Malawi Police clears Minister on Rumphi arrests: ‘Herbalist made complaint’

Malawi Police Service have justified the arrest of late Tasokwa Msiska’s children and cleared Minister of Information, Jappie Mhango of any wrong doing.

Jappie Mhango :Police say he did not complain

Jappie Mhango :Police say he did not complain

Three of late Msiska’s sons, Harris, Christopher and Adrian were arrested on November 10, 2015 hours after the burial of their father- a former Rumphi North Parliamentarian.

Reports claim that Mhango- a Parliamentarian for the area- was behind the arrest after he was chased from attending Msiska’s funeral ceremony.

The issue attracted an uproar in Parliament on Tuesday as opposition legislators queried government to clarify the arrest.

But Malawi police on Wednesday dismissed the reports, saying the three have been arrested on alleged assault and unlawful wounding charges.

National police deputy Press and Public Relations Officer, Nicholas Gondwa told Nyasa Times, the three would appear in court following complaints from two Rumphi residents.

Gondwa disclosed that Christopher and Harris were arrested after a herbalist, William Msiska complained of being unlawfully wounded by the two.

The herbalist hails from Village Chidiwo T/A Kachulu in the district.

”The incident occurred on November 10, 2015 around 12:00 noon before the arrival of the honourable minister,” said Gondwa.

He added: ”Another complaint was made by MacDonald Msiska of village Chawatira in Chief Kachulu against Christopher and Adrian Msiska for the offence of Assault Occasioning Actual bodily Harm”.

The second incident occured on the same day at around 9pm.

”Currently the three suspects are appearing before Rumphi Magistrate Court today November 18, 2015. People are encouraged to patronize the court session to get truth of the matter,” said Gondwa.

The three have been charged with Unlawful Wounding and Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm contrary to Section 241 and 254 of the Penal Code respectively.

Gondwa disclosed that as police they did not receive any complaint from Mhango regarding the alleged chasing, saying ”as such we cannot effect any arrest where there is no complaint”.

Mhango was chased from attending Msiska’s funeral by irate villagers who did not want his presence at the funeral.

Mhango succeeded Msiska as the legislator for Rumphi North and it is alleged that there was bad blood between the two with some unconfirmed reports alleging that the Minister might have had a hand in Msiska’s death.

The two also once faced each other in Malawi Congress Party’s primary elections during 2014 Tripartite Elections and late Msiska emerged victorious.

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43 thoughts on “Malawi Police clears Minister on Rumphi arrests: ‘Herbalist made complaint’”

  1. Gogo mlowe says:

    Jappie ni fwiti ya kukwana

  2. Jappie mhango's niece says:

    Take it from me. Jappie Mhango is my uncle and mostly feared because of his witchcraft. It was not a witch doctor, actually it was him because he is known with kumasanduka. So believe it or not, am a very close relative. Jappie is a wizard and through magic he won the seat by multiplying votes. One vote was being counted twice (as two). So it was Jappie who told the police. Ndi sibweni koma kutamba kwakeko ndi makolo anga sizitolerana.

    To sibweni Jappie: La 40 is approaching and very fast for that matter!

  3. Truth shall prevail says:

    what a coincidence? I can still see Jappie’s hand in these arrests.

  4. willybetha says:

    Atayeni anamfedwa akulila bambo awo.

  5. Cameo says:

    Those don’t like to believe our Police better attend the court proceeds to dig the truth or just shut up!

  6. Mwethu says:

    But even if it were the minister that ordered their arrest, would the police have acted the way I know our police?

  7. Meja says:

    Levelheaded, you suffer from an overdose of God worshipping DPP, you do not know Jappie Mhango, vendor wamkulu, and he is not smart, mind you. He is as dull as yourself, he can’t even construct two consecutive grammatically correct English sentences.

  8. ojere says:

    These lads they are trouble some so they wanted to be picked my MHango for ride why you MP for DOwa kunama basi tikuonelani 2019. Koma zimenezi zinachokela ku dowa kapena anakutumani ndi a opposition manyazi bwanji

  9. kumangoni says:

    Za m’mazira

  10. kumangoni says:


  11. Mtunda says:

    Thanks for the clarification from the police and one witness. it is a pity and shameful how most malawians overblow issues they don’t even have much information. the media n social networks were awash with curses n accusations on the minister. even politics was taking its toll. shame!

  12. Police and Jappi sorry if this was the way it happened.You have re-acted the way I explained that if any mistake the chief must take action first since he is the one incharge of the village and funeral issues are cultural basing on tribes traditions.Sorry Jappi behaved as a big man but my advice polish yourself so that you win every heart in that constuency by understanding them and supporting as well.Best wishes.

