‘Love story’ turns fatal: Man commits suicide by hanging from tree

A 22 year-old man has died after hanging himself to a tree after his wife’s parents told him to leave their daughter.

Love story suicide in Zomba

Love story suicide in Zomba

Eastern Region Police confirmed the death of Crispin Botomani of Mkula village, Traditional Authority Mkula in eastern district of Machinga.

The body was discovered Monday morning. He hanged himself with a made rope from mosquito net and died of suffocation, according to Thomeck Nyaude, spokesperson for Eastern Region Police.

The deceased, who was staying with his wife at squatter township Chikanda in Zomba, hanged himself by the Mulunguzi River near Chancellor College. He left a four paged “suicide note” detailing issues that compelled him to commit suicide.

In the note, titled “Love Story” and addressed to “my in-law mum and father”, the deceased claimed to have started dating his “sweetheart” Melia in December 2012, but her parents never wanted their daughter to get married with man.

He explained that although they were staying together as a family, he never enjoyed the marriage and was always unhappy because of Melia’s parents, who wanted their daughter to marry a rich man.

The parents, according to the note, told their daughter to find another man and that he was not ideal for their daughter.

The parents in question also forcibly sent their daughter to Mangochi as one way of separating the two, but this did not work out as the daughter returned to Zomba and went straight to the deceased’s house without the blessings of her parents.

Ndadutsa m’mavuto ambiri ndi mwana wanuyo kamba ka chikondi koma in makolo simumandifuna kamba koti ndine wosauka………..moyo wanga watopa, sindikuwona kuwala kwa tsogolo langa, mundisamalire mkaziyo ndi mwana wanga Brezy,” reads part of the suicide note.

Murder suspect hunt

In another development, Police in Blantyre are hunting for unknown criminals believed to have killed 75 year-old Lawrence Kandulu on October 23 2015.

He was found dead in his house by some neighbors who went to check on him after staying hours without seeing him.

“When the broke the door, they find him dead with blood oozing  from the nose, but there no sign of any wound,” said Andrew Mayawo, Blantyre Police spokesperson.

Postmortem conducted at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital showed the deceased died of suffocation due to strangulation, he said, adding that suspects will face murder charges contrary to Section 209 of the Penal Code.

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87 thoughts on “‘Love story’ turns fatal: Man commits suicide by hanging from tree”

  1. zaziiii zochotsera moyo, akazi kutapa kutaya oti sunakumamepo nawo. kungokumana kumachita kufunsa kuti kodi unali kuti nthawi yonsei

  2. Chisomo says:

    Straight to hell. Hell is real. Gehana ilipodi.

  3. INNOCENT says:




  5. Mkaziyu ndithu kalipo kamene mubaleyu anagomera moti amene akwatireyo basopuu.Anyamatanu osafoyira zilizonse ngati kudziko kuno kulibenso wopambana.Ndipo kawirikawiri ilili ndivuto la amene safuna testing first be4 marriage inde ndibwino koma umafoyira ndizozizira.Moti uyuyu akanakhala chiwomba nkhanga unali mwayi wopeza buthu la tsopano ndipo timasankha chimupweteke aphunzirepo kanthu.Namwali uyu basi matama mbwee kuti ena anaferapo pa iye.Makolo nanu muzimvetsa mwana akakanika chivomerezeni mwapha waweni apapa manyazi akugwireni ndipo aliposo ena phunziro ndilimeneli chonde chonde.Mwana wabwinoyu basi wapita ndiye muona amene agwire wanuyu kunyatsa nkhope azakusekani okuzungulirani kuderaro.kaya

  6. nya says:

    Kape iwe m’mene umati ndisova man, umanena kuchotsa moyo choncho. Mpaka 6 ft down nkhani yake yomweyi. Ngini zonsezi. Wosapeza ngini ina bwanji. Akuluakulu ana kaya amuna kapena akazi ngati ali ndi mwayi wakugonana kuli bwino kuwasiya maka anyamata. Chifukwa amaphunzira at least 80 percent of tricks for love before marriage. This is very good. Ada awaadalowa m’banja asagwire ngini ina iliyonse. Thus why suicide was a right solution as he did not want starve hi dick from sex.Man you could have come back to masturbation. After all masturbation is better than ngini.Ine ndinapeza wanga koma nditakhumudwitsidwa ndi ngini zosachepera 20. Pali chiyani apa.

