Malawi fifth in observance of rule of law, governance Index

A new report released by World Justice Project (WJP), has ranked Malawi one of the top countries when it comes to observance and upholding of the rule of law.

Minister of Justice Samule Tembenu: Good ranking

Minister of Justice Samule Tembenu: Good ranking

The global report that ranks countries’ adherence to the rule of law, puts Malawi in position five while Botswana is named the top performer in the Sub-Saharan African region.

This is a humiliating contrast to what some Civil Society Organisations in the country told UN meeting recently that Malawi’s rule of Law is being injured.

The WJP report, issued in Washington, counts 18 African countries among those it measures, and uses eight yardsticks to assess how the rule of law is experienced.

Zimbabwe headed by Robert Mugabe, is ranked the worst performer in Africa and the 3rd last in the whole world with Venezuela being the worst ranked in the whole world.

The Index measures how the rule of law is experienced in everyday life for 102 countries worldwide, with scores and rankings across eight categories.

These categories include; government powers, absence of corruption, open government, fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement, civil justice, and criminal justice.

The Index relies on over 100,000 household and 2,400 expert surveys to measure how the rule of law is experienced in practical, everyday situations by ordinary people around the world. Performance is assessed using 47 indicators across eight categories, each of which is scored and ranked globally and against regional and income peers.

“Effective rule of law helps reduce corruption, alleviate poverty, improve public health and education, and protect people from injustices and dangers large and small,” said William H. Neukom, WJP Founder and CEO. “Wherever we come from, the rule of law can always be strengthened.”

The WJP Rule of Law Index is the most comprehensive index of its kind and the only to rely solely on primary data.

Countries measured in the Sub-Saharan Africa region are Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone.
Others are; South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Another notable feature of the WJP index is that several countries that foreign investors have been eyeing with high hopes nonetheless perform poorly in terms of the law. Kenya comes 12th, Ethiopia 14th and Nigeria 16th.

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12 thoughts on “Malawi fifth in observance of rule of law, governance Index”

  1. Jelbin mk says:

    People they just tend to talk without analysis let’s be realistic when looking at issues at hand and lets count how many criminal cases have been dealt with to the end if any then for those poor and nameless people but let me ask what happened to Bakili muluzi’s corruption case? What happened to Kaliati’s corruption case? What happened to Goodall’s corruption case in the procurement of FSP? What happened to Friday Jumbe’s corruption case? What happened to Peter muntharika’s MHC’s scandal? What happened to July 20 massacre’s case? (only junior police officers were arrested but those who were commanding are left escort free) And finally what happened to Chasowa’s murder case? After all this impunity then should we conclude that Malawi is doing better when it comes to rule of law????? The WJP should have been so stupid to fool us with this crap. I will never accept this report even at a gun point because I don’t want to be fooled by fools.

  2. hee says:

    Most people are indeed empty tins….what is there to celebrate? what does it change? which investor will be wooed by this? Investors do not come to invest in very poor countries like malawi..forget it! Corruption is too high in Kenya n RSA but check how many investors are attracted to those countries? My friends, investors are not missionaries…they are money-minded people!

  3. Samuel Lwara. says:

    I am afraid to say this. I do not think and believe that Malawi has any Laws that could attract competent institutions to come up with such a statistic. My advice to government is that, it should intensify the national identity registration process before formulating, implementing and enforcing any Laws of the land. Otherwise we are behind times and not taken seriously on whatever we do as a nation. If there is no Law that means there is no justice.

  4. Aaron Nsena says:

    Haf Malawi been ranked the last like Zim, atumbuka would awash this column with insults. These pple dont deserve to b Malawians, just give them their tinny land so they extinguish with toxic from kayerekera. Their mouths r full of venon to the brim and ali mitimà ya nkhwidzi ya njiru with someones progress. Even Dan Chirwa anabera mayeso. Thats why Donton Mkandawire anachotsedwa ku MCE & TB(MANEB now), ankangopeleka malikasa kwa atumbukawa

  5. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    WJP are really just confirming what fair minded Malawians already know: that the new DPP government is delivering on many fronts. And almost overachieving; mirroring the party’s gurus themselves, like APM, VP Chilima, Gondwe, Chaponda, Kalilani and Kaliati. Onse awa si amesewela (these are darn serious people with deep and sincere interests in the populace; not just to line their pockets, which are already deep).
    Maybe we did not need the WJP group to tell us that we are on the right trajectory, in many aspects of governance. But getting a stamp of approval from these guys is welcome indeed.
    This is NOT a Lhomwe issue; but no doubt some people will try to distract others by stupid talk. This is a Malawi issue. And we should all rejoice, that our government is being respected this way on a global scale.
    This, after only one year in office? Wow.

  6. Peter says:


  7. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are still waiting for jobs. 75% Malawians are unemployed. We don’t eat WJP. The worst part we still the poorest people in the world. So what is the point, Bwana Tembenu.

    1. Chakwera: "Mulakhoism" says:

      My friend don’t wait for jobs. Be a job creator. These are not the Kamuzu days where all who went to school were automatically be employees and the vendors (those who did not go to school) automatically be successful employers. Today, the opposite is true. Trust me, you will be a boss of your own and many others if you employ yourself.

  8. Pulofesa Daniwudu Lake Chirwa says:

    Kupata kwa ana akulu sakondwera. Ife mapulofesa kuno ku kepi tauni yunivesite ndi atumbuka onse sitimafuna kuti Malawi
    azitchuka ndi mbiri yabwino. Zimatinyasa zimenezi.

  9. ujeni says:

    Malawians will not eat this statistics, it will not bring medicines in hospitals, it will not build roads and bridges, houses etc. Going to town with such statistics is a waste of time. Malawians are waiting for tangible things.

  10. Jelbin mk says:

    White people time is long overgone for you to blackmail Africans because now we can see and judge for ourselves we don’t need your analysis. It is not true that Malawi is ranked fifth in sub-Sahara if all listed above are really the ones they use to rank countries in their exercise. If those eight factors are to go by then it is at the bottom most in the world because government power is horrible the government does what the citizens are not comfortable with and about corruption I don’t think we are doing better in that field and I believe we have the worst corrupt society in the world or maybe second from Nigeria. About open government is it true that our governments have been open to us since independence??? Who knows how our government sells parastatals and his it uses the realised money eg who knows what happened to the money realised from the jet sale and who knows what happened to the flood donations??? Is all this called openness as that stupid group of cheaters wants us to believe??? And finally about security do we have security here in Malawi??? Who ever answers yes ti this question I would suggest that he/she might have suffered from mental illness in the past. After all these so called international researchers are misleading us ,its high time we started looking after ourselves because those from outside Africa do not understand Africa better but they are failing to accept their failure unfortunately.

  11. Mhesha says:

    One will even despise the said WJP index calling it bogus. ..ndiye Mmalawitu ameneyo…the likes of Dan Chirwa, Mtambo and …..mxxiewest!!

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