Malawi bans Mozambique’s Frozy drink over health concerns: CAMA welcomes the Move

Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) has banned the importation and selling of Mozambican produced Frozy drinks for failing to meet
required Malawi Standards.

Frozy banned on Malawi market

Frozy banned on Malawi market

The bureau said the drink has failed to conform to standards as stipulated by the institution under the import quality monitoring scheme.

MBS warned the public from consuming the banned product.

“The MBS would like to inform the general public that through its conformance assessments conducted under the Import Quality Monitoring Scheme (IQMS) on imported products, it has objectively established that Frozy soft drinks are failing to conform with requirements of relevant Malawi Standards, MS 18-Carbonated soft drinks specification and MS 19-Labeling standard for prepackaged foods,” said the statement signed by Chief Executive Officer Davlin Chokazinga.

The statement said conformance assessment results on Frozy soft drinks have given high levels of citric acid, in the range of 2240 to 5376 mg/kg (against 3000mg/kg max. specification) and sodium benzoates, in the range of 3248 to 4256 mg/kg (against 1000mg/kg max. specification).

 Apart from failing conformance tests the ban has been effected because the products have some information provided in Portuguese language contrary to MS 19 labeling requirements.

“Following failure of Frozy soft drinks to conform with the applicable specifications and in accordance with the Imports Regulations of the MBS Act (Cap 51:02), the MBS is hereby advising importers, distributors, sellers and the general public that this product is substandard and that its importation distribution, sell and use is prohibited until further notice.”

In accordance with section 39 of the MBS Act (Cap 51:02), has cautioned importers, distributors or sellers of the product, are requested to openly declare to the MBS quantities of Frozy drinks currently in their custody and agree on appropriate handling and disposal procedures with immediate effect.

The MBS is also advising the general public that it will conduct sweeping exercises through its market surveillance activities in due course to ensure that the product is removed from the market.

“Anyone found stocking, distributing or selling the product after this notice shall be penalized and prosecuted in accordance with section 44 of the MBS Act (Cap 51:02). The general public is therefore advised to desist from buying and consuming this product forthwith until the MBS verifies through further conformance assessments the redressal of the shortfalls highlighted above,” Chokazinga said.

The ban comes amid Malawi’s biggest producer of fizzy drinks Southern Bottlers raising accusations over the proliferation of the drink being smuggled into the country.

The drink is popular in the country because it is being sold as cheaper as K200 to K300 than Southern Bottlers franchise products of Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite going at K280 K500.

 Meanwhile the Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has welcomed the move, saying the ban will ensure consumers are protected from such uncertified products.

“This is welcome development especially at the time when the market being flooded with uncertified products. We hope this will mark a beginning of new era where the bureau is strict in enforcing standards and ensure such products that don’t meet the required standards are off the market,” CAMA Projects Officer Maurice Nkawihe told Nyasa Times.

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Frozy boy

To read in English plz translate in google translate.

Ziw Boy

If you have tasted Frozy you will know that it has too much sugar, gas and acid. Bravo MBS. A chance has now arisen to all enterprising Malawians to launch their own drink following the vacuum, you can even call the new drink “FRO2Y’ and no one will sue you.

This is a blue lie MBS. yOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN MONEY BY SOBo TO CHEAT MALAWIANS WITH YOU STUPID LIES IN THIS MODERN DAY AND AGE. wHAT A HELL YOU ARE. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL ALONG SINCE FROZY FLOODED THE MARKET> Do you know that Malawi signed the COMESA TRADE Agreement which allows countries to sell their products within the region even without Duty for some of them? What is the meaning of free trade that Malawi signed in 1994? Let companies compete and those with good products at reasonable price take over the market as Frozy has done.… Read more »
Ziw Boy

those of you who have tasted the drink should agree with MBS. Although we are a poor nation, atleast our own thobwa and zitumbuwa are safe. This Frozy has too much sugar, too much acid, too much gas and what else one cannot taste.

It’s also an opportunity for a Malawian to enter and fill the vacuum created by the ban.

Kumaganiza mwa changu. The demand is already there! Call your own drink FRO22Y and make instant money from the ready market.


Nothing is so tasty and thirsty quenching than our SOBO only if chilled unfortunately blackouts


MBS, how come you are not burning mowa wa ma spirits ukupha anthuwo komanso kusokoneza bongo. Mukufuna kuti kumalawi kuzakhale anthu amisala by the year 2020? Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s a good move by MBS even from economic perspective. That illegal stuff is a danger not only to consumers but also to our economy. If Fanta can be smuggled to Moz without duty and other taxes, it would be cheaper than Frozzy. That is why it is cheaper here in Malawi than in it’s country of origin.


I never liked frozy since day one….that product is very substandard and will kill us slowly…labeled in Portuguees meaning not fit for exportation yet a Malawi nde kukadzipikula osadziwa kuti alembapo chani, MBS bravo ban them…lets spend our hard earned forex on serious issues


Vuto ndilakuti munakatsitsa zakumwa zathu anthu sibwenzi akugura zira zimenezo, koma zakumwa zathu ndizodura kwambiri ndie sitingachitire mwina koma zomwezo basi

Are you serious MSB? I totally do not agree with you as regards your “MS 19 labeling requirements”. Before yesterday I had never consumed any of the Frozy drinks but your ban made buy one to see for myself. I took a sip and the drink was soooso sweeeeet. I then looked at the labelling and I saw they have listed the ingredients both in English and Portuguese. Go to Shoprite / Game and see if all the imported products are conforming to your so called MS 19. For starters check the imported biscuits in Shoprite. Chipiku, Sana etc and… Read more »

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