Macra in K20 million Mulhakho scam

Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (Macra) has been embroiled in a K20 million scam which the organization is said to have contributed towards the annual Mulhakho wa Ahlomwe celebrations in November this year but the money never reached its intended beneficiary, Nyasa Times can reveal.

This is another cashagte indeed

This is another cashagte indeed

Nyasa Times investigations reveal that the money was cashed by one Mayeso Chipyoza on November 6, 2015, just two days before the Mulhakho celebrations at Chonde in Mulanje.

We can reveal that neither Mulhakho organizers never got this amount nor the presidency where this money was purportedly to be the beneficiary in supporting the event.

We have uncovered that Macra, through its Deputy Director General Francis Bisika made a bank instruction to debt one of its accounts with K20 million which was disguised as payment of salaries on November 5, 2015.

Nyasa Times investigations reveal that one Mayeso Chipyoza cashed the whole amount on November 6, 2015.

But we can reveal that an estimated total wage bill for Macra in a month, with about 100 employees, is around K80 million.

Our investigations also show that Macra employees were paid their November salaries for the month of November on November 23, 2015.

We can also reveal that one Mayeso Chipyoza does not work in the Macra accounts office to withdraw the ‘K20 million salaries’.

So this means that the ‘K20 million salaries’ was just a front to take money out of Macra which is regarded as a ‘goldmine’ for ruling political elite.

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73 thoughts on “Macra in K20 million Mulhakho scam”

  1. Mlomwe says:

    Alomwe kuba

  2. Deogratas Mbepula says:

    Innocent Mawaya has written this false letter wanting to implicate the MACRA boss. wagwa nayo mphwanga. Ukufunako ku Macra? Kumapita ophunzira not brutes…

  3. Khudze Nkuyabwe says:

    They are also printing calendars worthy MK600,000,000.00 Yes i mean 600 million kwacha ku Fattani printers to show off the development pictures of what the DPP GOVERNMENT has done. If the government is serious stop all the rubbish and terminate the contract of all top bosses there. Otherwise dyeranitu tionana.

  4. Nabiyeni says:

    komatu zoti macra inapeleka ndalamazi ndizowona ndithu. Mwina sidzinafike ku mulakho wina anadzidya mdzina la mulakho. Make proper inquires you will establish the truth. There is a lot happening at macra. What about donating a Kia vehicle to the PS Information when the Ministry also gave him a prado? Kuli zinthu kunjaku.

  5. Bwampini Jnr says:

    Money taken by Elvis Thodi so he can feed and pamper Mrs Villante Jana nee Vokhiwa. Mahule a Mulhakho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he not the nsungi chuma??????????

  6. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    So, if the money never reached Mulhakho wa aLhomwe, where doe the cultural group get entangled in this fiasco? Boy, some of the reporting from Malawi sources is just trash, and a waste of time reading.
    Assuming someone stole the money (and we don’t know that yet), and if the thief is an executive in the Association, then it is the association that is to blame? What kind of logic is that?
    No wonder broad brush painting is daily fodder in these columns. Like: “Atumbuka inu kuba ndi kuzikonda”, “Achewa a nkhanza, a nyakula, zinyau ndi a aku dambwe”, “Achawa atelala basi, oziwa sukulu ya chisilamu yokha”, “Asena, kusasamba ndipo kupempha m’tauni baasi”, “Alomwe kugwira nchito mzinyumba za Atumbuka, ndipo kusinjana thoo”. And even more gross and crude language; as if the writers just wait and hide for the “opportunity” to “outnasty” the other.
    Are we really more different than we are similar? Apparently so, if the internet comments are anything to go by.

  7. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    pilirani vokhiwa mayi wakuba chibwenzi cha saonda…..saonda has bin using her kumabera amwenye mu lilongwemu

  8. Expose them what is Mulhakho????? Why all the leaders when they get to State House they become blind & dumb?

  9. The Partriot says:

    It may take decades but one day, Mulhako udźayankha milandu imeneyi!

  10. Kenkkk says:

    When some of us tell you that dpp is full of thieving thugs from the top to the bottom, you don’t believe.

    Now this. How can macra and other NGOs or parastatals get themselves involved in these stupid political activilites disguised as cultural groups, really stuns me.

    Cashgate as some of us strongly believe is still going on rampantly in various disguises by the so called NGOs in collaboration with the thieving masters of dpp. And you blame jb for all the problems? Agalu inu.

    Is this how you tell us Peter about cracking down on corruption and cashgate while you are still cash gating yourself?

  11. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Imagine it was a Tumbuka grouping

  12. Nyaphaphi says:

    Whew where n how do I start commenting. …in short ku mlakho akuziwa anadya the miracle money
    Ask these below
    Pilirani vokhiwa with code name the sniffer

    Master minder jean mathanga code name tortoise

    Mchanakhwaye the black mamba

    Gift dulla…poor and hungry mouse lova wa serious

    James chuma code name opportunist- chameleon

    Anthu okuba ku mlakho amenewa…ayakhe ..

