Malawi students face ‘cruel’ life in India: Appeal for help

Malawian students – two ladies and seven young men -who are pursuing various degree programs at Pune University in India under the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Scholarship have come out of the cocoon and are complaining about appalling conditions and horrendous environment  they have been subjected to since they started their studies last year.

Chimimba: We are really suffering

Chimimba: We are really suffering

They are therefore appealing to well-wishers to come to their rescue saying they have stayed three months now without receiving their monthly stipend and “we are really suffering.”

The student’s representative, Sosten Chimimba told Nyasa Times that they arrived at the university mid 2014 fully aware that the scholarship was fully funded with a monthly stipend of 10000 rupees {approx. $160.)

“We were assured of full medical cover in case of an accident or an illness; we however later learnt that they only pay for about 17% of the entire hospital bill.Hospitals in India are extremely expensive. We have to pay for our stationery, examination fees, and annual college admission fees.”

He said for those who are doing Bsc they have to pay an additional 7000 rupees on their own.

“Besides this, the cost of living in Pune City is very expensive. We do not stay in hostels, rather we stay in private apartments which are so expensive and far from our respective college campuses, some as far as 15kms. Public transport like buses and trains is not a better option due to overcrowding and  not safe for foreigners especially girls. The only reliable option is the use of auto rickshaws also often expensive to foreigners,” he says.

Chimimba says they complained this to ICCR,but  were told  point blank that the institution  cannot raise the  stipend and instead advised the Malawian students to consult their government representatives.

“We contacted the High Commission in Delhi and this led to the visit by the Deputy High Commissioner Dr .L.Mbilizi  in February when we presented our petition to him.”

Chimimba says, in the petition, the students asked the government “to at least give us a supporting emergency assistance of $2,000as we had exhausted the little money that we had brought and that we were surviving on debts from our fellow African students who get little support from their governments. We also asked the government to arrange for us a periodic back up of about $250 every three months.”

According to Chimimba, two months later members of staff at the High Commission in Delhi sent them $400 to share.

“However, attached to it was a phrase saying that the money was not a grant but rather it was a loan and that we had to repay within a period of two weeks although we had never asked for a loan from the High Commission.

“It proved to be hard and we literally failed to repay. They gave us extreme pressure to the point of using strong language and threats. We were shocked and failing to understand that our own government officials who are meant to safeguard our welfare abroad are antagonizing us.

“Two weeks later the First Secretary sent us an email stating that the officials in Delhi held a management meeting and that they resolved not to give us any financial assistance because we had proved to be ungrateful and unreliable. We learnt this with bitterness but we had to swallow it,” says Chimimba.

He says the students are currently in dire need of at least $4,200 they believe would help them get out of the embarrassing and painful situation by settling the debts that are accumulating day by day and the $400 at High Commission.

“The money will also help us to buy basic necessities like stationery and food”.

He says anyone willing to assist them should contact them through the following email addresses:

([email protected]), [email protected]., [email protected],

[email protected]   and [email protected]

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48 thoughts on “Malawi students face ‘cruel’ life in India: Appeal for help”

  1. Kwangwagwa says:

    But you are too old to be in school. When and how long will the government of Malawi benefit from you. Zaulere ndi choncho. Yambani maganyu konko oseta nkhalamba. Foolish Fools.

  2. Thobwa says:

    If you read this message please answer the following questions… How did you get the scholarships? Was it announced?…you have given us only men email addresses…and not girls, why? In summary I should think the best help you need is to come back home…its R’s her coled thisdctime around you may buy a thick Jersey ija timati bulande…kwacha yagwa…but life goes on….we need you here at home … And we will help you from within fyou can go to local universities…. That’s all I can say…come back now….

  3. Mapiri says:

    One-sided story! Secondly, Malawian private univesities are of poor quality they are nowhere comparable to India.

  4. Gas Machine Head says:

    How did you get the scholarships in the first place? Were they advertised in the local press? Could they be one of those that are awarded dubiously to relations of politicians? The amount of dollars you have mentioned could be enough for you to attend our own accredited private universities: Malawi Adventist University which is affiliated to the University of Eastern Africa in Kenya, Catholic University of Malawi, St John Baptist University in Mangochi, Blantyre International University just near CI and Mustang Sally. These universities are private and are accredited by the Malawi Government. They have well qualified staff with Master’s and PhDs. In fact BIU uses Polytechnic Lecturers which means what Poly students get is what BIU students get. So why suffer in foreign land eating curry rice and riding on those Bajaj three wheeled vehicles? And even seeing so many cows roaming in the Indian cities? Plus their stinky, filthy lifestyle, spitting and wiping shit with water instead of toilet tissues? Come back home my children, we are eating fresh maize everyday, sugar canes, masamba otendera, mang’ina, nyama ya nkhumba, mbewa, chips cha pachiwaya. Zimbwerani kuno kumudzi.

  5. jacksy says:

    i feel sorry for you guys…turkey schoolarship how?? ngati munakanika mutibwezere zathu mwamva??

