Malawi President yet to give bank accounts consent for verification

President Peter Mutharika is yet to give letters of consent to local journalists to examine details of his US bank accounts, five days after he challenged them to do so to prove he was already super rich before he ascended to the presideny.

Mutharika: Super rich

Mutharika: Super rich

His press office on Monday tossed Nyasa Times from one office to another when we wanted to get the consent letters which would have allowed us access his US bank accounts which have been at the centre of heated debate since his recent tantrums.

Some of his officials at State House even feigned ignorance that the head of state made the statement at a press briefing on Thursday at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe characterised by Mutharika’s unusual high tempers and fury, arrogance and intolerance.

“I was already a millionaire when I returned to Malawi from America. You can check my bank accounts in New York,” he said.

Mutharika had lived and worked in US for 40 years before returning to Malawi in 2007, two years after his late brother Bingu ascended to the presidency on United Democratic Front after former president Bakili Muluzi handpicked him.

“My salary is only K1.4 milion , I was making 10 times that when I was out of the country,” he said hitting at his critics who say he is extravagant and insesitive to the country’s dire economic situation following his unpopular decision to charter presidential jets on his endless globetrotting and take with him a historic larger than life delegation to the UN in the US.

According to the President’s declaration of assets to the office of director of public officers, he has over US$8m in two bank accounts in the US.

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40 thoughts on “Malawi President yet to give bank accounts consent for verification”

  1. MaKopa says:

    This man is crazy tell us the truth not the lies, we Malawians we poor but we are not that stupid.You are just reflecting your stupidity. We know you are trying hard to hide the billions your brother stole and you are stealing from the poor at the same time insulting us. Good God is watching us and will save us soon

  2. Peter Truman says:

    If the president says he was super rich when he returned and was earning 10 times what he is earning, I think its a lie. Had it been that he returned to take in the power of presidency, I would have agreed he left the big salary for power but when he returned he wasn’t a president . it means he was earning far less that what he is earning now. No foolish man would drop his salary for nothing.

    They had a plan then to steal from the poor Malawian e.g the 92 billion kwacha they stole with hs brother.

    These Mutharikas don’t appreciate. His brother couldn’t appreciate that Muluzi handpicked him. Then he turns against Muluzi. Eish these educated salvages.

  3. Phwado says:

    “MOST OF THE PROFESSORS HAVE BUT LITTLE OR NO MONEY.THEY SPECIALIZE ON TEACHING KNOWLEDGE,BUT THEY DO NOT SPECIALIZE ON THE ORGANIZATION ,OR THE USE OF KNOWLEDGE.”page 78 of THINK AND GROW RICH book by Napoleon Hill,the most influential man in the area of personal success technique development.Bcoz of his book ,influential and most famous and powerful people the world has ever had emerged such as Henry Ford,Theodore Roosevelt,Wilbur Wright,King Gillette,Thomas Edison,John D.Rockefeller,Dr Alexander Graham Bell and all those millionaires.So Peter Mutharika,the so called super rich is a first grade liar and thief.

  4. Gift says:


  5. YONA says:

    Arthur Muthalika zakukanika iwe shupit

  6. Banda says:

    Take from me sangapereke ma account details uyu…anali ndani chipanda Bingu kuba ndalama za aMalawi nkugailako APM

  7. APM says:

    Awa alemera chifukwa cha abale awo anafa aja anaba zambiri ndiye anawagailako….USELESS PETER ARTHUR MUTHALIKA

  8. Umziya says:

    A Kapenandiye, dont stop Nyasa times from doing their job. We should know how much he had two years before he landed in Malawi after 40 years in USA. We have proof he could be lying. His late brother analibe chilichonse yet he stayed very long outside. Sankayendetsa ka minibus ku Lilongwe???? Sankangoyenda bawo ku Lilongwe amene aja??? Nyasatimes please do your job

  9. kapenandiye says:

    Nyasatimes u r wothless and disgusting. Does it not make sense that he was alredy a millionare before he came to malawi?. How many dollars make a million kwacha?. Umbulitu mukuonetsawu. If joyce banda as a millionare in 90s. U r reducing yoursef to nothing at all; Just see how many comments. Zomvetsa chisoni, zaumbuli, zopanda mutu.

