Malawi gay quandary: Indeed not good to ‘prick the backsides’ of donors

The week which has ended was dominated with headlines on gay rights following the arrest of two men, Cuthbert Kulemela and Kelvin Gonani, in the capital Lilongwe for allegedly having consensual sex in private.Loose cannon

Now Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu has said all charges have been dropped following pressure by donors and human rights campaigners.

The Minister had also a perfect tonic to the news by announcing that Malawi government has imposed a moratorium on arrest and prosecution of consensual homosexual activities, opening the door for the anti-homosexual laws to be reviewed.

This is a huge step forward for Malawi where the push for equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is gaining momentum.

Of course there are two sides to the debate of homosexuality; those that are for and against.

Government will need to conduct “conscience vote” in parliament on ending the notorious offenses which makes gay sex a crime, regardless of consent.

But as Minister of Justice has rightly said, there is need for intensive sensitisation campaign on gay rights which are human rights. Legislation is just one piece and cannot be a magic bullet. There has to be tolerance and end of homophobia.

Tembenu also rightly noted about “inflammatory and derogatory” language being used by others who are commenting on gay rights, saying it is counterproductive.

A lot has been made about the donor community not respecting Malawi’s sovereignty; meddling in the country’s internal affairs politically and culturally for their voice against discrimination of people based on their sexual orientation.

However, what this critique often misses is that the donor community is not accountable to Malawi, nor is their mandate subject to Malawi’s “vox populi”. They are ultimately accountable to the tax payers of their respective countries. And each case of Malawi’s development partners, the tax payers of their respective countries are clear: They do not wish to see their tax money propping up countries that discriminate on any creed.

Most people in England would be appalled to hear that people in this day and age are still being arrested for their sexual identities. And what many people in Malawi need to appreciate, is that the people of England, America, Germany do not wish to see their tax money being spent in countries that discriminate on these grounds.

Ultimately, it is this feedback that US ambassador Virginia Palmer et al ought to listen to, and be accountable to them, not Malawians.

Malawi can exercise it’s so called sovereignty if it wishes: continue this discrimination, and tear up the donor’s cheques in the process.

The choice in the end is for Malawians to make. But Malawians should not fool themselves of this choice.

LGBTI rights are human rights and must be respected universally.

“If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” – Pope Francis

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38 thoughts on “Malawi gay quandary: Indeed not good to ‘prick the backsides’ of donors”

  1. Whiteman, next you will influence people to eat through the anus and the mouth no longer the inlet but the out-let.Madness get lost with stupidity and its where we shall never agree with you here on earth as well as heaven.Malawi the one who sins is dead and the one who hates sin is a living being.Due to your stubornness look to what you have caused in Iraq, Syria,Libya,Afganistan, you have poluted the nations by claiming your bloody foolish human rights.Look millions of Asians and Libyans are dying.Suppose you the child of those nations how could have been your feelings?People despite of what you claimed bad leadership/govt system they were living happily.My dear friend a qualified driver will always kill one or two people on the road and save plenty passengers inside the bus.You favored foolish politicians who never wanted to respect rulers.You will never succeed in bringing peace in those areas even God isnt happy with your ideas.Now you want to finish us all in Africa you dont feel shame about that in Asia.You feel happy when people suffer the way Malawi is now.Thanks but slowly we will get used and we fear not poverty but a curse from God becoz of Gayism.Totoo plenty women in Malawi and God fearing nation.

  2. GOD'MESSENGER says:

    after GOD created everythin,he said it was beauty including human race(man+woman).
    satanists has two goals to be filfulled which is arbotion and same sex marriages.
    so,these ungodly issues jst indicate the pharaoism.
    devil is alwez creating good ideas to deceive people.
    GOD,u has the best for ur people

  3. Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela says:

    Money! Money! Money! Is the root of all evil. Just with money you can make somebody walk naked in the streets. Surely, you can make somebody dance naked in the streets. Verily, even lawyers they become fools when they see money. Surely, Tembenu has become a fool at the presence of donor money.! Money is and shall be the weapon to influence those who are poor. Donors with their money shall force us eat faeces one day. Surely! Now we are using our anuses as vaginas and lawyers are happily welcoming such move.
    For those who make pads be prepared to make lots of them as many men shall have loosened anal brakes. They will no longer control their faeces as their anal brakes (Sphincter muscle) will be gone! Very sad!