  6. jackson mhango says:

    i feel sorry for you guys…

  7. Nyaulembe says:

    It’s a sad situation, I hope that Malawi government will meet the shortfalls in the funding of these guys.
    India medical bills can rattle you down. I have a personal experience.

  8. mwadoh says:

    izi ndiye za manyi tamabwelani uko,ngati mumanyozedwa ndi mbuli zili mu ma shop izi ndiye kwawo mwakapeza ophunzila zedi osati nyasi zili kunozi what do u think mungapindule? munapita kaamba ka ndale! abale anu si awa akulowa muzindende munva kuwawa.ine lelo ndagona nditadya nsima ya mpilu koma palibe ndikuopa mawa ndimwela chinangwa koma sindidandaula,ana anga anazolowela,what goes around comes around.tikuonani

  9. Foseki Bingu MUTHALIKA got his first degree in India. Dpp GOVERNMENT PLEASE assist Ana athu .Do not let girls to FOR prostitution to get SCHOOL fees

  10. nise says:

    s is not financially viable for malawi govt to use tax payers money to fund you with 4000 dollars or what so ever on the merit that u r a malawian citizen, because the govetrnment / tax payers are funding a universoity system here which is even cheaper . im trying to say iuf a malawian ciitizen accepts a foreingschoilaship, they read and sign on the doted line, please dont except the malawi govetnment to paty your rent, food, allowance, if the government has that kindness it should just load u ot the uni programm in malawi
    dont create internation argument here, the scholarship stated whey offer and the amount which students have to contribute

  11. Tenda K says:

    The Lucifer u know, z beta dan the Angel u never knw.Mw z cool dan India coz u knew wat Mw z capable ov. Com bac guy ,ifenso taphunzira movutika kathu konkono.

  12. First offender says:

    Ku India what are you learning? Kuwumira kapena kudya kapiriprice? You are such a joke on earth why don’t you go to Mozambique to learn pochgies?

  13. Idi Amini Dada says:

    zisambisani agalu kumeneko mpeze stipend

  14. johntembo Kuffor says:

    Anakutumizani kumeneko ndi wokuba uja Joyce Banda ndi chijoyce chake chija. mumulembele iyeyo kalata, alinawo madollar ambiri a cashgate amaba iye aja akutumizirani, dont worry ana a Joyce Banda

  15. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Let’s help them.

  16. Ford says:

    you need some cheese with that whiiiineee!! A bunch of whiners grow a spine, its just temporary. get your degree and come back home!

  17. ENOCH says:

    Amwenye amatizunza kwathu konkuno kuli bwanji kwawoko zuvutatu izi basi khalani ma mwana boy kuti mupeze ndalama zodyera

  18. TrueFact says:

    If you have documents stating the conditions of the scholarship, take them to court. Seroulsly! Every scholarship (more an international one) stipulates clearly what are the terms of it, for instance, monthly stipend issue, tuition, book allowance, etc.

    Secondly, the monthly stipend seems so meagre for me. Did you find out how life in that part of India is (e.g. cost of living?

    Involve government through its embassy there or in Malawi.

    Otherwise, we wish God’s protection and blessings. It’s always difficult is a foreign land to pass through problems. But, I urge you to pray for it.

    Best of luck!

  19. Ifenso tinali komweko ndithu. Anyamata limbani mtima kungotsiliza kenako muzabwere kuno kumudzi. Zokoma zili mtsogolo

  20. Ability says:

    Anzanu tinapeza ma degree ku mudzi konkuno, inu mwati kufewa mpaka ku India!

    Ka degree komweko?

    Come back home basi muzidzalima nzimbe.

  21. GRM says:

    Government should support them. Amagawana ma scholarship mbomamu. Koma this case is interesting. Whoever, gave his relatives these scholarships did not read the terms. He should support his relatives who are now suffering in a stinking poor country just like ours.

  22. Mphangera says:

    Its too bad that these people didnt disclose what exactly is covered in the scholarship. Just an advise to fellows, make sure you know exactly what the scholarship covers before you make a decision to go abroad for studies. Request for signed documents otherwise in a foregn land life is not easy without enough money!!!

    Hoping God will see you through!!!

  23. kaliati says:

    Go home if can not make it. You should have known earlier before accepting the scholarship that every offer has rules to follow. Did you expect the government of India to sponsor your shopping of luxuries as well. This is nonsense.

  24. Myao says:


  25. Bololo Wa Chitumbuka says:

    My frnd sory for that but u hav 2 knw that anywhere education is very expensive!!! And what u r talking is not problem!! I think u hav finished money u had! Jst come back!! Zimachitika kumaphunzira xool ndalama mkuthera panjila

  26. Nana says:

    I think we Malawians have a problem of not understanding the conditions attached to a scholarship. Most Indian scholarships are partial hence one need extra funds from elsewhere. They are few scholarships that offer sufficient funds for standard lifestyle. When you have on-campus accommodation everything becomes cheap. My plea is, think twice before you jump on Indian scholarships. Do some background checks e.g.
    does the institution have accommodation for international students?
    what is the tuition/accommodation/meal fee

    This is so, because in India you use your own stipend to pay for all costs related to your study and stay.