  13. Sibweni says:

    Kulemekezana kuzikhalapo!!!!! Achita bwino kuwamanga achenjere,,,,

  14. Kenkkk says:

    There is more to this than meets the eye.
    Msiska v Msiska, family v family, I can see the invisible hand of this thug jappie all over.

    I don’t believe a single word of this stupid policeman. Why bring his explanation very late? Where were you two or three days ago?

    At the end of the day whether or not Jappie is innocent, he is still a thug.

  15. MLOMWE says:

    I was there as well these Tasokwas children weren’t involved in connection of either chasing jappie or fighting the sing’anga but it was the unidentified mob who did that.Kenako ndinangowona Police ikuzatenga ana amalemu Msiska napita nawo ku Station akuti BOMA ndiwowo mayi awo akuwalilira anawo ndipo zinali zomvetsa chisoni anawo atisiyaso ndipo titapita kukatenga belo wa Police wina adanenetsa kuti achita kupasidwa lamulo kuti asawatuluse muchitokosi kuchokera kwa Mp Jappie.

  16. CITIZEN says:


  17. chatonda says:

    That is how low our police can think to protect someone who looks clever when he is a fool. This is short lived and God is watching.

  18. Mkwapu says:

    Japie politically finnished

  19. In the first place what was the minister doing there.?????

  20. Patriot says:

    Mwayetsa mukunamiza ana eti?
    1. Jappie yamba kufuna funa Constituency yina, chifukwa 2019 SUZAWINA.
    2. Uzikhala ku Lilongwe konko, kuno usabwere.
    Chizeleza iwe.

  21. KARU UNITED says:

    Kuzolowera kudya ku maliro nanga anthu kuthamangitsidwa ayi ndiyike nkhata basi.

  22. VYOTO says:

    Police can never be trusted whenever DPP is in power, late Robert Chasowa case already proved that. The unprofessional Police Service or whoever are just digging the political grave of Honorable Jappie Mhango, he will soon be very unpopular in the Northern Region and in his constituency in particular.

  23. DR.CASHGATE says:

    A galu a police it is clear here kuti the arrest was politically motivated, tizakumvani DPP ikachoka m’boma kuti amakugwiritsani ntchito pa za ndale.

  24. Woyera Kamasula says:

    Tumbuka names. Accused Msiskas, Assaulted, Msiskas. Looks more of a family affair. But shame to MCP and PP Mps who capitalised on their ignorance to cause havoc in parliament on an issue that was not true. It looks like this sensational, emotional and reactive politics is the order of MCP and their supporters. Where I work I struggle to pump sense in MCP followers, some educated indeed but thier behaviour so emotiona, arrogant and rude as their leader of opposition, Jessie and some zombie MPs. All this because of Abusa. One may say I hate him but not. Ask Abusa will tell you the docttrine of anointing, that trickles downwards. So if the top brass of MCP is full of madeya politicians, the rest of the followers are equally myopic madeyas as well. It’s unfortunate that up to now, they don’t realise that they are not a force to reckon with. I kept on telling them the same before 2014 elections koma makani ngati othena mbuyawos. It’s true that ukamafa mumayamba kugontha ndi nkutu. Mudzaona 2019 misonzi yakeyo.

  25. Mbuya says:

    Shame on your

  26. Mwawanthu mweee!!!!! says:

    Don’t rush you nyasatimes in writing your news.

  27. truth says:

    OK. niow tell us about the truth you have found out about Njaunju’s gruesome murder.

  28. Andrew Obama says:

    Did I hear that Mhango participated in MCP primaries? Now he is DPP….what a hypocrite

  29. Konza Chapasi says:

    Especially when you come with the report to say that the findings of the warehouse report which cought fire where MEC was keeping used voters materials has nothing to do with the DPP government , who can trust you our Malawi Police ?

    Dausi and his team were the main archetic of the whole evil. They traveled to Nchesi the same night to hire a welder the same night in order to protect , seal and stop people from entering the burned warehouse . What can you tell the nation. We can’t trust DPP government . We don’t want the same wroten MEC to be conducting elections in Malawi , they don’t have Malawians at heart but money comes first to the butch of these dunderheads of MEC .

    Donors can not either trust DPP government because they are aware that they are crooks and theivies to an extent of going to break the donors houses in order to steal cash gate audit report.

    Don’t give these DPP guys any tambala until they finish their five year term , after that they should come and rig again in 2019 , that will be the time when they will be fighting among themselves.

  30. SONG says:

    Correct no 1 its not good to arrest people because Jappie is minister without fortfolio. Remember it is not good to victimise people like that. I love Police but Idont love police idiots who listens to poilticians.

