Malawi Police concerned with towers vandalism

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) says it is concerned with the growing cases of people vandalizing TNM towers across the country.

Matinga: Stop vandalism

Matinga: Stop vandalism

Commissioner for Southern Region Police, Wilson Matinga, said during a Tikhale Tcheru TV programme on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Television (MBC TV).

Matinga said the country could not develop if the increasing cases of vandalism were not checked.

“Vandalism is happening time and again, we need to unite and change this. The problem is serious and it needs to be address before it is too late,” said  Matinga.

He urged the general public to work closely with law enforcers by providing information and names of suspects who vandalise towers.

Criminals have been vandalising TNM towers especially by stealing batteries, a development that results in network failures when users want to communicate with others.

But Matinga assured the general public that the Malawi Police Service (MPS) was ready to work with different communities to end the evil.

In the programme, TNM’s Public Relations and Sponsorship Manager, Limbani Nsapato said his company was heavily affected by vandalism that their expansion initiative is not progressing in the manner it would have been.

“Instead of expanding our network coverage we spend a lot of funds repairing the damaged items resulting in slow business.

“As TNM, we do a lot of corporate social responsibilities and if our transmitters have been vandalized we fail to realize the money that could also help Malawians hence our appeal to the general public to take care of all the properties.

Tikhale Tcheru is a TNM sponsored community policing television programme which is aired on MBC TV.

Meanwhile, some viewers have requested authorities to consider more television stations air the programme so that the messages get across to more Malawians.

“This is a nice programme and it would have been better if more of such were produced by the police. The good thing is that even kids watch and enjoy it and it is important because they know what happens in their parents’ homes,” said a Blantyre based Juliana Chigamba.

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George Lihoma

Inftrastructural vandalising is treated as petty thieving in our country. Oyenelera azamalamulo,please go back to your drawing board muike malamulo okhwima.
To some,its just a mere tower to beautify their area.But to others its real work,that they cannot make their day without signal coverage. This is REAL.


Kunena zoona, TV programme imeneyi ya Tikhale Tcheru, ikuthandiza ndikuyeletsa anthu Mmaso kuti azizindikira zosiyanasiyana za umbanda. Koma mutiganizire nthawi.
Iziwoneka nthawi yabwino

Biti Nthumbwinda

Apolisi, makamaka atraffic, mpaka kukadikirira anthu kwa kudya ku area 13? Kumene kuja ndi malo odyera siwolanda anthu ndalama. Ziganizinire bwino bwino.


Koma walasa!!!

ken makweya

The problem is too serious and some thing needs to be my point of view, these people lack the sense of patriotic,nthawi zonse mavuto ake ndiomweomwewo instead of going forward as a country, we alwalys go two steps back wards. let’s love ourselves by stop tthis behaviour.go go tnm to sensetise the masses


Problem in Malawi is that vandalizing of infrastructure is treated with kid gloves. Many millions are lost and our judiciary just mets out a sentence of 3 months or K10,000 fine. In neighbouring countries, such people are charged with economic sabotage and sent to prison for more than 10 years without option for fine.

Cosmas Mvula

Ngakhale chikondi chimatha mafoni akakhala sakugwira ntchito, si business yokha. Komanso programme imeneyi ndi ya week yatha, week ino yachedwa chifukwa cha HE, tiwona kuti kuli zotani


Weak government, kukhalira kumwa tea mu office tulukani mukagwire ntchito shupid anthu akuphedwa ngati mbalame, Bola kuwononga vima tower than killing a human beings dzulo waphedwa ku Bts lero ku Balaka muli pheeee! Peter what the F…k are doing in the office? Loti watch out the next step will be ur daughter tatopa nanu.


Its always the same story police being passive not proactive. The police really need to step up they game. We had many incidents when you call for assistance and they tell you that you should come and pick them up. Seriously. I am being robbed! You expect the thieves to allow me leave, board my vehicle and come back with Police. I think the army should establish a hotline as it is clear that the Police is failing.


Security has gone down in Malawi and just today my neighbour has been robbed of Plasma screen,and two laptops of which the other one is mine.Shame!


Malawians started with MTL cables vandalism to the extent that the ground phone system is now in a sorry state and now we turn to towers? Are we a cursed state or what?

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