Malawi govt again denies President Mutharika’s critical condition in America: Rumour mongers warned

Amid rumours of ill health of President Peter Mutharika in United States, government has  denied such reports of grave illness causing him to seek medical help, saying the  Head of state is “enjoying very robust health.”

Mutharika: Heath rumours denied

Mutharika: Heath rumours denied

Mutharika’s absence without leave in Malawi two weeks after attending the United Nations General Assembly has created a lot of rumours, including allegations that he is in critical condition at a hospital in the US.

An influential quasi-religious body, the Public Affairs Committee has slammed government for the continued secrecy surrounding Mutharika’s prolonged stay abroad.

“Mutharika is a public figure, therefore, as a public figure Malawians have a right to know to [his] whereabouts,” the religious body said.

Information Minister and government spokesman Malison Ndau said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times Sunday evening that Mutharika is fit and well.

He said government wishes to condemn the behaviour of people who are spreading rumours on the social media to the effect that Mutharikais critically ill.

“These rumours are baseless, malicious and sickening to say the least. The President is enjoying very robust health and is continuing to carry on his functions and duties whilst in the USA,” Ndau said.

“We would like to remind all Malawians that in response to the so many inquiries as to what the President is doing in the USA, the Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Mgeme Kalirani, has repeatedly stated that the President is continuing to carry out other duties which could not be concluded whilst he was at the United Nations General Assembly.

‘This information was released by the State House to the public for those who genuinely desired to know the truth. If this information released by the information holders cannot be accepted by those who postulate to disseminate news, then it indicates a very serious appetite for rumour mongering in our society.’

He warned Malawians that spreading false rumours about the health of the President is a criminal offense, warning that government will not hesitate to bring to book those responsible for “rumour-mongering which is clearly aimed at spreading fear and panic among law abiding Malawians.”

Ndau said the nation will be advised in the next few days regarding the dates Mutharika  will return home, assuring that  there is therefore no need to panic.

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48 thoughts on “Malawi govt again denies President Mutharika’s critical condition in America: Rumour mongers warned”

  1. mchisala says:

    The guy is servicing his American Green card, he will surface after 30 days!

  2. Hangman says:

    He is dead

    1. Kkkkkkkk says:

      I second

  3. Nsipe-Bawi says:

    Check for info. on website of HBC hospice. Munthu mukufunayo ali pa O2 kuyamba pa 8 Oct. Mwina Malawi nkupulumuka.

  4. Minister Ndau should be subject to the same law. If he has distributed false information then he too should be brought to book.

    1. Fisi Chaponda says:

      I like that. Now Malawians are thinking!

    2. Chonchobe says:

      share link

  5. Fisi Mtambo says:

    The ministry of information is right. The president has no problem, he will be back this week. It’s just that he went to a certain state in America where he is trying to demonstrate the hyena tradition. You know everything has to be very secret.

  6. Achimphamba Oyera says:

    We hope for the BEST for our Nation and our President. God Bless Malawi

  7. Maunits says:

    He is incapacitated meaning not fit to be the president because of his illness therefore Malawi and Zambia zochitika zao ndi zimodzi. We will call Parliament to amend the constitution by ensuring that a group of Leader of opposition, Speaker of National assembly and Chief Justice be on acting basis for the period of 90 days and there after we will hold elections. The Vice President will not be allowed to finish the term because of the history that we experienced in 2012 to 2014 where cash gate was older of the day, we don’t want to repeat the mistake.

    1. Fisi Nicholas Harry says:

      This thinking is what is delaying the announcement of the president’s incapacitation. Your comment has just confirmed that the president is either dead or critically ill. Thank you!

      1. YANGA IJA says:


    2. Fisi Chaponda says:

      Why should there be an amendment to the constitution when it is already there that VP takes over for the remaining period.

