Malawi President needs a jet

The President of Malawi–any president of Malawi, irrespective of party affiliation—needs to fly on his or her own jet. Seriously, people, should this even be a matter for debate? Listen, if Madonna, a mere entertainer, can fly on a private jet into Malawi, the President of Malawi, our country’s First Citizen, should be able to fly into London on a private jet.

President Mutharika jets back to Malawi on commercial flight

President Mutharika jets back to Malawi on commercial flight

Now. I know that times are hard. Maybe, we can no longer afford that Dstv package we used to get, maybe we have cut down on groceries, I know. (Oh, that horrible US dollar!) I feel our collective pain. Of course, there is also the politics—that issue about a so-called controversial election—tends to cloud our reason. Look, it is not surprising to me that people need something or someone to blame. This is, after all, politics in tough economic times.

But in a nod to the Biblical prophet Isaiah. “Come now, let us reason together” (Isaiah 1:18 NIV). Let us set aside our economic and political grievances and think, for just a second. Exactly, how is it that the President of Malawi—any president of Malawi, irrespective of party affiliation—is supposed to travel? A ship perhaps or maybe a train for regional travel? Look, if I sound like I am repeating myself, well it is because I am. And you know why I am repeating myself, it’s because I cannot understand why we have taken an issue that should be a matter of national interest and politicised it, or is that personalised it. People seem to be more emotional than rational.

This issue of the jet should not be about who is in government, or even the tough economic times. It should be about how we as a country seek to project ourselves. It should be about our national pride and prestige. We need to take care of our presidents and how they travel because they represent us on the global stage. Do we really want our President to be crammed with the hoi polloi on a commercial flight and wait from two to a dozen hours to connect?

And, no, first class will not cut it! The last time I checked the wait time for a connecting flight is no respecter of first—class passengers. Commercial is commercial, and is not befitting of a president. For my money, the initial mistake was not that we bought a jet, but that we sold the jet after we bought it. Ostensibly, it was to save money. Remind me again what happened to the money we got from the sold jet. Right, exactly! And after we sold that jet, well, the former President travelled on chartered planes. So what was the point? It was just another example of feel-good policies that take us nowhere.

We need to agree, collectively, that the current president and all other presidents that are to come will have to travel abroad from time to time. That is without question. Now, do we really want to be the only country whose president has to be stuck at some airport for hours, waiting for his or her connection? Let us remember that the person who holds the office of president of Malawi is not only the head of government, but also the head of state.

The person who holds that high office is more than the chief executive of the country. He or she is a figure head-a symbol, an emblem even. It is not about the person, it is about the office. The president of Malawi is not the prime minister of some island nation with a population of less than 100 000 people, all of whom happen to be related. We are more than that. We are a proper country with proper borders. We have a rich history of political significance in our neck of the woods.

Come on, people, our first president Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda, once consolidated in power, never flew commercial. He would charter an Air Malawi plane for travel within the region and planes from elsewhere when he travelled overseas. His successors need a jet.

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66 thoughts on “Malawi President needs a jet”

  1. Proffessor Weniweni says:

    Iwe ndichitsiru kwambiri
    ngati suli kumalawi kono sukuyenela kulemba nkhani zakumalawi wava?

    Kuchipatala kulibe zakudya
    Njala yafika pachimake
    Anthu kusowa pogona

    Ndiye iwe kulemba zanzii ngati zimenezi
    ukufuna ulandile mphontho yodziwa kulemba nkhani kapena?

    koma ndiwe opusaka kwambiri, usamala ndizolemba zopusa ngati zimenezo tikusamutsa kuno

  2. Kalima says:

    My thinking tells me that what we want is not the jet…or whatever , what we need are laws (that can be adhered to) governing the usage and disposal of Government’s assets… may agree with me that leaders who came after Kamuzu have been doing as they wished regarding state property….quoting the current leader…he openly said the government is broke and that it wont raise salaries of its civil servants. …from that it can be ironical to cater for the first citizen at a time when thousands are facing a myriad problems. …after all he too can join the private sector. ….private jets are not an issue there….wink;-)

  3. Robin Hood says:

    My dearest Merendehle,
    There’s a thin line between riders and punks. If you are a man of principle then stick to them BUT never try to impose them on others. For all I know your family is rich and I’m certain your relatives are not dying of hunger. Change is inevitable; don’t be short-sighted; tables turn.

