Malawians living like destitute in own country –MP Mwenefumbo

Outspoken independent Karonga Central Parliamentarian Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo has urged  government to protect indigenous Malawian businesses.


Mwenefumbo: Protect indigenous Malawians businesses

He said in parliament that foreign business persons were being given preferential treatment over indigenous Malawian businesses.

“Malawians are living like destitute in their own country. The government should not alienate its own people. The government should not be ashamed of its own people.

“South Africa did it with a policy empowering the black population. Why can’t we do the same?” Said Mwenefumbo.

Minister of Industry and Trade, Joseph Mwanamveka in his response said Government will table a bill in the coming months aimed at empowering indigenous business persons.

“I agree with the Member of Parliament for Karonga Central and I can assure the house that a bill on the same will be presented in the house soon,” said Mwanamvekha.

The Trade Minister assured Malawians that the bill preparation was at an advanced stage and would be brought before the house in due course.

“We have several areas to be looked into, for instance, issuing of business licenses and several other issues,’’ said Mwanamveka.

Several other parliamentarians spoke against the domination of businesses by foreigners.

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38 thoughts on “Malawians living like destitute in own country –MP Mwenefumbo”

  1. musisipala says:

    Why should 8urundians/Rwandans be allowed to open groceries in locations?

  2. Gimbogo says:

    Pliz introduce restriction on small busnesses like retail shops,barber shops hair dressing saloons and bottle Stores let Malawians run these

  3. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Totally agree with the parliamentarian. Please the first thing should be the way foreigners get plots in our cities, especially Lilongwe. Indigenous Malawians who do not offer bribes to Lilongwe City Officials, Malawi Housing and Department of Lands never never never get a plot after application and paying the fee. Some have waited for over 10 years without being offered one. Foreigners and rich business men are offered plots within weeks or months.

    Indeed poor Malawians indigenous Malawi live as destitutes in their own country. I have never seen this government attitude in our neighboring countries. As a foreigner, you cannot be given an upper hand to an indigenous person. In Malawi we have thrown our nation to the dogs without remorse that there is need for justice and without even fear of God. We are so greedy for personal benefits, hence corruption. But no matter how we received corruptly, no matter how long it takes, we shall answer for it whether while alive or thereafter. all will be in vain.

  4. patriotic Malawian says:

    Only if all tumbukas reasoned like mwenifumbo our mpoto would have developed . Big it up mwenifumbo . Don’t worry about those speaking against you they are haters who don’t wish you and this country well . Please join the DPP quickly .

  5. mbina says:

    dont worry a malawi, kumwamba mukalowa ulele. gahena mwaiona pansi pompano.

  6. prof chirwa says:

    Foreigners is not the issue! Muli is not a foreigner why his business is growing? Look at cash gata are they foreigners? Few selfish Malawians are the one messing our country and without proper plan to citizens, south Africa have black empowerment but still in 20 years of democracy are still fighting with foreigners by taking there businesses and jobs. If in the country there is no skilled and competent people it become a high risk to the country

  7. Masoambeta says:

    Mwenifumbo is a jackass! While he was in power, he plundered the nation by sending his sons and daughters to the USA for further education through his political advantage of smuggling anything money can make into the country.
    Mwenifumbo is not only ignorant but an immoral and shifty character.
    He failed to assist the nation while he was in the loins of corruption. He wantonly destroyed any hope his constituents had through his greed and thievery activities.
    He is trying to hoodwink gullible Malawians. He is an example of stupid politicians Malawi has got at the moment.

  8. bobmarly says:

    Mr Frank mwenefumbo I thought u where a cabinet minister before what happened then where you to busy making doggey deals with paladin in karonga and filling your pockets that you forgot about malawians today ur pockets are empty again so u want to talk about indigenous malawians. You spent all your money on ma Hule and drinking at blueginger in llw we have seen you there and how you used to flash around money and behave and treat the Malawian waiters like dogs. And for those painting all Asians with the same brush need to get a life you have names then put them forward don’t point fingers at a community. Rather the individual involved cash gate was there Asians involved so should we paint all Malawians with the same paint brush. No wonder we are developing but going backwards.

