Malawi in need of prayers –Undule Mwakasungura new column on Nyasa Times

As a country, we have sometimes experienced scenarios which makes us have so many questions. Has GOD forsaken us? Are we experiencing all these because we have turned away from GOD? We might be going through national calamities sometimes because of failure to obey His commandments. But regardless of what causes our national condition, citizen believers should care enough about their country to cry out loud to GOD on her behalf.



What should motivate us to pray is the condition of our nation as evidenced that we need to pray for GOD’s divine intervention. Economic struggles, natural disasters, intolerance, political divisions, regional and ethnic divide, jealousy, hatred, and social ills are just a few problems our country faces right now.

But biblical warnings will also motivate us to pray. GOD sometimes sends adversity to get the attention of His people. Malawi as a so called GOD fearing nation has somehow enjoyed spiritual and material abundance as a result of GOD’s favor. But no doubt that, as a nation we are rebelling against the Lord and refuses to live by His standards.

The principles of GOD do not change. If GOD allowed adversity to come to Israel, His chosen people because of their sin and idolatry, why would He spare Malawi?

What will it take for GOD to hear and answer our prayers? As GOD’s children, we have the unique privilege of approaching the Father to ask for His favor and blessing. In 1 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people Humble themselves” shows we must acknowledge that we depend totally on the Lord and need Him to intervene in our situation – Job 35:12, Prov. 16:18.

We need to pray for national spiritual revival, political sanity, unity, reconciliation, our leaders and our families. In today’s difficult circumstances, believers should be highly motivated to cry out to GOD, confident that He desires to work on our behalf, Psalm. 34:17, 19.

As a nation we need to turn from our wicked ways. GOD has conditions for when He will respond to our prayers. If we want our prayers to be heard, we must not only confess our sins, but repent of them as well. In other words, we should agree with GOD that what we have done displeases Him, and we should turn away from wrongdoing.

GOD will response to our prayers, that is the promise given in, 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Lord will hear our cry, forgive our sins, and heal our nation. I believe that if the nation cry out to the Lord, He will restore our country and make us into a really GOD fearing nation that honors Him again.

My brothers and sisters do you love your nation? Then I challenge you to go on your knees and cry out to Him. Ask GOD to send another Great Awakening to revive the warm heart of Africa. If we do that, He promises to open the heavens and heal our land.

  • The author is former human rights campaigner. He will be writing his column on Nyasa Times.
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56 thoughts on “Malawi in need of prayers –Undule Mwakasungura new column on Nyasa Times”

  1. mzondi mkandawire says:

    Thank you God to hear this revelation from Undulle whom was fighting for guy.God bless him so much .Undulle please share the world yours testmony becoz many people are waiting for your testmony to receive Jesus Christ of Nazaratte .

  2. kamfana says:

    Yes a BIG Applause indeed to the former HRCC Chairman.ONLY GOD,CAN REDEEM US.

  3. I have NEVER read anything that makes sense like this on Nyasatimes. Undule you have just hit the nail on the head. Our major problem is that we are looking for the solution of our problems from a wrong source. Politicians will never be the answer of our problems. We can change governments the way we need but that will never solve our problems. But just as Undule put it correctly that it’s only through Gid’s presence or intervention that will clear all our hardships in our beautiful homeland. Well done Undule. God bless you!

  4. will says:

    What a commendable job done. The Lord Holy Spirit at work again

  5. foot-soldier says:

    Your English needs polishing my good friend! Good ideas in unpolished English is a distraction!

  6. mercy says:

    Mulungu Amakonda ana ake, ndipo amawasankha ndi kuwapulumutsa ku mkwiro ili nkudza…..People who are saying bad things about Undule do not know the character of God….mukuchedwa…..Undule is a testimony that masiku otsiliza wapambuyo adzakhala patsogolo. Undule wapanga chisankho chake, he is now already seated with Christ at God’s right hand side…without Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit Undule would not be writting the good news of the gospel of God, undele is being insipired by the Holy Spirit. If you want you can do that too. Musachedwe ndizadziko. CONGRATULATIONS UNDULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. MTELEZI says:

    Welcome back Prince.