  4. Nasan says:

    Amwene ku malawi kuno athu alindinjala muzikamba zazelu athu aza kukhazulani ndikwiyo muziona athu oyikila kumbuyo

  5. Murendehle Juwayeyi says:

    Thank you all very much for your comments on my article. I really appreciate them, especially those that do not agree with my point of view because they make me work that much harder to justify my own reasoning. To those that have resorted to name calling, I appreciate your comments as well. At least you read the article.

    Based on the tenor of the comments above, I get the feeling that some readers totally missed the point of the article. Consequently, I have written another one that will possibly clarify the point of the article. With any luck it will appear, as this one originally did, in the Nation some time soon. Fingers crossed. Naturally, I expect I will get the same level of feedback. Of course, I do not expect to convince everybody, or anybody for that matter. But I can only try. At any rate, the feedback is always much appreciated. Kindest regards, Mure.

  6. myao says:

    Ankolo, muvutikatu muntima inu, let this clueless dude sort the problems at hand then we we can look at how best to reward him, may be just an ordinary plane just to ensure privacy and not necessary a Jet being competed for by world celebrities,totally agree with one saying we need a President and NOT a Presidential plane.At FAM we need an innovative football genius at the helm and not somebody trying to match his height with his period of messing thieving there.

  7. evil person says:

    choyamba ndifunse kaye,kodi walemba iziyu nde utinso uyu,dzina lake lachilendo maganizidwe ake achilendo,is he a Malawian? anyway let’s come to this issue.

    Firstly I could’ve liked to know the following about this author-
    1-how far did he with his education because his writings are very shallow
    2-where is he staying,in Malawi or abroad because he seems like he doesn’t feel how painful Malawian life is currently
    3- how old is he because he seems like he is very immature, naive with very little life experience.

    Now,how can you compare Kamuzu’s era with our country today,you know for sure that the political,economic and social dynamics are totally different.
    And again you are saying we should disregard our poverty and instead show our ego and pride to the world, are you really a serious person? so you mean! people should be dying in hospitals for lack of medicine while our president is shining to the world,what are you smoking my friend.

    This issue of buying a presidential jet should be closed now,we don’t want to hear about this nonsense again.

    There is absolutely no justification for buying a presidential jet in a filthy poor nation like Malawi,Period.

  8. simiao chinguereze says:

    why cant you write about the long awaited cancer centre? Why cant you write about the long awaited Malawi Legal Institute which is failing to open because of 40million MK, why cant you write about the collapsing healthcare system?

  9. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Juwayeyi takudziwa kale ukufuna akusankhe Presidential Press officer ukufuna ulowe m’malo mwa Gerald Viola, koma wagwa nayo man. Ndipo wangotaya nthawi yako kulemba nkhani imeneyi.

  10. timothy says:

    zosavuta bwana agule ndenge ndi ndalama zawo alinazo ndithu ndipo ankhoza kugula azikwera ndipo boma lizipereka pang’opang’ono kwa zaka 10 ndipo or,abank antha kukhala ndindenge boma litha kumalipira kwa zaka 10 ndi chiwongola zanja chotsika zochititsa manyazi ziko ndenge za dziko tilibe ya president tilibe zowona
    tinali ndi bwana masauli analndi ndenge bushiri alindindenge or osamupempha bishiri imozi bwanji ankhoza kperekanso mosavuta has got money

  11. Mtondoli Jionazi says:

    There is no story here. And there has never been any. Let’s move forward.

  12. Sarah says:

    Hardly any European Presidents have planes, they all fly commercial. In England they even use trains to travel around the country. If we are trying to attract donors back to the country it will not look good if the President has a private jet that they cannot afford!