  7. Zangazatha says:

    Kuganiza kwa Chichawa uku

  8. Faith says:


  9. abit nyonyonyo says:

    in ths earth, nobody was born with money. it seem these 2 luvd each other. mind u akuchikazi chikondi si ndalama. adzakwatila ndi olemela mwana wanuyo koma ali opanda chikondi. mudzafa imfa yowawa kuposa iyi

  10. velo says:

    If you faint in th day of adversity, your strength is small…Proverbs 24:10…let God increase our strength in times like this, to avoid more loss…

  11. uuuuh but dis z sad story nanga iwowo makolowo ndi olemera !

  12. THEO BANDA says:

    hahaha kudzimanga kamba kachikondi chake ichi chokukonda ukagula bonya ? zibwana izi. kumwamba pleas anthu inu kulibe ukwati. ndiye patsiku la chiweluzo ukanena kut chani chidakupha ? apongozi ? ndiye akalangidwe kamba ka banja apongoziwo ? aaa never GOD azafuna ntchito zabwino zomwe iye amafuna. anthu inu felani zina osati chikondi chokumana after 20yrs. kulibe ukwati kumwamba. ndiye poti mkaziyu akwatiwitsaso kwina ndiye iye wake weni weni mamuna ndi uti ?

  13. gontomois says:

    you will be rotting 6 feet underground while other dudes enjoy your cookie jar.

  14. lawrencebanda says:

    ndamva chinsoni kwambiri ndiifa kapayu

  15. Gift Sapala says:

    Nkhani za chikondi ndizovuta kuzimvetsa kwake.

  16. Kampangomulamba says:

    Moyo ndiwovuta guys ukafikapowawa zimavuta kubwelera pambuyo

  17. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    you cannot prove true love by hanging,this is so insane and an act of cowardice,this man is leaving behind a child,then what sort of love is this when you ca take off your life to stay off from parenting responsibilities.we also say every problem has an expirely date,then why not wait for such a date?..make friends with people around and always tell your problems to people you look up to that way you can avoid such silly deaths like this,because it is said that every problem we face was also faced by someone else,you just need to consult widely and see how other peolple managed to solve the same problems

  18. Tchinga says:

    Mbola maniwa akaz onsewa mpaka kuzipha

  19. Chikopa says:

    At 22 the man had just barely been a man. Thanks God there we no children born out of this stupid marriage. Men in Greece had to marry late after saving the state. What did this man do to the country? Was he only interested to fathering children? Surely he could have waited another ten years and marry someone after working hard in life. There is life after tomorrow.

    Parents can not just allow anyone with manhood to marry their daughters. They invested in their daughters and must therefore assist their children in having healthy off-springs. Ndiye osamangoti “mfwiko! Mfwiko! ana akondana ndiye akwatirane – that is stupid!

  20. kunkhwapa kwanyani says:

    Son of a bitch. how the hell could u commit suicide? Tachitidwapo zipongwe ife but today tinampeza wa chimalawi from no where. u just knew this girl in less than 3 years for God sake!! Makolonso fodya ayi…mafana ngati akondana akudziwana!

    Musova ine sindingafere chikondi akazi ndi agalu man.

  21. ichocho says:


  22. That blacc gal ^o^ says:


  23. The Analyst says:

    This is sad – Season 1 episode 1

    If you (parents) wanted a rich man for your daughter why didn’t you help this man become rich by lending him capital for business, for example? You are too poor to do it , right? And you accuse others of being poor? Or you thought that the daughter would be a source of your wealth when you failed to work in your prime?

    This is one of many reasons why Malawi finds it hard to develop. If you marry a girl, the whole clan becomes your responsibility. Her parents, siblings, aunts, a malume, anganga ake even amfumu akawo! They expect you to feed them, send them to school or even clothe them. The man lives a miserable life – from hand to mouth hence no savings or investments at all and eventually dies poor.

    And you said the daughter is not ideal for a poor man? What is with your daughter? Is she of physical beauty (face, hips, booty height etc) or are you yourselves even beautiful to bear such a daughter or is she intelligent (education-wise)? These variables matter tu! Coz the rich man has many eyes and this is how every sane rich man compensates himself! Observe! Or you thought you would just bewitch some rich village idiot into marrying your daughter? Your manner of contradiction is strange and regrettable!

    Love is pure madness! It literally has nothing to do with material possession!

    Consider ogona pansi pa bridge aja. They move in their togetherness whistling “darling” “darling” yet have no any material possession worth a finger, let alone a fingernail.

    You should have been grateful for your daughter to get married to such a to youthful loving man. Rare are such men nowadays coz youthfulness if madness!

