Malawi suspends import duty on maize flour: Govt heed Uladi advise

Ministry of Trade and Industry has suspended duty on maize flour just days after People’s Party (PP) acting president Uladi Mussa asked the government to do so in view of critical food shortages in the country.

Uladi:  Advise heeded by government

Uladi: Advise heeded by government

In a statement, the ministry says the suspension is of immediate effect.

The ministry is therefore asking maize flour traders to get imports certificates for clearance and is urging border customs officials to take note of the suspension of import duty.

This means imported maize flour from Zambia which Malawians are relying upon will now be sold at a more cheaper price than before.

Mussa said he was pleased with the development , saying as leaders they give advise to help the nation.

“We will keep on advising this clueless government to serve our nation better,” said Mussa.

The removal of the import duty also comes a day after the World Food Programme said Malawians will harvest a month later than normal because they planted late due to scarcity of rains.

Unicef says there was need to help children in Malawi as there are several cases of malnutrition and stunted growth as they eat one meal a day or no food due to the biting food shortage that has also hit hard Ethiopia, Somalia and Zimbabwe.

Atleast two children died in Dedza this week after eating poisonous cassava due to hunger whilst in Chiradzulu a man is police custody answering murder charges after he hacked to death his step daughter for cutting a sugarcane which she chewed as hunger takes its bite.

Some people, especially women are sleeping days on end at Admarc depots in anticipation of maize arrival.

President Peter Mutharika insists no Malawian will die of hunger whilst his Agriculture minister says the country has enough maize stocks to last until the next harvest season, a claim vehemently disputed by civil rights groups.

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mahala mbusambazi wonani sono dada muzomera Ngwira


Too late to be saved.A nation of jokers.A people who work too hard in the wrong direction.fOOD SHORTAGE IS REAL AND YOU BLOCK FOOD IMPORT!Zambia has suspended maize exports to Malawi.


in Malawi voting to choose a candidate is like being offered a plate of manyi and masanzi and asked to choose which one u like……. nose mavota mavotela manyi or masanzi…….not matter how u defend yo manyi or masanzi……nde nose amene mavota musalile….that’s how u bought yo freedom of suffering…….. am rasta …na deal wit politricsters


Did it really have to take Change Golo to voice out to these clueless people? We really have no leadership, we must accept. Even a Village headman cud have made a proper decision right from the start, pano Change Golo akuoneka dolo just becoz tikulamulidwa ndi mabulutu. Bola ine sindidampnyere voti ndimadziwa kale


It would be really good if these said licenses could be found in district so that even a local trader can have access, rather than these Indians corrupting officials to bar locals so that they monopolize business.Where is FAIR TRADE and COMPETITION===== malonda?


You agriculture minister watch the life of people you messing around because of your lies saying you got enough maize for the malawians while people a sleeping by the admarc


This is what we call freedom?make it easy to the local Malawians for them to get food easy ‘please for deck of almighty


You must do something to help the locals


Dziko sililamulilidwa ndi mbuli zosadziwa chilungamo .why chetting on poor people while there is no maize.Mr president solve the problems of your certificates.


Those India’s are trying monoprise things where by the government official are gaining from them

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