    I think the journalist knows this but is just trying to get a reaction 😉

  13. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Last time I checked Peter was a millionnaire in US Dollars. Why can’t he pay for his own private jet if he doesn’t want to spend time in airports? After siphoning half a trillion MAlawi Kwacha we should go for airplane shopping for a civil servant simply because he is a 43% elected president. What about the collapsing heathcare system, education system, food security, potable water, electricity and many more. Tell him to fix these issues first then we will buy for him the latest airbus 380 which accommodate a thousand plus individuals he can take with to future UN meetings.

  14. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Those who have done elementary economics can better differentiate between a need and a want. The jet doesn’t fall in the category of a need, absolutely not. Let us have our priorities right. Who in this world doesn’t know our current status as the poorest country and yet we want to paint a different picture, really! Even a donor cannot offer a jet to a country to satisfy the luxury of a first citizen whose subjects are swallowed in poverty. The writer of this article has a misplaced sympathy which cannot be shared by many. However, from MSB experience, it may not be surprising to hear that a Jet is already in the country !!

  15. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Mr Juwayeyi, just in case you didn’t have a chance to read an article on the same by Wise One when he gave a thorough lecture on political literacy to a Dr Cedric Ngalande who authored a similar nonsensical article like you have done. This senseless debate of purchasing presidential jet was closed. In fact like others have pointed out, Malawi needs a president and a presidential jet.

  16. Tony says:

    Such an idiot!!!
    One sentence for you… ” value for money..”
    What has APM done to deserve a jet? Except rhetoric! Jah jah jah it’s not for APM yadayada… But what’s more important to you..? Our president’s image to the outside world or patients in hospitals having food and medications? What’s more important to you, citizens being able to afford their necessities or APM taking his whole party gallivanting across the world? If he can take his whole party on outside trips, on your costs of course, what would happen if we give him personal jet? Such an idiot you are. First teach APM how to use money, secondly, teach him to priotise things that are important to Malawians, and a jet is not one of them. We don’t care about the image you want your father to have. We are starving, he gets everything’s for free. Go and have your head checked….!

  17. Funzo says:

    He may need a plane but that does not mean he should have one. I need a haircut but I can live without it.

  18. LogicNotVanity says:

    Your article is a bit laughable, I get the feeling you’re more interested in getting a reaction out of people than putting forward a legitimate arguement.
    Malawi is poor everyone know that, there is nothing we have to prove to the rest of the world. Our head of state with his many assistant make a first class booking on Emirates and trust me that’s better than 98% of Malawian travel. And for those long waits connecting flights you seem so worried about, VIP lounges are a thing at airports these days sir, so our HOS can sit back in there with a whiskey in one hand and notes on economic in the other, he might need the downtime.
    The issue of a private jet is a non-start, its expensive to buy, to operate and to maintain.
    Malawi is the household where the father is fail to feed, educate and take his children to hospital when they are I’ll and you are worried about whether he should drive a Benz or not, priorities good sir priorities.

  19. MR G says:

    Stupid! Mmesa mukuti ndalama kulibe? Koma zoti ndalama mukusewelesazo ndimisonkho ya anthu osawuka mukuganizako? Zimatiwawatu. Zinthu mukungokweza kukama ng’ombe zowonda kale. Driving licence kukweza x2 why? Inu ndalama kumangoseweresa. Inu mukukhala moyo wofewa ndikale yambani mwafewesa moyo wa a malawi . Tikukhala moyo wovutika kwambiri mwamva?

  20. Good Samaritan says:

    Until the economy is stabilised, we are not ready yet to do so.