  10. Chifake says:

    A Peter! How much was his first house he bought if he didn’t get into trouble with Malawi housing (I chek)
    Malawi please do your own research before nodding to everything. We were told that prof. Peter Mtharika taught Barack Obama that claim is unfounded (check)
    Professor of law; I need Someone to challenge me whether our leader has published any article internationally for him to qualify (check)
    If the claims are true regarding his wealth then why can’t he justify by giving jenos access to his US bank accounts (check)

  11. Chidaba ichi. Ifenso takhalako kunja koma US$8 million is on the higher side. Even US$ 1 million is not easy to make and save as a teacher. Kungoti a Malawi kupusa zedi. Zitsiru zidachuluka m’dziko muno. Timalola bwanji nyama yotchonayi kumatizunza chonchi?

  12. The Only Democrat Left says:

    If the dunderhead Mutharika has nothing to hide let him make public his tax returns to US authrities and MRA. For these will prove whether he was a poor Professor, a millionaire or a billionaire. This Professor of thieves and looters who anointed himself as President by rigging is trying to mislead journalists in Malawi.
    Dunderhead Mutharika is now shaken and like his dictator brother Bingu wa Galuu is trying time with his lies so let us continue to put pressure on the aspiring dictator
    Mutharika for then he too may be rushed to hospital like Bingu was and that will be the end of the aspiring dictator.

  13. baba says:

    Apeter ndiwosesa kulemenela kwake amathandiza ndani? Sopano azipanga wuchisilu. Chifukwa .wosakhala ku us komweko Bwanji kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wuprofesor leadership skills. Shame

  14. levelheaded says:

    Dyetsani mjomba, u mean having a house worth a staggering k260 million is not being rich. Which planet are you living in.

    1. Dyetsani Njomba says:

      The property belongs to the bank until it is fully paid for. Rich people own fully paid for property. Yes I have property in excess of K500 Million equivalent and I don’t consider myself rich. I am just credit worthy. Mmene kukomera kunjakuno, there is no way I can come to Malawi even if you guarantee that I will be president.

      My worth is the value of what I have less liabilities. Osamatumbwika ndi zinthu za ngongole.

  15. chris says:

    why he didn’t say this when he was campaigning asiileni amene akuziwa za mbiri ya amalawi

  16. losco says:

    Its a disgress now to be called a Malawian. For how long shall we be attaching our Head of state on the expence of pleasing Chakwera who Will fall the same if indeed he is part of those championing this nusty rebellion against our elected President. Shame on Malawi!

  17. chipie says:

    Munthuyu ni millionair kuyambira kale. Choncho umphawi sangaudziwe. Akuyenera kukhalaxo m’dziko muno kwa zaka 40 kuti audziwe umphawi. Choncho, akuyenera kut atule pansi udindo kut amene akuudziwa umphawi wadziko lino ayendetse dzikoli.

  18. BigMan says:

    Malawian journalists surely have way too much time on their hands! Almost an entire month of worthless talk about the UN trip, not a single story about the discussions that took place there but who went there? Thats gutter journalism.

  19. levelheaded says:

    Andrew fatch, ukunena zowona. U make me lough out my lungs. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  20. Dyetsani Njomba says:

    Buying a house does not mean you are rich. It only means you are credit worthy. My house is worth US$500,000.00. I pay every month from my salary. No where does it say the house was bought without a mortgage.

  21. Andrew Fatch says:

    Worst ur time talking instead of working. Why looking at somebody’s riches what r u going to benifit?Ndinu aja mumakhala mphepete mwamiseu mkumagawana magalimoto odutsa.kkkkkkkk

  22. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    As if those accounts really exist… Munthuyu analibe kanthu mmene ankabwera ku Malawi kuno.. Asatinamize apa… How come Southern Region Football League which he sponsored failed to progress due to lack of sponsorship? It only needed MK5 million but Mr Sponsor did not have that money. He abandoned the league. Lero nde adzitiyimba kuti he was already a millionaire, zabodza basi….
    If you really love this country Mr President, you wouldnt chatter a plane to US when ADMARC is selling rottenm maize and when hospitals are lacking drugs. You are worried as to what people will say for you to wait hours for connection flights. Am sure there are direct flights from South Africa to New York which would be cheaper than chattering your Mapwevupwevu plane. Even the Dream liner in Ethiopia would ably accommodate you on a business class than chattering a plane which costs money that Malawians would benefit from.
    Am sorry to say this but soon Malawi shall be sounding a RED CARD to you Mr President because you have failed the nation because of lacking priorities and foresight.

