Malawi Police arrest students leader Ayuba: Chancellor College closed indefinately

Malawi Police have arrested Chancellor College Students Union president James Ayuba Sylvester following the protests the students from Chancellor College (Chanco), a constituent college of the University of Malawi, concucted over fees hike.

Ayuba: Arrested

Ayuba: Arrested

Accoridng to police, Ayuba been arrested together with University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) vice president Godfrey Pumbwa and the college’s UMSU representative Fiskan Nkhoma.

The three are facing charges of inciting violence.

This follows students burning tyres on the road M5 road blocking  United States second lady Dr. Jill Biden motorcade.

Biden in the company of USA ambassador to Malawi Virgin Palmer and Malawi’s Minister of Education Science and Technology, Emmanuel Fabiano, sought temporal refuge at the Eastern Region Police office in Zomba as they waited for the situation to calm down but cancel the visit to return to Blantyre.

Ayuba said students “were holding peaceful sit-in”  at Chanco campus but were provoked by  heavy handedness of Police who stormed  the campus to intimidated them.

Meanwhile, Chanco has been closed with immediate effect.

The college principal, Richard Tambulasi, announced that the school has been closed because “the demonstrations were illegal and for the security threat that the demonstrations posed”.

Tambulasi has however, not indicated when the college will open.

Chancellor College students together with other Unima students have been expressing their concern with the decision by the Unima council to hike school fees which students argue is too exorbitant. However, the university council has also put its foot down that it will not reverse the fee hike because the cost of running the university has gone up.

Last week the University of Malawi Students’ Union (UMSU) announced their intention to hold a vigil at the university office to force university to reverse the fee hike. However, The Malawi Polytechnic, another constituent college of Unima, did not take part in the demonstrations because they are sitting for end of year examinations.


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19 thoughts on “Malawi Police arrest students leader Ayuba: Chancellor College closed indefinately”

  1. john aluma says:

    Ayuba ndi ISIS uyu.

  2. Chikopa says:

    Ayuba ndi Mchawa wapwisi wakulu wakulu. Government is not your father. The University council has put measures to secure fees for poor students and that is all over the local tvs. these students deserve the most stiff penalties.

  3. Nyasaland says:

    Protesting is not illegal, these student were arrested so the government can save face from the embarrassment .

  4. International Observer says:

    Point of correction: A hospital to be called ‘University Hospital’ doesn’t necessarily sell their services. What it entails is that such hospitals are institutions where university students studying medicine and health related subjects go to for their practices. To concur with the idea but differently, universities worldwide operate as business institutions with government arms providing very minimal financial support unlike the case in Malawi.
    Just to comment on ‘Tisamve kuti mwamupha mwanayo’ point: Mwana amapitira ku sukulu maphunziro, sindaleyi. Mwana sakhala ndi dazi ngati likuoneka apali. Uyu ndi wamkulu wa sukulu ndipo zikamubvuta ndi chifukwa chache.

  5. Shameful says:

    Student uprising brought down apartheid in South Africa, lets do it folks

  6. Mmalawi says:

    There’s a problem from both the university and the students side.
    Lack of transparency from the UNIMA team . Imagine what the end result would be if there was proper dialogue between the students, teachers and management.. and explaining clearly and comprehensively to each other on what and why certain actions have to be taken or why others won’t be done.
    What kind of graduates are we making for the past 10years who believe the only way to resolve anything is through breaking / burning things?
    Equally we don’t have accountable management in the university and there’s probably lack of innovation and planning in advance.

    There are no books in Uni right now.
    There is not enough hostel space to cater for students and we wonder why there are so many cases of STD’s in Uni these days.
    Every student has to have a laptop. It’s a sad situation for those few coming from the village to be able to get a laptop.
    What is the uni doing to source money for such resources that are a must have for students?
    We forgot about meals long time ago.
    Sadly there’s also no discipline on the students part. They feel so entitled. Tougher rules and following through can help to bring them in line..but these are just a few of MY opinions to the situation but I truly believe honest dialogue can be the first step and interest to change for better from both sides.

