Malawi govt repaying US$6.4million to Global Fund

The Malawi government is currently refunding MK3 billion (about US$6.4 million) to the Global Fund for misusing the funds in the year 2010.

Msowoya“Government has committed to honouring the repayments

Msowoya: Government has committed to honouring the repayments

The Global Fund used its independent auditors to reveal the unplanned expenditures by the Malawi government through its National Aids Commission (NAC) which included buying unbudgeted vehicles.

The documents from the Auditors show that government has already started repaying some of the funds amounting to MK1.5billion (US$3.3 million) and is yet to repay an amount of MK1.4 billion (US$3.1 million).

Ministry of Finance Spokesperson, Nations Msowoya confirmed the development to the local press on Monday that government is indeed repaying the funds from the Treasury to Global Fund.

“Government has committed to honouring the repayments to the Global Fund and soon or later the balance will be finalized,” he said.

Malawi is repaying the funds from its annual budget.

Government used the money to buy vehicles it donated to Central Medical Stores Trust and other public institutions involved in health service delivery, he said.

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17 thoughts on “Malawi govt repaying US$6.4million to Global Fund”

  1. Issa Kabudula says:

    If I was the advisor to treasury, the global fund must be refunded its money and never again to give it to Malawi, I think the money was free gift to the poor nation, other issues need to be attended now – cars are for logistics therefore buying them is part of the programme – now if that has been translated as a cash-gate then, we don’t want their help in future.

  2. IMF says:

    Inu mukuwona ngati College of Medicine expansion ndalama zake zimachokera was NAC funds and a worthwhile expenditure that’s why boma says they will pay back

  3. Boma silimadziwa kuti ndikulakwa kuteroko?? Kodi 2010 linalinso boma la JB?? Nyasi zaboma izi ndatopanazo

  4. Inu pomwe mumaba makobili mkumapitisa ku mhlakho wanu mumaona ngati siziwika? pano mukupwetekesa amala ovutika. zopusaaaa!

  5. Mada says:

    Kukama yowonda

  6. chiwawa says:

    Oh! So, in 2010 it was central medical stores and health? What about in 2011 and the years that followed?



  8. Malawi Wanga Mwamuononga says:

    And we are proudly saying, “we are repaying” are we not even ashamed, pathetic leadership.

  9. Chemtukanika says:

    So the nacgate started with DPP and continues with DPP led government.Very painful to the poor citizens.

  10. chejali says:

    Ya kumalawi kudziva kuyenndela magalimoto odula mulibe chilichose mukodza mumwa kkkkkkkk

  11. sikusinja says:

    Buying cars instead of helping the affected persons. This NAC organisation is really a cash cow for individuals

  12. Mwama Du says:

    2010 izo a dpp tiyankhuleni, ife tinaliko?

  13. lamya gunda says:

    We prefer poverty in freedom to riches in slavery late souke toure

  14. nkunthamasese says:

    U billionaire ndalama zake si zimenezi za Global Fund. Ku NAC kofunika tsache .kuli mbava zokhazokha.

  15. Elserd says:

    College of medicine administration was taking all the money meant for students’ scholarship from NAC.The money was not reaching the targeted students.Students were just benefit fees money of K55,000 and the rest,workers of the school were distributing among themselves.One student was being paid for K2.4Million and there were more than 80 students each year.Mr. Matululu and The registrar were biggest beneficiaries of the funds.

  16. boney m says:

    punk ass niggas will always be punk ass niggas. sooner or later the beggar begins to believe that not only is he entitled to monies begged but ,in fact, that money is his!!

  17. Kenkkk says:

    That is just 2010, then 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015!!! Few rotten, greedy, selfish apples punishing the whole country.

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