  8. phondogoma says:

    Which is which? You preached strongly about gay rights and general homo life. In all cases God is against homosexual life, read Leviticus 20:13, Genesis 19: 1-38, Roman: 1.28 etc. Undule come out clearly and denounce homosexual openly as it is an act against God. You have created a very sensitive situation. Which your stand on gay rights and this current biblical church should Malawians take you serious? Are you a member of a church that recognize homosexual acts?

    Please radio journos hunt this Undule and let him tell Malawians what to follow on this earth planet otherwise the man may mislead so many lives.Visit his church and let him give the true face of his life. Not this type of janus life style.We may be listening to an insane person.

  9. Soko says:

    Who? Satanic right?

  10. Undulair says:

    a reminder what u did in bingu administration? was it good?whom are u asking to forgive ure sins?judge yourself,no forgiveness upon u,you will face judgement on day.

  11. umoja says:

    It is not always that God put people in position of authority. Later you will be saying that Hitler was made a ruler of Germany by God. What about when Satan tempted Jesus and said, bowed down to me and I will give you kingdoms of the earth. Let us Malawians be careful when using the bible for earthly leadership issues. God’s Grace is easy to notice in his choosen when they are given responsibilities to look after others. Politics generally belong to satanic word that is why there are killings, cheating and unhappiness to the masees for political gains. I rest my case

  12. Alex Likoswe says:

    Please combine this message with what Saulosi Chilima is preaching. Hard work. No cure for just praying. No pain no gain

  13. If you look at this undule face, don’t you still see devil? This thief is only seeking public sympathy and attention here. He has led too many people into hell ndiye lero akuti chani? If he has indeed repented, then he must donate all his bloody money to God. He knows very well how to do this.

  14. BigMan says:

    Undule is the most unpatriotic Malawian that worked tirelessly to destroy Malawi just when Malawi was developing economically. For personal gains he and others literally campaigned against Malawi for years which led to the stoppage of aid and other negative impacts on the economy.

    He epitomizes exactly what is wrong with Malawians today, selfish unpatriotic and unethical creatures just roaming around trying to damage each other for personal gains.

  15. cashgate1 says:

    We judge, we hate and by the end of the day Undule is very right. We need to seek the face of the Lord

  16. Bwande says:

    I say this once again ‘God will not come down and build good roads for us. God will not come down and build good houses for you. Neither is he going to come down to solve your blackouts, nor come down arrest and punish those people stealing from the much required resources for development. All the rich and developed countries out there are not as God fearing but they progressed. We are blessed with the same resources but we are just lazy. We see nothing we can do with our lake apart from fishing, nothing we can do with our rivers and dambos throughout the country, nothing with our fertile lands other than farming tobacco. And you pray to God for just miracles. We are not at war with anyone and we pray for God to save our nation and some times to bless our nation… with what if I may ask? We have it all with us and God did bless us with everything including the peace. But nothing out of all this. We should be praying yes for our spiritual blessings. To have our souls saved and seek salvation. But if we are to move out of poverty, let’s work and work. Let’s deal with corruption. Let’s take it head on. Let’s deal with procrastination, let’s pursue standards and not shortcuts. God will acknowledge our efforts and we will prosper. Let’s not blame God for our failures otherwise we may end up thinking we are forsaken for nothing will come out of our idleness nor from our dependency on donors, let alone from moyo wathu ongozolowera kupempha ndikukhulupirira matsenga omwe mchizungu timati ma miracles… I rest my case for now

  17. Mmalawi Wodzisata says:

    There is no other Authority than that, that is put in place be God. Sizingatheke Peter kukhala president without God s endorsement. Now if you have people like Chakwera not knowing this kind of scripture, what are we doing to our nation. We need to pray indeed and God gives us direction.