  21. kuku says:

    Malawi has a lot of money to buy a jet for the president, to provide for medicines in hospitals, to provide bursaries for our children, build roads not just roads but good roads etc. but that money is in the hands of selfish people who feed our politicians who when they are enough they go to sleep and leave the people who elected to positions destitute. politicians have granted contracts to friends and shared proceeds. who does not know. politicians have intervened in the administration of justice. you mean you don’t know. I know that politicians have even not paid taxes and their friends have been assisted to evade tax. if all this was not there where would we be. how much would be in government kitty

  22. Telling the Truth says:

    There is absolutely no justification for a jet. There are other more important priorities than buying a jet. Also Peter Mutharika is the worst performing president. Since he became president in May 2014 the Kwacha has greatly lost value, inflation is at 24% and interest rates over 40%.He has no clue on how to revive the economy.

  23. No need of a jet for someone who doesn’t even know how to improve the lives of those who voted for him.Should also stop travelling outside.Mixiiii.

  24. Alex Likoswe says:

    I thank the boy for raising this issue. It gives us an indication of how people would react if indeed government decides to buy. Thumbs up boy.

  25. Ghadhaffi says:

    Mukukamba apazi ndiye tsono nd nthabwala. Mesa mukumat m’boma mulibe ndalama? Tsono zogulir jet zicoker kt? Kod mwana wolepher mayeso amafupidwanso? Alepher kuyendetsa boma tiwafupenso jet? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Ndiye mwationeleratu. Mmmh owo kugula jet anthu mzipatala akufa siconco? Ayi gulitsani zipatalazo ndi anthu omwewo mukagule jet yanuyo,bola muzalowe nayo mmanda musadzaisiye.

  26. Joseph Moyo says:

    enanu munafa nkuzuka commont mbola chonchi udaliko nthawi ya kamudzu?Mumangova et?Anthu ankavutika chonchi kudali one sauzande ya pepala?Ungayerekeze ndi pano?Udamva mchipatala mulibe mankhwala aphunzisi akulipira fizi.akasiliza sukulu nkumaiwala luso bomalikulephera kuwalemba nchito .atolankhani akuyankhula english(can be able pa radio palibe mukuziwa cha kamuzu mukhale chete kudalibe nsonkho wa VAT)by the way did your president fail to attend to any meeting across the globe due to no jet?But i tell you tikulephera kuwachita convince ana kut sukulu ndi yabwino akut funsa tiphunzire tizikhala pakhomo ngat inu?Pot tikutha kukhala pakhomo ngakhale sitidapite ku xul achoke ameneyu does deserve a jet.kamuzu adalibo.

  27. bingu says:

    Apatseni Jet abambowa angayambe kulira. We can all go fasting to save for the presidential jet. Better still organize fund raising activities. This only if our president starts doing the Magufuli way.

  28. Nasan says:

    Koma mukuziwa ku jet ikabwela timalipila zambili ngati muthu umakhala kwa topwa sungafanane ndi wa ku Namiwawa tiyeni tivomeleze magalimoto ndinyumba 4 zakwana tikafikapo jet tizagula pano aziyenda paka baza yemweyo bola akupita ndikubwelako asova wakula watha

  29. Mkwapu says:

    Apm akuti is very rich
    Agule ndege yake
    Zapa queque zija zaboza staged kuti anataya chikwama fake!!!@

  30. Zambulo says:

    This is a silly article with no tangible facts to back up why the president shed have a jet.

  31. not important says:

    Such an emotion based write up. Jet being justified on the basis of what? swag? image?
    Government has failed to meet the core needs of the Nation and now you want reward incompetence?
    More logic, less boot licking

  32. FootSoldier says:

    Crap from someone with a fake PhD!

  33. OGO says:

    This writer is an idiot and certainly a boot-licker, campaigning for the President didn’t even bother to read the whole first paragraph!!!! This jet thing is a make or break thing for this President. There are a lot of things that need …need investment and a private jet is certainly not one of them priority things…fuck that!!

    Madonna? She works for her money, she earns her money she uses her money. If this idiot president want a Jet, then by all means …let him use his own money to buy it not at the expense of the poor citizens that can’t even afford one month supply of food in their homes on their salaries, no need to go to hospital because even after diagnosis, they cant get medicine…a Jet, having sleepless nights with stupid proposals? Kagwere if its hard and you can’t even humble yourself..then fuck off to where you came from..Go back to the US where you have most of your interest…you toothless, mumbling idiot of a President.

