Malawi Police quiz MP over Admarc maize smuggling

Ntcheu West MP Mwayi Kamuyambeni on Saturday morning appeared before Ntcheu police to answer questions on allegations that he was involved in the smuggling of 50 maize from an Admarc depot in the district.

Minister of Agriculture Dr Allan Chiyembekeza.: Blame vendors

Minister of Agriculture Dr Allan Chiyembekeza: Blame vendors

Ntcheu police spokesperson Gift Matewere confirmed Kamuyambeni was summoned at the police station at 8 am on Saturday but refused to give details.

Kamuyambeni said he was called at the police station but was vague on why the police called him.

However district governor for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in Ntcheu Weston Kaphodza Ngozo said the police are investigating the legislator after two Admarc clerks at Ncheu Admarc depot mentioned him in a 50 bag maize deal.

The police had earlier arrested the clerks when they failed to account for the bags of maize, which, Ngozo, alleged, they had sold to the member of parliament whom he said was pressing for 100 bags to distribute to hunger stricken victims in his constituency.

Kamuyambeni was immediately released after the questioning.

Nyasa Times has learnt that some women have resorted to sleeping at Admarc depots in anticipation that scarce staple maize would come and buy at the cheap price of K110 per kg as opposed to vendors who are selling the commodity at K900 per kg.

People at Admarc are allowed to buy not more than 20 kg of maize per person per day.

Minister of Agriculture Allan Chiyembekeza has blamed Admarc officials and vendors for the scarcity of maize in Admarc depots.

Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Felix Jumbe said the situation is dire and government needed to move swiftly to deal with lack of maize in Admarc depots.

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true kaweri

Bvuto ndiloti kumalawi anthu andale amangofuni kupenza chuma cha banja lao kwatha.chimanga chaku admarc si cha dpp,or zipani zosusa,koma ndi cha boma.Zipani zikafuna kupereka kwa anthu awo wo wasatira akaode chao osati ichi.zinthu zimene mkuchitira anthu amalawi muzakolora mbeu yanu.Anthu azibvutika inuyo mtapasana chimanga cha boma,kenanka osamangidwa ndikulimbana ndi cashgate ya kale,pamene imeneyo ndi cashgate yoopya kubera anthu chimanga munthawi ngati imeneyi yobvuta njara mpaka ku likoma thini lafika pa k5,800,pafui k6,000.Chimanga cho si cha Dpp,koma cha amalawi ndrama za boma,boma ili ndi la kubanso kwa mbiri cashgate,koma ndilochenjera kaamba ka president.

Wakwathu Mwana

So bad and unfortunate for beloved brothers and sisters in ntcheu. 100 bags for only one constituency instead of reaching the many hunger stricken citizens of ntcheu boma area. Now all those who are sleeping at the depot shall go home without any single grain. Thats being insensitive and irresponsible for the MP.


What is Felix Jumbe trying to say? The last time he stood on the hill and aploud gvt that it has enough maize on stock, people should not panic, today people are spending 4 days just to buy 10kg of maize, is that not paniciking? For Mwayi Kamuyambeni, my former paster, DPP is where you belong, its where your fellow killers belong


Mwati District Governor’yo ndan? Nanga MP’yo ndani? My foot!!!!! Zofuna a Malawi.

daudi mj

Love of money is the root cause. Our politicians make me laugh if they are really there to serve people kkkkk. Now we are able to judge on our own. That is why there is voter apathy. People have lost trust

Apostle Kennedy Maluwa
Apostle Kennedy Maluwa

Its too bad for the Malawians, this is January what about February? Lets pray to God for good readership.

Man of God

A Jumbe mwatani kodi? Inu nomwe munaima pagulu ndi kumayamikira boma, kumati lagula chimanga chokwanira kotero kuti amalawi tisadere nkhawa. Tsopano lero mukutinso chiani? Msuzi watha?


THE Government should declare no sale of maize by anyone but Admarc. This will solve all problems. Malawi does that chimanga anthu akayamba kudya chikakhwima mmunda. Amati no chimanga chowotcha kungulitsa pa nsika.

2016 welcome

A sick society but always claiming to be God fearing.

Ibu wa Mutharika

The MP is DPP no wonder they have treated him with kid gloves. This buttresses the argument that those in the high echelons of power are spared. Cry beloved Malawi.

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