Kapito berates graft fight as APM forces reschedule of anti corruption day commemoration

President Peter Mutharika’s recent foreign sojourn has forced the graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) to reschedule the International Anti Corruption Day commemorations which were scheduled for Wednesday in Mulanje to next week.

Kapito:  Corruption fight should not be political rhetoric

Kapito: Corruption fight should not be political rhetoric

The President was expected to preside over the event as a guest of honour.

The postponement has forced the ACB and other government departments to lose money in preparation for the event as State House notified stakeholders on the changes on last minute.

ACB deputy director Reyneck Matemba confirmed the postponement, saying it was due to Mutharika’s “tight schedule.”

Matemba played down the loss incurred as a result of the postponement, saying it was “insignificant”.

The deputy director at ACB said the Office of President and Cabinet has rescheduled the function to December 17 in Mulanje.

Meanwhile, Consumers Association of Malawi executive director John Kapito has noted that Malawi’s fight against corruption is not yielding any result because the Presidents are also involved in the crimes.

Kapito said it was disheartening that some presidents in Malawi have been implicated in corruption yet they preach different corruption sermons in podiums.

The consumer rights activist said unless the presidents stop dipping their fingers into the public purse for their own personal benefits, the war against corruption is but just political rhetoric.

Public Affairs Committee chairman Felix Chingota has since proposed that the leadership of the ACB should not be appointed by the head of state claiming such appointments makes the graft busting body politically non independent as the President can determine which cases the ACB should pursue or not.

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I would suggest : Make Mr Kapito ahead of ACB!
Alone the fact that Kapito is up to now not arrest for an allegation against the top of government, shows a lot. Don’t make dust when you are involved swep and keep it under the carpet!


APM and the MHC scandle. APM and the 92 billion cashgate. APM and the rigged elections. APM and the Beam-NAC scandle. And the ACB sees nothing to probe here. What is corruption then?

Ngalimba owotcha simba
Ngalimba owotcha simba

kodi Director General wa ACB samveka bwanji ? amangomveka ndi uyu Reneki matemba..iwenso Kapito ndi waziphuphu kwambiri unalandila ndalama kuboma osapanga ma demo…ndiwe wautsilu.

Fathi Shehaab

Sort economic,eoes znd politicsl woes tooz zen malawi willbe fine and someone czn ruld wigh world respect and Malawizns proud again,
Judt check how much malawiansir is oayimg for spsres for aircraft thst are Ethiopisn under ethpian regidtry and laws,ndiye muti muli ndi nationsl airline,cont thimk do , we navd a ruling party and mot a ruling president, who issues decreed as inz monafchh not s republic,case in poing appointments establishment of commision znc departmdnts sithout pafliamdng zavt_baso, mera etc why?


This is too bad for our country. Malawians should not blame our leaders. But ourselves. All because we allow these leaders to rob us, cheat us. Kill us. Yet we can’t do anything. People like Kapitos who we the voiceless rely on them, are also corrupt. These called activists are just on papers and radios. Yet they are part of corrupt government. They are good at talking but they do very little. Malawians let us not trust these people called activists. Where is Chiza Mkandawire? Nowhere to be find. Malawians let us rise and fight corruption revolutionary way.


Mwachidu ACB ikhale yoima pa yokha DPP ilindimilandu yambili ya cash gate yoti ayakhe mwachisazo mulandu wa patricia Kaliati wa ku Nyika sunathe peter wa muthalika anagula nyumba mwachinyengo calistar milandu yothawisa ndrama nduna zambili zikuyenela kuyakha milandu achina vuwa kaunda kunasowa ndrama ku spots tiyambile 2009 kuti ziyende


This is a result of too much power on the president.

banda chinyama
the only way to fight corruption is to have an indepedent ACB. How do u expect someone fighting corruption to be aggainst his boss as it is now_? Donors want Cash Gate to start 2009 APM dont want that The answer no Aid as long as Peter is protecting those DDP including himself. Malawians have to suffer. The only way to demand ACB bosse to be indepedent. This is how it is in many countries but in Malawi the president Point ABC it is not good. there was more more which was stolen in 2009 than in JB time 92… Read more »

Its true that’s why ACB does probe big political figures who are in government of the moment. Even this Peter Muntharika although him and key figures have already started corruption practices he can not be probed until leaves his office.

So Kapito is right.

Mulhomwe Wankulu

Apatu ndichodziwikilatu kuti Peter Muthalika ndi amene akusankha milandu yoti ifufuzidwe pakali pano monga iyi ya cashgate. Panopa zikumveka kuti walamula ACB kuti imupane kwambiri Former President Joyce Banda, which is too bad. Nanga wanu omwe munagula nyumba ku Nyambadwe mwachinyengo zitha bwanji kodi,tikufuna tidziwe chenicheni pankhaniyi.

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