Malawi Police arrest suspect in VP Chilima’s fake resignation letter:  PP’s Stellla Asani in, Ackson Kalaile wanted

Malawi police are keeping in custody a woman suspected to be part of a group that forged a resignation letter purportedly written by the country’s Vice President, Saulos Chilima.

Asani picked as one of the suspects

The woman has been identified as Stella Asani of Galiva, Blantyre and is an operative of erstwhile ruling Peoples Party (PP).

National Police spokesperson, James Kadadzera was elusive when asked about the arrest but could not deny issue.

“Am yet to be briefed by our investigators on the ground, therefore I cannot ascertain whether this woman has been arrested in connection to the Vice-President’s fake resignation letter or not,” said Kadadzera.

However, one of senior police officers, who also confirmed Asani’s arrest, disclosed that the law-enforcers are currently hunting for another suspect, Ackson Kalaile Banda who is reported to have left the country through Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) on Monday morning.

Kalaile Banda is also PP operative and has been critical of government on the social media, accusing it of trying to suppress his freedom.

“Currently we are withholding the information to avoid jeopardizing our investigations, but Asani is being held in Lilongwe for further questioning,” the officer told Nyasa Times.

The officer disclosed that during Asani’s arrest at her residence in Galiva, Blantyre on Friday night, the law-enforcers confiscated laptops, desktop computers, and internet gadgets among other ICT materials.

“By set of things, her house seemed to be a hub of their operations. But it’s too early to speculate and start releasing information. We are handling the issue with strictness to avoid jeopardizing the investigations,” added the officer.

During the Easter holidays, the social media was awash with what was later discovered to be a fake resignation letter by Chilima.

The State House and Chilima’s office dismissed the letter as not authentic, government warned it will hunt down those behind the act.

In the letter with a State seal and dated April 15, 2017, Chilima is claimed to be dismayed over President Peter Mutharika led government’s failure to meet the developmental agenda that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) promised during campaign.

The letter further claims that Chilima is unhappy over a media blackout from the State broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC).

“Within the next 12 months I will resign and withdraw my services while transitioning to my successor,” reads part of the letter that has been disowned by Chilima through his press aide Pilirani Phiri.

State House press office dismissed the letter and urged the public to treat it as bogus.

It was observed that those who wrote the letter used a fake type of paper than that the Veep usually uses in corresponding with the President and that the signature was not that of Chilima.

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If it is true, let the law take it’s caurse because it’s bad behaviour. But if it is not true, the Almighty God shall intervin, as how He did with Haman who built a place to cruisfy Moredekai, but through Gods intervetion, Haman was the one who cruisfied. Ester 5 vs 9 to 14, Ester 6 vs 1 to 14 Ester 7. And purnish all those who though they are doing good things by putting other people in troubles.

2019 voter

I believe in the living God. Samachedwa ndipo safulumila, koma amapanga zinthu munthawi yake. This will be history. Chikondi komanso ulemu samakakamiza. Ambuye onetsani chilungamo chanu. Amen

Keen Observer

Yeah people sometimes don’t think when they need to do things. Now people will cry foul yet this is foolishness cos where ever there is a wifi signal it’s easy for the authorities to trace. So now it’s political persecution but in the first place it was regarded as a good plan to destabilise the government. In the first place this was not a good thing to do. Just wait for the elections & capitalise on the weaknesses & mistakes that the DPP regime is doing if you have the muscle to bulldoze it.


may God forgive the me this bad information

Timve Ziti

This is really looking for trouble. When they get arrested they must be screaming poltical persecution. Zofuna.

Captain Morgan

Za ziiiiiiiiiiiii! Boma lanji lomangoopa zilizonse.
Dzana anali kabwira ndi nzake uja sanapezeke ndi mulandu, lero mukuti kalata. Our Police Officers are busy investigating this rubbish instead of thieves that are stealing in government now. This is really pathetic!


state seal in somebodyz house.u must b very stupitttt!

bongolwethu jayiya

saulos chilima be careful, the evil that is doing this is within the diphiphi. do not get carried away by the scapegoat in the name of peoples party. alomwe sakukuyang’ana ndi diso labwino. dont say you were not warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Asani pemphera kolimba kuti ungayesedwe………..
Pakamwa pako ndi lawyer wako.


Let the investigations be thorough and comprehensive.its an act of state espionage and sabotage eeeishh. A Malawi kumavomera kuti atsogoleri otilamulira atha jukhaka omwe sitikuwakonda koma mulunvu amatiuza kuti tilemekeze ndi kupempherera owo….bravo police

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