    3. khongona says:

      whats ur interest- how many times should the constitution be changed to suit you opportunists-wait 2019. it seems ur not happybecoz ur party failed elections

  8. hhhhhh says:

    chikuvuta ndi chiyani kuti pitalayo alakhule kudziko la malawi kuti anthu atsimikize kuti zomwe zikuveka kuti akudwala ndi zabodza, dziko likufuna live mawu ake, muluzi ankanena chilungamo ndili kuchipatala ndipo fuko la malawi limadziwa akamabwela kuchokela kuchipatala anthu amasangala mtsogoleli wanthu alibwino. izi ndiye ziti?

    1. CWN says:

      This is true…Honesty is the best policy!!!

  9. Labs says:

    What “other duties” is he attending to….. we need to know….

    1. CWN says:

      It’s unfortunate that they think Malawians are stupid or something…They lack the respect for the people of Malawi…so they think they can do whatever they want and don’t have to explain things

  10. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

    zidatero ndi malemu Bingu, ichi mwanena icho mwanena, ngati watisiya mkuluyu tiuzeni for the progress of the country, he is not the first one to die in office, Tsoka la wina ndi mwayi wa wina, adatero a mvula zakale

    1. tman says:

      stupidity lies in an individuals mind,everybody can fall sick.Be civilized and talk sense you stupid Njira yako yakumanda

      1. Fisi Nicholas Harry says:

        Hahaha koma ma cadet yakuwawani comment

        1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

          nanga siakudziwa kuti nsuzi sauonanso ndi zosiirana izi ena adyeko nawo bas, wakufa sadziwa kanthu bii! malemba akutero

          1. Zosiirana says:

            Hahaha! Ndipotu confirmation ikuchedwa, tikufuna kutsitsa mtengo wamowa ku bara kwathu. This time it will be double as much because it is bye bye forever the Mutharikas. Agalu amenewa ativuta bwanji!

          2. YANGA IJA says:

            mundizuzeko bar yanu malo ake tizamwere..hahaha
            Mutharikas atikwana

      2. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

        you fool! are you an alien, don’t you know that people die everyday? and for you own info. as the situation is now in Malawi the only hope is the death of APM, can’t you see, r u blind?

        1. CWN says:

          It is sad that people have been pushed to these limits, to hope for the passing/death of our leaders but in all honesty, no one can blame us…Malawians have been mistreated for a long time now and basi Mulungu amamva kulila kwa anthu and consequences follow such leaders…very difficult to be sympathetic!!!but may God’s will be done

  11. Lottie says:

    Malawians know that the President went to attend the UN General Assembly. Malawians were told about this. Why are they not entitled to know exactly what he is doing out there long after the Assembly is over? The is the very concern that PAC have expressed and they are right. The unexplained absence by a head of state becomes a breeding ground for speculations and rumor mongering.

  12. FRED says:

    ok ,let him speak to us on the telephone to comfort us, we are missing him
    all the best, we wish you quick recovery

    1. mudzalila says:

      Minister uyu akangonama wanya

  13. Three Angels message says:

    Hon. Min, news about the ill health of the president or being in critical condition will neither cause fear nor panic to any law biding Malawian.

  14. Chikwengwe says:

    The government will not hesitate to bring charges?? What an idiot, Mr Nodal is, your failing to tell the nation whereabouts the president is, then intimidate people when they try to find out where he is. That’s stupidity at its best

    1. grace chunga says:

      Abale Mr Nodal you ndi mmenye? What’s in the name Nyasatimes?

  15. Jelbin mk says:

    These people are fooling with our minds, why don’t they tell us about the President’s where about if he is in good health? And what is the benefit to our country of him staying there at our own expense, as poor as we are we can’t afford to fund the already well paid man to enjoy prostitutes in the street of Newyork. If we have to believe this stupid Mgeme that the President is still busy with his official duties of which he could not finish while at the UNGA, then why do we have an embassy in Washington DC? The ambassador of any country is as important figure as the President of the country he/she represents. An ambassador receives all the respect the President does so it foolish of Mgeme to try to fool us too and look the same as he is in his unknowllegability.