  18. tjuxtan says:

    Undule you must know that you belong to hell regardless of whatever you can do or say. You made Malawi loose its economical gains and progress and you made people to become arrogant and less peaceful and many lost lives for your personal gains and grory. Who can believe munthu oyipa ngati iwe? Without Undule, Malawi could have been singing a good song by now.

  19. kaka says:

    That is amazing. God can use anything to propagate His message. I thank God on what He has done to brother Undule. God changed Saul who became Paul. At first he was murderer. God can use anybody as far as he has repented. God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Paul started the race and he finished. Brother Undule keep it up. Preach Jesus in Malawi and up to the end of the world.

  20. kaka says:

    That is amazing. God can use anything to propagate His message. I that God on what He has done to brother Undule. God changed Saul who became Paul. At first he was murderer. God can use anybody as far as he has repented. God chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Paul started the race and he finished. Brother Undule keep it up. Preach Jesus in Malawi and up to the end of the world.

  21. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    IZEK , tried to be a man of God , when he was busy preaching his wife and children were starving at home and the wife could not stand the rubbish and she divorced him. IZEK decided to go back to be a comedian , he knew he had lost marriage and he made himself poor , let’s hope this man doesn’t go back to his old habits as well.

  22. The real ujeni says:

    2 Chronicles 7:14 not 1 Chronicles 7:14

  23. The real ujeni says:


  24. meric says:

    is he still progay?

  25. Jelbin mk says:

    It’s encouraging to hear this from a former human rights campaigner who could at some time go beyond supporting human rights but sinning rights as well such as lesbianism and gayism which are not human rights but sinning rights including the right to terminate pregnancy praise the almighty God for his wonderful work within you Mr mwakasungula.

  26. sikusinja says:

    Why call him a former human rights campaigner.
    As much as we all need to pray to God, that’s not the solution for this country. Look at all the countries that prosper. None has prospered by saying their country needs prayers. God already answered our prayers by blessing us with water and fertile land. He has down enough for us. It’s up to us to utilize the resources. You don’t need God to tell you modern methods of agriculture. He gave u a brain for that. What we need is men of integrity and patriotic in positions of authority. The whole country is involved in corruption. Even the top most bwana wants a cut for every business his company gives or gets. Policemen want tips. Customs officials want bribes. And we say they are corrupt when it’s us the ordinary citizens who pay those bribes. What if every time an official wants a bribe we report them to superiors so they get fired. Report them to ACB. Everyone is rotten. We don’t want to pay K50 parking fees. We don’t want to pay traffic violations. In govt it’s the 10% syndrome. We don’t need prayers. We need a revolution of the mind.