    Now look at what you have done!

    This is sad!

  24. nkhoma says:

    Gentlemen, This guy is not a coward. This is true love. True love does not fear death. Actually it is deaths that ends the love of true lovers. “Till death do us part”.

  25. phox says:

    ndiwofooka mmaganizo

  26. Ngongoliwa says:

    Mwana amavuta kulera, ndiye wina amusokoneze!!!!!!!!!! Waisova wekha, mkaziyu apitiriza sukulu unamuphera tsogolo lake pakuti iwe lako unaliononga kale. Pitani mukalagidwe baba. Kakolowa tsopano apume

  27. blessings saizi says:

    Coward, mkazi waferayo ndiwokongola chotani? I swear chisanathe chaka chino anzako akhala akuchita naye zijazi. Waluzandani? Kumudzi kwanu, kwamponda bwino, Ku st Marys komanso dziko lonse lapansi alipo akazi a level yako.Iyeyo znli ndipotani kuti mpakana usiye UFA.

  28. something is fishy here, the parents of the daughter may have killed this guy just to get rid of him and stage suicide, ndangodutsamo!

  29. waseme says:

    Aaaaah sign of cowardness umenewu ndiye timati usilu. Choziphera nchiani pamenepa? Mkazi ndiyemweyo basi pa Malawi pano? or ku nkhondo kuno sitingasitse flag pazimenezi. chomwecho tingoti pepani m’bale. RIP.

  30. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Dont entirely blame the parents. Staying in a shanty town is not pleasing to any parents. I think it is right for people to marry according to their financial “size”.

  31. SONG says:

    There is nothing wrong by posting graphics likes this. It is not important to hang yourself just because of love. Love should come from God that’s it. If someone loses life negligently like I mean planing to get rope and hang himself will answer himself to God who created.

  32. ben phiri says:

    but why force your daughter to marry rich man are you (parents ) rich. may satan curse on you . brother may your soul rest in PEACE

  33. Geofrey says:

    Holly Ghost Fireeeeeee!!!! Rich families and their daughters. Kkkkkkk

  34. mzamba wamkulu says:

    makolo at their peak. watch out n take care of his kid. God will punish you for his death!

  35. becks says:

    Let me marry that girl. I burst her pussy. Her parents will regret . she will both money and monster dick

  36. chivumbi says:

    end of times

  37. mr nyasa says:


  38. Bongololo says:

    Something wrong with you if you commit suicide because of a girl. Nkazi watsala ndi yekhayo?

  39. ninja says:

    this is not suicide …its murder. the pressure that the girls parents put on this poor chap led to his death.so the parents killed this man.may his soul rest in peace.

  40. Nabetha says:

    Olemba nkhani dziwani kuti munthuyu akuyenera privacy what if it was your family member?
    Tiyeni tikumbukile kuti mabvuto amabwera kwa munthu aliyense malinga nthawi yikakwana. Chachikulu kupempha chithandizo cha atate mulungu.


    1. The Analyst says:

      Nabetha, you should have acknowledged the quote (the very last sentence) by putting it in quotation marks and stating the name of the one who coined it (Reinhold Niebuhr).

      Otherwise you may be accused of plagiarism and plagiarism is an offense tantamount to treason.

  41. Tengupenya says:

    Why post such a photo? Please respect the dead, their loved ones and humanity. such photos have little to add to the story, but a lot to break hearts; graphically illustrate to the sick how to do it (homicide by hanging); and damage some people’s situations. More so when published without any warning to those who would open the story/article.

    If you need to post similar photos in future, please blacken out the face of the victim and the place where the suicide artefact touches the body.

  42. Kambumtu says:


  43. Pop says:

    Dick head Mahule onse wa iye Basi thinking of commiting suicide rot in hell mate

  44. Ed the Toddler says:

    Shame. What a crying shame.

  45. The Analyst says:

    This is very Sad! – Season 1 episode 2

    Now you! At age 22 you were married? And surprised that you were dragged to court for being poor?

    And after being reminded that you were poor (and needed to do something about it) you decided to take your life? Was this the best action you could have taken? Seriously? No!

    This is lack of ambition and a sense of purpose of life!

    You should have worked and prayed hard. God is all ears to our prayers; ready to teach stupid people lessons about simple rules of life. Massive success could have been a part of you in no time and these stupid parents could have come back begging! Why this narrowness of focus?

    This is the problem when the only woman you have known in life is a single woman.

