Malawi VP Chilima says political leadership crucial in reforms implementation

Strong political leadership is crucial in ensuring the smooth implementation of public sector reforms which the Malawi government is currently embarking on, Vice President Saulos Chilima said on Tuesday.

Chilima: Reforms needs political wills

Chilima: Political will is there to implemenent reforms

Chilima was speaking on his departure to Singapore where among other things he will participate in an international interface on Leadership, Foresight and Excellence in the Public Service hosted by UNDP, funders of the trip.

“The interface which will also involve other countries including Kenya will benefit Malawi a lot because issues of how political leadership can be greatly used to effectively implement reforms will take centre stage,” Chilima told journalists at Kamuzu International Airport.

Chilima said officials from the Republic of Singapore, a success story in implementation of public sector reforms, will share their experiences on how public service leadership and political leadership can be aligned to successfully implement public sector reforms.

“This is why I have been accompanied by Commissioner (Krishna Savjani, SC) as an independent and the Chief Secretary to the government (George Mkondiwa) from the civil service and myself from the political side so that we can all tap best practices to ensure successful implementation here,” said Chilima.

The veep said eight ministries that signed contract performances with President Mutharika are leading the implementation exercise and racing against December dateline.

He cited the Home Affairs Ministry and the Ministry of Finance tasked with the issuance of identity cards and the prevention of the reoccurrence of cash looting respectively.

The Vice President said, subject to the President’s approval, two more ministries will sign contracts with the President so that they deliver on the assignment that they will be given.

After rigorous desk consultation process, President Mutharika launched the reforms agenda on February 11 where he warned that days of doing business as usual are long gone as he appealed to Malawians of goodwill to change mind set and accept change.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi VP Chilima says political leadership crucial in reforms implementation”

  1. Makaiko says:

    Amenewo ndiye manyi. ife pay ya feb sinalandire.odwara onse mupite ku zipatala za boma ku mission musabwere.pitara ndi geturud niomwe azakuthandizeni.mwina ndi part of reform

  2. Malindima says:

    One of the stumbling block to achieve performance goals is lack of follow ups.
    Implementation of action logs with time frames is very critical to achieving goals. Consequence management is a critical process to apply for those who fail to meet their goals. 1st warning, 2nd warning and final warning all these written. Why not dismiss them if all HR avenues have been exhausted with no success!

  3. aMUMA says:

    Do you also have deadlines Mr VP out of interest? For example, what became of the infamous visit to Israel? Any impact or enviable outcome on ground? After that then ask about the Singapore trip.

    All the best all the same!

  4. thunduwike says:

    Wawa chilima, munthu wanzeru ndiwe wekha DPP yonse, Timakupasa ulemu, Tangokhala pheee ulamula pompano Dzikoli

  5. mbani says:

    Zaziiii!no rep from Parliament and Judiciary hahaha mwatindeka

  6. Chris says:

    Change must begin within DPP more especially with pple like Majoni

  7. Bob says:

    Meanwhile the big man is visiting a cell at Lumbadzi blowing millions in the process. Reforms indeed.

  8. Tawonga Phiri. says:

    We agree that Change is necessary and for everybody. Start slow and start with Ministry of Education at Capital Hill and District Education Managers. The Managers at Capital Hill and staff are a total shame. It takes a year to post a teacher, 15 hours to arrange transport for a funeral by a divisional manager, the list is endless. Then nect should be Ministry of Health.

  9. walalawalala says:

    this trip is well funded by UNDP so wina kummati bwana vp akuononga ndalama ya misinkho yanu yake iti

  10. Alufeyo says:

    Useless trip.

  11. Phwado says:

    Nonsense!Just a waste of our hard earned money.Allowances basi!za ku Israel indedi zili pati?Kungodziwa kulankhula basi but no action on the ground

  12. Whiste Blower says:

    Kumayamika abale akamachita bwino. Ngakhale Nyasatimes ndi ya opposition ya JB.

  13. Munthu says:

    A chilima am sure pano mumachita kuona nokha kuti ulemu omwe tinali nawo pa inu ukutha. All mouth no action. Tatopa.

  14. patrik says:

    good one vp you are talking the talk but can you walk the talk

  15. Akweni Akuchita Zozindikira Pano says:

    Malawi used to have a vibrant civil service which enjoyed the respect and admiration of our neighbours, especially Zambia. Yet Kamuzu never sent a Tembo or anyone to Singapore. Its all about discipline. And discipline starts with the president and his cabinet. If you guys behave like government is a showbiz what should you expect.


  17. Kaliati Galu says:

    Tangopitani inu mukationongera makobiri, nanga chilipo DPP yikuchitapo chonetsa successful leadership? Aaaaaaaah Fosekeni ndi Pitala wanuyo

  18. Achimidzimidzi says:

    George Mkondiwa as well? He is a big liability.

    VP your explanation is more positive and clear.

    Safe trip, to you all.

  19. Bololo says:

    Its good you have openly recognised the need for good and pro-active political leadership. We are watching you and will appraise you accordingly. Stay on course.

  20. Nkhombokombo says:

    You are very good at talking Mr VP. Mr Mkondiwa is listed for retirement soon as reported by the press, when is he going to impliment what he is going to learn from Singapore? Gvt changes don’t take a month or two to impliment, they take much longer, years. The other Commissioner with you is a semi-Malawian by decent, he is just a Lawyer by Profession and Businessman, but does he really understand the NATURAL cultural network of the indiginant Malawian people? Here at home the Party Cadres are busy organising the CEOs to be stealing Gvt’s money so they enjoy the fruit of their so called suffering if at all they did? A Chilima, you are flying too fast, people will not find and join you on this very important Programme. Your restructuring should be done in silence to avoid some of these comments which are being voiced here today.

  21. Future leader says:


  22. big laden says:

    Useless government singing songs basi. We want action now

  23. Mtupatupa says:

    All the best but what hv you come out of Israel trip?

  24. Finito says:

    Ena akukapanga FREEDOM CORNER inuyo mukupita KUKASHOPA pamene teachers are not yet paid. This is a JOKE

  25. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Hon VP, before you going to Singapore you were supposed to dealt with Kudontoni of DPP because he is frustrating the Civil Service Reform.

  26. Golden mlakalaka says:

    Gvt look back ur promise people were suffer lot of things we cant manage to do ur seif se south africa he heip his people in difflents way but mw insted to do so we just cry thats why we running away ur cnty plz ct and think u prmc pasprt 21 dayz but not yet

  27. chakwanuleka says:

    Reforms must begin with investigations on the MK92 billion. The government must start demonstrating that it wants to be aacountable to its citizens and be transparent in its dealings. Show us the will to do things differently and not this rhetoric of intangible reforms.

  28. Moving in the right direction for Mother Malawi. All the best out VP and your entourage.

  29. zilimmalunje says:

    Biyeni yendani bwino. Inu kumeneku kukhwi.mitsidwa nkhongono. Milungu ikubwelayi wa mkaka yekhayekha. Utsogoleri ku mangoni basi. Ndayamba kale novena yake

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