  13. Prof Ralph Kamoto (PhD in Pant Politics) says:

    When I was at MRA, I was pestered by one MwanaV to release money for this stinking tribal group

  14. Weekly mwale says:

    This is a baseless story to tarish the name the alomwe cultural group.such reporters must be arrested and put in prison for destroying the image of the country.malawi as a country is suffering because of bad publicity.when are we going to hear the good things being done by the people of malawi.stop this nosense!

  15. Hassan says:


  16. Truck says:


  17. Ayontho says:

    Tiyeni nazoni. Paja inu alomwe ndinu angelo pankhani ya cash gate. Tikuonelani ulendo uno. Bungwe lanuli lanyanya kususa mmumphika wamabungwe aboma.

  18. The Most Concerned says:

    So how is this connected to Mulhakho? There z no evidence here, stupid news wt Ill headline.

  19. ZADZULO says:

    Mangani milakho yose ikalowe basi.

  20. Still says:

    Komatu a nyasa mwagodana nawo mulhakowu. Inu nomwe mwati mulhako sunalandire ndalamazo. Why should mulhako name be demonised?

  21. Malawian!!! says:


  22. james says:

    Yawn! Wake me up when you’re done!

  23. KWACHA DZUKNI says:

    Alot of students have been going around offices begging for assistance to pay school fees and here is useless MACRA giving money to this organisation which does not benefiting malawians. The organisation which is failing to teach their member to go to school and stop prostitution and working as maids in houses . Zina zi izi mungopalamulapo Unyolo mtsogolo muno basi

  24. Mpasy Wadye says:

    Cashget yomweyo

  25. Bertha Chisale says:

    Mwanyanya kuba ku Macra

  26. 2016 welcome says:

    Koma dziko ili. Bola atsamunda alibwino. Given a chance to go for a referendum to choose between fellow black people and white people, I would rather go for white people. Too much penchant for stealing for black people. Our mentally is totally messed up.

  27. frank kaponda says:


  28. FBI geniune says:

    i dont need this.Am chasing the 400million kwacha case of 2011 which hit the malawi police service headquarters area 30,that led to the arrest of 3 senior police officer’s,namely Elijah kachikuwo ,barnet bojongo mwasinga aka munthu wamkulu Undertaker and Chandema (sp )Wat is delaying the case.pliz tell me.

  29. dzambo says:

    If this is true then this country is doomed!

  30. jojophido says:

    Mbava shupiti zanu….

  31. Dodolido says:

    Cashs gate will not stop in Malawi as long as thieves are not hanged but treated like king with their well learned lawyers who are paid from the looted funds and drive expensive cars.

  32. Cashgate1 says:

    Malawi sazatheka. Kholo likakhala losolola, ana amaona and naonso amachita chimodzimodzi. Only that this lad was fast to cash in before makolo asanapitsemo.

  33. Phinifolo says:

    Tsono muti bwanji mbavanu?

  34. Zuze says:

    Cashgate will stop only when those responsible are hanged!

  35. George Kamanga says:

    Thieves, robbers, gangsters, criminals remain the way they are. As I have always written that these dogs in DPP are devilish people.

  36. Bright Mkosi says:

    Malawi under Dpp sadzatheka

  37. Ngolongoliwa says:

    THAT IS DPP BOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. fucktrapencewife says:

    Kill de bastards! Donor countries please stop every penny to this backdoor government and stop being busy with gay/lesbian issues. Peter Mutharika is the greatest thief with DPP and they blame Joyce Banda for their failures. Civil servants didn’t have their annual increments and yet the one-toothed bull in human face called Peter Mutharika has guts to buy home car sitting his smelly ass in it against the economic woes the country is facing. Cardiac arrest where are you? Don’t we have good snipers in Malawi?

  39. viyezgo Lungu says:

    Cashgate @ its best

  40. Bibo says:

    Their leadership is making a lot of noise about Cashgate blaming it on JB while shedding Crocodile tears and yet Cashgate is DPP’s invention. Mutharika and his cohorts are robbing Malawians on daily basis and yet he pretends to be a saint. The question is when is he going to repent his Chameleon character?

    We are inclined to believe that APM preaches a message of sanity and corrective action on a corrupt civil service and private sector, but behind the mansion walls hides the predator that is a threat to government coffers and forcefully zooms in to deep into the private sector investments which threatens economic progress.APM is a hypocrite that never was a saint, and given plenty time, he will graduate into modern day Mobuto Sese Seko- it’s not an overstatement but a looming possibility, Malawians watch out!

  41. Kandapako says:

    So it is true that cashgate continues in government and its institutions despite the so-called measures to stop it! Cry my beloved Malawi!!!

  42. Kamuzu Mbewe says:

    R80 million salary bill per month for 100 employees, means the average of MK800 000 per employee per month. i.e. ZAR20 000 per month. If we use the normal distribution curve, the middle management employees earn around MK2 million per month. What about the senior / exec managers?