  34. Chimwemwe says:

    Dear writer, I have not read the whole of your article because I think it is trash. Madonna uses a private jet because she can buy it using her own money. She may be a mere entertainer to you but she is filthy rich so she can choose her mode of transport. What is so special with being a head of state of Malawi kuti akhale ndi private jet? For all I care he/she can travel economy like me after all pa airport they are given VVIP so its not like akafola pa mzele ngati ine which of course is also okay. Ever heard of president Jose Mujica?

  35. peter says:

    I think Malawi NEEDS a president NOT a presidential jet! The country is on autopilot.

  36. Peter says:

    Juwayeyi, if you believe that the president NEED a jet as a matter of priority, then do some fundraising and buy him one!
    Now I know that we have BIG problems within us! We fail to differentiate between and a need and a want, unfortunately even those we call intellectuals have not been spared from this disease!
    Come on Dr Juwayeyi!

  37. Kalikokha says:

    Dr Juwayeye Junior is a boy born with a silver spoon, let me go to the villages and see how the poor are leaving may be he will change his stance on the jet issues. I wish we could show each other our tax returns before having an opinion on these issues, we that pay a lot are saying don’t use our money to buy a liability (jet) in this tough economic condition. Grow the economy first , then we can hear your complaints about being inconvenienced by using commercial flights.

  38. Robin Hood says:

    I personally know the reporter from our younger days and putting in mind our upbringing; I’m not amazed that he would advocate for such nosense. How can you buy a jet when there’s no medication in hospitals? No stable power supply in the country? Who are we trying to impress? We are among one of the Highest unemployment rate in africa. And yet you can’t advocate the “east donors” to give more work to our youth. Not ma labourers. Some people were not born with a silver spoon and fortunate enough we are in touch with the grassroot needs. JET? No way!! Why the urgency? Wake up and smell the roses…oops I mean mabilinganya… there’s extensive poverty in the nation and a Jet should not be a priority. Stop justifying your selfish enuendos: our people need stable livelihoods not self-serving propanda.

  39. man says:

    Iwe walemba article imeneyi know this ” you are a masktyr, namachende, idiot, mfiti, stupid more than stupidity itself!” . So you want to show us your dextility by articulating words which are of empty substance? Are you ina Malawi? Go to the hospital and see by yourself how patients are languishing on empty stomachs! Then you can tell us which one should we start buying between a jet or food for patients! Mxiiiiii, iwe ukufunika kufa pogendedwa ndi miyala, maliro ako kukayika ngati maliro a chitsiru.

  40. Kanyimbi says:

    You low level of intelligence is stagering.

  41. Jimbo says:

    The writer of this article must be a DPP politician, if not the President himself. If European leaders can travel on commercial airlines, then so can a President of Malawi. The Kwacha is today trading at 931 to the GB Pound!!! By Christmas it could be 1000 MK to £1. Malawi simply cannot afford a Presidential Jet. No one who is serious about helping the country to get out of the economic mess it is in would ever contemplate buying a private jet for the President now or ever!!!!

  42. jeb says:

    You are one of those idiots clapping for this clown called president for sure. Bingo bought the jet after convincing majority of malawians that he was capable of leading us to greater pastures. What happened afterwards is issue for another day. However this clown called peter does not even deserve to get a fully salary if his performance so far is to be thoroughly evaluated. So Mr, we know that you can write well but choose another subject to sell your skill.

  43. Mwalusya kuvotera wamama winu....kkkk says:

    Mukuvutika nokha2 APM wakambapo za Jet apa busy castigating him….we need medicine ,maize mudzilima mwamva musatibowe ndi ulesi wanuwo.

  44. ben phiri says:

    l thought hd says has money why not buy one personal

  45. Che Sipindulo says:

    Our economy does not allow us to buy a Presidential jet. Let the President find strategies of improving the economy then buy a jet. It is devilish to by a jet when people are dying of hunger and there are medicine in hospitals. Our priorities are up side down thats why we will remain poor forever. Find ways of improving the economy first.

