Kapito brands Mutharika ‘Pilate’, Chakwera ‘Judas’ over Malawi economic turmoil

Malawi consumer advocate John Kapito has labelled President Peter Mutharika as Biblical ‘Pontius Pilate’ and Parliament’s opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera as ‘Judas Iscariot’ due to escalating living standards of Malawians.

Kapito and a group of people taking part in the march

Kapito and a group of people taking part in the march before addressing reporters

President Mutharika with leader of opposiiton Lazarous chakwera after opening parliament

Flashback: President Mutharika with leader of opposition Lazarous chakwera after opening parliament

Kapito said this in Blantyre before journalists as he lamented that the government was not doing enough to uplift the dwindling standards of people following the drastic surge of the cost of living.

“This is true for the Right Honourable Chakwera [Judas]. He has betrayed the nation of Malawi just because he has been offered the most expensive vehicle, the Prado; he has two body guards that are why he is no longer fighting for Malawians.

“He was supposed to be in parliament to defend Malawians but he is not doing that,” he said.

Kapito branded Mutharika as ‘Pontiff Pilate’ saying he has completely betrayed Malawians.

“The pirate said he had nothing to do with the Jews when they wanted him crucified. He handed over to the blood thirsty Jesus killers. Mutharika has done nothing to help Malawians. We have persistent food shortages, power is off all day, no water, our economy is on death bed, Mutharika has betrayed Malawians,” he said.

Civil Liberties Committee Executive Director Emmie Chanika who also joined the march called on Malawians to stand together and fight for their rights.

“I believe in the power of the people. Here the people have spoken and it is up to the authorities to listen,” she said.

Meanwhile,  International Monetary Fund announced that Malawi had qualified for an IMF extended credit facility.

IMF Mission Chief Oral Williams said in a statement on Wednesday that Malawi had demonstrated a concerted effort to put the programme back on track, including improvements in public financial management.

Malawi has struggled to grow its economy due to declining export earnings from tobacco and in the absence of aid, which had previously accounted for 40 percent of its budget.

The IMF said it expects Malawi’s economy to grow by 3 to 4 percent this year after expanding by 3 percent in 2015.

But growth may be weather-dependent the Fund said, after an El Nino weather pattern triggered drought and heat waves, threatening the staple maize and other crops.


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nothing is going to happen

chiku zipirana

… so you are St Peter…wake up kapito…CAMA is a toothless dog

michael chitungu
Malawian let’s not blame Mutalika for our own mistake (1)we decided to sell our country to the Mutalika family thinking that Malawi is a KINGDOM (fother to son/brother to brother )Malawian let me remind you Bingu did nothing for the county but, collapting it.so what do you expect from his brother. Leader of church judiciary you know better than poor citizens. I agree that let’s not vote for independent MPs because they are idiots and selfish always they decided with ruling party not opposition Malawian,Malawi is ours country not kingdom and oppose to dictater,you have the right to say no… Read more »
Starling Kondowe from Chikwina CDSS in nkhatabay
Starling Kondowe from Chikwina CDSS in nkhatabay

I think if we dance to blame game tune,Malawi will not develop.If mr kapito is really concered,why cant he have audience with the president and leader of opposition.Marching has proved unproductive all along.Let us all be focused and unanimiously repel dark forces that retards aspects of development.


Like that.

Jelbin mk
Kapito may be right but according to our political land scape it is naive to blame the opposition while we all know that in undemocratic country like Malawi the government controls everything except when the opposition is in majority in the national assembly. In our case the opposition tried its level best to bring sanity in our country as far as fighting corruption is concerned but what did the government do? Shoot down the move by buying independent MPs. My appeal to fellow Malawians, don’t vote independent candidates in any election because once they win they go to government benches… Read more »

wadya banzi kapito chakwela akuyendetsa dziko wazungulira mutu etiii!

Imraan Sadick

You’re right about Chakwera


Bravo Mr Kapito,
I don’t know what is wrong with us?
It seems you are the lonely caller in our economic dessert! Keep up the fight!

Peterude Kap3 Pilato

Kapito u r right


I think ma Arv asiya kugwira nchito kwa munthu ameneyu,
So now, who is good between opposition and the government side ?
kodi cama imeneyi ilibe anthu ena apart from MDALA ameneyu ?
Eish .! ine ndiye wandikwana

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