  43. Advisory committe says:

    I think MACRA gets too much money in levies on all forms of communication and it appears they do not have a clue on how to use the money. They are always in the news for wrong reason-donating to political parties and partisan organizations, Parliament should seriously consider to amend the laws to reduce the money which MACRA and another useless organization called MERA receive on levies. It seems to me these useless thoughtless clueless and senseless statutory organizations get too much money than they can use and end up using itfor wrong and unintended purposes and this is why mafoni(talktime) and magetsi akudula zedi

  44. Umodzi park says:

    Malawi adzakwya tsiku lina agalu inu mwamva

  45. shosholoza says:

    Theft in Malawi is a very serious problem. The problem is people at the top level are the most. Malawians because of fear, plunders will keep on plundering the country; to say the truth this country will never change. The so called educated people behave as if have never gone to school they can’t talk sense to the issues affecting the country. The behaviour of politicians in Malawi need to be challenged strongly and all this happen because of crooked politicians.

  46. Bob says:

    It never ceases to amaze Malawians how this Muhlako thing gets entangled with public funds now and again. Zochititsa manyazi, whoever the organisers are just know you are denting the image of DPP and its leadership. Why always Muhlako gets on the media on bad issues like this one. After the NAC funds we expected you to check yourselves up and stop bothering government run organisations for funds. If government changes hands where will you be getting money for your festivies?

  47. Good Samaritan says:

    It is a good starting point for the Anti Corruption Bureau.
    Please ACB, carry out the investigation and tell the nation your findings

  48. kambindingu "hard & low" says:


  49. innocentphiri says:

    Novermber this year are u sure? We in january .

  50. Mike says:

    What’s Macra’s version?

  51. La 40 Lakwana says:

    A government of thievis , there is no way Malawi will get better .

  52. Brrr says:

    ok, so what are you going to do about this??

  53. jen says:

    mmmm…Apitala koma ulosi wa TB Yoswa wuja mwawunva? Zinazitu mukumaziyamba dala ndithu?

  54. The Analyst says:

    Yesterday it was NAC, then Dausi’s NIB and now Macra? What else do we not know? I can bet that what we don’t know is much larger than what we know! This country is losing out a lot to very few greedy individuals in the guise of leaders.

    It pains that one or any tribal grouping should have unlimited access to tax payers’ money in the guise of cultural celebrations, all because it is politically connected. I just pray that if some Nyau king becomes president, all Nyaus won’t start driving flamboyant cars overnight.

    Leaders are chosen by God, so goes the saying. But are we sure that God can consistently choose us heartless devilish devils for leaders? I don’t think so. Think back = Atcheya, Bingu, JB. Think now = APM. Our leaders’ actions significantly fall short of someone summoned by God.

    I don’t know the wrong or the gravity of the wrong that Malawians committed to deserve these kind of leaders. Heartless thieves, they simply are. We deserve better.

  55. MBC says:


  56. torgo nodo says:

    let’s just intensify using whatsapp phone calls and messaging to minimise the huge revenues they have to play with. we can also go back to land lines, letter writing or simply start visiting each other again like in the good old mcp days.

    zikuwoneka kuti anthu awa ndi okanika ndipo sadzatheka. ma donors akuti tikamaba udyo, budgetary aid siyibwera koma tikulepherabe kusiya kuba. kukhwimaaaaa chani?

  57. Pachilambo Usauchi says:

    Imeneyo nde MACRA. Nako kunalowa utumbuka. Go and check, majority are from Chiradzulu. Malawi woyee !

  58. yabwanya says:

    this has got to be investigated without fail. palibe zopondeleza nkhani apa. THIS is ANOTHER FORM OF CASHGATE which is still happening.

  59. ANGITAU says:

    TIYENI NAZONI.God is watching.

  60. utitiri says:

    Francis Bisika exhonorate urself, actually with ur credentials u were supposed to b the Macra CEO but bcoz u t not a Mulhakho u r just a Director. If u have not stolen the K20m pliz let us know who pocketed the money.

  61. lackison says:

    This is wat we call investigative journalism.keep it up boss. That’s wat we want to expose anything that comes as a trick

  62. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Get hold of your Mayeso Chipyoza to tell us where he is hiding the money, otherwise that money was given to right people and used accordingly.

    Is this same former NAC Bisiki, doing this at MACRA?

  63. ngongoliwa says:

    Don’t worry, apm will go by April this yr kklkk kkkkk

  64. The Commenter says:

    This year? 2016?

  65. levelheaded says:

    Don’t dwell on speculations pliz. Print the documents.

  66. Njolinjo says:

    Ndizomwe mumakanira access to information bill eti??????

  67. Njolinjo says:

    Koma Malawi wanyansa and is stinking shit!!!!!

  68. zitayeni ziribe ntchito zimenezo

Comments are closed.

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