  46. bozwell makaranga says:

    Unless you have been leaving on MARS know that the country is broke and even in the best of times does not have the resource capability to afford a private jet. Regardless of one’s or a nation’s status, the best place to live is within your income. If as a country we can not afford a private plane, then we just have to accept that that is the reality for us!

  47. mgwazo says:

    Why is it that the government pours our scarce resources into ACB yet its of no use to our country. Someone sold a jet and the government or ACB is failing to investigate how that money was accounted for, why is it that the ACB will slumber on issues until the someone is out of Power. I think its high time we considered relinguishing ACB’S Business otherwise its just a waste of our resources. If you look closely it was Muluzi’s plan to bring ACB into existence just to offer employment to his relatives. There has been so much noise in the media about a presidential jet yet no one has taken an initiative of conduct a through cost-benefit analysis for the public to appreciate whether its worth to own a jet or not.

  48. Lyton Magola says:

    Even Prophet Bushiri is now having 2 private Jets, only that Peter munthalika is not like other readers of Africa he is very Hamble, so Malawians don’t take advantage of that, His Office really need a presidencial plane like all other sorroung countries.

    1. Peter says:

      Is he a visiting president who stays abroad and need to frequently come to Malawi to offer his leadership? If they have money for the jet let them buy but that should be done together with improving the economy, education sector and health. Otherwise he will not enjoy flying in the jet. There will be strikes everywhere, people demanding salaries because they will be convinced that the government has money.
      You need to love your president by not offering him advise that will see his downfall!!

  49. Dzimwale wamkulu says:

    WE AS A NATION, SURELY WE NEED A PRESIDENTIAL JET. We have seen mere footballers ie Henry, Becks owning private jets; so what is wrong with us the Nyasa’s…Palibe ndale apa we need the Jet period!!!

  50. Dzimwale wamkulu says:

    Honestly the Big man APM is looking good as our president, the suits are fitting him well,,,long live APM, long live Malawi!!!

  51. Analyzer says:

    1. We talk of the need for a jet but we do not condemn the one who sold it let alone we do not seriously try to hold her to account for her actions. Investigate the deal now as a matter of urgency before you rush to say we need another jet. Are you not surprised that the wicked thief is still in hiding?
    2. Is it not possible to annul the deal and reclaim the jet? I mean as a country and a government aren’t there channels, procedures, courts, laws or organisations that we can exploit to reclaim the jet?
    3. Before all this and if at all not possible, and we still think of the idea of buying another jet, help me answer this question: ‘How many times in a year does our president have serious commitments that he needs to travel?’ I mean serious business issues not that adventurous trips with his villagers and chiefs to New York! How many do we have in a year and if at all they warrant a private jet at his disposal? If it’s less than 10 or 5, then we better go commercial. Cost benefit analysis. Mind you it is costly to maintain a jet and to have someone on salary as a pilot and a co-pilot, etc

  52. Spectator. says:

    Osaaukanso amafuna atadya mpunga wa nkhuku koma chifukwa alibe ndalama amadya nsima yadeya ndi denje. Malawi yasauka singakwanise Jet. Amene zikumunyasa zokwera commercial aircraft asiye udindo. Kholo labwino limavutika kuti ana ake anjoye osakhala kumanjoya ana akuvutika. Umenewo ndi mwikho. Kenakonso nduna azichepesere mafuta from 1000 litres to 450 litres a month. Muchepese kusakaza misonkho yathu ngati chuma cha masiye.

  53. The wisest article ever from DPP this year

  54. msonthi says:

    Nthawi zambiri a Malawi azanga tikuganiza movutika mwina chifukwa cholowetsa ndale pachilichonse. ndegeyo inagulidwa kale tinali nayo yathu koma inu nomwe munati ayi igulitseni ikutithera ndalama itagulitsidwa ndalamazo zinagwira ntchito yanji? ndipati pamene panatukuka mMalawi muno chifukwa chogulitsa ndege?