  4. nonses says:

    dis is unhuman sens,how can a man marie his fellow man?even the animals can never do that.what kind humanbieng r u?God of our father abraham will punsh u bfore death,hill destly u.

  5. Mbangi Johnson says:

    I cannot understand the fact the whole country can be so stupid. Almost everyone in this forum is quoting religion, Christianity, to be exact. The same people who support gay rights are the same people who brought Christianity in this basket case called Malawi. Grow up docile nation. You cannot kill people because of their choice in bed. In South Africa, an African country this is non issue.

  6. Kanyimbi says:

    God is greater than these white pigs from the west. The whole world can make a mistake of thinking that an anus is a vagina but I, really know that an anus is for defecating and not for sex.

  7. Daniel says:

    Always wonder, in regions that violate human rights, how does that guarantee the human rights of the oppressors will continue to be upheld? Only way to guaranee one’s own human rights is to fight for the human rights of all – even those you dislike. Seems like the LGBTA community (which number 2 billion+) on the planet are targeted because they do not retaliate off the cuff, even though they have the power to end any and all regions that harm LGBTA people.

  8. Isabelle says:

    I am English and I think this article is true. Every year 0.7% of our tax is spent on oversees aid. That is 7,000 billion MK. Many people in Britain think we should keep this money for ourselves. Politicians have to prove that the money is being spent well by countries that do good things. If politicians cannot do that then they will be held accountable by the British public. For most of Britain, throwing someone in jail for being gay is the same as throwing someone in jail for their religious beliefs. There has already been a question about it in the British parliament. The politicians feel they must say something. I understand why many people in Malawi do not like this ‘meddling’ but whether it is good or bad that is how it works. As we say in Britain, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. Sadly, donors will always want something back.

  9. Huspa Ahmad says:

    ife siosauka koma uchisilu ndiwomwe tilinawo , sitimayenga america, tiyenu timuope mulungu

  10. Huspa Ahmad says:

    umenewo ndiye umbuzi akaziwa ntchito yawo ndichani.ndikumatokosa manyi awina zau galu za gay zo

  11. Alied Ausi says:

    2 hell with their funds dont follow them

  12. Kenkkk says:

    The issue of homosexual rights is very divisive even in Europe and USA where they enjoy their rights openly. But the majority of people in those countries still disapprove of home sexuality. They don’t jail them but their practices are still not acceptable to the majority of people.

    Tyson fury, the new heavy weight boxing champ for example is in hot water for just criticizing homosexuality but they are many who are also supporting him.

    If we are serious it is time to tear the donor cheques and then see what happens. Zimbabwe and Mugabe have survived and the donors are flocking back. It is our principles and honour that are at stake, throwing them away just because we are poor?

    Conservative American fundamentalists supported Mugabe on his homosexuals stand and the USA govt took notice. We can do the same by canvassing out stand and seek the support of conservative Americans, I can assure you they are in millions.

  13. Dorobuchi says:

    Osauka alibe mawu basi, let’s accept. No sovereignty with begging bowls.

  14. Dorobuchi says:

    Osauka alibe mawu basi, let’s accept. No sovereignty with begging bowls.

  15. juli mchape says:

    Ntchito za satana

  16. Tina says:

    If you are gay, we have more Europeans go for them they like. It’s their human rights

  17. ChaweZi Gomes says:

    This is wisdom on display. Well written and bravo Thom!! Watching the debate from far, I was appalled by the absence of any reasonable discourse – I don’t believe people in my country are truly such bigoted as to openly castigate a person just because they have weird test in their bedroom. Many of the objections are based on faith or bible but I haven’t heard any clergy worth their salt echo these so called guardians of our faith?? Who decided that Malawi is a God fearing nation?? Really? This is pretence for prejudice and let all keep our faith to ourselves. We enjoy peace and harmony because we embrace diversity. Look what the God fearing nations of Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran etc do to people of different faiths, persuasions etc. we surely don’t want that type of nation for Malawi.