  16. Zonse akudziwa ndi Mulungu. Moyo wa bwanawo uli mmanja Mwake tisadane apa tiyeni tiwalole agwire ntchito. Ngati munthu anganame angotaya nthawi chifukwa palibe chomwe angachite kusintha dongosolo la Mulungu

  17. Death Peoples Party (DPP) says:


    Amalawi mukupemphedwa kudzakhala pakhomo osapita ku office, wa minibus osapita ku nseu, ma vendor osapita ku nseu pa 1 November 2016 mpaka Petet Mutharika atule pansi udindo. Wationjeza kutigoneka mu mdima, watibera ndarama akuzidya ku America.

    Tumizani kameneka mma whats app, facebook, emails, mma phone, twitter, Instagram ndi zina zonse zotumizila uthenga.


    1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

      abraz do not stress too much zikuoneka kuti mtsogoleriyu watisiya kale you desires have been granted, be merry now!! nanga chomwe akubisira ndi chani?

  18. Dr Lozai Mbilizi says:

    Utsi sufuka popanda moto. Koma a VP mukatenga dzikoli chonde musatichotse mu maudindo ononawa. After all I deserved to be Commissioner General of MRA but coz akuti ndine mzimayi.

    I will do anything for you and I mean anything until you make me the commissioner General. That will be a dream come true. Bola kutseka pakamwa. I am at your disposal.

    RIP ~ peturo enter and all the best skc

    1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

      pa anthu onsewa wayankhula zoona ndi iwe Mbilizi

  19. Mario pei says:

    By withholding information you have created a medium for romours blame yourselves.. Blue fools

  20. Sam says:

    Apm please come back soon Malawi is in a nAtionAl crisis Escom are going towards blackouts all day everyday. There are opposition supporters in Escom who are doing this deliberately to make DPP unpopular need to tackle them. DPP is losing support due to load shedding which in some areas is 20 hours a day. If we do this they will not vote for DPP

  21. Gringo says:

    Ask the US government to locate him, if not then ask the Washington post or Newyork times to do an investigation for a missing president.

    1. nansabwe says:

      kkkkkkkkkkkk, mwatero?????

  22. Chriss phiri says:

    As far as I know our MBC, seriously, if the president is carrying out official duties, this would have been a a talk now and again, …official duties are always news to both MBC radio and TV , ….

  23. bullshit says:

    Stupidity at its best

    1. prophet Kay kay says:

      Abwanawa ananyoza atumiki a Mulungu, TB Joshua ndi mwana wathu uyu, Major One. As far as I know most people who rebuke God let alone His servants, they die. I have so many references but I can beg the Advisor to the president on Religious Affairs to do his homework!
      Tell the president to ask for forgiveness in public so that God forgives him failing which his life is in danger. Mulungu osamnyoza. Kaudindo ka anampatsa ndi Mulungu yemweyo. Amen!

      1. NJIRA YA MTANDA says:

        Mr Mprofeti it is already too late zikuoneka kuti abwanawa atisiya kale, apa tingoyenera kupita chitsogolo

  24. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    So we are supposed to believe the people who lied to us about Daniel Phiri? Nonsense.

    1. Munthu wankulu says:

      I am 100% convinced that this man will never come back to Nyasaland wheather he is sick or not;
      1. This guy is an American citizen. We were warned about this before the elections in 2014
      2.This guy was invited here by his dead brother to help him loot our poor country
      3. He has accumulated all the wealth he wanted. Why stick around??
      4. Amayi ran away, he can do the same, why not??? Cashgate is haunting him!
      5. His brother died in office, He is afraid, History can repeat itself here.
      6. He is an actor. He got what he wanted – Money and a new wife!
      Wapita ameneyu, sazabweraso…..

      Let’s swear in Chilima and life has to go on……… Sad poor nation!!!!

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