Malawi drops 12 places in prosperity index

  • posterity indexLegatum Institute’s 2014 Prosperity Index puts Malawi 118th globally

Malawi has dropped 12 places in the 2014 Legatum Prosperity Index, which measures the human and economic prosperity of nations around the world released in London on Tuesday.

Legatum Institute’s 2014 Prosperity Index  measures a set of eight categories that reveal how nations perform both economically and in vital areas of education, health, personal freedom, safety and security and entrepreneurship.

According to the Index, Malawi last year jumped one place up but now ranks 118th globally in the 2014 Prosperity Index.

Malawi’s lowest rank  is in the economy sub-index, where it ranks 136th in 2014. This dimension measures classic aspects of the economy like GDP, unemployment, inflation and foreign direct investment.

The southern African nation has also performed badly in other Prosperity Index rates, including education, health, business and social capital.

Malawi’s best performance is in the governance sub-index, where it ranks 68th in 2014.

James Barty, Senior Adviser at the Legatum Institute, said:  “Prosperity is not just about having a strong economy, it is about having great education, healthcare, and freedom to choose among other things.”

Legatum Institute’s 2014 Prosperity Index reveals Norway as the most prosperous country in the world, while the Central African Republic finishes bottom of the rankings.

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16 thoughts on “Malawi drops 12 places in prosperity index”

  1. joker says:

    Are you surprised? It shall remain so til we start using brains when voting. This time we are using ‘eyes’.

  2. Mulimbalimba says:

    Nice comments from Muchizi and Rodgers
    MALAWIANS this is the way to go
    give solutions and advice

  3. Muchizi John says:

    The real reason Malawi may remain underdeveloped for another hundred years is the quality of leadership that drives the development process in Malawi.Most leaders in the public sector entrusted with critical positions don’t have the brains to bring forth any meaningful development. The basis for which they hold such positions is nepotism, tribalism, regionalism and politics. If people in leadership had what it takes Malawi should be on a steady path to prosperity. For example why do most property owners not pay tax like house owners. Honestly speaking how difficult is it for government to collect tax from this group. Put a competent person in MRA this tax should start streaming into government pockets within months. We don’t need 40% from donors. I grow vegetables on a small commercial scale I earn per harvest about MK 14 million but I pay no tax at all. I also run a single minibus business and earn a monthly net income of about MK 340,000. I pay no tax apart from road traffic fees. I am not the only one and how of this does government lose in taxes. If we had intelligent public sector managers Malawi can develop but when managers are appointed on the basis that there are more people from my tribe, region and party without regard to their capabilities the result is a stagnant and declining Malawi.

  4. cash gate says:

    zikanakhala zabwino tikanasankha mmodzi mwa anthu ten aja kupatula pitala ndi joice, anthu awiriwa ndi a cash gate, sangathandize kwawo ndi kuba basi

  5. yuona says:

    Malawians kusamva! Tinali ku Aiguputo (DPP) two years ago koma tabwererako …….. ndiye pano tikuliranji?! Izi ndiye zofuna izi! Munthu oganiza bwinobwino anayenera kusankha MCP…. koma kaya anthu inu mumaganiza bwanji kaya…….

  6. There is no country which Malawi beats in all the mentioned aspects. Education has gone down, 90%,Freedom of choice is all corruption in votes. Taxpayer’s money is feeding the corrupt. Parties are competing to rule Malawi and sweep money into their pockets. Development stopped years back. The poor are sturving. Agriculture stopped and the govt depend on donor money to steal into thier pockets. They call federalism dividing the country and does not see that Malawi is in three regions. This govt encourages people business and to flock in towns rather than agriculture and education. There are no patriotism but people are divided according to party groups and tribal groups because they where dinies
    education during Bakili and Bingo times. The educated are using the blind to win votes. The blind voters praises them as gods so as to get daily bread. Everyone in villages is mourning yet the leaders are rejoing. The pig’s family dies and rises again to molest the sleepy. Roads are like animal tracks. Offices are dirty like playground for rats while super figures have clean offices.

  7. Bandasiime says:

    What next?

  8. Alungwana says:

    Its just the beggining! People are indeed struggling to get just the basics while the political leaders continues to live a very luxiorius life.

  9. namarokoro says:

    It is no brainer, Mr. Chiumia. Here at home (not England) Our country still survives on foreign aid. The economy of Malawi is driven by foreign aid since Kamuzu’s time. Now the cash masters have tightened their pockets hence the effect on the rating. Once the Joyce Banda’s Cash Gate is completed, your friends their in England will hopefully open thier hands and the economy will improve. Hence no brainer!

  10. curious says:

    Dzimvele mu mtolo

  11. Cicero says:

    APM stands for Apa Pali Mavuto. This country will remain very poor because it has mediocre reasoning Citizens. We have the resources which if harnassed properly Malawi should be a more prosperous country on earth. But alas very foolish thinking. Imagine some support APM who literally failed as a minister of education, foreign affairs, justice etc & now he is a president of the whole country, what do you expect, Apa Pali Mavuto (APM). The good thing is that Lomwer that voted for him are also lamenting zinthu ziyamba kukwera mtengo. Sizinati, wait & see, mukukuta mano apa. Sorry! Don’t talk of cashgate because azungu want 92 billion first sorted out & that was Bingu & APM cashgate.

  12. Komadi nzoona amalawi tikuvutika. A ndale mukamanga misonkhano do you see starving unhappy faces. Mwa anthu 1000 mwina oyeserako kudya bwino atha kukhala 1. I mean someone who can eat nutritonally well. Ppl cant afford a tooth brush or its tooth paste, shame. Nokha u can agree wf me many pipoz teeth are yellow wf infectd gums.Kukula zimimbaku ena nkutupa ndi stress kufuna kusova zinthu!

  13. Kafere says:

    Mpake malawi kwazaza anthu opanda cikondi

  14. Patriot says:

    6 months yokha ali pa mpando and zinthu zonse…FWAKALALA

  15. Ulesi ndi minyama, cashgate ndi ugalu says:

    Mzimene mumafuna amalawi kuvotera mathanyula.

    If you seriously wanted change you could have gone for MCP, or remain with Amayi. But DPP – mavuto yao!

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