Malawians living like destitute in own country –MP Mwenefumbo

Outspoken independent Karonga Central Parliamentarian Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo has urged  government to protect indigenous Malawian businesses.


Mwenefumbo: Protect indigenous Malawians businesses

He said in parliament that foreign business persons were being given preferential treatment over indigenous Malawian businesses.

“Malawians are living like destitute in their own country. The government should not alienate its own people. The government should not be ashamed of its own people.

“South Africa did it with a policy empowering the black population. Why can’t we do the same?” Said Mwenefumbo.

Minister of Industry and Trade, Joseph Mwanamveka in his response said Government will table a bill in the coming months aimed at empowering indigenous business persons.

“I agree with the Member of Parliament for Karonga Central and I can assure the house that a bill on the same will be presented in the house soon,” said Mwanamvekha.

The Trade Minister assured Malawians that the bill preparation was at an advanced stage and would be brought before the house in due course.

“We have several areas to be looked into, for instance, issuing of business licenses and several other issues,’’ said Mwanamveka.

Several other parliamentarians spoke against the domination of businesses by foreigners.

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Why should 8urundians/Rwandans be allowed to open groceries in locations?


Pliz introduce restriction on small busnesses like retail shops,barber shops hair dressing saloons and bottle Stores let Malawians run these

victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi
Totally agree with the parliamentarian. Please the first thing should be the way foreigners get plots in our cities, especially Lilongwe. Indigenous Malawians who do not offer bribes to Lilongwe City Officials, Malawi Housing and Department of Lands never never never get a plot after application and paying the fee. Some have waited for over 10 years without being offered one. Foreigners and rich business men are offered plots within weeks or months. Indeed poor Malawians indigenous Malawi live as destitutes in their own country. I have never seen this government attitude in our neighboring countries. As a foreigner, you… Read more »
patriotic Malawian

Only if all tumbukas reasoned like mwenifumbo our mpoto would have developed . Big it up mwenifumbo . Don’t worry about those speaking against you they are haters who don’t wish you and this country well . Please join the DPP quickly .


dont worry a malawi, kumwamba mukalowa ulele. gahena mwaiona pansi pompano.

prof chirwa

Foreigners is not the issue! Muli is not a foreigner why his business is growing? Look at cash gata are they foreigners? Few selfish Malawians are the one messing our country and without proper plan to citizens, south Africa have black empowerment but still in 20 years of democracy are still fighting with foreigners by taking there businesses and jobs. If in the country there is no skilled and competent people it become a high risk to the country


Mwenifumbo is a jackass! While he was in power, he plundered the nation by sending his sons and daughters to the USA for further education through his political advantage of smuggling anything money can make into the country.
Mwenifumbo is not only ignorant but an immoral and shifty character.
He failed to assist the nation while he was in the loins of corruption. He wantonly destroyed any hope his constituents had through his greed and thievery activities.
He is trying to hoodwink gullible Malawians. He is an example of stupid politicians Malawi has got at the moment.

Mr Frank mwenefumbo I thought u where a cabinet minister before what happened then where you to busy making doggey deals with paladin in karonga and filling your pockets that you forgot about malawians today ur pockets are empty again so u want to talk about indigenous malawians. You spent all your money on ma Hule and drinking at blueginger in llw we have seen you there and how you used to flash around money and behave and treat the Malawian waiters like dogs. And for those painting all Asians with the same brush need to get a life you… Read more »

Come to Bwandilo around 10 pm and see the so called indeginous malawians who are supposed to develop Malawi akutenga timahule ngati kanyenya.


One simple reason why Malawi is still a poor country is lack of empowerment of indigenous entrepreneurs.The more Malawi will have light industries owned by Malawians the more the country will notice an increased GDP per capita and an increased GNP. This will trickle down on people in rural areas whose standards of living will also be uplifted.

Government has to establish policies to protect home- grown entrepreneurs not providing a preferential treatment to foreign businesses that don’t even make sense to the country’s economic growth.

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