rubbish of highest order. Thumb Kamlepo.

  13. alyx warsenal mandiza says:

    thats why l support you kamlepo,you have the portetial koma kutengekatengeka

  14. Bristol says:

    Good idea from Hon K. Kalua. Our police officers indeed deserve risk allowances due to the nature of their job. Ministry of Education introduced Hardship allowances for teachers in Rural area. I would also encourage the govt to continue building houses (project started by Late Bingu) for police officers.

  15. Gas Machine Head says:

    Great suggestion. Probably that could even curb corruption. MRA guys have that incorporated in their salaries why not the Police?

  16. Kadakwiza says:

    Our next president Kamlepo Kalua

  17. Rich nduna says:

    Gud idea..koma waona liti zimenezo?? Unali kuti nthawi yonseyi?? Zandale zopusa basi!! Kagwere

  18. Atcheya says:

    Kamlepo is becoming a darling to follow in parliament. Not only does he comment on pertinent issues but most of his comments so far are dwelling on issues of national importance. Thumbsup

  19. Totolitotoli says:

    With the good job they have done recently killing thugs in cold blood,I would also support Kamlepo although sometimes our police is a nuisance who does not deserve such an allowance.It is full of bribery, corruption, laziness,intimidation,laxity you name it. I would therefore think only those who do a good job in fighting crime should be rewarded by introducing best Perfomance awards for individual officers,police units,districts and regional rewards this if well managed can make some officers work from slumber though my fear is that there is too much nepodtism in recriting policemen to the extent that they do not involve their ministry of Home Affairs HR to do the recuitment so that they should only recruit ‘ANA AKU WAYA’that’s why our police is a nuisance sometimes.

  20. Uyedepo says:

    Kamlepo, I agree with you. These fellas surely need the Risk Allowance ranging between K50,000 to K100,000 a month. They are surely at risk.

  21. Myao says:

    Kamlepo session iyi watokotatu, ndebvu zija zimamuchedwesa munthuyu

  22. Nyapapi says:

    What a load of rubbish! It is their duty to serve and protect, so why should they be given a risk allowance?

    Lets see, the army, the nurses, the doctors, the security guards, the drivers, the pilots, toilet cleaners e.t.c their jobs involve taking risks ndiye adzilandira risk allowance?

    Kamlepo angofuna adzimveka kuti amayankhula koma waonetsa kuti alibe nzeru!

    1. Nkhoswe says:

      Then simukudziwa kuti salary ya ma health workers pali ma alawansi otelowo???

  23. zinjanthropus says:

    Sure its true Mr kalua

  24. hoza john. says:

    Lame response Atupele.

  25. I have been following Kamlepo closely from the time he was selling ziboliboli ( sculptors) in South Africa & honestly speaking he is an empty vessel that likes making noise BUT on this one I’m with Kamlepo. And it’s not only the allowances but they have to be well equipped & well trained. Things have changed gone are the days when we used to say that Malawi is a crime free country now we are habouring dangerous criminals. The other problem is politicians whenever they’re voted into power they wanted to change or fix everything including those that are not broken. Why? We had zatheka elite Police Task Force & Explosives Branch under the capable command of Mr Chikufenji but when Senior Muluzi came into power dissolved that why??? Those guys were capable of handling even hostage situations. Train them well, equip them well & give them those allowances.

  26. Blue Ice says:

    Good idea.

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