  27. God bless you Undule for the wise words which God has revealed to you concerning our land. This revelation was supposed to be echoed by the servants God ordained to guide Malawi to walk in the paths of the Almighty God but because the so called Revelands, Pastors, Evangelists, Bishops, Apostles, Teachers & Prophets of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost Power yo God’s Glory & Power have rejected the role God gave them but they have entangled themselves with the pleasures of the world who the origin of it all is the devil satan himself. But God will never luck anyone to send to utter His warning to dying & lost souls in Malawi.
    My brother Undule what you have pointed out is the truth but unless injustices & oppressions acts in Malawi are stopped that is jealousy, envy, hatred, biasness & greedy is uprooted among Malawians starting from the leadership of the land God indeed God with His Everlasting tender Mercies will heal our land & restore whatever the devil store (Joel 2:12-32). Let me point out very openly some of the greatest evils which have to be stopped. These are: tribalism, regionalism, quota system in selecting learners to secondary schools & public universities, biasness, hatred in employing people or in appointing people in different positions, allocation of different developments, corruption unless these are completely stopped in circles of life in Malawi then the best will be restored in our beautiful Malawi. Isaiah 3:13. The servants of the Most High God are busy feasting on dirty things of the land i.e. stolen money by politicians, business & employed people. God’s servants do not inquire God guidance that what is being offered to them is pure gold & silver (Revelation 3:18). God servants are paraded in public by politicians because God’s Spirit is no longer with them & this has caused politicians to mock God’s servants in public by offering them cash which is impure after offering cheap prayers which is not from God’s Heart. God’s servants need to hear from God before Going to any function invited to attend to offer prayers. That is why you see politicians abuses other innocent people in their rallies before the so called God’s servants. Good examples may God forgive but I feel ashamed with the direction they are taking by Apostle Madalitso Mbewe & Bishop Mark Kambalazaza. DPP is wrongly using them. Please inquire from God whether the direction you have taken is from God but I know you are lost. Don’t be cheated by cash from DPP it is dirty cash meant for poor innocent Malawians in developing their lives. Many God’s servants have lost God guidance & direction because of the cares of this world. The other clear issue is that let DPP accept that their leadership is not from God they got it through dirty acts i.e. they rigged the election results. God did not ordain them to govern this land. their leadership is from evil ways & the short cut they used to get to the top will haunt them. What God gives He also provide solutions to all problems encountered in the process because God is the Initiator of that things. God will never back evil things & this is true with DPP leadership. The other Truth is that DPP if given resources they will plunder it all for their personal gains. DPP have to confess all their hidden evil plans against Malawians then solutions to all calamities befalling Malawi will be released from the Throne of God in Christ Jesus name. DPP intentions are devilish over the land. Brother Undule good will overflow the land if these issues are dealt with a true, humble heart before God the Almighty One in Christ Jesus name then Chronicles :7-18 will be accomplished in Malawi. Long way to go brother may God help our dear beautiful land from the hands of the devil’s plans. George Kamanga

  28. Issa says:

    How will it work? You promote homosexuals yet you want God to answer us? Wabusa mwachitika bwanji?

  29. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Has this guy stopped promoting mathanyula kapena za ma gay thanks to him welcome to Jesus wasala trapeze naye azosiya mzimu ukamususa

  30. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I thank God that Mr.Undule Mwakasungula has received salvation and knows the ways of God are righteousness and holiness.

    We also need politicians who are serious with God, not casuals.
    Matthew 12.36 ..says ” every careless word that people speak they shall give accounting for it…”

    Numbers 23:19, …. says ” God is not man that He can lie nor repent..”

    Welcome! I will be following this column.

  31. guta says:

    Mwaona atlast that God is power.Good for those who realise their mistakes

  32. Alunta continua says:

    Undule usatipusitse ife you are foolish,chindele chakufikapo, iweyo umalimbikitsa ma thanyula zimene mulungu sakondwela nazo pano ukuti tipephele ndiye mulungu angavele zopepha zanthuzo?

  33. kawonga says:

    thus a welcome situation. Realy we need to realise the potential capability of the lord to our lives.we involved ourselves in sinful nature without knowing that one day every person shall breath the last air. Lets leave the eathly things and follow the footsteps of the almighty. Heaven is waiting for us nt gehena. Thanx mr undule

  34. Gladson says:

    This is true. It seems Malawians have a lot of time complaining, castigating each other, lingering around town and trading centres, politicking – sometimes unnecessarily, commenting on things we do not really know about, pointing fingures against one another, looking for an excuse for whatever befalls us, the list is endless. Yet, we do not seem to have time to pray. While Satanism is a reality that cannot be stopped, we contribute everything – sometimes both poverty and riches, sickness, good health, and even death; think of road accidents, and natural disasters – to satanic work; and we talk about, instead of pray about it. What Malawi needs most is a new genuine divine intervention, a true Biblical Revival, a oneness that can make us genuinely consider each other as important; and a heart to join hands to develop this nation. With God on our side, we can do it. and, so, yes, genuine prayers for Malawi is a great need.

