Malawi should groom new leaders now: Kunkuyu leads pressure group, says Presidency not retirement package

Chairperson of newly formed  political pressure group, Transformation Alliance (TA), Moses Kunkuyu has said there is need  to its groom future leaders rather than today’s stomach leaders.

Kunkuyu:Leading political pressure group TA

Kunkuyu: Times has come for change in Malawi 

Kunkuyu, former Blantyre City South Member of Parliament who also served as Minister of Information in the Joyce Banda administration, announced the formation of TA in Blantyre and said  Malawians are fed up with  “costly leaders” who he said assume top public posts but are “eternally on leadership orientation”.

He said: “Malawi shoud groom its future leaders beginning now.”

Kunkuyu said his movement wants leaders who are in sync with the economic realities facing citizens.

He said leaders with a better background and understanding of the country’s political anD economic dynamics have the potential to bring about the change Malawians desire – not the business as usual as it is with the Peter Mutharika administration.

Kunkuyu repeatedly stressed that “time has come for change.”

The former minister urged the young generation to step up for leadership positions and deal away with the “selfish and greedy people.”

He told reporters: “We realise that many Malawians habe given up on their dreams and ambitions. There is a terrible toning down of expectations. Hope has evaporated from their lives, giving way to a bitter, cynical reconciliation with reality.

“We can’t blame the status quo for we lack an edge and positive drive to push us forward.”

Kunkuyu said Malawians should refuse to surrender to the current political and economic calamities.

“The future will haunt us , our children will mock us and time curse us for not doing everything to reverse the present rot, we have the energy and age to make the change,” h said.

Kunkuyu said  “time has come for change” and that the change to happen, young people should reposition themselves and “rise” to push for transformation.

“Now is the time, things must change,” he said.

Kunkuyu said Malawi needs to be liberated from “the bondage of abusive political jaws and perpetual abject poverty.”

Taking a dig at leaders who seek presidential office in their advanced age beyond 60 years, Kunkuyu said : “Presidency must not be a retirement package for some individuals,”

He clearly discredit the current leadership by saying the future of Malawi “lies not in the present but the future.”

Kunkuyu was flanked by Eunice Makangala, also former minister in Joyce Banda government.

But Kunkuyu said his movement has no link to newly formed political party United Transformation Party.

In January this year Kunkuyu resigned from Peoples Party (PP) , saying he cannot continue being a member of a party that is headed for extinction..

He joined PP after quitting Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) where he formed a pressure group, Hope Alliance, with an agenda to fight for good governance.

While as a member of DPP, Kunkuyu openly criticised the party on its dictatorial tendencies.

Kukunyu’s alliance also fought against, Peter Mutharika, now the Head of State who they accused of not engaging them.++

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19 thoughts on “Malawi should groom new leaders now: Kunkuyu leads pressure group, says Presidency not retirement package”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    You are right humane.The Tumbuka votes were mainly a protest scenario against the then ruling dreaded MCP which brutalized and tribalistically sidelined Northerners to this day.In the circumstances,the voters flocked to AFORD to make the point.Please make no mistake,tribalism in Malawi has deepened its evil roots to an alarming dimensions,call me a lier,the devil will haunt you.In the runners-up national elections,Northerners voted the UDF which to them,embraced Northerners including myriad of the returning exiles mainly Tumbukas.Tribalism had been the political norm soon after the famous cabinet crisis of September 9th,1964 when the tyrant dismissed all the first brilliant young Ministers a good number of them,were from the North.This was the genesis of the present day MALAWIAN APARTHEID.SHAME!!! The second general elections,most of the Northern citizens,opted to vote for UDF which was already inclusive with opportunistic Chakufwa Thom Chihana as second Vice President,the first in 52 years of independence.Naturaly,AFORD slowly and surely,began to disentigrate due to Chihana’s own fault.KUDOS to Bakili Muluzi who had shawn approved qualities of leadership in the new Political dispensation.Things gradually changed the course to the worst when Thom Muthalika catapulted into power through Muluzi’s backing,forthwith and openly aggrieved the Northerners,thanks the heavens,he succumbed to his own fate.There was a glimmer of hope when JB inherited the throne,she appointed Khumbo Kachali,a celebrated corrupt idiot to the position of Vice-Presidency and after the following elections,Peter Mathanyula was illegally voted to power using stollen billions of Kwacha rigging the elections.Now it was Peter’s turn to show Tumbuka’s who was the boss,he came to power with brutal vengeance against the Northerners never seen humane,if I have to vote,I will vote for a Malawian with credible intelligence regardless of his or her tribal affiliations,what we are seeing today,is the polarization of our once respected societies which have been corrupted by jealousies,greed,HATRADE,illiteracy and aboveall,political bankruptcy the scourge of our country.