  9. Nganga says:

    Come to Bwandilo around 10 pm and see the so called indeginous malawians who are supposed to develop Malawi akutenga timahule ngati kanyenya.

  10. Byron says:

    One simple reason why Malawi is still a poor country is lack of empowerment of indigenous entrepreneurs.The more Malawi will have light industries owned by Malawians the more the country will notice an increased GDP per capita and an increased GNP. This will trickle down on people in rural areas whose standards of living will also be uplifted.

    Government has to establish policies to protect home- grown entrepreneurs not providing a preferential treatment to foreign businesses that don’t even make sense to the country’s economic growth.

  11. Pink Panther says:

    Malawians are destitute because Mwenefumbo you stole billions of their money to build your motel in Karonga. Malawians are poor because Bingu stole billions of their money and Cashgate.
    You were Minister did you create empowerment for Malawians. Foosake!

  12. There is work to be done to ensure all is equal in this county

  13. Azijo says:

    Mwenefumbo this is very true even small business in the remote has been taken by Indians, Burundis and many more in other countries like RSA this cant happen. Come to our rescue please very shortly Beforward is coming to be selling secondhand cars which poor Malawians have been selling. Government knows this but failing to these poor friends who are earning life through this. My Mother Malawi lost direction for sure.

  14. Matemba says:

    Same Frank Mwenefumbo was blue eyed boy of Bakili Muluzi. Then a Minister in Bingu’s government. And Joyce Banda’s right hand man. For 20 years he has been silently chewing with his Indians friends, now that he finds that DPP does not want a used condom, he is for federation and empowerment of indigenous Malawians.
    For 20 years he was stealing with the same Indians and wanted to kill freedom of press. We should not trust this hyena. Minister of Trade should be careful and not let Mwenefumbo take credit for DPP empowering Malawians.

  15. dawood says:

    Wewo dnt say about investor and forighers luk at in govt cash gate mp they are eating money all mps eating poor ppl money

  16. nat turner says:

    Unkakhomelera business ya The Nations newspaper kuti anthu asamagule. I don’t think from your heart you realy care about the plight of indigenous Malawians you’re a hypocrite honourable MP

  17. wewo says:

    Mwenefumbo i need your phone on this issue, you have my support. Zoona ife tizizuzika dziko lathu lomwe. Do you know tmost of the businesses you gave to these so called investors/foreighners are funding terroists like Boko Haram.

  18. Zebe says:

    The only business that Malawians know of doing is selling beer and cigarettes. They leave others to foreigners. They have even left the business of selling mandasi to Burundians from which they are making huge profits out of it. Tapitani mma kwalalamu mukaone how idiotic Malawians are when it comes to making wrong business choices. You cannot blame foreigners for this. Malawians all they think of is easy money and the end result is… your guess is as good as mine, CORRUPTION

  19. Alufeyo says:

    Enufu you are too ignorant and probably a paki. The SA system is a bad example use the Malaysian and kirean example. Our problems are caused by corruption. Most politicians and civil servants are in league with Asians to defraud the country and externalise funds. Malawians are too docile to get anything. Why do allow foreigners to mistreat you in your own country. How on earth can one Asian insult/beat 30 of you. Osangomugwira and kill him. Actually i have never seen people who confuse politeness with stupidity. We must learn to assert ourselves. Unfortunately this kind of docility is all over. I once attended a meeting btwn public servants and donors and listened to the British ambassador voting manyi but no senior public servant seemed concerned. Pse pse dont take nonsense and if govt is not helping you help yourselves. Remember no government can defeat a DETERMINED PEOPLE

  20. rose says:

    Gov does not care about it’s people ,problem anayambits ndi Muluzi for allowing asians torun malawi and take all the money outside Malawi

  21. popapo says:

    This is good proposal and the Minister should not just look at issuance of papers but how our Banks steal from Malawians. They would shelve interest for a foreign business but give so called punitive interest on local businesses if one misses a monthly repayment. It is cruel and naked swindling of local business people.