    It helps to be in a love relationship when you are young or to fuck as many pussies as your dick can handle or subject yourself to as many heart breaks as possible. And when you sober up and marry and settle, you don’t fuck around (for you will have seen it all) and if your marriage collapses, you don’t even move an ear robe! Coz you will have learned all rules of survival.

    And it helps to know that love is not all there is in this world? Ask wa nsembe!

    This is sad!

  46. Frank Chezani says:

    Weak Soul!!!

  47. Pemek nyokoz says:

    Mbuzi ya chabe wakufa yo ndi nkhumba yachabe sakana khala pasi nkambilana ndiakuluakulu

  48. Moyenda says:

    Nkhani zomvuta zimenezi

  49. Jem says:

    The parents have won! Sibasi Iwe wafa basi, the daughter will marry a rich man. The parents are very realistic and
    Pragmatic, mphawi alibe ntchito!!!!

  50. Wes wa Luka says:

    Makolo enawa, eesh.

  51. Elesan Milcafu says:

    sometimes its very owkward to see a man behaving like this.dis behaviour doesnt neccessarily show love but weakness in thinking.my fellow men,we were created and not made like women, let us show these women how unique we are by thinking propery.dont forget dat dea is still judjement when we die.dont provoke God’s anger because the Bible is open by saying ‘if one lacks knowledge let him ask from God………………….’ I dont think God can direct one to take this silly risk.by no means.adzaziona ameneyu waziyamba yekha.

  52. crazy stuff says:

    Equal rights for men please!!!!!

  53. advisory committee says:

    May his rest in eternal peace wafera chikondi uyu makolo take a lesson osalowerera mabanja a ana

  54. Beaton Taombe says:

    Stupid and evil minded parents so you want your daughter to marry a rich man so that he can be buying you Chambo, Sugar,Cremora, Offals,Abwanoni,Utaka fumbi heeee!! Sakwatiwa ameneyo

  55. zenizeni says:

    imeneyi mwati ndi “suicide note ” or “suicide book/pamphlet” ? mpaka 4 pages. Is this a “suicide note” or “suicide book/pamphlet” ? 4 pages is just like the dukes of hazards

  56. France Thom Chirwason says:

    akuchulukirachulukira makolo otere.zimawawa kukulanda chomwe umakonda.adziwe zimenezi.love is not money but feelings.

  57. elton says:

    pliz judge not 4 u not to be judged;wth the same measure it shl be done unto u!this the force/influence of tht beast;devil&his demonds.his time is up;to be taken out of the bottomless to hell furnace!the Lion of Judah;who has a government on his should is coming sooner than later,

  58. Prison Warden says:

    LOL. Chindere chakufikapo. Kuziphera nyini yomweyo? kikikiki

  59. But some parents are troubles indeed, hiz soul will punish you.

  60. George Ngwira says:

    Chitsilu!! Akazi onsewo osapeza ena five bwanji ?

  61. ichocho says:

    Weak minded man.if ur wife loved u y bother with Ur parents in laws? Taking ur life is not a solution. U could have asked friends, relations or even ur pastor for advice or counselling. Now who’s gonna take care of Ur kid?.my fellow Malawians let’s refrain from comiting suicide. Let’s share the problem coz every problem has a solution.

  62. Mwantani says:

    Nzeru zamwana zimenezo

  63. Giggz says:

    Makolo ena amakondadi zimenezo atengerepo phunziro .

  64. GRM says:

    Eeesh. Abale zofera? Ife tadusamo mmenemo. Mukakondana simugwedezeka ndi zonena anthu ngakhale makolo.

  65. Nangaunozge says:

    Most men suffer in silence and this is one of the complications.I know people will say alot .some will say he was weak,not strong whatever.The truth remains being a man doesnt mean you are strong.Like any other human being he suffered from Psychological trauma and he needed Psychiatric help.
    My advice to men is seek opportunity to seek for counselling when we are in distressing situation .Accept that anxiety/depression is real problem and if left unattended may lead to such calamities.Azimayi take care of your loved ones and check their mental health and strive to resolve your differences.Beware of time bomb.

  66. Kaligondo says:

    Asangalare amayi wopanda manyazi, oipa wapita koma mzimuwake ukuzunzani mpaka imfa anthu akumwera ukonda ndalama

  67. i miss kamuzu banda and john tembo says:

    southerners love pussy too much. muzikhalako ngati ife achewa please. we farm and sell tobacco every year and bring forex to this god forsaken country yet all you do is fuck, rob and kill and bring nothing useful to the table.

    achewa tatopano ndikudyetsa dziko la malawi. shit….

