Malawi govt fails to send vulnerable citizens to foreign hospitals: Sends famous, powerful, rich people

Government has 175 Malawians who need to seek foreign medical treatment in South Africa and India for heart and cancer ailments but ministry of Health officials are conceding this is a tall order.

AFORD's Khwauli Msiska hugs Gwanda Chakuamba at Kamuzu Palace

Politician  Khwauli Msiska hugs Gwanda Chakuamba at Kamuzu Palace; Chakuamba is receiving treatment in Indian on Malawi tax payers money

This comes after some sections of society expressed concern that most of these are as younger as five year olds and young women yet the government says it has no money to send them abroad whilst sending Gwanda Chakuamba, now a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) turncoat  twice to hospitals in South Africa and India.

However others say Chakuamba has done a lot for the politics of the country, fighting colonialists then Dr. Kamuzu Banda later fought Bingu wa Mutharika and Bakili Muluzi.

Ministry of Health spokesperson Adrian Chikumbe said the desire of the government was to send everybody who is on the list abroad for treatment but lack of money is the set back.

He said during the 2015 and 2016 financial year, the ministry asked for K950 million for the exercise but only K220 million was released before another K500 million.

Chikumbe said the money is still not enough as only 74 have managed to receive the foreign specialist treatment and 175 are still on the waiting list.

Some people however say some of the people who have accessed the money for the foreign treatment are already rich only that they are connected to the powerful DPP elite.

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14 thoughts on “Malawi govt fails to send vulnerable citizens to foreign hospitals: Sends famous, powerful, rich people”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    What we are seeing today are the relics of Mphonongo Banda’s regime.During his era,he used more foreign medical hospitals than anybody else,but at last he lost and succumbed to natural demise.We have seen Bakili Muluzi with his associates travelling abroad for medical checkups and treatment and also we had seen unbelievable episodes when Bingu’s dead body was transported to South Africa for treatment using hired Air Ambulance costing thousands of US$ belonging to public funds.There was no need to waste public funds while the rogue thief had already capitulated to death.I have here to give an instance of one of the greatest leaders in the world late President Julius Kambarage Nyerere refused to go to Britain for Prostate Cancer treatment.He told the people of Tanzania that it was his responsibility to see that the country’s medical facilities were fully equipped to treat every citizen suffering from such heinous maladies.Finally Nyerere succumbed to the nation’s pressure to leave forthwith for the UK as the killer disease continued to brutalize his health.He died after a couple of months in his death bed.Nyerere also amazed his people when he scrambled telling his colleagues that if he died,he wanted a very modest coffin that could not make a dent on public funds.Yes,he was the man of the people while in Malawi,Banda was buried in a coffin costing taxpayers US$50.000 And later Bingu built a mousoleum costing a chunk of taxpayers funds and yet,this is the evil man who went down with his hands drenched in blood of innocent Malawians.It is pity therefore that poor-people are ignored and forgotten outright and yet these are the people who put funds into government coffers.The coming government must see to it that this bloody humbug system is revamped and exposed also to poor people not only the government puppets and tribesmen and women.Mind you democracy and independence in this country were achieved through the blood and sweat of the common man and woman and so,they rightly deserve fair treatment and unreservedly respect.POWER T0 THE PEOPLE!!!!

  2. mzati says:

    this is the total lie …we have witnessed some oldnary people being sent to SA for treatment…just because has now sent chakuamba who happen to be DPP member..mwayambapo nkhani ,…..malawians whats wrong with you

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Mzati, all we are saying is that this practice of sending people abroad, ordinary or not, should stop. It can only stop if we have good medical facilities in Malawi. Even sending ordinary people abroad, will it stop our hospitals from further decay and poor facilities? Sending people abroad is not the solution to the shameful poor health service in Malawi.

      If people want to go abroad for medical treatment, they should use their own money not govt money. If the president, politicians, top govt officials, the famous and rich, choose to go abroad for medical treatment using govt money, then how can we expect the same people to improve our hospitals for the majority poor Malawians? These greedy authoritarians know very well if they are sick, the govt will pay for them to be treated abroad. Some are actually abusing the system.

      It is the principle, not just because it is gwanda or the lomwe chief being sent abroad for medical treatment using govt money. What next for our hospitals then?

      Ordinary or not ordinary people, they seriously drain our hard earned forex if they are sent abroad for medical treatment using govt money which could have been used to improve our hospitals or other services in the country. Those using their own money will be very few, hence not denting our forex much.

  3. true patriot says:

    Malawi is the poorest, yet the country with the highest inequality levels in the world because the few supposed rich and powerful abuse their wealth and power to grab whatever remaining meager tesources that had initially put aside for the majority poor. Look at the list of real beneficiaries of cashgate (already rich and powerful businessmen), list of those who plundered the tractors from India (powerful politicians and top government officials), priority list for medical referrals (top politicians and government officials), I can go on and on…

    It is really heartbreaking how the majority poor people are treated in this country – come to think of it: there are 175 people on the waiting list waiting for funds to access foreign medical treatment, then CChakuamba ‘defects’ to DPP. The following month, he is sent to India for treatment! What kind of injustice is this? How are the other 175 people already on the waiting list feeling? That their lives are not important?

  4. john says:

    why sending an old guy (80yrs) whose productive time is on the decline rather than a 5 year old who has not enjoyed in life and can be much productive to the nation than Gwanda who is bent on opportunist always

  5. Khanyuwano says:

    Nkhongo zanu nonse kuyambila wa information mzimaiyo mpaka kumtundako. Munthu osauka kumavutika koma inu kupelekezana kunja chifukwa chodziwana basi.Nkhongo zanu nonse Mwamvaaaa!!!

  6. Kenkkk says:

    This is pathetic. Sending people abroad for treatment using govt money should be abolished immediately. They should use their own money. This applies to all govt officials who abuse the system from the president, ministers, MPs, PSs, etc to the lowest ranked official or general citizenry.

    The only way these selfish politicians and senior govt officials can improve our health services in the country is to abolish their foreign trip treatments funded by the tax payer. Only then would they really pay attention to our shameful hospitals and improve. Themselves when they are sick they just fly to South Africa or other countries and get treatment paid by us the taxpayers. How can they improve out hospitals in such scenario when they don’t use or rely on them.

  7. Guantanamo says:

    Rude and unpalatable comments from ordinary Malawians emanate from such insensitive govt actions of sending dpp stooges abroad for medical treatment. Govt shud stop mediocrity and Malawians will follow suite. Anthu atukwanatu apa!

  8. osaukafe tizingosaukabe.Ikakwana nthawi ya mavoti muzawavotereso Mbamva za dpp mwamva.Afiti inu mwamva.

  9. Chigumu says:

    Social injustice at its best.

  10. washala washala says:

    Shame shame just because he is politician? I don’t understand health officials approving this ku kondera basi, shitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  11. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Please wait, still loading comment……………………………………….

  12. Mphandwe says:

    Iwe Owen Khamula, Gwanda did not fight Kamuzu Banda. Get your story right! He was arrested and jailed because he overlooked to retract statements by one Faindi Phiri during a rally in Chikwawa of praising him and not the Ngwazi for the development which took place in the Lower Shire.

  13. Jahan says:

    Could they still have sent Chakuamba if he was in opposition? And they say we should not be posting rude comments when there is so much patrony with this gvt!
    Stupid DPP gvt!

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