  35. john says:

    Wow good to see learned and successful people turning and glorifying his name

  36. Wow!!! God is awesome, who thought Undule could start embracing God? to Him be the glory

  37. Tili Chenene says:


  38. Nyachikadzi says:

    It is good to know that the same Mwakasungura who led us fight for some of the human rights is also back to lead us spiritually. But I would like to know his position on some of the rights he was fighting for that time say like gay rights.
    Mr Mwakasungura who was in the forefront opening the floodgates of evil and darkness in this country, I believe needs to go further to denounce those evils other than just saying there is too much evil and we need to pray about it. Mr Mwakasungura this is what you brought into Malawi.
    A lot of evil money was being channelled into this country through you and Gift Trapence, please you need to do more than this. Talk to your former friends of all the evils you have brought to this nation.

  39. zayakunkhongo says:

    Are our leaders God fearing that their prayers can be heard above. We chose leaders who are evil and don’t know what Malawians want. Read Acts 1 vs 20-26 how the apostles were instructed on who is supposed to be their leader.

  40. I hope Undule will enlighten the nation that gay rights is demonic after known Christ and its my prayer to God that God will use Undule so lightly to bring since into those being used by the devil to champion for gay rights that its not Godly but utter nonsence and demonic just like a lesbian in Nigeria who is telling the world that these things are not biological but demonically influenced.

  41. White Rabbit says:


    Brother, you are leading me once again 🙂

  42. Mhesha says:

    Amen Brother.

  43. Dr. Matamula says:

    Nyasatimes dont remind us of the agonies Malawians went through due to influences of Undule Mwakasungula and his friend Bingu. These are perfect satanists. Anzao ndi a Levi Nyondo and Mezuwa Banda. A satana opemphera za satanism pa Development House.

  44. Kumbukani says:

    Wonderful piece of writing from Undule. Praise God!!

  45. pat says:


  46. New says:

    This is a life of seasons indeed. Undule, I hope you have repented and confessed your sins too. You were advocating for gay marriage which the Bible condems.

  47. kambwali says:


  48. obama says:

    Plz God,bless our nation,yes! The land of malawi.amen

  49. mussa Chikwakwa says:

    Malawi doent necessarilly need prayer now. The first thing Malawi need is Discovery then Recovery. God is looking for one person who have been used by Satan to advocate darkness such as Homosexuality to rise up and start preaching against it. Malawi Looks like a cursed Nation because of some few Citizens who are used by Satan to provoke the rough of God in the Name of Human Rights in Malawi. Mr Undule Mwakasungula sir, the Bible is clear that darkness and light can not go togather, But only the trueth can set Malawi free. Rise up now and Light up The touch of the Trueth and spread the Gospel of Reality To the whole Nation of Malawi.Prayer will not change anything but talking the Trueth.

  50. mussa Chikwakwa says:

    Malawi doent necessarilly need prayer now. The first thing Malawi need is Discovery then Recovery. God is looking for one person who have been used Satan to advocate darkness such as Homosexuality to rise up and start preaching again it. Malawi Looks like a cursed Nation because of some few Citizens who are used by Satan to provoke the rough of God in Name of Human Rights in Malawi. Mr Undule Mwakasungula sir, the Bible is clear that darkness and light can not go togather, But only the trueth can set Malawi free. Rise up now and Light up The touch of the Trueth and spread the Gospel of Reality To the whole Nation of Malawi.Prayer will not change anything but talking the Trueth.

  51. hum says:

    We need prayers indeed.
    If I remember wellthe other day in Ndirande, Patricia Kaliati castigated Chakwera saying he left the church for politics. So what Kaliati was implying is that politics is for evil people.
    No, I beg go differ. This particular gouvernment is evil and we need to pray to God to vacate it as soon as possible for the betterment of Malawi. We need to ask God that waiting until 2019, Malawi will become another Greece. God should help us now.

  52. John says:


  53. kabotolokamo says:

    At last there is some sense coming out of Undule ! keep it up brother!

  54. Dalitso says:

    Beautiful word Undule, keep it up.

  55. Wistombi says:

    Osamasewera Ndi Mulungu Azakukhatha Tsiku Lake Ndi Limodzi.

  56. Moralist says:

    Nice article Undule.Thanks for choosing the right path.What we fight for,all is vanity.This is God’s World.

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