Malawi new diplomats named: Mphonda to UK, Kamphambe to Germany

President Peter Mutharika has hired new diplomats to head Malawi missions in United Kingdom, Germany, Kuwait and other nations which have seen  chief protocol officer a Kenny Kingdom Mphonda getting a post to London.

Dr Isaac Munlo posted to India

Dr Isaac Munlo posted to India

According to a statement issued by Office of President and Cabinet, President Mutharika has hired  Kingdom Mphonda, as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom to replace Bernard Sande .

According to the statement, the President has also appointed veteran civil servant and diplomat Michael Kamphambe-Nkhoma as Ambassador to Germany. Initially, Mutharika appointed chairperson for the Council for Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi (CONGOMA), Voice Mhone  to head to Germany but was rejected by parliament.

Other appointments include, Mrs. Anne Kumwenda, as Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Dr. Isaac Munlo, as High Commissioner to India to replace Dr Perks Ligoya who is reportedly being redeployed to Kenya.

The President has also appointed Wilfred Ali as Ambassador to Kuwait, Mrs. Caroline C.S. Bwanali Mussa, as Ambassador to Egypt

The appointments will be subject to approval by parliament.

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40 thoughts on “Malawi new diplomats named: Mphonda to UK, Kamphambe to Germany”

  1. wadala says:

    Recycling ppl in Malawi. When are new young “career diplomats” going to be trained?

  2. None None says:

    These are good and bad appointments because some career diplomats like Mphonda have been motivated, However what has been happening over the years has been a systematic effort to demotivate diplomats at a mission by giving them a Head of mission who has no knowledge or background of the job eg bringing cops to the otherwise noble profession. Cops and any other such people do not add value to our diplomatic service, They simply subject us to ridicule before the International community

  3. ndaulurabe says:


  4. Daniel Phiri says:

    Kenna Mphonda (not Kenny) is a good appointment. He started work as a Protocol Officer and rose through the rank. Around 2007 I met him in Washington DC where he was deputy ambassador, to Hawa Ndilowe. I like it when professionals are given these chances. It gives hope to people in Ministries that you can rise. I don’t like it when uneducated outsiders such as Thoko Banda or Agrina Mussa are given these types of posts for political appeasement. He studied public administration at Chanco and has a master’s in international relations. For the ladies, the man is single (try your luck, but in Washington he was dating a very beautiful Tanzanian lady. Tough luck for you bonya eating Malawi ladies).

  5. Titus Skoti says:

    I don’t know many of the appointed diplomats. However, let me say “thumbs up” for the appointment of two, bwana Michael Kamphambe Nkhoma and K. K. Mphonda. They are level-headed people which is one of the tenets for a diplomat. I wish you well as you return ku Embassy to continue where you stopped from.

  6. Mika Kumbire says:

    Annie Kumwenda cannot refuse a position simply because northeners don’t want. Are Northerners going to contribute money to sustain her family and upkeep?. Refusing a position simply because you want to please Northerners would be both stupid and tribalistic. I am a Northener and if we take the appointments proportionally, then Central region only should complain.

  7. nasimelo says:

    Sande akukakamira ku UK uja wautali bas he he he he

  8. Mfwethu says:

    @ZIZWE what is the problem “SENTING” a woman to an islamic country, kkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Asawiluntha says:

    Not wife to Mussa of Dpp.She is a lecture at University of Malawi the polytechnic.wife to a Lawyer Aman Mussa .so She deserve it,understood case closed

  10. Nachika says:

    You don’t realise a good wife until you lose her. (You don’t realise a deep well until its dry). Kunena kwa ndithe ndithe Nanthambwe anadzitengera. Mukamayankhula musathe mau, you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

  11. envy says:

    All the best guys. KOma what about other offices like egypt and ethiopia anyamuka litilo? okhalitsa onse komanso obwera ndi cha paphewa adzipita akutithera ndalama. akupangako chani ku embassy mxi mxi

  12. ian says:

    Congratulations Dr Munlo and the others. Tikufuna zimenezo ife komano omwe akhalitsa anyamuka liti?

  13. Patriot says:

    Alomwe nophiya kikiki

  14. Veteran Civil Servants says:

    Thumbs up APM on Kamphambe Nkhoma our former Deputy Secretary to the President and Cabinet who’s career was unfairly terminated by Muluzi by appointing him as High Commissioner to South Africa as part of his succession plans in 2004. Come Bingu he recalls him and only to be dumped here at home. The way he was treated really saddened most of us who worked with him and thought he did not deserve such treatment.

  15. katakwe says:

    Kodi nanga Thoko Banda ndiye avaya kuti mfana wofoila ameneyu. Ngwenya ku japan akutaniko azibwelako naye azakhale mfumu ku mudzi kwao kuno ku mzimba.

  16. mbunde says:

    @jombo. Kamphambe is an excellent diplomat ..ask JZU?

