Malawi President joins hands with JTI to secure tobacco future

Malawi President Professor Peter Mutharika on Thursday  graced  one of the world’s largest cigarrete manufacturers JTI  with his presence when he opened a new warehouse and substantial upgrades to their tobacco processing line at their site in Lilongwe.

President Mutharika and Vice Presidet Chilima being briefed at JTI warehouse

President Mutharika and Vice Presidet Chilima being briefed at JTI warehouse

Vice President at JTI warehouse

Vice President at JTI warehouse

President Mutharika and vice president Saulos Chilima with their spouses pose for a group phot accompanied by JTI officials

President Mutharika and vice president Saulos Chilima with their spouses pose for a group phot accompanied by JTI officials


The investments, worth more than K5 billion, reaffirm JTI’s long-term commitment to the future of tobacco in Malawi.

The newly built warehouse adds additional storage area equivalent to more than two football pitches, while the upgrades to the processing plant enhance quality, productivity and safety.

Speaking at the opening ceremony held at the JTI factory, the President shared the Company’s positive vision for the future.

“This is a great day, not only for JTI, but for the tobacco industry and indeed for Malawi since this investment offers hope to us all that tobacco will still be grown in this country for several years to come,” he said.

Mutharika went on to say that government of Malawi is committed to passing a new law that supports sustainable growing and selling of tobacco, which will protect the livelihoods of the country’s millions of smallholder growers.

For his part, JTI Senior Vice President, Paul Neumann, said the company will continue working towards harnessing Malawi’s potential as a leading producer of the burley leaf: “We applaud President Mutharika in his support of JTI.”

Head of JTI’s business in Malawi, Fries Vanneste, went on to say: “Our approach will improve the profitability of growers and the stability of the Malawian tobacco market. We provide support not only to individual growers, but also invest in entire communities to improve access to water, healthcare, and better education.”

JTI Malawi operations employ more than 1 300 people and works directly with over 11 000 growers.

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20 thoughts on “Malawi President joins hands with JTI to secure tobacco future”

  1. nana phiri says:

    Lets try ganja

  2. Patriot says:

    Za zi
    Ngati kuti ma sacheti (blackberry) sanakwane. Wakufunanso kuwononga miyoyo ya wanthu ndi fodya wakeyo.
    Ndiye muzamumva kuchuluka nzeru misika ikazatsegulira mu Marichi mu.
    Pakali pano azibisala choncho namzemba Chakwera anali konkoyo.
    Ndiye akuti ife tikhale patriotic koma akulephera kumugwira chanza Lazarus.
    Mwina amaopa kuti kungomushekina hand Lazaro, Ziwanda za khala pa msana wa ujeni yu ndani uyu, paja dzina lake ndani uyu, zingatuluke kikikiki

  3. Zoona Phiri says:

    Let us try cannabis sativa (chamba). It is a US$840 billion business. It does not require much water to grow, can grow in poor soils, no need for fertilizer. Its a multipurpose plant. Leaves can be used as a vegetable, stem for fibres or wood energy, seeds for oil. Much of our chamba is low in “high” and good source of nutrients like omega 3 and 6. (These are found only in marine (fish)). Our chamba is mostly low in THT (substance that makes people feel high). It is called “hippes disappointment” because it does not make you high. It has excellent medicinal properties – pain killer, cures epilepsy. It contains substance called CBD while the one which makes one feel high contains THT. Technically not all chamba is bad. There is good chamba which this country must cultivate. Our scientists need to step up and lobby for good chamba. There is NO reported death due to chamba since 4,000 years ago. It is the safest and oldest crop grown by people. However, it gets bad publicity because of the powerful and influential pharmaceutical companies whose major business is selling pain killers. Chamba is the cheapest natural pain killer and a competitor.

  4. bwampini says:

    Iwe bwampini ifetu tufuna uzipanga zimenezi osati jst sitting phwiii/ kumangoyankhula za against JB wamva

  5. pompo pompo says:

    Bravo Government for this great news. All lecturers should go home and start tobacco growing as we are rest assured of market.
    Uku ndiye kubwera


  7. nankhoma says:

    Mungofuna kuwasokoneza alimi. M’malo moti muwauze alimi kuti alime soya. Awatu anasunga kale fodya woti akhala akumusinja kwazaka 5 zikubwerazo.

  8. Jenifa says:

    Koma Chithuzi chapamwambacho mwachiwonetsetsa? Manganya wayamba liti kukhala body guard Wa Pulofesa?

  9. Muchizi John says:

    Tobacco only benefits the buyers not the growers. The only growers who benefit tobacco are non white Malawians like the Galas and company. Tobacco gives us about $360 million annually but the same quantity gives the buyers and manufacturers more than $4 billion. We are real dunderheads being exploited in broad day with our eyes wide open. What a shame to a country that has celebrated 50 years of independence.

  10. Assistance says:

    Change of policy or tired of being holed up in State House? Mpaka kukatsegulila warehouse? Osamatha mau msanga. I am sure APM has realized that visibility is important for the Presidency. I shall continue watching.

  11. Looming desert says:

    Burley tobacco growing is causing too much deforestation. These guys should plant 5 million trees each year else they should be asked to pack and go.

  12. Tengupenya says:

    The mono crop industry cannot be blamed on tobacco. Do not blame tobacco growing today. Open the production of other crop to small holder farmers as well. That is when you will see more of the other crops being grown for export. If you leave that only to monopolies to grow, they will control production quotas. Where tea or other crops do well let small holders join the fray of production as producers too not just labour ears for monopoly commercial producers. But you have to manage the quality strictly.

  13. Kupusa they will continue stealing our tobacco

  14. Amuna ngunda ngunda- aku malowa . says:


  15. Aliphee says:

    Thats not an achievement mr President just end the srikes

  16. Pacharo says:

    VP’s wife zikumukhala bwino

  17. Mpoto says:

    Endi Apitala Mwina Tikhoza Kulima Kwa Nthawi Yayitali.

  18. Mofolo says:

    Talima fodya from timeimmemorial! its time we think of other forex enears. otherwise it will be 100 years of independance but still donor reliant!

  19. James Liuma says:

    The Tobacco industry is a dying industry.

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