  18. bishop says:

    Who are you to say that LGBTI should be accepted universally. Human Rights can never be universal nigga. Pretty soon i guess you will start advocating that incest should be decriminalized because you or any of your friends do having consensual sex with your mothers/Daughters

  19. ANTI-GAY says:

    Thom are you also gay? Shame on you. God does not change. He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. I live in a European country where the law is ambiguous on this issue and no one has the guts to force it on people. This issues have some evil motives. Just like these Europeans and Americans have the freedom to sleep with animals. Thom you need to look at the number of diseases which come as a result of this act, ATLANTA GEORGIA USA. Just like AIDS which was as a result of the same white man trying indecent acts. When God says no its because he has a reason and the consequences are far more painful than you think bro.
    Don’t even quote pope Francis as the Catholic church has failed to bring to justice those priests who sodomised innocent children.

  20. Ngalamayi says:

    Wise words, as usual, Loose Cannon! For those who want to continue homophobia, let them tear up the donors’ cheques!

  21. Angoni says:

    Pope Francis is a wolf in Sheeps clothes and I thought the government takes tax money from us too? I wonder what it does with that money cause all this donor dependence is bringing so much satanic worshiping practices in our cultures and instead of us valuing our ancestors teachings we’re still falling into the same trap out slave master set for us, these are animal rights not human rights.. Peter Tosh always spoke about equal rights and justice for black and white people and Babylon killed him cause they never wanted blacks to be free and equal with them white folks, Instead of you stopping racism which is still practiced in Europe you want to inslave us with this practice…. Special fire for you Ms Palmer and the whole Babylon crew on judgement day!! Know that jah jah run things not you!

  22. Muslim says:

    Thom pls don’t make me swear you! You are very stupid Dog!ididn’t knw that u r one of these animals and satanist! USA UK….! Listen… All those opposing and rejecting the signs of Almaighty Allah soon will be throne in the hell fire and every time the layer of their skin gets burnt,they will be given a new layer so the can test the punishiment 4 Ever……..Qur’an 4..
    How can u support devilsh and disobey God who created you?
    Udzafa mopweteka mphwanga ngati ungapitilize kupembedza America,uk,germany and ……

  23. nick says:

    If donor taxpayers were ever asked about how their International Development money is spent they would probably want the money to be spent on schools, roads and hospitals back home. But they are never asked. Because democracy doesn’t work well in Malawi, do not assume, Mr Chiumia, that it works well elsewhere, in UK USA Germany etc.
    People are sheep, all over the world, led by donkeys

  24. Chauta says:

    Satan has once again been elevated above God. For those who know how satanic politics work, there is no surprise. The satanists use your vanity to destroy you. The decission that has been made by government was arived at because they feared losing power if the satanists withheld their aid. This is how satanists recruit their followers. Even the majority of americans have always rejected the legalisation of homosexual unions. The gay proponents have always lost at the ballot The gay laws there have been created and forced on the people by their supreme court which is not mandated to change or create laws. So as a nation, as a nation, malawi is a satan fearing nation because we fear donors who are the ranj ambassadors of lucifer.

  25. Mlomwe says:

    If we do the will of God He is faithful to sustain us without donors. But we are afraid of donors instead of being afraid of the life giver. Donors or no donors the country Malawi will be what it is today and forever. Only God is the the one who directs this world

  26. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Pope Francis is devil’s machinery to persecute the church of Jesus Christ in the latter days. Be watchful and guard your faith the saints of God. His processes are intended to undermine God’s authority and power. But the Lord will not condone that ungodly behaviour and soon will HE interven.

  27. Nkulu News says:

    Sad that it is a Malawian writing this! What will your grand child think of you when one day he or she read this.

