Man kills wife and child & shoots himself: Malawi Police says its an ‘appalling’ tragedy in Zingwangwa

Malawi Police has confirmed that a man in shanty township of Zingwangwa in the commercial city of Blantyre on Monday shot his wife dead, step-child before turning the gun on himself following a family row.

Local shocked in Zingwangwa

Local shocked in Zingwangwa

Tragedy in Zingwangwa

Tragedy in Zingwangwa

Police spokesperson for Blantyre, Elizabeth Divala, identified the man as Charles Chipanda, 52 who killed his wife Grace Kabula Chipanda, 44, who was working as a stores clerk at Soche Anglican Church and stepson 14-year-old Gift Chipanda before killing himself.

She confirmed recovering three bodies from the house after being alerted by people from the neighbourhood.

The child was a pupil at St. Pius Primary School in Blantyre.

Divala said the bodies of the three were immediately taken by police to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) for post-mortem.

Police spokesperson said a pistol and a suicide note signed by both the man and the woman was found near the bodies.

She said police strongly believe the woman was forced to sign the suicide note, alleging that she was cheating on her husband.

She said: “According to the letter, the wife confessed that she was having extra-marital affairs and signed under her confession whereas the man wrote that his wife was having extra-marital affairs and that she was patronising beer halls while he was conducting business before endorsing his own signature as well.”

“It is an appalling tragedy,” said Divala.

The killings stunned the local community, where the couple were known as a ‘normal and happy’ pair.

“I can’t believe this has happened. This is absolutely unbelievable. They were a normal family,” said a neighbour to Nyasa Times.

Chipanda came from Nanumba Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Chowe in Mangochi whereas the wife came from Zomba, exact particulars not available, according to police.

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71 thoughts on “Man kills wife and child & shoots himself: Malawi Police says its an ‘appalling’ tragedy in Zingwangwa”

  1. Joe says:

    Killing is not a best solution for solving our problems. Life is given once and we must take care of it.

  2. henpak says:

    very pathetic. this shows how weaked our country has fallen. i think we need be praying that God should give us the spirit of calm, peace, loving and carering. men of God, this is the time you need to call your folks together, pray for the innocent departed and call on God’s name to wipe out this bad spirit. for sure we can not arrest this situation without strongly calling on the Lord’s name. TIPONYE MAPEMPHERO ATHU KOZAMA KUTI MULUNGU ATICHOTSERE MIZIMU YOIPA PAKATI PATHU NDI KUTIPATSA CHIKONDI NDI MTENDERE M’MABANJA MWATHU KOMANSO PAKATI PA ANZATHU.

  3. Tainson zeal says:

    too bad

  4. BB says:

    I would like to learn from you who you saw these dead bodies, how many bullets did each one has? Because it is very difficult to shoot yourself twice or more.

  5. Ngati zinthu zavuta ndibwino kusiyana than kuphana.

  6. Mfumu says:

    Women shd learn from this saga sititenga mwana popita ku ukwati wachikena coz these men they know how to pretend when they want to sign a contract. Bambo ake a mwana ameneyu ngati alipo akumva bwanji?????????????????????????????

  7. Phwado says:

    I just hope the married women am screwing won’t be killed!But I cant kill my wife if i find out.Contract idzangothapo.Weak men resolve to such actions

  8. ine chimwemwe says:

    tikukhala ndi vilombo mmanyumbamu

  9. CID says:

    Don’t rush to conclusions who knows maybe they were killed by an unknown gunman an de suicide note was just a ruse just to divert de attention away from where it was supposed to be.Cases of dis magnitude tend to be’s very sad dat our police are always quick to jump to conclusion b4 thorough investigation has been exhausted dis is similar to Robert Chasowa saga where de police were quick to conclude dat it was suicide simply becoz a suicide was found close to de victim. I therefore think that there is more to dis story dan wat’s meet de eye!

  10. bombguard says:

    Shallow minded, u have big question to answer before God. Why killing an innosent child.nkhuyu zodya nkulu zapita mwana shame on you stupid man. It was better for u to kill yoself. This man according to the story is a civillian. Where did I he get the gun he used. I understand whenever a cop is on duty he signs dor the gun, and the gun in question has its own #. Trace the gun and it came from which station if it was a gvt gun.