  27. Chisomo Makapu says:

    The only good Indian is a dead one.

  28. Mulopwanakhamleliwa says:

    Are Indian qualifications acceptable. There was a time UNIMA would not employ anybody with Indian degrees only. If u had an Indian degree only you would not get a job in UNIMA

  29. Ya India?? what can you expect from India? The problem in Malawi people just think that if they go overseas or abroad then it’s heaven. Some of these countries it’s hell on earth. India what good can you get from it? It’s overpopulated, poor & you name it. The government must just help them to complete their studies but next time you must do your research before you jump into the plane. I read also on this same platform that other Malawian students are suffering in Sudan, so imagine Sudan, what can you expect from Sudan?

  30. amina says:

    There is something missing here. How was their scholarship granted at the beginning? this is food for thought. I feel they should discontinue and come back home. Its unfortunate we dont have full particulars of whatever scholarship we are given has. There is a lot before taking up a scholarship to be done. My fellow who are studying in India what’s the difference between your courses and the ones we are getting through e-learning here back home. The scholarship thing makes one a slave by the end of it all. Come and continue your studies at home. It doesn’t make sense to blow a whistle at this time. This has failed and just come home and find other avenues to develop yourselves.

  31. half trillion says:

    zanu zimenezo, munavota nokha. ine ndi wa congress ndiye zisandikhudze. paja ife mumatida

  32. ine Nganya says:

    Kwinako musova otherwise just persevere until you finish

  33. Honourable Chanamuna says:

    Ma scholarship ndi amenewo kkkkkkkkkkk

  34. Moya says:

    Why do most people insist of them coming back home that Malawi for you instead of seeing our brothers and sisters have solutions that will make them complete their studieswewouldrather see them back and suffering like the rest o fus.If they could afford local universities they wouldnt have gone on scholarsips to india orcould have returned long time ago so lets be practical and loving when commenting

  35. chantembo says:

    deal gone bad bweraniko basi

  36. Pata phiri says:

    Point of order its not a Muslim country

  37. Philosopher Wa Malawi says:

    Send them back,they should not be as if they have no Mother Malawi,the warm heart of Africa.Malawi build your own colleges,universities and other high education institutions. It is now time to chase The Indians who are in Malawi, they enrich themselves; let’s build a stable economy by invsting in mechanised commercial irrigation. The Malawi Government must consider constructing solar energy stations for pumping water from lakes and rivers to high altitude areas for continuous agriculture in dry season…otherwise foreigners are a thorn in the flesh-they contribute nothing to us as a nation……clear?

  38. Give me the girls’ email addresses and their photos.

  39. TONSE says:


  40. Liness Moorr says:

    what I can see on the picture is some one who has stayed for some days without eating , it’s really pathetic, kutengeka a Malawi ma scholarship ku.lndia bola kukakhala ku uk bwenzi mutapeza ka ganyu kochapa nkhalamba kumapeza la soap koma maiko ena wa ngosauka ngati ku mudzi konkuno.

  41. best advise says:

    So what is the duty of an ambasador,
    go and complain @ malawi high comnission in india thts their duty

  42. mbumba says:

    zoziyamba dalatu izi, ma xool onsewammalawi ku lndia kwambana chani, ask your relations to assist you, or ootherwise just come back home.

  43. Online graduate says:

    Just come back home and finish your education at exploits.Exploits and other universities are dishing degrees like nobody’s business.Amwenye sankho too much towards akada.They think to have some straight hair a bit of lighter skin from daubing themselves from fair and lovely skin lotions thinks are better off than blacks.Akada amanyozedwa Ku India kwabasi than Ku Europe.The Malawi govt cannot take care for you people in India.They are busy servicing debts of Mulli and their other Lomwe cronies.Come home.People are even using degrees from Magaraja university in Lilongwe old town.You don’t need to cross oceans these.You can even learn lectures through skype Professor waku Stansford University akutokota bambo slang ya pa USA as longer as you load alot of tnm airtime in dongle.

  44. Mtochi says:

    Pliz don’t just jump at any scholarship, muslim countries r quite inhuman. U Mbilizi and staff u r so cunning. How can u demand back a grant?

  45. Nganya Kuba says:


  46. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    Mitu yanu a Chimimba ndi anzanu. If you can’t stand it just come home. You think ife tikumaphunzira ku Malawi kuno ndife opusa. Kutengeka basi mukamva scholarship mwati tiyeni konko you thought it’s rosy there. We don’t have spare tax money to donate to loafers like you. Come home.

  47. The staff at the Malawi High commission be proud of your people at the Univercity why should so hard to your fellow Malawian? If not your Office then who else there?

  48. kabotolokamo says:

    Who gave them the scholarship ? ?? Did they actually read all what was tied to the so called scholarship or they just got happy to go and study in India?

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