Macra in K20 million Mulhakho scam

Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (Macra) has been embroiled in a K20 million scam which the organization is said to have contributed towards the annual Mulhakho wa Ahlomwe celebrations in November this year but the money never reached its intended beneficiary, Nyasa Times can reveal.

This is another cashagte indeed

This is another cashagte indeed

Nyasa Times investigations reveal that the money was cashed by one Mayeso Chipyoza on November 6, 2015, just two days before the Mulhakho celebrations at Chonde in Mulanje.

We can reveal that neither Mulhakho organizers never got this amount nor the presidency where this money was purportedly to be the beneficiary in supporting the event.

We have uncovered that Macra, through its Deputy Director General Francis Bisika made a bank instruction to debt one of its accounts with K20 million which was disguised as payment of salaries on November 5, 2015.

Nyasa Times investigations reveal that one Mayeso Chipyoza cashed the whole amount on November 6, 2015.

But we can reveal that an estimated total wage bill for Macra in a month, with about 100 employees, is around K80 million.

Our investigations also show that Macra employees were paid their November salaries for the month of November on November 23, 2015.

We can also reveal that one Mayeso Chipyoza does not work in the Macra accounts office to withdraw the ‘K20 million salaries’.

So this means that the ‘K20 million salaries’ was just a front to take money out of Macra which is regarded as a ‘goldmine’ for ruling political elite.

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Alomwe kuba

Deogratas Mbepula

Innocent Mawaya has written this false letter wanting to implicate the MACRA boss. wagwa nayo mphwanga. Ukufunako ku Macra? Kumapita ophunzira not brutes…

Khudze Nkuyabwe

They are also printing calendars worthy MK600,000,000.00 Yes i mean 600 million kwacha ku Fattani printers to show off the development pictures of what the DPP GOVERNMENT has done. If the government is serious stop all the rubbish and terminate the contract of all top bosses there. Otherwise dyeranitu tionana.


komatu zoti macra inapeleka ndalamazi ndizowona ndithu. Mwina sidzinafike ku mulakho wina anadzidya mdzina la mulakho. Make proper inquires you will establish the truth. There is a lot happening at macra. What about donating a Kia vehicle to the PS Information when the Ministry also gave him a prado? Kuli zinthu kunjaku.

Bwampini Jnr

Money taken by Elvis Thodi so he can feed and pamper Mrs Villante Jana nee Vokhiwa. Mahule a Mulhakho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he not the nsungi chuma??????????

Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
Nyani wa ku Mwananyani
So, if the money never reached Mulhakho wa aLhomwe, where doe the cultural group get entangled in this fiasco? Boy, some of the reporting from Malawi sources is just trash, and a waste of time reading. Assuming someone stole the money (and we don’t know that yet), and if the thief is an executive in the Association, then it is the association that is to blame? What kind of logic is that? No wonder broad brush painting is daily fodder in these columns. Like: “Atumbuka inu kuba ndi kuzikonda”, “Achewa a nkhanza, a nyakula, zinyau ndi a aku dambwe”, “Achawa… Read more »
mlomwe mnzanga

pilirani vokhiwa mayi wakuba chibwenzi cha saonda…..saonda has bin using her kumabera amwenye mu lilongwemu

Keen Observer

Expose them what is Mulhakho????? Why all the leaders when they get to State House they become blind & dumb?

The Partriot

It may take decades but one day, Mulhako udźayankha milandu imeneyi!

When some of us tell you that dpp is full of thieving thugs from the top to the bottom, you don’t believe. Now this. How can macra and other NGOs or parastatals get themselves involved in these stupid political activilites disguised as cultural groups, really stuns me. Cashgate as some of us strongly believe is still going on rampantly in various disguises by the so called NGOs in collaboration with the thieving masters of dpp. And you blame jb for all the problems? Agalu inu. Is this how you tell us Peter about cracking down on corruption and cashgate while… Read more »

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