    Moyo umenewu mutamapanga kunyumba kwanu ndikukhulupilira mukhala osaukabe mpaka moyo wanu onse. ndizoona mtsogoleri wina akabwera akhale okonza zinthu wina akabwera kudzangoononga basi? Malawi zaka 50 dziko lingamaoneke chomwechi? Inuyo pazaka zanuzo monga mukukwanitsidwa kuti zinyhu zinayenera kukhala chonchi?

    inunso amabungwe mukusokoneza ufulu wamunthu mMalawi muno mukudya ndalama za azungu kuti mukondweretse azungu uku mukupha abale anu munjira ya maufulu zoipa izi. Mmalo moti dziko lipite patsogolo inu amabungwe mukubweretsa chisokonezo mudziko mwadzadza zoipa zokhazokha chifukwa cha inu. tiyeni tilikonde dziko lathu.

  55. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    Do we have any national pride and prestige when the whole nation does not have drugs in hospitals? You have got to be joking. Afterall, if the president managed to travel to Malta and London on commercial flights, it means he can still do it and save money for drugs. He didnt die traveling on commercial flights? He still managed to get there and return. DO NOT CHEAT US HERE COS WE DO NOT NEED A PRESIDENTIAL JET.

  56. super mario says:

    Please nyasatimes stop giving space to these articles on malawi leader needs a jet. We are tired of it. No one is refusing the president a jet. Its the economy that is denying him. So stop this stupid propaganda. Jet is a luxury, some people need maize right now, some need medicine in hospitals. WINA AKUSOWA CHIMANGA POMWE WINA AKUSOWA JET, WHO DO YOU ASSIST FIRTS? BY THE WAY GO TO MALYSIA THERE ARE THREE JETS WHOSE OWNERS CANT BE TRACED. PITANI AKAKUPATSANI IMODZI. GO TO SLEEP MULENDEHLE JUWAYEYI

  57. Wakawama says:

    Do you know how much money can the government serve if the president use the private jet? Osamangususa zili zonse anyani inu. Ngati money yogura jet ilipo basi gulani. Mavuto enawa ndi achibadwa. Vuto losowa mankhwala muzipatala ndilakalekale even nthawi yakumuzu. Zilizonse timafuna zaulele ndichifukwa chake umphawi suzatha. Maiko ambiri otukuka kulibe zipatala zaulele amalipira kungoonana ndi doctor komaso mankhwala amachita kugura. Koma kuno timafuna mankhwala aulere komaso zakudya zaulele. Malawi dzuka chonde.

  58. Malawi says:

    Akufunikadi ndege

  59. makito says:

    Is this a decampaign strategy for APM, or DPP is indeed poised to buy the jet?

  60. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    If the ppresident of ireland can fly to Malawi in a commercial airline, then Malawi president can fly in a commercial airline. He’s to old anyway and maybe should just retire instead of whinge,

  61. Ameneyo says:

    Outdated nkhani. I for one do not buy it. If the writer of this article can afford it, let him/her buy or hire the jet for HE and also pay for the jet fuel. Maybe the writer of the article does not visit places such as Queens, CK hospital etc..

  62. nalimata says:

    If you want to know where the money of the jet went, please do not look far. Ask Shyley Kondowe…Joyce Banda’s Chief of Strategy and Tactics! Don’t be fooled…Shyley pocketted the money…check it if you can and you will find his finger prints all over the Jet sale!

  63. Prince Edward rsa says:

    After pitala the government will look into it when pitala finish paying back 577billion plus 92billion then not now

  64. Peter says:

    They are other planes and modes of transport the president can use. After all why should the head of state be pomped up in such bad economic situations at the mercy of other people’s lives. Is the president more important than an ordinary Malawian that we should all sacrifice for him. No!! The sacrifice for him this far is already enough. He is there to work not show us his presidential jet.

  65. Truck says:


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