Malawi gay quandary: Indeed not good to ‘prick the backsides’ of donors

The week which has ended was dominated with headlines on gay rights following the arrest of two men, Cuthbert Kulemela and Kelvin Gonani, in the capital Lilongwe for allegedly having consensual sex in private.Loose cannon

Now Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu has said all charges have been dropped following pressure by donors and human rights campaigners.

The Minister had also a perfect tonic to the news by announcing that Malawi government has imposed a moratorium on arrest and prosecution of consensual homosexual activities, opening the door for the anti-homosexual laws to be reviewed.

This is a huge step forward for Malawi where the push for equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is gaining momentum.

Of course there are two sides to the debate of homosexuality; those that are for and against.

Government will need to conduct “conscience vote” in parliament on ending the notorious offenses which makes gay sex a crime, regardless of consent.

But as Minister of Justice has rightly said, there is need for intensive sensitisation campaign on gay rights which are human rights. Legislation is just one piece and cannot be a magic bullet. There has to be tolerance and end of homophobia.

Tembenu also rightly noted about “inflammatory and derogatory” language being used by others who are commenting on gay rights, saying it is counterproductive.

A lot has been made about the donor community not respecting Malawi’s sovereignty; meddling in the country’s internal affairs politically and culturally for their voice against discrimination of people based on their sexual orientation.

However, what this critique often misses is that the donor community is not accountable to Malawi, nor is their mandate subject to Malawi’s “vox populi”. They are ultimately accountable to the tax payers of their respective countries. And each case of Malawi’s development partners, the tax payers of their respective countries are clear: They do not wish to see their tax money propping up countries that discriminate on any creed.

Most people in England would be appalled to hear that people in this day and age are still being arrested for their sexual identities. And what many people in Malawi need to appreciate, is that the people of England, America, Germany do not wish to see their tax money being spent in countries that discriminate on these grounds.

Ultimately, it is this feedback that US ambassador Virginia Palmer et al ought to listen to, and be accountable to them, not Malawians.

Malawi can exercise it’s so called sovereignty if it wishes: continue this discrimination, and tear up the donor’s cheques in the process.

The choice in the end is for Malawians to make. But Malawians should not fool themselves of this choice.

LGBTI rights are human rights and must be respected universally.

“If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” – Pope Francis

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Binton wakale
Whiteman, next you will influence people to eat through the anus and the mouth no longer the inlet but the out-let.Madness get lost with stupidity and its where we shall never agree with you here on earth as well as heaven.Malawi the one who sins is dead and the one who hates sin is a living being.Due to your stubornness look to what you have caused in Iraq, Syria,Libya,Afganistan, you have poluted the nations by claiming your bloody foolish human rights.Look millions of Asians and Libyans are dying.Suppose you the child of those nations how could have been your feelings?People… Read more »

after GOD created everythin,he said it was beauty including human race(man+woman).
satanists has two goals to be filfulled which is arbotion and same sex marriages.
so,these ungodly issues jst indicate the pharaoism.
devil is alwez creating good ideas to deceive people.
GOD,u has the best for ur people

Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela
Ingangasyungu Yunyeghela
Money! Money! Money! Is the root of all evil. Just with money you can make somebody walk naked in the streets. Surely, you can make somebody dance naked in the streets. Verily, even lawyers they become fools when they see money. Surely, Tembenu has become a fool at the presence of donor money.! Money is and shall be the weapon to influence those who are poor. Donors with their money shall force us eat faeces one day. Surely! Now we are using our anuses as vaginas and lawyers are happily welcoming such move. For those who make pads be prepared… Read more »

dis is unhuman sens,how can a man marie his fellow man?even the animals can never do that.what kind humanbieng r u?God of our father abraham will punsh u bfore death,hill destly u.

Mbangi Johnson

I cannot understand the fact the whole country can be so stupid. Almost everyone in this forum is quoting religion, Christianity, to be exact. The same people who support gay rights are the same people who brought Christianity in this basket case called Malawi. Grow up docile nation. You cannot kill people because of their choice in bed. In South Africa, an African country this is non issue.


God is greater than these white pigs from the west. The whole world can make a mistake of thinking that an anus is a vagina but I, really know that an anus is for defecating and not for sex.


Always wonder, in regions that violate human rights, how does that guarantee the human rights of the oppressors will continue to be upheld? Only way to guaranee one’s own human rights is to fight for the human rights of all – even those you dislike. Seems like the LGBTA community (which number 2 billion+) on the planet are targeted because they do not retaliate off the cuff, even though they have the power to end any and all regions that harm LGBTA people.

I am English and I think this article is true. Every year 0.7% of our tax is spent on oversees aid. That is 7,000 billion MK. Many people in Britain think we should keep this money for ourselves. Politicians have to prove that the money is being spent well by countries that do good things. If politicians cannot do that then they will be held accountable by the British public. For most of Britain, throwing someone in jail for being gay is the same as throwing someone in jail for their religious beliefs. There has already been a question about… Read more »
Huspa Ahmad

ife siosauka koma uchisilu ndiwomwe tilinawo , sitimayenga america, tiyenu timuope mulungu

Huspa Ahmad

umenewo ndiye umbuzi akaziwa ntchito yawo ndichani.ndikumatokosa manyi awina zau galu za gay zo

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