  22. munthu says:

    Indeed, malawiians have suffered so long

  23. INU Lalirani says:

    the minister has said dat he agrees with the M.P. A bill will be tabled soon, what else do we want!



  25. MBC Employees turned Mungomo / GloriaSlaves says:

    MBC Employees more especially in News & Programmes have been turned destitutes by Albert Brutus Mungomo, Aubrey Osaweruzika Simbuleta & Gloria Namadanitsa Banda wth the approval of Mofat Banda. All Directors have been reduced to paper parrot directors. Gloria Banda who cohibits with Albert is more powerful than the company secretary and all directors. They boast that not even the president can shake them. This has led to most MBC employees hating the DPP administration that it is paying a blind eye on what is happening at MBC

    1. dungulinya says:

      Ndeukutiuza kuti titani? ngati za kukanikani siyani ntchito. kapena Kwina. otherwise kulimbana ndi mabwana sikukuthandizani

  26. mboma says:

    mwenefumbo u have spoken well u have my support, why is it that all govts look docile when it comes to malawian plight?????????? mwanamvekha pliz tell the truth, mwenefumbo has hit hard where it pains most!!!!!

    1. ahoy says:

      Spoken what? He was a cabinet minister. He sees the problem now…

  27. Pata phiri says:

    Kamuzu gave a chance to our brothers but look at the shops in rural areas 99% of the shops have turned into beer bar shops

    1. ujeni says:

      Kamuzu never gave a chance to indegenous Malawians to prosper, that is a lie which is peddled most of the time. Kamuzu wanted rural folks to concentrate in ulimi. People who prospered in business, their properties were confisticated. MCP government never empowered the locals to venture into business unless you were one of them or close relatives.

  28. Professional Vendor says:

    Ha!ha!ha!ha! I thought this honorable member was a minister, why didnt he do that during his time? Now that he is in opposition it is hurting

  29. DAMBA says:

    Izi ndiye zanzeru. Amwenye akutibera kwambiri ndipo salipira misonkho, ndalama amapititsa kunja, alinso ndo ma passposrt atatu koma anabadwira ku Phlombe. Ndi Amalawi amenewa?

  30. chikhwalingwa says:

    Bravo Tumpale!

  31. the poorest country in the world says:

    funny how you only see these injustices when you’re no longer in power….i’m just saying

  32. The problem is witj Politicians. Peter himself, ben phiri and all those close to peter who live off deals with rich Asians and other foreigners. They offer them deals increturn for a bribe. These crooks care less about the well heing of the commom amalawian but making their own, friends, relatives and concubines’ bank accounts fat. God is watching you and leaves no uncofessed sin unpunished. Repent!

  33. enuf said says:

    Black empowerment ha
    And if it doesn’t work
    Than we will go for lomwe, tumbuka, o nkhonde, empowerment

    What hapend to the leveling playing field
    If u so concerned about ur pple
    Y don’t u sponsor few students to higher education
    Not gals that u fuck in return

    Ask south Africa how badly the BE act has affected very same pple it was designed to protect

    Our problem is not foreigners
    But our fellow blacks
    Like urself

    Who go in Parliament for your own benifits

    Y don’t u be the example and give up all ur benifits of being n mp towards charity
    If u care so much
    U r Js there to enrich urself
    So don’t fool us and gain sympathy!


  34. sakhwi says:

    Mmesa umakhomelela mafana ku kayelekera iwe

  35. clement says:

    Yeah sounds good.In South Africa the local peolpe are indeed protected while ours being insulted everyday ndalama wathu ziko wanu + mbama not good.Be strict on this bill.

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