Malawi to construct new maximum prison, says Muluzi: ‘Kabwerebwere’ asks for good living conditions

Malawi government has announced plans to construct a new maximum prison at Chitedze in Lilongwe after concerns of overcrowding in prisons and degrading conditions.

Atupele Muluzi: New maximum prison to be at Chitedze

Atupele Muluzi: New maximum prison to be at Chitedze

Kamlepo: I'm kabwerebwere

Kamlepo: I’m kabwerebwere

Overcrowding in Malawi prison

Overcrowding in Malawi prison

Rumphi East MP, Kamlepo Kalua (People’s Party -PP) asked Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe and Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Atupele Muluzi why there has been no allocation of funds in the budget for new prisons to reduce inhuman overpopulation in jail.

“If you go to our police cells now, it is pathetic and being an experienced prisoner, Kabwerebwere, I know what it looks like in the police cells. So, I wanted to reason with the Minister.

“I know the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, who also was once a prisoner, knows about the challenges facing prisons. He was rescued because he fell sick (High Blood Pressure) and he was taken to Mwaiwath.Let us look at it very seriously, because there are our colleagues who are still there,” said Kalua, one of the politicians who vigorously campaigned for multiparty democracy in the country.

In his response, Muluzi indicated that in the 2015/15 national budget, “ there is an amount for the construction of a maximum prison.”

He said: “The maximum prison will obviously be constructed at Chitedze, which is going to be a top class maximum security prison. There has been an allocation for that particular purpose, as well as an allocation for construction of additional prison cells and houses.”

Muluzi, however said resources may not necessarily be adequate and government will involve the private sector.

“We will be making a formal announcement in terms of Public Private Partnership arrangements, that will be under way to improve the current population which is around 13,000 against the population which obviously should be about 7,000 in terms of accommodation,” said Muluzi.

“So, this is something that government is taking very seriously and it will also entail that we meet our international obligations in terms of ensuring that we have adequate facilities for our prisons,” he added.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Goodall Gondwe informed the House that the construction of prison cells and staff houses has been allocated a figure of K300 million.

“ That is seed money that will enable them to construct these structures themselves,” he said.

Malawi Prisons Inspectorate chairperson Judge Kenan Manda is on record saying there is need to construct more jails to reduce overcrowding in prisons.

“It is important for more cells to be constructed to accommodate the growing number of prisoners, and in turn reduce the problem of overcrowding,” Manda said.

“The worthiness, dignity and the physical and mental integrity of every human being is the core of human existence and is inalienable. It cannot be taken away,” said Manda.

Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) chairperson Sophie Kalinde said conditions in the country’s prisons are still worse.

She however said government has improved on prisoners’ access to information, education and legal representation.

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13 thoughts on “Malawi to construct new maximum prison, says Muluzi: ‘Kabwerebwere’ asks for good living conditions”

  1. nmwadiwa says:

    We need to construct more Churches. Good decent churches well motivated Pastors. Decent houses for pastors in the rural areas. That way Churches will be able to disciple its members to become responsible citizens thrby reducing the rate of crime in the society. Incarceration should be a last resort when the individual becomes a threat to society or it is a deterrent to would be offenders otherwise it produces broken homes where the breadwinner has been taken away leaving behind children who will not be able to get a good education to become responsible citizens. The high numbers of prostitutes is also a byproduct of unnecessary incarceration, a spouse with many mouths to feed may resort to prostitute tog with the children. Building more cells may not be the solution but revisiting the cases of the prisoners with sober minds you will discover that hallf the population of the people need not be in prison. They could be doing community work with the local government city councils saving them money other than feeding them. The impact of imprisonment to society outweighs the reforms prisons impart on an Individual. You reform two persons in six years yet indirectly you produce six misfits who resorted to stealing and prostitution. Save for the hardened criminals prisons do not save their intended purpose.

  2. Phwado says:

    Speed up the process.Your father shall need this home for his K1.7 billion theft!

  3. Thats briliant decision coz anthu amene ali ku ndendeko ndi anthu ngati ife ayenera kutero

  4. clement says:

    Let me agree with one who said Chitukuko should not concentrate in LL. You can build a maximum prison in KK or Ntchisi, CK, BLK, PE, etc. Let us distribute development across Malawi

  5. Blue Ice says:

    Maximum prison wo odzagona ndani ngati ma chief cashgaters ali free nkumagona potentha mnyumba zawo? Ku malawi kuno ndende ndi za amphawi, so go to hell with it. Treaser senzanis mansion ija ndi ya how much and yet mukuti 3 years? Fotseki

  6. mtumbuka1 says:

    Thieving rich politicians building prisons for thieving poor guys. Fair enough? I don’t think so.

  7. Tsamba Likagwa says:

    We should also avoid having everything in Lilongwe – thats not the way to develop a country. Keep some of these facilities in other places such as Zomba or Kasungu etc.

    1. mwadoh says:

      kukanganilana ndende abale

  8. Ibrahim Taiti says:

    Consider our friends and relatives in the prison cells please.It shouldn’t be just paperwork.

  9. Professor Seyani says:

    Zowona chiri chonse Public Private Partinership? REALLY? Ndi ma Prison omwe? This is unheard of. F……k zamanu ndithu. Am going back to UK.

  10. MDX says:

    IN RSA and other parts, people in security cluster build prisons and run them privately with govt’s subsidy ……………… maybe that’s food for thought going forward.

  11. alyx warsenal mandiza says:

    instead of tackling issues of unemployment among the youth which lead them to do this malpractice your busy planning to construct maximum prison,kumanena chatsitsa dzaye kuti njobvu ithyoke mnyanga.

  12. mgawadere says:

    Nanga my budget ilimo ndalama yazimbuzi mtauni one zikumandivuta kukodza mtauni ya BT ndiye ndikalowa kwa Baba kuti ndizithandize ndikumasililanso mahule alimkati aja

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