Ma Blacks Kuimba 10 album ‘the very best’ -Analysts

Kuimba 10, a recently released album by reggae legendary band ‘The Black Missionaries’ band has been rated as “worth to spend for” by Mzuzu-based fans and analysts.

Ma Blacks

Ma Blacks

The album, yet to be launched in the busiest city of the northern region, among others comprises such songs as Tizingocheza, Sikwathu and Sindingakwanitse which are already enjoying sexy airplay on most radio stations.

The Black Missionaries, popularly known as Ma ‘Blacks will launch the album in the northern region on August 30 at O ‘Seasons Club in Mzuzu.

Nation Publications Limited (NPL) entertainment journalist in the northern region John Chirwa said “Kuimba 10 is far much better than Kuimba 9.”

Said Chirwa: “With the new album [Kuimba 10], they [Black Missionaries] have actually showed that they are here to stay. Kuimba 9 was not well received, but this album has.”

Chirwa said that “in fact the venue will be very small” for the launch.

“I wish Mzuzu had bigger venues,” Chirwa opined.

Another entertainment analyst working with Voice of Livingstonia of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia Mzuzu Sylvester Kapondera said much as the band had given an “overdose” of love songs, “the album was still very good to go.”

Kenneth Gama, an arts student presently pursuing an arts degree at Mzuzu University (Mzuni) said ‘Kuimba 10’ was a reflection that the Black Missionaries had “come of age and were maturing.”

Said Gama: “Kuimba 9 was to most of us a prophecy that the young men had reached the end of the road. But 10 [Kuimba 10] has proved all of us wrong. I’m ready to part away with my K2 000 for the launch.”

Leader of the band Anjiru Fumulani was recently quoted by local media that the “North should expect the best from us.”

The Black Missionaries Band was founded by legendary musician Evison Matafale, who died under mysterious circumstances  in the early 2000.

The band has been propelled ahead by the Fumulani family, of course with support from the Chokani brothers – Takudziwani and Paul.

The Blacks’ song, Police hunt Matafale, recounting the events prior to Matafale’s death is one of the most loved songs by fans during the band’s live performances.

Arts and entertainment analyst Chirwa said “this time around songs SindingakwanitseTizingocheza and Sikwathu are likely to steal time at the show.”

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19 thoughts on “Ma Blacks Kuimba 10 album ‘the very best’ -Analysts”

  1. Wysn chipolonga says:

    Zabwino zonse ma Blacks.

  2. legal b says:

    That’s chicken reggae! we want conscious music & revolutionary message! Its gud indeed to promote the up coming artsts. Bombocrat!!! RIP Musamude, Gift – Matafale…

  3. Chifundo says:

    Much As I LOVE MA BLACKS, IDONT KNOW WHY MOST Radio Stations dont play good songs from this Lilongwe Outfit-Soul Raiders –NDAIMA PA NSAJA-BIG UP BOYS.

  4. Sindi says:

    PA Malawi pano pali anyamata a luso ena omwe siotchuka koma nyimbo zawo ndi zabwino kwabasi. mmodzi mwa iwo ndi Haxi Momba wa ku Lilongwe. Amene munamvela nyimbo zake ,mutsimikiza kuti size or level yake ndi achina malemu Matafale ndi Musamude. Apapa tatiyeni tinene chilungamo kuti muli nyimbo ziwiri olozitatu zabwino. The rest is trash. Timawakonda ma Blacks inde koma it seems they have reached a dead end. Promoters like jai Band should scout for new or unrecognized talent in the likes of Prophet Haxi Momba and even gospel musician San B.

    I am not buying kuimba 10

  5. trouble says:

    Ma Black ndi 1

  6. orila says:

    Ma blackx mwaimba bho ine mu motor yanga ndimavera inu chitulusileni album imeneyi ine panu kuchokera Ku capital city,osadanda ndimbuzi zasanjezi

  7. nanaphiri says:

    Go mablaks!!!! zinazi nitsirudi mwazolowera mkasa amphawi inu muzingokhala choncho reggae ikutheka pa malawi pano palibeso mablllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllakissss tili konko moto buuuuuuuuuuuu wina anyela ziphwisi

  8. Dr Palani-State House says:

    Police Hunt Matafale was art at its best. Big up to Musamude (RIP)

  9. vaga says:

    Notherners are intelligent people not wat u some people talking bullshit whoever saying bad of northeners idiot fuck u all

  10. Malongo says:

    Two people intervied in Mzuzu, then some people with their stupidity conclude Atumbuka. Mkhalenge na uchindere wino mpaka kufwa kwinu, Atumbuka Atumbuka amadya kwanu, fotsek!? Every person has the right to hold a different opion on any topic, so dont be useless.

    Ma Blacks, kuyimba 10 palije icho muli mukuchitapo chamahala plz go back to your drawing board.

  11. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Kuimba ku Malawi! Kanundu yekha yekha! Tizingovina tchopa basi, zinaz mmmmm nyimbo za ulesi!

  12. Kavuluvulu says:

    This is the worst album

  13. Honest Musian says:

    All the analysts that have contributed are throwing their credibility for public scrutiny. This album is not the best and even the Blacks Team knows this fact. The band has been playing their old songs for quite a long time during live performances and every music lover started demanding something new from the guys. Now that a new thing is out, people are happy, but not that the album is the best. Happy that there will be new songs on the list during live shows. Osatinama wenye!

  14. GUMGUM says:

    the only way out for these guys is to work with young up comin producers and artists! if they are to remain relevant, otherwise keep declining!

  15. Shocker says:

    Some people just hate the northerners. What comes from the north is always wrong. Please respect others peoples’ opinion. Their ears are not your ears, their taste is not your taste. It could also be that you have not spent time to listen to the album. Stop being jealousy man ZZ.

  16. xxxxxx says:

    This is the worst abulm for these guys. Dont give them a placebo

  17. ZZ Junior says:

    vuto la anthu akumpoto ndi limeneli. You guys are king makers. In politics, Religion and now Music. You like praising and giving credit where it is not deserved. Hahahaha Atumbuka still dead north dead people

  18. Mhesha says:

    Fine. Koma ena kukhalira kutokota buck shit basi….mxiew!

  19. Sititiriti Venda says:

    Aaaaah. Malawian analysts. nde kuto adyapo. No wonder our music is failing to make international in-roads with such mediocrity

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