  17. Yes says:

    Sopano Ligoya mwamusiyiranji mmene amatumbwira nthawi Ya Amai amenei Munthu oyipa. Za usiru basi ifeso tikufunako ku embassy. I am looking forward to a government which will stop sending people to diplomatic missions based on politics otherwise what is happening now is total foolishness and thats why amakangokhalako mkumadya misonkho yathu.useless Malawi. A country of witches and wizards

  18. apiti Mbulukututu says:

    Professior APM thumbs up for appointing Kena to serve the country as Ambassador in UK. The guy is hardworking, smart. Ameneyo sakakuchititsani manyazi ayi. Those of us who worked with him in different Ministries can testify. Kusunga nthawi alibe mzake ayi. Once again APM you have a good vision. Kena continue your hardwork and continue being professional God has answered prayers

  19. moli says:

    Stupitiiii mkwate

  20. Kadakwiza says:

    No comment.

  21. John saizi-Njoka says:

    @mkwate. Can you name an ambassador or high commissioner from AMAYI time who was non southerner? Anthu was NDI Amoni amwene. Kamphambe only is from Ntchisi , as marcel Chirwa from Kasungu was in Joyce time (she appointed..msosa in USA NEW YORK… ligoya IN CHINA…makawa in China, kambalame in Zimbabwe…LATE gomile in Tanzania…..sande in UK….SAME WINE DIFFERENT BOTTLE. TRIBALISTIC

  22. eluby says:

    Mrs Caroline is wife to Mussa DPP in Zomba anakanidwa to Egypt

    1. AKA says:

      @ ELUBY

  23. Nyankhonde says:

    Phonda to where? Over my dead body that for no good PP Sympathiser

  24. eluby says:

    Now our London office has a real diplomat in Mphonda

  25. Zolozolo says:

    Mrs Anne kumwenda don’t accept the post let them send another southerner

  26. Wachimalawi says:

    Glad Sande is leaving, he was useless.

  27. moya says:

    I hope Mrs mussa is not a wife to the rejected yunus mussa.

  28. atate says:

    Wilfred Ali? Ndiye utinso ameneyo kuponyako UDF patali patali. Kkkk Nanga yunus mussa zilipati mesa amapita Ku Egypt? Ndipo anampanga confirm although mwapenda penda

    1. MBWEENDA says:

      # Atate
      Mbuli inanso ndiwe !!! Ukuti Wilfred Ali ndi utinso ? And yet you are saying ‘ kuponyako UDF patali patali , that means ukumudziwatu
      Ukuti ‘ umayesa ‘ yunus mussa amapita Ku Egypt , ndiye chomusankhila Wilfred Ali amene ukumudziwayu kuti apite Ku Egptyko ndi chiyani ? Anyway it confirms kuti you are another ” STUPID CLEVER”

  29. maxwell Nsani says:

    Here is a tip for Parliament. When you are vetting a person who was ambassador before in another country, or who was running an organisation, you should do a back ground check on what they achieved or failed to achieve and why; their working relationship with staff either at the last mission or the company they were running, and let them articulate to you what plans they have for the new job ahead of them.
    Don’t just ask them about their academic qualifications, that means nothing. If Malawi is going to be effective in trade, attracting investors etc we need people who have ideas on how they will intend to attract those investors even when the funding is minimal. Otherwise these allocations are merely extended holidays.

  30. Chatonda says:

    A galu a DPP osamva ndithu. Uyu Mphonda uyu ndi wa pp tho basi mukumupatsa embassy ya UK? Muli ndi anthu ambiri mbiri that can take up that post koma kumpatsa wa pp? I feel sorry for APM game ikazayamba kuthina. Ma cadet onse amamuleletsa all this time are frustrated they haven’t been rewarded. Nanu ma advisor a APM mukugulitsa ma appointment kufuna kuzilemeletsa? Tikutchulani Maina pompano.

    1. Daniel Phiri says:

      Chatonda you must be an idiot. Unamudziwira kuti Mphonda k uti ndi wa PP? The Man is a professional, rose up through the ranks in the civil service, served as deputy ambassador in WAshington under Bingu, has a master’s in international relations and is a gentleman. He is going to UK to serve Malawi, not the DPP or Mlako. Iwe nde ukufuna APM asankhe ma cadet just to please them? This is bad advice! How many cadets are there as a proportion of the Malawi population? APM has done well.

  31. of uproar says:

    Koma mkwate ndi mkwatedi?

  32. Jobo says:

    Mphonda and others, no problem. Koma mpakana Isaac munlo and kaphambe? Why recycle these old diplomats? I sometimes get a feeling that APM does not know people. Someone appoints these people for him. There are so many of us who fought for you APM and we need to be rewarded. And all you do is to recycle old diplomats? At least JB hired young ladies and fresh men!

  33. dickson says:

    Mphonda is not a lawyer but an administrator

  34. zizwe says:

    Senting a woman to an islamic country like Egypt is a big gamble

    1. MBWEENDA says:

      IWE ZIZWE !!!

  35. MKWate says:

    99% southerners

    1. Malindima says:


Comments are closed.

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