    1. The zicheche president will not take this country anywhere. A police mukulephera kumanga omwe anapha Njaunju komanso omwe akupha malibino. Mukulimbana ndi atsogoleri amawa. You

  7. Vyaluta says:

    Voti voti abale voti eee tathauzo lake mpikosano now look our dpp votes are being lost

  8. ANALYST says:

    This country is very unfortunate in that tili ndi anthu osamva! Yes, aMalawi ndi anthu osamva! Uyu president wolimbikitsa anthu akudya mbewa ndi zichecheyu anali Minister of Education mu 2010-2011 ndipo analephera kuthetsa mavuto a “Academic Freedom”. Ma colleges a UNIMA anakhala chitsekere kwa nthawi yaitali (pafupifupi miyezi itatu ngati si inayi) – koma iyeyo ngati nduna ya za maphunziro anathawa nkupita ku Amereka (nthawi imeneyo nkuti ali ndi Green Card) pa tchuthi! Zoona mtsogoleri angthawe kusiya nyumba ikuyaka kupita kutchuthi?? Ndipo yemwe panopa ndi nduna ya za maphunziro (a Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano) pa nthawiyi anali Vice-Chancellor wa UNIMA yemwe amayenera kupereka upangiri wanzeru wothetsera mavutowo panthawiyo – koma nayenso analephera!

    But in spite of all these failures, Malawians went ahead and gave the zicheche-eating Lhomwe bastard udindo wa uPresident – zoonaaa???? Moti tikunena pano, 2019 akuti adzawinanso yemweyu amene akutizunza panoyu (ref. survey yomwe apanga a Economic Intelligence Unit – EIU)! ndipo akutsekera dala sukulu pofuna kuti aMalawi ambiri asakhale ndi mwayi wozindikira zinthu kuti apitirize kutikhomelera! Amene muli aMalawi ozindikira, chonde falitsani uthengawu kuti aMalawi ambiri azindikire mavuto omwe mtsogoleri ameneyu akubweretsa mdziko muno kuti asapitirize kuvutitsa!

    NB: Ndalemba dala m’Chichewa kuti uthengawu umveke ndi anthu ochulukirapo, kusiyana ndi chingerezi.

    1. za ziii!…olo atawina wanuyo nde pali chanzeru angachichite?…nsanje basi!

  9. fitsoy5ikr says:


  10. fitsoy5ikr says:

    the problem with university of malawi is that it 100% dependends on government. in other universities,they are fully commecialised and hence they generate they income through sales of virious services. for example best hospitals in the world are university hospitals.

  11. masa masina says:

    The roots of this problems is in the choices of values we adopted in 1992. We are now past a culture of free lunches. We are now in a culture where everything is for sale. In such a culture, knowledge and education are both commodities for commerce. The sad reality is that only the rich can buy quality education. Poor quality education belongs to the poor masses.

  12. International Observer says:

    It is no surprise that there are some students who have a disregard to education. Disruption of studies unfortunately involves everybody regardless of affiliations. By the way is this Ayuba Malawian? With Pumbwa, the name on its own tells a massive story. One shouldn’t expect anything good from Mbalame. It is high time students who misbehave in order to satisfy their paymasters were punished instead of victimising those whose goals and objectives are to attain an education. If you go anywhere in the world you won’t come across cheap education, and how do you receive decent internationally recognised qualifications on the cheap? Let those willing to learn do so and those who are politicians not practice their politics within learning institutions.

    1. Life says:

      International Observer, you see, if you want to make an impact on a particular topic, concentrate on the issue and avoid irrelevant material. What has your comment to do with the names of people? A very leaned person, as you would want to claim “if you go anywhere in the world…” then disparaging other people’s names does not project you as a “well traveled”, “educated” and “civilized” individual. Actually, the moment I saw that part of your comment, I realized you haven’t been to school beyond standard 4B.

    2. CHIKUTUMBWE says:


  13. Finale says:

    Viva Ayuba osaphweketsa….we r fedup with this stupid government

  14. Nginde says:

    Dziko liri mmanja mwa alendo. Anthu a DPP mudatiperekera dziko mmanja mwa a satana amene sadziwa mavuto athu, lero ndi izi

    1. nyapambi says:

      Tisamve kuti mwamupha mwanayo. Munya aswiswiri inu!

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