Malawi Muslims children should recite Quran –Mufti appeals

Muslim families in the country are encouraged to send their children to Madrassa for them to acquaint themselves with Islamic knowledge including reciting the Holy Quran.

Winners and the high table

Winners and the high table

Jam-packed Iqra conference room

Jam-packed Iqra conference room

Sheikh Rad Kangomba.. making a speech

Sheikh Rad Kangomba.. making a speech

Mufti Abbas making his speech

Mufti Abbas making his speech

National leader of Muslims in the country Mufti Abbas said this on Sunday in Blantyre during the presentation of awards to those who participated in the National Holy Quran Recitation competition.

Mufti Abbas, who was the guest of the honor at the event which was aired live on Radio Islam said children are the breeding ground of the religion because it grows with them as they also grow.

Abbas also asked the sheikhs to be dedicated to work despite challenges they may face.

“For example I have been facing challenges in my work including being allocated unpleasant houses. But I endured all these because of love of my work as a sheikh. So I also asked you sheiks to endure the challenges you face in your daily duties,” he said.

At the event all those who participated in the competition received the awards ranging from cash, bicycles, cell phones and mattresses.

The organization that has funded the event the Al-Baraka Trust has pledged its continued funding.

National Coordinator for the organizing committee Sheikh Rad Kangomba said that next year’s completion will include translation of the Holy Quran saying “this will assist the students to understand what they are reciting.”

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25 thoughts on “Malawi Muslims children should recite Quran –Mufti appeals”

  1. Celia Mittawa says:

    Anchina boko haram inu musatisokose. Sitikukufunani mu dziko lathu lino.

  2. John says:

    If we were to profile the readets of Nyasa times by most of the comments at the end of the articles, i am sure everyone will agree that most of the contributors are bigoted, tribal, racist, and utterly negative people. Who are jealous of other people success, achievements and ability to get coverage.

    Constructive criticism is what is needed, not the negative crap that gets spewed here.

    Rejected failures who are unhappy with their professional and family lives, chatting crap about other people and their beliefs. Guys get a life

  3. brutsha says:

    Koma anthu akudafe ndiye omvetsa chisoni. Kusiya maina amakolo athu basi kutenga a chiluya kapena a chizungu. Mtundu wopepera. Have you ever heard the other races a bandoning their traditional names? No wonder black will never be respected. Given names like pets.

  4. alukosyo says:

    does the pix show any jam packing. kukokomeza bwanji? Recite the bible it’s simple that’s why nthawi zonse simukamba zanuzo koma bible

  5. Patriot says:

    Satanic Verses of the qur’an by Salma Rushdie.
    An excellent book to read more about this evil religion

  6. Amanda says:

    Ok, ka Abbas ko ndika mfitiso eti?

  7. They must also learn how to put on and detonate suicide vests and beheading innocent humans.a.

  8. mmalawi says:

    I guess it should be shameful to be associated with this religion, ISIS.

  9. idrissa Mussa says:

    Allah is greatest. Inshaaaala

  10. Mjomba says:

    Its funny that if ask those kids if they know what they are reciting ,they wont tell you. They have no clue whether they are swearing in Arabic or not. And 99.99% of those moslems dont even know what the Quoran says. Corrupt minds.

  11. They must also learn how to wear and detonate suicide vest and how to behead innocent humans!

  12. Saiti juma says:

    your hate wont make us think otherwise towards Islam. and it will certainly not reduce us in number. and i also thank God for your hate because it make curious minds have the enthusiasm to enquire more. trust me GOD KNOWS who bad people really are.

  13. Misuku boyz says:

    A terrorist religion.

  14. Tatyata says:

    I hope this is not preparing for another Kenya massacre to those who fail to recite

  15. Terrorists like Boko Haram, IS and Al Shabab are moslems. We have also Hamas and Al Qaeda. Moqtada al Sadir. I hate this religion as it promotes violence.

  16. No Name says:

    Our Grand Mufti Abbaas we love you coz of your role you play in making sure that young ones in Malawi are able to recite the Qur’aan pliz keep it.

  17. kassim mahomedi says:

    masaha Allah

  18. موسي says:

    Well said .Mashaallah

  19. za zzîiiî…mmalo momapititsa kuxool

  20. Mashaallah, thats good news to hear, ishaallah next year we’ll have both Qur’an recitation and translation.

  21. Kadzuwa says:

    Ma shaa Allah we are proud of you leaders keep it up this is good dicision

  22. Manjawala says:

    When they ricite the quran what is the benefit. Why dont u encourage them to ricite the history of Malawi? Chamba basi. Sisi….

  23. nkunthamasese says:

    Azikaphunzira kuvala mabomba ndi kumapha anthu mmisika, mmatchalichi, mmasitediam, mmaphwando. GOD forbid!!!.

  24. Cunningham says:

    Reciting with the future in mind. Preparing for the day when they will be pulling people from buses, ask them to recite and those who can not will be shot on the spot

  25. Abdallah says:

    That’s what they do in Somali,Afghanistan,Pakistan,yemen and other middle east countries otherwise akapanda kumvera they get 100 lashes.

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