  31. bodza lekani says:

    Uyooo wabisala mmbatata msana ukuoneka kkkkk

  32. Maclared says:

    Guys, I was there when the two incidents took place. I know the late Tasokwa and the kids. Point of collection. Those arrested are the late Tasokwa’s elder brother’s sons. (Stanley). None of Tasokwa’s was involved in beating Cheketa nor in chasing the minister.

    Secondly it is not the villagers who chased Jappie away from the funeral service, but rather Stanly’s sons. Tasokwa’s sons were the ones who were restraining Stanley’s sons in chasing the minister.


    Bwinotu mungatelemuke kuti telemu gada phiiiiii

  34. komkobb says:

    Zabodza police.mwachuluka mbuli in police. Show us medical report.

  35. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Stupid Mr. Gondwa. Who are you fooling?No any same Malawian can pay attention to what you have said. Have you ever heard of this adage that goes to say ”you can’t bite the finger that feeds you” Mr. Gondwa. In this case the finger is Jappie Mhango’yo mbuzi inzako. Bushiiiiiit zako Gondwa wanva? Pankholo pako. Ndiwe phetelele wachabe chabe,apilikene? Pomaliza ndikutinso mavuzi ngaa tonde wamva?

  36. Patrick Phiri says:

    Clearly biased reporting against Hon Mhango. What do reporters gain by twisting stories? Why not just report the story without taking sides?

  37. The Analyst says:

    “Do you see someone who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than for them.” – Proverbs 29:20

    Did we not tell this MP to be orderly and first do his homework by asking people living close to late Msiska’s place about these mishappenings before bringing the issue to parliament? See now? Let our actions not be mistaken for evil intentions. Know that . . .

    “The devil takes a hand in what is done in haste.” – Turkish Proverb

    We should also not ignore the much wisdom from nature and everything around us . . .

    “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

    “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.” – A.A. Milne

    As such . . .

    “Never be in a hurry; do everything . . . in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if the world seems upset.” – Sir Francis Sales

  38. levelheaded says:

    Tell those foolish opposition MPs in parliament. They go there with nothing to contribute to the country only to show their hatred on the youthful and smart DPP minister”Japie Mhango”.

    Kumuda nzanu chomcho a Kamlepo? Tikamati Kamlepo ndi wamisala tikunama?

  39. Peter Ibu Lhomwe says:

    Who can trust Malawian Police Officers Mr. Gondwa? You are the same people who told us Robert Chasowa had committed suicide and thT he left a suicide note. To hell with police officers who behave like young democrats.

  40. Ngolongoliwa says:

    Will never trust what police is saying. You remember what you reported about the cause of Robert Chasowa’s death? You are now at it again! Chilungamo chioneka basi no matter how long it takes. My advice to police, never again be used by politicians as these will come and go. You never know the three arrested young men will be political leaders in this area and you will worship them for sure! what a shame!

  41. fred Hara says:

    I write on an opinion over the matter, wether the arrest are not connected to politics, it better to withdraw the case because the issue has come at a wrong time where jappi as an MP is also the main actor in a similar story involving the late Msiska. this will ruin JAPPI political endeviours. people will always look at corns and prons ,the positive and the negative, later, the fight wont end well. people will reciprocate by fighting with the goverment.

  42. YAKI says:

    Kamlepo is stupid and not fit to represent people in parliament. He always bring lies to parliament just wasting precious time for meaningful discussions. Mr Speaker do no allow anything immaterial in this august house. Some members have completely nothing to talk in parliament regarding their areas. This is a sign that he smokes chamba before entering the chamber

    1. The Analyst says:

      . . . and not only does he smoke the chamba but he eats it too for breakfast, lunch n dinner. For heaven’s sake, can anyone (with out a crooked mind) think of any sensible agenda that can come from Kamlepo’s mind? Or just his mouth? Nothing! Literally nothing! Yet such people are expected to make decisions that will move this country forwards? Mhh!
      . . . put forth any serious agenda into parliament e.g. reviewing our archaic laws! The only thing you will hear from Kamlepo is a very loud and deafening silence. But bring forth a silly rumour that govt plans to move the northern part of lake Malawi to Nsanje; Kamplepo will be the first one to jump from his seat and grab the neck of the one making the report. Chaos basi!
      . . . Kamlepo is a man who uses his ears more than his mind. And his mouth more than the ears and the brain combined! And the result is chaos n disorder.
      . . . sadly the chaotic, confused, disorderly or dishonest, do not develop a country. We need serious minded-people in parliament. Honestly!

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