  11. Crying Freeman says:

    Very sad

  12. gift says:

    Guys think twice b4 u do ur things.y can u kill a 14year old coz of his moms problem (RIP poor boy)

  13. Osauka sakwiya says:

    Akanangophana Ndi Mkazi Wakeyo But Why The Kid?Walakwa.

  14. Nailuwa says:

    We are poor for sure, but atleast a plastic body bag could afford those bodies some dignity.

  15. James says:

    This is sad development and indeed cheating is common these days but better go for normal procedures

  16. Chenjerani ndi agalu oluma says:

    Stupid dead man. Why was the boy killed? Was he implicated in the cheating of his mother?

  17. kamoto says:

    where did he get the gun and police ur not saying anething u police ur still saplyng the gun’s too ordinary Malawians that’s what u want

  18. kangoma says:

    I dont like this guys, where there r problems which ur failing to solve, leave one onother.
    Band igawane zida.I am afraid!

  19. kangoma says:

    ndizimene timakana ife izi, zikavuta tasiyanani osati izi.

  20. john Chamba says:

    We strongly need Forensic Detectives, no polygraph with the CID departments, no medical examiner etc, Murder Shift check DStv channel 171

  21. Jep Ojere says:

    Sam 1 myt be involvd in this 4 sure!!

  22. Eston Chidzalo says:

    Guys ine ndimadabwa mzimayi akapanga chigololo banja lithe koma amuna ambiri mwakhala mumumasoka akazi bad koma mabanja anu osatha …mumawalakwira azimayiwa pena pake guys.Azimayi ambiri akutengera kachilommbo from us men kukonda kusokasoka paja mumati ndiwo sukhal nkhwani okhaokha daily…kulakwa guys…nde azimayi nanunso zikasoketsani kwina aziomberedi ma guywa.mwaonjeza ma guy kusoka mukangolemera pangono basi ma babie onse koma muwavule ma skirt.

  23. KABISHUDA says:

    I would like to differ with anyone else commenting about this tragedy…I feel there is alot that will be uncovered that as a public we will later know..i sense some hasty in the way the tragedy has been reported both by tjhe police and the press >> the truth has to be uncovered from this tragedy the suicide note alone cannot unfold what happened that fateful night. what if these people were killed by unknown people and before the act being forced to write a suicide note to bak their gloosome acts when these bodies were found,what if one of the family members either the husband or the wife had issues with an outside party that landed them to this tragic event>>> dont you think their is apossibilty that this was just a scapegoat to divert peoples attention from learning the facts>>>the frolensic investiagation guys what role have you played or you are yet to play in uncovering the truth or you have also been made to believe that whatever was found at the murder scene is what you need for your case….i feel like there is more to this story than what has al;redy been reported its unfortunate these souls are no longer with us to tell their side of the story….WAS the father in mention capable of owning a rifle, was he a gang member that something didnt go on well with his fellow members that they decided to take the life of the innicent 3,…..i rest my case but i sense a conspiracy that has to be unfolded

  24. Peter Phiri says:

    Are you telling me that the economic turmoil has reduced the human dignity to a point of failing to cover the corpse in the body bags?, was their no woman enough to at least offer her wrap (chitenje)?.
    I must admit that where this world is heading, really frightens me.

  25. SAPITWA says:


  26. drogba says:

    Please get facts from at least me, before we blame the wife. It is very false that the wife committed any adultery. The man was doing business but later he started gun robbery. The wife noticed the gun one day, and when she confronted the husband about it, the husband ordered the wife not to say anything to anybody. The wife wanted to leave the marriage, but the husband couldn’t allo it. He knew the wife could spread the story. On this fateful day, the family quarrelled in front of the young boy, on issues related to the same. The husband forced the wife to sign that note for his adultery claims to be deemed genuine. He coulnt have shot the boy also. So please, the woman was just soo innocent. The only problem is that she didn’t report this to police. May all if us should learn to report to police if we suspect our relatives, neighbours or even family members have guns

  27. Kujo Ndelemani says:

    No. 35 and 42 you are great thinkers, someone might have killed them all because the contents of the suicide note does not make sense at all. Police you have a job to prove your profession. Good luck we are with you in prayers.

