Mary Kachale is Nyasa Times 2015 ‘Person of the Year’: Malawi top prosecutor

Malawi flagship online news source, Nyasa Times has named Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mrs Mary Dominica Kachale as its 2015 Person of the Year.

DPP Mary Kachale: 2015 person of the year in Malawi named by Nyasa Times

DPP Mary Kachale: 2015 person of the year in Malawi named by Nyasa Times

Kachale has been given the prestigious title for notching 15 convictions in the ongoing Cashgate Scandal, and for remaining unintimidated by potential convicts who may probably be trying all they can to avoid jail.

“She is a woman of steel, and I wish Malawi had more of her kind,” commented one of the social commentators Stanley Onjezani Kenani who was amongst readers that Nyasa Times asked to nominate ‘Person of the Year’.

The Nyasa Times which clocks 10 years in 2016 introduced the ‘Person of the Year’ accolade in 2010. The title is awarded to an individual who has influenced the year’s news for either positive or negative reasons and is decided by the editors of the online publication after nomination from its contributors, readers and other stakeholders.

Last year the title went to ‘Malawi Media’ and late journalist Ralph Tenthani for work in informing the masses during the year of elections, playing rightful role as public watchdog and also keeping the nation updated on cashgate scandal.

And the year before that, Nyasa Times named Consumer Association of Malawi (Cama) executive director John Kapito as person of the year because he consistently spoke against bad social, economic and political policies that impact negatively on consumer.

Announcing the 2014 ‘person of the year’, Nyasa Times editorial management  said the publication sought nomination from various reputable commentators and analysts to nominate and give reasons.

“Based on the nominations from dozens of analysts, Nyasa Times selected Malawi’s Director of Public Prosecution, Mrs Mary Kachale as title holder of the Persons of the Year accolade,” the online publication said.

Kachale  told Nyasa Times after being told of the recognition on Wednesday  December 30, 2015 that she was “humbled”.

Said Kachale: “I am so humbled, I am lost for words.”

Malawi’s top prosecutor added: “To be honest, and I am not being religious here, it is true, it is really the Lord’s doing not mine and truly all honour should go to God our father.”

Kachale continued: “It would be an honour and a priviledge for me to accept the recognition that Nyasa Times have chosen to bestow on me. This is truly humbling.”

The ‘Person of the Year’ Kachale has served as Senior Assistant Chief State Advocate in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and holds a B.A. degree (Honours) from the University of Malawi and a Diploma in International Protection of Human Rights from the Institute for Human Rights, Finland.

In 2009, she was awarded an LL.M. in Public International Law at the University College, London; in 2010 she commenced her PhD in law at the same university.

“I was recipient of a Commonwealth Scholarship to pursue a PhD in Nuclear Energy Law (2010-2012) which was discontinued for personal reasons,” said Kachale.

In April 2013 when Kachale was promoted to become Chief Legal Advocate in charge of the Legal Aid Department, she was charged with making preparations for the transition of the Legal Aid Department into an autonomous Legal Aid Bureau, which has since taken place.

Kachale, a wife to High Court judge Chifundo Kachale and mother of three children, is determined in her job as Director of Public Prosecutions.

“The mandate of the DPP is to conduct all criminal prosecutions in the country; one has also got the authority to take over any prosecutions commenced by any agency or authority or even to discontinue the same.

“The DPP works through State Advocates as well as Police Prosecutors (especially in magistrates’ courts across the country); constitutionally the DPP also operates under the general direction of the Attorney General and is answerable to the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament for the performance of her tasks and responsibilities,” she explains.

Kachale told Nyasa Times that the overall in charge of prosecutions in the whole country would be challenging at any given time. However, she pointed out, Cashgate fraud has made her job “more challenging.”

She said: “Criminology studies have shown that one of the main reasons why white collar crime continues to grow is because the criminals know that the inordinately high cost of investigating and prosecuting them prevents many law enforcement agencies from doing so, even in very rich countries.”

Added Kachale: “The fact that in Malawi, for various reasons, cases of public servants involved in the 2010 fraud were never prosecuted to completion might have reinforced the impression locally that our law enforcement agencies lack the wherewithal to competently prosecute Public Servants who meticulously plan, complexly execute and intelligently conceal their embezzlement of public funds.