  2. be humane says:

    Winston Wayankhula bwino. Since Democracy, Atumbuka mumavotera AFORD, Achewa amavotera MCP, Ayao amavotera UDF, pano Alomwe amavotera DPP. Tsopano mwaona kuti ndinu ochepa anthu anu sakumawina mwayamba kunena kuti tribalism? A nsowoya monga inu munavotera atupele mu 2014? You voted wanu wa kumpoto koma sanawine. Everywhere in the world a party has stronghold in its tribal region. You cannot deny and you think kunkuyu can help us? Munfunse anathawa ku Blantyre kupita ku Dedza akuti kwao kwa achewa hoping to be voted because is a chewa. Is that not tribalistic?

  3. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Kunkuyu wasauka uyu! Anatenga munyama posiya nkazache woyamba uja ndikukwatira ka miss Malawi!

    Watha ameneyu asatisokose!

  4. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Awanso nde ai!

    1. mgoloso says:

      Abale, ngakhale WAMISALAYO angachite support KUNKUYU? Malawians, lets be serious – who can REALLY rally behind Kunkuyu?.

      The guy is doing all this as a reaction to his disappointment – so things don’t work well that way. He is a failed politician and wants others to help him in mourning his calamities.

      Guys lets be serious – he is nobody in society – otherwise stop cheating him or he should stop cheating himself. I doubt whether his wife could even vote for him.

      Word of advice to Kunkuyu: Begin with convincing your relatives to support you before you go beyond the boundaries of your village.

  5. Moses Makoko says:

    Ha ha ha! Ku malawi mavuto a dakali. There is nothing new that can come from this guy, bola Kamlepo

  6. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.Kunkuyu,you have brilliant and patriotic notions,but you need to involve young people from all three Regions of our country because they are the today’s leaders.The ones we have now in our governments,are not leaders,but rather thieves,tribalists and grossly incapable of leading the country to stability and prosperity.You have to bear in mind that politics based exclusively on regional or tribal lines will never ever succeed to establish stable and progressive governments in any nation.Authentically,in Malawi we have shamefully and tragically failed.Soon after the introduction of multiparty democracy in the country in the 90s,in which all people of our three provinces,patriotically and nationalistically participated in the execution of this grandiose obligation to final triumph.Astonishingly and preposterously,the people from the North have been mercilessly and senselessly sidelined for being Northerners.Now there is a tiny fragment in the government top positions and yet things have unbelievably and shamefully,fallen apart.Is this the fault of the people from the North? Or politics as usual,”tizamvotela wakuba yomweyo”.Now not only the so-called Hinyas are humiliated,but the whole masses of our country have been swept by political and economic Sunami of our time.So brother Kunkuyu,we have novel potential leadership right now,the problem is to tackle the most stumbling block TRIBALISM,which has decimated political and economic relevance in Africa eg.Zimbabwe,Congo and the new State of Southern Sudan.No single tribal faction in Malawi and elsewhere in Africa,will establish progressive and admirable institutions that will enhance true democracy and equality leading to strong developments of our hitherto demoralized societies due to leadership cavity.Mr.Kunkuyu,good try keep it on and avoid partisanship in your path..

  7. Chalume says:

    I get the sense that you’ve been all over the place, Mr. Kunkuyu, and you do not display acumen for continuity. Is this emerging out of a personal interest, perhaps?

  8. Kunkuyu Gondwe says:

    A kunkuyu Kutha Ma plan kumeneko. Munali mashasha Inu mukudya za chashgate ndi Joyce. Munalowa m’boma dzina la Yesu lili pakamwa Koma munamutaya mpulumusi. Zoona love of money is beginning of all evil. Kagwere uko

  9. opposition says:

    From the inside information I have, Kunkuyu and Makangala both belong to UTP – Chikaonda’s party. And they have been attending executive meetings. What they have launched is their youth Movement to test the waters.

    When did Makangala resign from MCP executive after joining the party last year? Mayi oyenda-yenda zedi.

  10. Kinkuyu adviser says:

    Kinkuyu,you are just wasting your time trying to make a political come back.We all know that you are a spent force.Go to hell!

