Malawian Mona Singing nominated for Canadian awards

Canada-based Malawian singer, Mona Singing, has been nominated for this year’s Obsidian Awards Singer of the year to take place on October 12 in the Canadian city of Calgary.

The Obsidian Awards is presented by the African, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian Cultural Society of Excellence (ACACSE) to celebrate African, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian culture and excellence.



In an interview the singer, born Monalisa Ndovie, said “The nomination means everything to me. It means that my hard work is acknowledged by peers and that’s a blessing. I wanna give hope to some girl somewhere that dreams can come true if you work hard, no matter where you come from”.

She added: “I’d like to encourage Malawians to vote for me. Let’s do it for Malawi. I wanna make it and be a superstar with Malawi on my name. I know my dreams are huge but something tells me it’s almost time.”

According to the Obsidian Awards website, the awards represent a community that is unique, diverse, cutting edge and rich in historical value, saying the community that the ACACSE envisions begins with outstanding individuals willing to inspire and mentor others to become leaders in their communities and society as a whole.

Mona Singing is a performing artist who was born in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe and raised in Lansing, Michigan U.S.A, before moving to Canada.

Having been singing since age seven, music has become a passion for the artist, who is also a dancer. Growing up, MonaSinging had been performing for seven years on and off, until 2012 when she started recording professionally and released Walking Away.

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16 thoughts on “Malawian Mona Singing nominated for Canadian awards”

  1. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

    Just checked out her videos on YouTube. There’s nothing award worthy there. She must really know how to put her pussy to good use. She’s got good breasts though. I saw them in one of her vids. They’re humongous! Facially she’s kinda flat. Nothing much to write about there. Vocally I couldn’t tell whether she could hold a key. Had a feeling she was singing in falsetto at times. Generally her voice was forgettable and she sounds like she’s performing at a cheap karaoke bar.

    – signing out, Peter Mathanyula, critic

  2. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba, formerly known as Obanda Joyce Ntilen says:

    These female musicians spend the majority of their time getting fucked in order to promote their image. She possibly also got fucked in order to get this award. As you can see, she’s selling her image, not her music. Boobs out, mouth pouting like she wants to suck and lick a dick. Ine nde I ain’t voting for that shit. Akawina ka award mumuone aZizifila ma juice. Ayambe kunyoza Malawi apa. Hehede! I’m walking away.

  3. Chidyamakanda says:

    Mawere mpaka kupanga bwetete. Mayo kudya uku. Where is her colour photo of the same position?

  4. sac kag van says:

    what else can we say? the picture tells the whole story…i can’t waste God’s precious time by voting for dudes who will bring disgrace to the nation…a person who will only be able to teach children porn shooting

  5. Thomas Didymus says:

    Usade nkhawa ndi macoment a anthu ena. Mabelewo ali boo mtsikana. Basi I am flying to Canada ndikaziwonele ndekha.

  6. hall says:

    Though i will be voting for her the girl sings out of tune check her videos on you tube.She needs some vocal lessons and whoever is promoting her tell her to cover up she is always flashing her flesh zonse pamtunda ngati stripper.Look at singers like Adele and jordin sparks samavula kuti atchuke mau awo amawachitira umboni.Mayiwa sapita kutali ndithu.TINGOVOTELA POTI MWATI NDI MMALAWI

  7. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Nyasatimes I hope you are not becoming Pornography magazine.

    Did this person know that her breasts are coming out of the bra? Don’t feature such stupid pictures. This is not a Mental Hospital, where people don’t remember to dress properly.

    Youth may think, this is fashionable and start dressing like that.
    And she seems drunk or drugs////

    Anyway, I am wishing her successful shows

  8. chekambewa says:

    koma ndiye kudyatu mukufuna ife tinani kodi?

  9. yakunowa says:

    stupid comments from stupid people. in the whole of this story what you are able to see are the girl’s boobs. shame on you!!!!!

  10. Go Mona! says:

    Congratulations young woman, so it seems all that bashing on Twitter really is because some twats are jealous? All the best, just continue doing you. Some kids have no lives all they know is making noise on social media and pulling other down.

    Nyasatimes, please provide a link we would like to vote for this girl.

    God bless.

  11. eye eye says:

    Congrats ..but knowing Mw, more comments will be on something else…wait and see

  12. dadaboma says:

    Bravo Northern girl.

  13. pansi says:

    Mona, watch and becareful our sister, look at the evil comments from the mongers. Samala mlongo sitikufuna kuti mufe nsanga ndi ‘Matenda’. This is not prophecy but fact. Chenjera mlonga sitikufa kuti timve pammawa kuti ayi zatere…. Malangizo a mwachikondi awa. Please note mona. Lord Jesus wants you to be secure and saved!!! I hope you are born again if not please consider to receive Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour.

  14. Gonede says:

    Nyasa can you remove this white and black photo for four colur photo of mona. Yes a colour photo with magenta , cyan, yellow and black.Just look at her chest. Mayo ineeee kudya uku.

  15. makito says:

    The boobs are walking away

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