  68. buzi says:

    Makolo kulowelera za Ana bwanji? Wolemerayo mumupezadi koma she will never find peace. Anali Ana onse nde mumayembekezera kuti at that age akhale wolemera? Ampexadi wolemerayo koma ndi ea mwini, nkhalamba or WA matenda. Mark my words. Chuma mumayambira limodzi ndipo Mulungu amadalitsa pomwe pali chikondi. Sadzapeza mtendere means wanuyo. Fotseki makolo. Its so common nowadays parents kulowerera za chikondi cha Ana map to ake amatha ngati makatani no steady marriage.

  69. Prodigalson says:

    Sorry my friend love is very sweet but some times its very bitter.To you stupid parent mpongozi wanu wazipha ndiye musake nokha mwamuna wakukhosi kwanu amukwatire mwana wanuyo muzimudyera chifukwa anthu okuziwani azimuopa mwana wanuyo anakuuzani ndani kuti mwana wa mkazi ndi bussines agalu inu.

  70. Mo says:

    Makolo penapake sibooo mafana asiyeni guy iyiyi ikanazatola chikwama RIP Bro

  71. kumiwuwe khomeni. says:

    Life become so cheap now adays,its one of the sighns of the end of the world!

  72. mema says:

    watopa munthu ndi moyo.koma osafuna wina

  73. phodos says:

    Why did dear mum and papa get involved in the affairs of their daughter to such extent?
    Why did the boy decide to take off his life after his child and wife were taken away from him? Its possible to replace a wife and keep caring your child with a different wife.
    This is a sad story. Unknown/Mpandadzina rest in peace.Imagine taking away a wife and the child as well. Its painful man.

    PARENTS, HERE IS A FREE LESSON FOR YOU.All those who are rich today in a family set up had nothing at one time.Wealth comes and disappears. If you are not careful, mama and papa, you will lose your daughter through suicidal act. this world is very interesting.

  74. abdul al barghdadi says:

    foolish guy,,,idiot,,,Imbecile,,girls are plenty,,,waisova

  75. redeemed says:

    Then I blame not the parent in laws for objecting the union, they must have spotted a low life jerk their daughter was wasting her life with, and the deceased have proved them right by this senseless resort. While there daughter will finally be married to a better man, your family will continue to suffer grief for your loss to hell.

  76. Akulisinga says:

    Mtsikana wanuyo makolo naye adzisowa mtendere ngakhale watsala ndi moyo. Muphenso mdzukuluyo paja bambo ake simumafuna. Nawe mzanga ukanapeza njira ina! RIP

  77. LessChildrenPlease says:

    Another idiot who should not have had a child!

  78. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Zachisoni, very bad…

  79. ramsey says:

    Zomvetsa chisoni pankhani ya chikondi ,makolo siyani kusokoneza chikondi cha Ana poti anakondana mpaka kukhala ndi mwana Ai shem makolo ,kulemera amapereka ndi mulungu.

  80. Blackson says:

    Wclm to devils site.

  81. musisipala says:

    Ameneyo ndi wofoela stellar patrik

  82. H,Chitumvi says:


  83. omar khaliffa says:

    All the best in the Graveyard.there r a lot of angels who question every1 what he was doing in his life.hopefuly he will reply all his life.aameen

  84. Phwado says:

    Maliseche onsewa?This asshole Crispin Botomani must not rest in peace.Iwe chitsiru Botomani you could have taken this opportunity to find ways of getting rich and embarras your apongozi but because you had undeveloped brain you did the most stupid thing not fit for a man.Every woman needs a wealthy man and it is natural.Thats why we run up and down in order to please women.You just wanted to fuck her in. poverty!Fuck you Botomani.This world is for the strong like me!Hahaha!

  85. Gas Machine Head says:

    Koma yea yea yea> I think the entire story could have been better written in Chichewa Mr Yamikani Simutowe. Nanga: a letter addressed to “My in-law mum and father??” Pamenepa did you try to mean three people: the in-law, the mum and the father?” or kapena you meant “mother-in-law? ” its so confusing. Its like that guy on Malawi Breaking news called Wonderfold Bengo from Ntcheu>

    Now look at the other sentence down paragraph 6 you state” “Her parents never wanted their daughter to get married with man” What? To get married with man? So in other words you are saying the parents wanted her to get married to someone else but not a man. Is she a lesbian?

  86. kuipa says:

    Kalanga ine m’bale kufela ntumbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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