  28. andliza says:

    Koma umphawiu??!!!!….these indeed last days!!!!…666 ikulamulira

  29. Observer says:

    Why are people in most donor countries arrested if they marry more than one wife or polygamy, is arresting them not an infringement of their right of association or of privacy? When will that law be repealed in this modern day. Poligamy No, homosexiality Yes? Hypocritical? Just wondering

  30. boba fett says:

    honestly, i’ve never read the bible, but i’ve heard that there are verses somewhere in that book that say gays are sinners and will burn in hell,.

    besides, isn’t it obvious biologicaly what your equipment is supposed to be used for? there’s a specific area for fun and games and a totally different site for waste management. some wierdos bypass the fun park and go visit the sewage works. why would anyone do that?

  31. The Analyst says:

    . . . I wonder why you are calling this a step forward! To where is this a step forward? Is it worth celebrating even when it’s a step forward to hell? I suppose not!
    . . . And you seem to find comfort in quoting Pope Francis? No weight can be added to nothing, I tell you. Who doesn’t know what the office of the Pope is, but only the followers?
    . . . In many spheres of life, is only one side: in mathematics, you know the answer or you don’t. In religion or moral conscience, you are for God or the Devil! There is no middle ground. This choice is a choice between God and the Devil and you are sure you find no wrong for Malawi to side with the Devil and tolerate and promote Devil-worshiping acts? Strange!
    . . . Poverty is no excuse for this choice coz I don’t think God would allow us die of hunger for refusing to dine and wine with the Devil or take the Devil to our beds.
    “It is our choices that define who and what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Albus Dumbledore (of Harry Potter). And here, Malawi has made a wrong choice!
    . . . Sadly, the said aid is not even meant for the poor, but the greedy politicians who are finding it hard to enrich themselves in the current environment.
    . . . And what does the opposition say? Nothing, thus far! But if they think they are safe by remaining neutral on this issue; then they are cheating themselves coz . . .
    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, choose to remain neutral.” – Dante Arghueri
    Its a double tragedy to be poor and stupid!

  32. Benson Chirwa says:

    We’re no longer in control of our own country. We decided to make ourselves poor, because we want to get aid we’ve no identity. Each donor will tell us what he wants and we’ll lick his ass. We need a referendum on these issues.
    Now even the police officers don’t know which is which. Malawi, rotten society, poverty at it’s best. Tell us the 20 conditions given by donors so we’re not ambushed as days go by.

  33. Mbiri says:

    Let us tear up the donors cheques and let them go if that is the condition. Thom and all other Malawians living in the oppressors land, don’t fool us into believing that it is only us who need the donors. It is symbiotic! If they go let them also take out their operations from here. They left Zimbabwe, didn’t they? Why are they back? Infact if they leave it will be a wake up call for us to start spending our resources wisely and the shock therapy will do us a great deal of good in learning how to produce and not just consume. Koma zamathanyulazo ife Ayi! WE SIMPLY ARE NOT GAY! You Thom and other sell outs can Sodomize each other in the diaspora. If you attempt that here, you will see what caused the guinea fowls baldness. I rest my case.

  34. kumiwuwe khomeni. says:

    Gays & lesbian will be targeted forever,they are full of rubbish!

  35. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    Whyis the world heading to are they really signs of the end? If God had made that provision about sex marriage how would he have said reproduce and myltiply? Why should animals beat us? Have ever seen male or female animals having sex? The world under the sponsorship of the rich countries is courting Gods wrath. Let us be careful mr President. I feel sorry for Malawi.

  36. choka phiri says:

    Well written. I am a European I contribute to Malawi by tax money Malawi get in form of aid. Its pains me to see how leaders of Malawi stel my tax money to build their mansions and fill their accounts abroad while I workshop arsle of me. The build even mausaloum to be burried. The are never charged for steal. What has or havet the gays stolen?

  37. HEHE YAAA says:




    ON US !!

  38. Shem says:

    Hey! Might does not make right. Donors are using financial might, to impose moral standards that are alien.

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