  28. muropwana says:

    Yuuu mavuto alipo

  29. mbuyuni says:

    The suicide notes need finger prints examination, I don’t think were written by them.

  30. koma kuli ntchito kumwamba but why killing the boy?

  31. Zoona says:

    Indeed Police and our leaders please initiate the use of body bags for the dead to have their dignity preserved. It is sad to see the dead being ferried like animal carcasses.



  33. Observer (AKA Prisoner monger) says:

    Pena pake anthu aku Blantyre nso amakhala ngati animals bwanji, why kumaphana chonchi as is you have got nine or more lives??????? This can not happen in Lilongwe, Zomba or Mzuzu.

    There is no way kuti the gun was registered. Koma where was the gun obtained??? I guess from police!!!!!!!!!!

  34. MAYO says:

    Malawi Police please budget for death bags. Okufa alandile ulemu wao. Do not expose our poverty like that!!!!

  35. fellowwoman says:

    koma are we safe ngati somebody is able to possess and fire about 3 shots in a place like Zingwangwa and nobody notices until later in the day? Mzimayi mkumamenyedwa kumalira and neighbours leaving them alone just becoz some MANIAC (the husband) said its none of their business? Mzimayi wafa imfa yowawa uyu, trapped and seeing her son killed and then herself. How many men have been killed let alone kutsinidwa for adultery? Instead we clap hands for them. Koma when it comes to a woman or zikhale false rumours, you lose your dignity, even your life

  36. Duma says:

    I don`t think this man kills the family and then himself, someone might be behind this. There is need for investigation. A suicide note signed by both parties and a pistol besides the bodies and we should believe a husband had a hand in this? Now way.

    May their soul Rest In Peace

  37. Punjab says:

    what am seeing here is not cheating. i suspect the man was involved in some other shady deals which the woman and the step son did not know for a while. Later on the woman and the son might have realized what he was involved involved. and could have been threatening to make this known to the public. To conceal the evidence, he had to kill the two. Sad indeed. RIP the innocent souls.

  38. brenda gondwe says:

    Y killing an innocent boy

  39. brenda gondwe says:

    Men lacks empathy its not normal y killing the innocent boy may the almighty God judge u mr chipanda accordingly

  40. gracechamalaka says:

    koma ndiye

  41. chipwisi chamazila says:

    iwe chidala chozikonda…..wamphelanji mwana…

  42. wtl says:

    Mwamulakwira mwana,mwadyerera zambanja kupha mwana chimamukhuza nchiani

  43. Rejoice banda says:

    End times i believe so,Jesus come quick,this is the way how malawians we need to live

  44. Kamtedza Mwale says:


  45. Zangazatha says:

    Vachawa nadi ivi……komanani nadi….coz you dont have the brains for school

  46. Galu says:

    Surely this guy used another woman to sign on behalf of his wife. Chindele chakufikapo

  47. MR G says:

    But why the child? Very bad.

  48. Pa sterio says:

    I fifty 2 as well koma kubediku sizikuyenda. Ndiye abambowa analibe ndi nyere. Shupit osangopita pa sterio bwwwwwaaaaaHHHH?

  49. Youth League Chairman: Kawale 1 Market says:

    Kuti mumufufuze Chipandayu, mupeza kuti naye wakhala akupanga tizibwenzi mu Chilobwemu e.t.c. Koma mkazi kungoyesera kamodzi – iye kukwiiratu…amuna empathy imatisowa kwambiri!!!

  50. EndTimes says:

    Akulu, munayenera kuzindikira kuti sindinu amene munali oyamba kudya katundu wankaziyu mwachifatse. Anzanu anadya nthawi yaitali mpaka kubereka mwana kenako kutengera pension kaya divorce whatever. Just after her divorce its likely as well kuti enanso anabandula katunduyo though on short term kenaka inu nkumutenga kukhala wanu. Ma divorcees onse muzizindikira kuti nkazi kapena mamuna muli nayeyo akhoza kusinthanso nthawi ina iri yonse chifukwa siwanu nokha. My advice to married couples is free: DON’T TRY DIVORCE ONCE YOU GET MARRIED AT THE CHURCH

  51. Chalo says:

    why killing an innocent child? mmmmmmmmm Chilipo Chilipo not cheating. Bwanji akanupititsa ku mudzi iye akhale yekha than killing innocent souls. Lord, Do you see that? Being 14 yrs doesnt mean to die like this am speechless but for the Mother and Son May They good Lord in Heaven Welcome their souls to Rest In Enternal Piece! WE mothers if u suspect us of cheating please send us to our families than killing us like this cause we are of good importance to our family. Azibambo mwationjeza mmanyumbamu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God Intervene on this Issue, Your the one who knows the hidden issues! Iye anayitenga kuti mfuti? mmmmmmmm Suspect too.