“Consequently, the toughest part of my current work has been to ensure that in spite of human and financial resource challenges, we nevertheless efficiently and effectively prosecute Cashgate cases so as to demonstrate that our Government has the will and the means to tackle the malady- if not in financial resources, then through the sheer determination of its prosecutors to pursue the matters tenaciously; I must hasten to admit that God has been very gracious in the whole exercise thus far.”

Kachale recalls that in 1999, as a third year law student from Chancellor College University of Malawi, she did three months internship at the Ministry of Justice headquarters in Lilongwe and that experience opened her eyes to what she consider to be one main reason behind Malawi’s lack of development .

“I was shocked by the huge number of cases of theft by public servants. I remember thinking to myself- No wonder Malawi is so poor! How can a country develop if public servants steal public money with such impunity?”

However, Kachale pointed out that due to factors such as low salaries for lawyers in public service, and inadequate financial and technical resources, “the Ministry of Justice has always lacked the capacity to prosecute such cases comprehensively; hence most cases remain uncompleted.”

She said she resolved during her internship to join the Ministry of Justice upon her graduation from Chancellor College.

“My principal objective was that one day, by God’s grace; I might become an instrument for bringing an end to the impunity I observed in the unscrupulous public servants. It was in pursuit of that objective that I joined the Ministry of Justice on 9th April 2001, and have continued to serve in that Ministry to date,” said Kachale.

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65 thoughts on “Mary Kachale is Nyasa Times 2015 ‘Person of the Year’: Malawi top prosecutor”

  1. Achimidzimidzi says:

    I do agree that Mrs. Mary Kachale has delivered more than popular expectation.

    She is an asset to the nation. May her colleagues in the background of her success, continue supporting her.

  2. muonosile says:

    The article is very true indeed lets give respect to where it is due, she needs recognition.

  3. The Iron Lady, Even The Much Touted Prolific Lawyer, Kasambava Is Faking Illness. Amayi Abiti Auntgate Is Trying To Jump The Gun, But Not This Time Joy Sorry You Are Like A Cornered Rat. God Bless Malawi And Its Prosecutor For Cornering These Wolves In A Sheep Clothing.

  4. We need to recognise her contribution. she must be encouraged others were there and they did nothing. You never know she may be now working on the big cases that will come out of the 577 bn investigation. let us wait and see.

  5. sibusiso zuma says:

    she deserves it,dont just promote women for the sake if it,they should earn it like this hardworking Lady

  6. Zamunda says:

    A recognition well deserved,,You are appriciated maam

  7. Anthony Chitete says:

    Big up my lady, we the legal practitioners are humbled with your gesture.

  8. Mbuya says:

    But Mayi Kachale where is ve Chilobwe killer guy?

  9. rfdaadf says:


  10. mtumbuka1 says:

    I would appreciate if she rounds up those dpp owners who stole 557 million including peter himself…. Until then she remains a useless woman in a gown who hopped from one university to the other to me. I’m strictly tumbuka and I do not buy cheap politics even if it means It will cover my bare ass.

  11. Mtumbuka says:

    GOD Bless this woman, her husband and children….. ine this woman keeps my faith alive that Malawi will one day be saved. If only Malawi had only 10 top government officials, Malawi would be 10x better.

  12. busy signal says:

    Ufufuzenso za Morgan heritage

  13. Concerned Malawian says:

    We thank God for you Mrs Kachale. He has equipped you for every good work in Christ; May He continually strengthen you in you’re challenging work.

  14. KAMTEDZA says:

    My sister, may the Hand of the Lord continue to be with you. May He grant you more wisdom, discernment, understanding, knowledge, insight and Justice. May He make 10 times wiser than the best of of the best of this world. Finally may He continue to protect you and your family.

  15. a gay boy from karonga says:

    if i was straight i could’ve have proposed her,unfortunately no,am gay,i like a fellow men

  16. Namaoda says:

    Congratulations dear lady. We all know past and present Persons of the year were not islands, they definitely work with others. Because its a lady being recognized don’t water it down by highlighting that. This is well deserved and once again congrats DPP

  17. JIHAYE says:

    Peter Mutharika says that Mary should be careful with this award, ndi Nyasa Times tu iyi hahaha. She is a hard worker and imo has just done her job, nothing extraordinary and re the Kasambara issue it seems people are confusing issues here and personally, I feel that on the attempted murder case (which is not cashgate case by Ralph as some would want to mix issues up here), the DPP will lose that one.

