Malawi starvation getting worse: 2 children die after eating poisonous cassava

Two children have died in Dedza after eating poisonous cassava as their parents were away searching for food, the first known recorded deaths connected directly to hunger in Malawi.

Admarc sleep-over: A photo by Daily Times shows people are being forced to spend nights at Admarc depots just to access the grain. This is Zingwangwa Admarc in Blantyre on Monday night

Admarc sleep-over: A photo by Daily Times shows people are being forced to spend nights at Admarc depots just to access the grain. This is Zingwangwa Admarc in Blantyre on Monday night

Mtakataka police station officer in charge Goodwin Sambo confirmed the two deaths at Mua, saying another child is battling for his life at Mua mission hospital.

“Their parents were away in search of food when they three children were very hungry and ate the poisonous cassava,” he said.

Sambo said the cassava is not supposed to be eaten raw but due to hunger, the three children hastily ate it.

He identified the dead children are Adidi Tembo and Pemphero from Nkumbi village in the area of chief Kachindamoto in the district.

The two deaths occurred exact time minister of Agriculture Allan chiyembekeza was assuring Malawians at a news conference in Lilongwe that the country has enough food.

Chiyembeka  said the government has just bought 50000 metric tonnes of maize from private traders and Auction Holdings Commodity Exchange.

“The only challenge we had was logistics because we had three parallel programmes running the same time requiring the same vehiclles,” said Chiyembekeza.

His comments sharply contradict that of Finance minister Goodall Gondwe who just a week ago said the government is struggling to raise K3.5 billion to buy extra maize for the country.

The Catholic church through its social agencies has said the government should come out in the open and declare there is no maize.

The church’s director of social development, Casten Mlume said the government should just say the truth than start politicking on the matter.

“The maize is not there. People are struggling at Admarc depots to get maize, they are staying for seven days or over day and night. There is simply no maize in this country,” said Mlume who oversees Catholic Development Commission (Cadecom), CCJP, Catholic Education Commission, Catholic Health Commission.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi starvation getting worse: 2 children die after eating poisonous cassava”

  1. No Matanyula in Malawi says:

    This is not a platform for making comments on Gay Issues. If you are the ones come out of the cacoon so that we can slaughter you. Gay gay where gay? Zoputsa basi. without abambo ndi amayi anu kugonana bwenzu mulipo inu? Chamba basi.

  2. Gogo Ntela says:

    Spot on Shakira # 17. These so-called Malawi Christians do not even know that God is all-loving and they claim to be Christians. Jesus was a friend of a prostitute whom people wanted to stone, he was a friend of prisoners, was a friend of the weak but Malawi Christians say ‘kill them!’ in the name of religion. God can not bless such a country of hypocrites, ufiti uli thoo! Homophobia in the 21st century. And you look at somebody who can access internet it means kusukulu anapitako koma kuganiza mwa primitive what about a villager. A nation of fools. The root of Christianity is LOVE, may be the other religion of suicide bombers can be understood poti iwo kupha ndi kukhala kwawo and after all their religion is primitive but Christians shud not be mis-using this mighty name and be HATERS

  3. chimwemwe says:

    APM please watch out Chuka, he is a PP boy, he is casuing economic chaos by devaluing the kwacha so DPP can get unpopular and PP wins the next election. You need to get this Chuka guy out then only economy and kwacha will stabilise, Chuka ndi yamat wa PP

  4. tulo amalawi says:

    lets fight donors have to be back or die.they may claim maize is available but but but it is expensive. just come out on 577 and liberate malawians

  5. Excellent says:

    Three parallel programmes at once that needs the same vehicles. which one do you think is more important than distributing maize to the needy. NOSENCE. bwanji mumalankhula ngati simunavale. udzandilankhulisa pa mbali mwana wa bakha iwe

  6. shakira says:

    Can you guys help me on this: Here is a country were religion RULES, churches plenty with bible based homophobia! why do you suffer then? Why would a loving GOD, you guys are following to the last detail abandon you? In europe, there is more food in dust bins than maize in your lilongwe silos, yet we DON’T CARE ABOUT JESUS, We tolerate gays, wouldnt this suggest that GOD IS ALL LOVING AND LOVES GAYS AS WELL?

    1. Achimidizimidzi says:

      Ha! ha! ha!. Only fools can say that. Don’t waste time relating the two evils. And say nothing about the love of God because you seem not understand it.

      Just as a hint for you, human beings are equal before God and He does not respect a person, you better do change your perception before its too late.

      Where did you hear that God will be doing gardening for Malawians? Don’t you think Malawians need to utilize the resources that God gave them as intellectual beings?

  7. mtochi says:

    Bolaso Bakili anali ndi chifundo amwene koma izizi kaya.

  8. Ramsy says:

    Foolish government

  9. vn says:

    Mu ufumu Wa olamulidwa ndi yesu njala sidzakhaposo

  10. thom says:

    Thid has been caused by poor economic situatiuon. If kwacha was strong malawi could afford to bring in more mazie but because of devaluation malawi cannot afford to buy enough Maize. this is due to our Finance minsiter Goodall gogo mugabe

  11. .... says:

    May the blood of these innoncent children be on DPP’s hands of shame

  12. lipenga says:

    I support a coup against this clueless government called mulakho was alomwe.

  13. Jinack Chinula says:

    May the souls of the innocent children rest in peace.

  14. Toad says:

    Surprisingly, mathanyura said no malawian is going to die of hunger. Just yesterday Unandi Banda and his eroded civil society held stupid state- sponsored press briefing fooling malawian that the president bear no blame for the current problem we are in. You cannot blame everybody . Unandi are you telling the nation that villagers should be blamed because maize cannot be transported to all admark dept?

  15. Mulopwana says:

    And according to the DPP government: ‘These children have not died due to hunger because nobody will die of hunger in Malawi. They have died because they ate poisonous cassava. Everything is under control. They is a lot of food in Malawi. In fact we do not need Zambian maize flour. It is flooding our already congested maize/flour markets.’ Signed: Mulopwana

  16. Kilo says:

    Kodi manyazi mulibe mukamanamiza anthu.chimanga kulibe basi u hav failed ur respobility

  17. mkuluzikaoneka says:

    Reading the statement that there is enough maize and at the same time someone is saying the government is straggling to raise billions to buy extra maize.Swallow your pride and come out ,tell the world that we are dying.Dont look into your fridges and your store rooms only look at vast malawians

  18. ELlias says:

    Very sad news

  19. Webster Bingu M'nthalika says:

    No one under DPP administration will die of hunger

  20. Lupwito says:

    APM ali busy ati kukweza maudindo anthu akufa ndi njalawa ashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my Malawi.

  21. Sapitwa says:

    Eating to death of this “Masangwi” cassava has happened many times in the past. It has always been due to carelessness on the part of the parents leaving such poisonous cassava in the open. The parents should be charged of capable homicide for this. It is as a result of their negligence as an immediate cause.

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