Malawi Housing Corp plans to build 25 000 houses by 2018

Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) has unveiled plans to construct 25 000 houses in the three major cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu by 2018.

MHC Houses

MHC Houses

MHC to build new houses

MHC to build new houses

MHC chief executive officer (CEO) Wezi Mkandawire said this on Monday during an interface meeting with Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Paul Chibingu.

She said the corporation will embark on the project to meet the national housing demand currently pegged at 21 000 units annually.

Said Mkandawire: “United Nations [UN] Habitat conducted a survey in 2008 which revealed that the housing demand in Malawi was at 21 000 units annually and since we have failed to meet this demand due to financial problems, the 25 000 we are planning to build will put us on the right track.”

She said a fixed asset business such as MHC takes at least 25 years before paying back, adding that they have always struggled to source loans to build houses since the last phase done between 1969 and 1971.

Said Mkandawire: “The last time MHC built a reasonable number of houses was back in the 1970s when we developed areas such as Nkolokosa, Soche East, Area 18 and others.

In response, Chibingu assured the corporation of government’s support in the drive.</p>

Said the minister: “The plans at MHC are great, but they need stable finances to ensure that they are delivered within a given time frame because we cannot afford to run MHC at a loss when there are revenue collecting avenues which are being neglected.”

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12 thoughts on “Malawi Housing Corp plans to build 25 000 houses by 2018”

  1. John M says:

    That is House gate!!!!

  2. Patel says:

    Just look at how well local companies like pacific limited and others are doing.mhc must learn from them – they are serious. Govt must just let the private be motivated by cheap finance and they will see unemployment getting reduced. Mhc must be sold to private investors. Can MHC crooks accept that no chance they are busy making money – katangale only

  3. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    Nde mukamamanga nyumba zanuzo, musakondere Blantyre ngati mmene munapangila mmbuyomu.

  4. Kadakwiza says:

    Now you are talking. Malawians need jobs and this is what we want, jobs. This is great news. A Malawi tiyeni tiyamike ngati pafunika kutero. Zikomo Boma, pitirizani.

  5. ujeni says:

    You will be planning for the next 50 years without even building one house. Just start building and dont tell us stories. Zoona since 1970 no houses have been built and you expect the company to survive.

  6. Oliver Twist Mohena says:

    Nyumba za housing kuti ulandire zimayendera zibwenzi,ukhale ndi ma connection ndi andale basi.Maiko mwa azanthu vimanyumba vili mbwee for their citizens.Its only foreigners who pay high rentals.Timanyumba tanu area 18 tili ndi ma landlord making money from Mhc houses.Katangale ali thooo!!!;Prune that corruption first and people will believe you.Malawi housing is rotten with katangale.;

  7. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

    Gpodness me! So you plan to build 21,000 houses based on a 2008 survey? a 2008 survey? How daft can that be? I can’t believe this is coming from a CEO of Malawi’s only housing parastatal. hahahahahah! Mai Wezi Chirwa please be serious and then the Minister just nods without questioning those statistics. Just to fulfill the duty that he he was on a familiarisation tour. dunderheads!

  8. shaaaa! says:

    mbava zokhazokha.anthu amalipira ndalama akamafuna nyumba ku MHC koma chodabwitsa
    amabwerako ndi lisiti zaka mkumapita nyumba osapatsidwa.umbava usapose pamenepa.
    ndimanyazi omwe mulibe

  9. tilire says:

    munthu rent ukulipira K20,000 and you think a housing angakonze nyumba? do you know how much it is ti paint a house? osatulukamo bwanji ngati ikugwa ndikukapeza ya private landlord?

  10. JB& Chakwera Supporter says:

    These are the stories that need to be dominating Malawian news sites. This is what would end employment problems and improve Malawian living standards. Well done MHC.

    But that should not just be a plan. We need action. If Mrs Kalirani wants to see me being patriotic to His Excellency The Professor The Ngwazi The Third The Young Kahuna, then encourage infrastructure building like these. Ife anyamata achitonga tilibe jealousy. Well done Peter, you have scored a strong point on that.

  11. sain it like it is says:

    this is stupidity at top level…you are failing to maintain existing houses because u claim you dont have material how will you build new hiuses kodi inu ma bwana a ma company a boma mwachuluka opanda nzelu..vuto lolemba ncthito anthu kammba koti kumudzi nkumodzi…this doesnt make any sense…tayendelani ma nyumba a housing muone nokha mmene athela…nyumba ikugwa tenant ali momwemo koma mwezi ndi mwezi akulipila rent…mbuzi za mhc…escom ndi water board…nosne zitsilu zokha zokha makamaka ma bwana akumenekowo…mbuzi zeni zeni aaah

  12. kkkkkkk nyumba samanga ndi pakamwa, kodi katangale anatha ku MHC? Komaso nyumba mumapeka kwa atsika okhaokha bwanji?

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