Low turn up, great performances of Malawi artists in UK ‘Easter Fusion’

Attendance of the “Easter Fusion” gigs in England for Malawian musicians Lulu, Skeffa Chimoto and Dan Lu were disappointing but nothing was going to stop the shows as artistes hit the stage with great performances.

Strictly Dancing: Dan Lu with a fan

Strictly Dancing: Dan Lu with a fan

Having fun: Racheal Khan Muyepa showing her dancing skills on stage as Dan Lu watches on

Having fun: Racheal Khan Muyepa showing her dancing skills on stage as Dan Lu watches on

Malawians on dancing floor in Leicester for Easter Fusion

Malawians on dancing floor in Leicester for Easter Fusion

In Manchester, patrons at the Easter Fusion gig

In Manchester, patrons at the Easter Fusion gig

Same venue, sell out crowd for Zimbabwe Jah Prayerz show 24 hours later

Same venue, sell out crowd for Zimbabwe Jah Prayerz show 24 hours later

Mampi on stage

Mampi on stage

The three Malawian singers were joined by Zambia’s diva Mampi Mukape to perform on Good Friday at Leicester Athena Conference and held another show in Manchester on Easter Saturday which was also marred by poor turnout of Malawians.

Lulu kicked-off the show on Friday;  the “Ndzalera” star seemed not bothered by the small crowd that was in the gigantic hall.

He displayed his music talent in plucking the guitar combined with his silky voice and he had the great dancing antics.

Malawian fun seekers who attended the show could not help but dance along to the Lulu songs.

Then Dan Lu, who recently released a new song “Sweet Banana” featuring Nigeria’s Kcee, also gave a great performance.

The ‘Uhule ndi Mtima’ singer spiced up his performance by inviting on stage patrons to show their dancing skills.

Skeffa,  who is best known for songs such as “Chikondi Chabodza” and “Chinamuluma Chakuda”,  was seen most of the times collecting a lot of Sterling Pounds bank notes from the crowd who appreciated his singing.

“We could have performed more songs but we have just practised with this local band for a day. We only practised 15 songs and they have been fantastic,” Skeffa told the audience.

“In Malawi I perform three hours non-stop,” the Jamming Machine added.

Then Zambia’s singing sensation Mampi also took to the stage with his Walilowelela popular song.

Mampi, a former contestant in the TV reality show Big Brother Africa, also showed her sensational dance moves that she is famous for.

And just like Dan Lu, the Zambian singer  invited patrons to show their dancing skills on stage.

In wrapping the show, the three Malawian artists performed together a song in tribute to  gospel music artist Grace Chinga who died last week.

“It was great tribute for Grace Chinga. I felt moved by that performance,” Pastor Elizabeth Kalonga said after the show.

Sheila Tobie Banda, an organiser of Face of Malawi UK said the gig was great despite the poor turn up.

And Miss Malawi UK organiser Kondi Bowoyeke Munthali bemoaned that Malawians could not patronise the show  of their artists in large numbers.

“It’s time that Malawians should start promoting their own artists and shows,” he said .

At the same venue, 24 hours later Zimbabwe singer Jah Prayerz performed and filled the Athena Conference hall to full capacity. Zimbabweans trooped to the show that was a sell out.

“Enjoying a show doesn’t depend on the number of people that have attended; it depends on how great the performances are. Mampi and the Malawian artists did their best and I enjoyed the show,” a Zambian in Manchester Twalumba Mweetwa told Nyasa Times after watching the ‘Easter Fusion’ in both venues.

The artists will also perform in London on April 2 at the Royal Regency, 501 High Street to wrap up the tour.

Organisers of the Easter Fusion, Grajoh Talent Management and Public Relations said they expect the final show to be “very great.”

Grace Ntolera-Mujungu said after performing with the band in two shows and that they have week to prepare for London show, it will be a mother of all gigs.

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  1. Mamina Tho Mwatimdzayimba says:

    Mafans anachita bho osabwera kumeneko. Tikufuna kuchita promote oyimba eni eni like Lucius Banda, or Bubu Lazy, osati awa a cashgate wa iyayi.

    Diaspora for change leadership!

  2. dunka says:

    Lucius kukanadzadza

  3. kholowa mkabudula says:

    A malawi amzanga visa ndikuvina ndizosiyana kuno sikusasafirika ayi, a immigration akabwela tima thawa basi iwe kumapitiliza kudya ma sausage mtima uli pheeeeee! Ukatelo waphonyana naye bonya, Akakugwila iyo timati nthawi,komanso the equation was too hard to balance. Friday mukambalo kuno ndi Bank holiday nde ndi double pay man.Amalawi amene munafikako Std 8 mukutha kundimvetsa. Mukadzabwela kuno mudzaziona mukadzabwela ifeyo sikufuna koma chimdalitso chimatilemela!


    …Come on guys …Not only Malawians in UK run out of visas/stay …plenty nationalities visa-less…but people still go to concerts and gigs knowing in their mind no VISA and they enjoy more than those with visa-stay..the organisers here flopped big times we are in Europe ..concerts has to be advertised atleast 3 months prior the date of concert then people got plenty times to prepare..not out of the no-where ..Easter Fusion? Malawians in Diaspora are stressed and confused of theIr future here and mainly they have to be at Pastors church they cant miss? and please no disrespect on our women ….how can our women have time to go Gym/fitness……when they have to work hard to pay rooms/studio flats here…London aint easy..not everyone has to gym..be healthy ladies you are health at time likes this in UK. God Bless You All My fellow Malawian in stress or not in Stress and once again Happy Anniversary to NyasaTimes u guys are doing it proper!!!

  5. shoes says:

    We have to keep in mind that the GRAJOH brand is the new brand. Things will get better with time…

  6. hoitty says:

    Visa ya oyimba idulile mwano.. Napepe oyimba nonse bola zanu zokha zibwelele.

  7. chibweya joe says:

    Kuumila amalawi kunjako. Kukanakhala Ku Sheafer kukanadzadza. Mmangoti kunja ndiye kuli dollar mwazionatu. Choncho bola mwakaonako

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  9. kjdslk says:

    komatu ku zimbabwe kuli anthu ambili

  10. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Ma visa anatha! Amaopa kugwidwa.ndi a immigration that’s why pipo.didn’t go.

  11. Paul says:

    Malawian women please work out there are plenty gyms in UK ….no offence

  12. bola mahule alibe mwano says:

    poor promotion results in low turnout. it’s not rocket science

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