Reform officials set to trim Malawi presidential powers

Officials running the Public Sector Reform Program say they have completed a process that would trim the powers of the President.

Nthambala:  Trimming excessive presidential powers

Nthambala: Trimming excessive presidential powers

Nwazi Nthambala, Public Sector Reforms Management Unit’s  Principal Secretary  told Zodiak radio Wednesday that her office has completed the process of trimming the presidential powers but she could not say the proposed powers that need to be trimmed from President Peter Mutharika and his successors.

However, some quarters have expressed concern over the President’s continued appointments of the Clerk of Parliament and graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau director.

Nthambala said people should have patience as after completing the process, the proposed changes have been sent to relevant government bodies to initiate legislation change.

She mentioned a number of changes that came as a result of the reforms which included payment of teachers’ salaries on time.

The reformists called for a meeting with civil rights groups in the country to update them on the progress of the reform process.

One of the activists Moses Mkandawire of church and society of the Livingstonia Synod commended the reform programme for the meeting but said there was need to reach out to the marginalised poor ordinary people in villages as well apart from the usual meetings in red carpet hotel rooms.

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Keen Observer

What excessive powers this lady is talking about? Then who will hold those powers once it has been trimmed from the president.


It will be of great importance to make a slight research if it happened overseas or in our neighbouring countries that the Powers of the President were once trimmed. What about those of our Chiefs? If the research findings indicate that it happened elsewhere and proofs presented provide good results, then we need to make sure that our Presidential leaders are equiped with authority with which to lead the Malawian Nation.

Juliana Kanthiti Lunguzi
Juliana Kanthiti Lunguzi

A certain employee elsewhere had similar motives against his boss. He made his boss dance the music. Next time he was the boss. Guess what happened? Do not target APM otherwise you will be the one who will cry tomorrow. You don’t get promoted by demoting someone, somebody said!

C Mataya

Ine ndimangotopa ndi kudikirira pa nsewu over one hour kuti apresident adutse. if that is a symbol of power can it be removed. palibe chifukwa choti aziopa. We elected him and he is recognized as such. Let’s not waste our doing something will not bear any fruits.

Katchende ka walter

Reform yopanda retrenchment ngati iyi sindinayiwone ineyo. Kodi chilima nzeru alibe adangoyera eti. Kungosintha Ps kukhala chief director grade yomweyo salary yomweyo ndi reform imeneyo? Chilima angopusitsa Peter basi. Kikiki. Useless govt.

Hamza Wotch

Zinthu zikusinthadi?!mpaka kuchepetsa mphavu ya president?tiziona.

Dr Haswel P Bandawe

1. It is strange that the exercise of such importance is being done in secrecy.
2. Was there no country-wide consultations on the areas of Predential powers that should be changed? Does this not require s constitutional amendment?

Fathi Shehaab

Trimming the predidentisl poeers mot dnouhh, please trim the powers of the so “called ruling party”we are im multipartism and decidionx get drodded st csbinent level where debated are do shallow only based on part_like causes,dhame!!


kulipira teachers in time and timing power any relationship please school me,
appointments must end. interviews must take place osati kukatenga n0 3 kusiya no 1 and 2.


whatever mukweze malipiro isamangokweza fees. tilipira ndichani

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