  18. cashgate1 says:

    Hope you’ll pick up the 557 billion case as well!

  19. Matetule says:

    One woman starts cashgate: another woman ends cashgate. Back to square one: no progress. Its not for no reason we say women should be in Kitchen.

  20. gregua says:

    somebody in Uganda said. fighting corruption in Africa is a serious challenge and I quote “before I was victimised my friend in Malawi was victimised, before I was victimised my friend in Tanzania was victimised”. thumbs up Mary kachale fighting corruption isn’t a minor achievement.

  21. Nyoni phiri says:

    Happy new year dear madam kachale! My wish this new year, is a simple one kasambala akudziweni kuti mumatha ntchito

  22. Asabuni says:

    kachale eish wathana nayo mbava chigawenga..gulungunthi kasambara..amazitenga dolo kulimbana ndi judge tiyeni naye ameneyi…tsiku la judgement ife tipha ng ombe kusangalala kuti murderer kasambara wapita

  23. nachisale says:

    Well done DPP Kachale, a great role model to women and girls. You have shown that educated women have the same knowledge, skills and capabilities like men, even more than men. The place of a modern woman is NOT in the kitchen but office or business. Amayi anthu anaphikira ndikulera ana mokwanira. We need more women in high positions! Shame on those who used to say a woman was not fit for the DPP job – saying, ng’ombe yayikazi sikoka ngolo. Well, an educated woman sachepa kaba!

  24. nandauwasopano says:

    Bwana President if you will be promoting Mary Kachale to another grade kindly remember all those officers who were working with her tirelessly, I heard one day that they normally knock off around midnight to meet targets, what a dedicated team surrounding her. She is not a mountain, she has trees, grasses etc.

    I remain your servant.

    Happy New Year to all readers of Nyasatimes

  25. BigMan says:

    Well deserved.

  26. Lawrence Matiasi says:

    You deserve this recognition Mary. Continue cleaning all the impunity and evil doers in Malawi. Only GOD will reward you for serving Malawians with all your zero and determination.

  27. Funzo says:

    Some of the things she was reported to have said in court were odd for a lawyer but, otherwise, good for her.

  28. Dyabulosi says:

    Kodi a DPP Watson kaunde mumumange mercantile ndi ya cashgate ya mphwiyo kaya. Yambani Mulemba akudziwa zimenezo

  29. Pika kanondo says:

    Mary Kachale ndi nkhakamila. Wakhaulitsa Ralph kasambara and Ralph pano has been trimmed to size. Ralph wadziwa kuti Mrs Kachale is more intelligent than him. Pano Ralph akuphwa madzi ku Zomba central prison. Shaaaaa! Mrs Kachale ulemu wanu.

  30. Mkamwiniwakwata says:

    Oh congratulations Mary Kachale for the work your doing, but you are not doing the work alone please. But to be honest praise be to God, others too to be included are Mr. E. Chibwana, Hired Public Prosecutor to prosecute cashgate cases to assist the DPP he has several cases now on advanced stage too. Senior State Advocates, Administrators, Fiscal Police Investigators, Paralegals, Office Assistant and Drivers who work tirelessly for all the files to be prosecuted.

    In addition I think if my memory serves me right, other cases were prosecuted by former Director of Public Prosecutions then hired as Public Prosecutors that is Sir Kamudoni Nyasulu before you came in & after some months he continued to prosecuted & he got convictions of eg Senzani, Namata, Sithole to mentione a few.

  31. Mwamuna sakalamba says:

    Thank you for choosing to work in government.

  32. Bisenti Chombola says:

    Mary well deserves it! Keep on lady!

  33. Kawonga says:

    You deserve to be a DPP by choice, congrats

  34. lackison says:

    Kamudoni nyasulu is the one who prosecuted these people

  35. Guantanamo says:

    Nyasatimes, u hv not disappointed on this award so far. Ur climax was in naming Gen. Henry Odillo as “man of the match” 3 yrs ago. He foiled a coup attempt by the mid-night 6

  36. Nambewe says:


  37. Misozi says:

    Waoo, congrats Mary. koma ndiye 2016 kuli moto. Tithawe basi. Tingolondola a chikulire, wakunja basi byeee, Mary