  23. hisbolla says:

    Garu ameneyu kkkkkll

  24. Nathan says:

    Ndi ndalama zomwe amaba ndi mchimwene wake zimenezo! Asatinamizepo apa!

  25. Mr Dowa says:

    Kikkkkkk koma kuteroko?

  26. levelheaded says:

    Cardet 1, I have been to america several times. Buying a house at $250,000 in 1982 can’t be underarmed. Infact buying a house of that value in those years means the president was already rich long time back. Most Malawians think when you have money you should put on expensive suits and drive in expensive cars that will spot you from the rest. In america you can’t spot millionaires from the less privileged because they all use subways for transport, they all eat in the same MacDonald’s restaurants etc.Malawians think better only when they travel that’s why only matchonas can rule this country better. Mind you, 40 years of working as a professor is not a joke. You can even save quarter of that amount here in our universities.

  27. Clement says:

    You want bank account for verification then Robb him? No need to give you and you don’t deserve or else if indeed you’re real journalists make your own findings in USA. You must also know that the president talked much ‘coz of anger and there is no brake when you are furious.

  28. defender says:

    * my salary ndi 1.4 million kwacha, l was getting 10 times that* zimenezi analankhula pa press conference yomweija? imene tayichita downloadiyi ndikumaibweleza enanu mukalankhula? simukumva kuyabwa koma kkkk kunama kwasanduka gospel

  29. Truck says:


  30. nkhedu says:

    Inunso atolankhani kodi palibe nkhani zina? Leave this useless herbivore alone.Olo mutani palibe chitachike coz mtundu uwu ndi wa ntudzi maka akamalamba.

  31. ellard says:

    Tiyeni nawonimatchona anuwo munawankha nokha pano mukulira nawo a Malawi tulo basi

  32. time wasters says:

    You mean sone of you were even giving a benefit of doubt to what this bimbo of a president says? A lecturer in USA cant be that rich,that money is the one bingu stole from malawians,malawians,we are too docile,and peter knows that,atleast my conscience is clean i did not vote for this robot of a president,now some dpp handclappers have started seeing what we the wise were afraid of if this bimbo was elected as president,now everyone is feeling the pain.This cunt must be impeached,allowing him to proceed for even another year from now is too much,as a country we cant stand his stupidity,.

  33. chivwamba says:

    There is no such money. In US people retire and stay in Nursing homes. If u were employed u contribute to what they call 401K for your retirement benefits otherwise to be a millionaire its either you won a jackpot or a musician or a movie actor. You can work for a 100 years you can never save to become a millionaire. This president is not honest. Imoeachment procedures should follow. From the way Chakwera speaks I guess he has lived in the US. He should be in a better posotion to know that APM is not honest with himself. Parliament for once check the constitution if the president is found to have lied to the Nation what happens. I know America would impeach. How about us?

  34. Hede says:

    You stole a MHC for cheap. If you were rich why did you still that house. Fact is you never had any property until you joined politics and acquired worthy thru cashgate.

  35. orila says:

    Give the consent munanena nokha baba

  36. Denil Phiri says:

    My fellow Malawians just go to Parliament office and get his file when he was MP and Minister if what he is saying is true.
    This man came in 2007 staying at State Lodge using government vehicles , had only 3 suits zotiwa ngati izo.
    Of he was Siper Rich , why didn’t he build a house in the cities even kwawo alibe nyumba.
    Both funerals (Ethel & Bingu) was displayed countrywide buying time to complete the mansion.
    Thanks to Morta Engel for building the mansion.
    He grabbed 2 MHC houses in Area 10 & Nyambadwe.

  37. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:

    Bwampini uyu is externslising forex. He cant give you consent letters after all you know how crooks operate.

  38. Few good men says:

    Anali osauka uyu akunama. Zomwe anaba Bingu zinatsala ndi iye. Analibe chilichonse.

  39. cadet 1 says:

    He was putting on big and old jackets as if he wasn’t from America, so which super rich is he talking about, how can a super rich person declared a cheaper house in America? His house is around $250,000 according to American Standard it is not a mansion at all

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