  11. Thinktank says:

    That’s the problem with us malawians.Already you are discrediting this guy ndiye mukufuna chani????The status quo???Nkhalamba zomwezi?.Malawi kumvetsa chisoni kwabasi..

    1. Chipiliro says:

      Amwene Thinktank, this guy was in a leadership crew that stole our money (cashgate) and you are surprised Malawians are discrediting him? Come on man, be serious! Iweyo i think ndi amene uli ndi vuto. Mwina uli mu gulu lija loyiwala msanga. Let new brand of politicians make such noise, not this moron, we are not stupid to listen to him now because he is out of power, nadaaa!

  12. Gatuso says:

    Kunkuyu was in government 2 years ago with the booted shameful cashgate party, why didn’t transform or create a pressure group within PP government/party and prevent cashgate? Does he think specialty is forming pressure groups against DPP?

    Moses Kunkuyu, you have been tried and tested. Mavuto achumawa adabwera ndiinu motsogozedwa ndi amanu adathawa aja ndiye musatitenge ngati ife ndi zitsiru mwanva? You are useless!

    1. Exodus says:

      You are useless yourself for you do not know that we have no leadership at the moment worth smiling about: Here this:

      President Mugufuli Strikes Again: Tanzanian Ministers And Officials To Start Using Totoya Vitz In 2017, Mercedes Benzs’ To Be Auctioned
      Share on TwitterShare on Facebook
      August 22, 2016 2
      tanzania President Magufuli
      President Magufuli has banned all senior public officials from using fuel guzzling 4 x 4 cars and other luxury cars, ordering that all those cars in be seized and sold in a public auction and the money used to provide public goods & services.
      The president further ordered that all ministers, chief justices, ambassadors and senior state officials must be supplied with a choice of Probox, Passo, Platz, Vitz , duet or any car that is less than 1400CC.
      This move is likely to cause a lot of public anxiety in a country where Magufuli has become a national ‘sweetheart’ for his austerity measures and revolutionary ideas that seems to have eclipsed even opposition.
      “This is a public service not a gravy train. Anybody who came here to make riches should quit and join the private sector. All ministers and senior statehouse officials are here to work not to seek obscene opulence. I don’t want to see them drive those big cars (4X4 guzzlers), if anyone insist please let them go buy their own cars, we (the government) shall fuel for them. To build this country like I promised during campaigns, we must make sacrifices and that includes sacrificing those unnecessary comforts for the small cars. I have ordered the police to impound any such big cars rode by state officials on the road & those officials be prosecuted. We are not here to rob the average Tanzanian but to make his life better. This is the reason I skipped the AU heads of state meeting in Addis and sent Mama Suluhu ( Dep President)” noted Magufuli shortly in down town Dar-Es-Salaam on a working trip.
      A spot check by spectator news desk reveals that whereas other presidents traveled to the AU summit, Tanzania was represented by its deputy president Ms Suluhu Hassan.
      It will be remembered that Magufuli has also banned use of presidential red carpets. However this latest move is likely to ignite a hubbub in neighboring Kenya where even governors huge convoys and other senior state officials use huge fuel guzzling convoys.
      This is a true patriot, a leader worth the salt

      1. Thuth only the thruth says:

        Shameful supporter of Kunkuyu. If PP failed whilst in Government, can PPs plan Z work now through Kunkuyu? Many will hang themselves in 2019 after realizing that DPP has won.

      2. Gatuso says:

        Anthu ombwambwana ngati inu ndi amene mukulowesa dzikoli pansi. What has this got to do with Tanzania and auctioning of ministers’ vehicles. Talk of something applicable to the Malawi context not this shit copied and pasted here. Do you think this country would develop if ministers were to travel by Kabanza? JB and his deputy used to forgo part of their salaries. APM and his cabinet have forgone salary increment twice, cut on external travel we cried about, do we see the impact, and didn’t you hand-clap for them as you are hand-clapping for Magufuli? Paja amalawi anything foreign is better. I would rather hand-clap for Kagame whose work make so much impact to attract the world’s attention not some ‘tarven leadership’. So don’t ever come here with your rousy ‘copy and paste’ shit, ndati chani?

  13. Paulos Banda says:

    These guys are disgruntled, they were looking for positions in United Transformation Party. Chikaonda has been rejected by UTP and enawo ndiye ndi ndalama, they thought the UTP interim president will be splashing money anyhow.

  14. Kunkuyu tsopano, waona kuti after resigning from PP DPP sinamuyang’ane…target inali yo joiner DPP

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