  52. mamaa says:

    by the way where did they get a gun from? so sad!!!!!

  53. Mbuya says:

    May they not RIP asa

  54. assabi says:

    its bad three peoples!!!

  55. Chishalo says:

    Man, why didn’t you just leave the woman and marry another one? Why killing an innocent step son as if you brought him into this world. Mind you, many divorced ladies and divorced men are likely to cheat their new spouses than those in their first marriages coz each one of them has no trust and respect for the opposite sex following what they went thru during their first marriages. If you divorce and remarry, be prepared for heart attacks in the long run.

  56. Eddy Gomez says:

    Bola,Akanasiya Ka Mwanako Guyz Because Sikanadyelele.Koma Mdala Ameneyo Akanakhala Ali Moyo,ndikanamuonetsa Chomwe Chinatchetcha Miyendo Kuti Iziyenda Chokwawa.Zachamba Basi.

  57. Chesipokosi says:

    Pepani. Mwafwa, tafwa. Kulira nkhumoza.

  58. sugzo says:

    No comment

  59. jimmy says:

    if you blame him, read the story of Adam n Eve in the bible, i fault him on the killing the kid

  60. John semani says:

    Something fishy here may be there is someone who carried out a bad job in the name of a man. because there is no way a both a woman and a man sign that letter

  61. thapatula chiphwisi says:

    Chipanda is a fool. Why? Why? Why? What is the use of divorce law of Malawi. You could have spared the innocent boy. Why keeping guns in your house. Living positivey with guns has become a problem even in white man’s land, USA. Obama is thinking of clearing all guns form America because of such acts, mass killings.

  62. Tk says:

    As long as men, and society, view the sexuality of wives as a commodity, as property, then such tragic displays of jealous rage and anger will continue. When men see the sexuality of their wives as a gift, shared by an independent, powerful and respected individual, to be treasured and cherished, then, we might see the end of such horrifically selfish and petulant acts.

    Men must stop viewing the sexuality of a woman as belonging to anybody but herself. As long as we see it in any other fashion, women will continue to die.

  63. Willie Chirwa says:

    This family we are informed lived happily but on the inside something was brewing as the tragedy shows. Remember Lucius Banda’s song “Si Jacuzzi Si Motorola”. Do not judge the book by its cover! Now where the hell on earth did this guy get the gun from? From my opinion the look of the deceased’s house reveal that he he was of moderate means and required no firearm for protection. I would therefore like to implore the police to thoroughly investigated this issue maybe there might be something more to it than what the eye sees. Having such extra ordinary bravery of killing two persons and then yourself show the inner cruelity of the deceased, something bordering on hardcore criminals. Please also try although difficult to trace the source of the murder weapon was it registered or was it involved in the execution of previous crimes.

  64. jay -rhoxy says:

    Ooops!!!what a tragic

  65. stasha says:

    Amalawi bible ikuti bwanji pa nkhani ya chigololo? Osangom’masula ndikukwatira wina bwanji akazi ali mbweee-wa? Mpaka kuluza moyo chifukwa cha mkazi! Let us learn something from this appalling tragidy*****

  66. nafedwa wamkulu says:

    thats coward.nawenso umatani kupeza katsuna kako..& at that age abambo inu chilipo chimene mumaopa kuti akazi ndi mwana wanu aulura..

  67. el chapo says:

    uchtsilu. nawe osakakoka kako pa stereo bwanji?

  68. Abraham mandhlopa says:

    Lord have mercy on us

  69. kate says:

    very sad. No normal Wife can go cheating on her husband if the Husband provides and satisfies his Wife. God will surely punish Men for this.

  70. tsanzo says:

    Stupid and useless man. May He go to HELL. Such a Coward!!!

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