  38. Guantanamo says:

    We upload u madame

  39. Observer says:

    The the choice of Mary Kachale is a perfect and befitting one. The lady has defied all odds to succeed in prosecuting cash-gate cases. Most suspects use intimidation and to some their perceived high knowledge of the law, but she has stood all ground and she is a great woman wealth the accolade. Wishing her success as the cases keep on swelling

  40. jabu says:

    Well well

  41. Homeboy says:

    these are the people that we need for development osati achina………ntchito kuphoda basi shupid

  42. prince says:

    i like that,and she really deserve it

  43. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    She is few among courageous Malawians. Happy New Year to her. Azimayi enawa ongolongolola akweni

  44. mtumbuka1 says:

    …i meant if she can’t do all that then she does not deserve my respect.

  45. mtumbuka1 says:

    Bla bla bla PhD bla bla bla bla, this university that university bla bla bla! But you are still ruled by one asshole called peter mutharika who stole the votes in front of your nose and you let him get away with it and as I speak he is busy strategizing yet another means of stealing votes in 2019 and you clowns are busy decorating a woman who is skating around cashgate cases by arresting the un known kids in the thieving world. I dare this woman to arrest peter and the dpp for the 557 billion Malawi kwacha in cashgate, order the arrest of the dpp authorities who burnt a warehouse full of votes ready for a re count, arrest those who killed issa njauju, hunt down the dpp thugs who broke into a German diplomat’s house and stole corruption files, and if she can get the mbc boss fired and that of the anti corruption bureau cos they are hell bent on covering up dpp ills. If she can not do all that she does not deserve my respect.

  46. MKWAPU says:


  47. I admire the zeal in this woman of substance.Infact I would like to give her a name befitting her stance.Let her be called IRON LADY of MALAWI.Please madam Kachale squeeze all those corrupt baboons who have made Malawi poorer.You also seize all their properties to the state acquired through Cashgate monies.Stupid baboons thought they were clever.

  48. TCHUTCHUTCHU says:


  49. Thobwa chechamba says:

    Proud of you Mary. You have achieved something zomwe no civil servant has since malawi history began. Enjoy this award Nyasa Times ndi power well respected worldwide even APM akudziwanso. Well done babes ndi a Judge!

  50. mnjakwa 2 says:


  51. al says:

    Why wasnt acb as institution nominated or reynrck or its DG?

  52. For a dpp supporter like me, she is doing a commendable job. Praise be to apm to have the wisdom and foresight to nominated such a virtuous woman…

  53. kalulu says:

    Totally agree!!! she deserves. I like Nyasatimes you are very objective at giving this award. So far you have not disappointed me.

  54. Mc Adams Mbewe says:

    No need of eye glasses to see good things. No need of publicity to make one believe in a thing that is not good. Even without all the resources, we still see and recognise that Mary Kachale has done a great job. It is my wish that she will keep on defending the country for the good of all of us.

    Our Director of Public Prosecution, that is your new year gift and receive it deservingly.

  55. GRM says:

    She deserved it a billion times. Congratulations!!!!

  56. Blunt Truth says:

    Cashgate or theft cases are straightforward cases that cannot justify Mrs Kachale receiving that recognition. If she had tackled Chasowa murder case I would have agreed with you. It is obvious that the stealing that took place during Bingu wa Mutharika rule will never be investigated. The midnight six have no immunity. I challenge Kachale to prosecute them. It is only Peter Mutharika who is immune as state president.

  57. Woyera Kamanga says:

    Wathanadi ndi mbamva yayikulu ralph kasambara. Her husband is also one of the best judges

  58. MCHEMO says:



  59. Truck says:


  60. Chigawaneni says:

    No mistake about it, she deserves it. I wish Malawi had a good number of such people. I’m one of such by the way. Bravo madam Kachale.

  61. Tito says:

    Well done God sees. He has seen your heart and your work. You are an inspiration to many. Have a great end to 2015 and great start to 2016. This is great news

  62. George says:

    Well deserved accolade men were there their cases have been inconclusive till today thereby encouraging public money thefty in MALAWI.
    hope the men have something to learn from the lady here congratultions Mrs Mary Kachale

  63. levelheaded says:

    Thumbs up nyasatimes! Though cashgate was initiated by a woman, that should not discourage us in entrusting these deserving women in high profile jobs. Mary Kachale has brought us back the confidence we lost in women. Big up Mary Kachale, you are such a rare type of woman.

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