MCP MP Kawale explains about a shadow cabinet

The Shadow Cabinet is made up of frontbench MPs from an official Opposition party. The Shadow Cabinet is a feature of the Westminster system of government. It comprises a senior group of opposition spokespeople who, under the leadership of the Leader of the Opposition,form an alternative cabinet to that of the government.

The Opposition party appoints an MP to ‘shadow’ each of the members of the Cabinet. In this way the Opposition can make sure that it looks at every part of the Government and can question them thoroughly. It also means that the Opposition has MPs that are ready to take specific jobs in the Cabinet if they win at the next General Election.



 The term “spokesperson” is used instead of “shadow”.

The reason why only sitting MPs are chosen in Shadow Cabinet is that they should respond to policies and project government is implementing “INSIDE PARLIAMENT”.

If you are not an MP, you cannot contribute to any deliberation in the chamber. It will be USELESS to chose someone who is not an MP to be in shadow cabinet because he/she wont have a forum to speak on behalf of his/her party

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22 thoughts on “MCP MP Kawale explains about a shadow cabinet”

  1. Malindima says:

    What is the purpose of the independent MP for we some taking sides in Parliament? You mean there are no MPs taking MCP side?

  2. madar Gavyn says:

    mukhalira zomwezo anzanu akulamulira!!!!

  3. MWANA says:


  4. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Leave or take it. Imeneyo ndiyo shadow cabinet. Enanu munabadwa choncho. Always negative. Kagwereni uko!

  5. Patriot says:

    MCP mukubwera bo, tichotsepo umbuli wa alomwe osapita kusukuluwa.

    1. olo asanapite ku sukulu komabe akukulamuliratu,udzikuwa chomcho amzko ziku wayendera,usovaaa

  6. Munthu Wamba says:

    I do actually agree with you. I would say that one wise thing I have heard for a while in malawi politics. The only problem is, i dont see how effective it will be since all politicians are pretty good at stutting up as soon as they receive their first meeting with the ruling president. Is this another for -show thing? Thats yet to be seen.

    1. Nyasa says:

      UDF was the first opposition party to do this during Bingu. So, this is not new.

  7. Kenkkk says:

    Of course shadow cabinet is made from a party’s mps in parliament. But once in power they can appoint anyone to ministerial positions even when they are not mps. I don’t know how many mps mcp has from the north but they have chosen one I think in their shadow cabinet. Could they have put more north mcp mps in their shadow cabinet? Again that comes back to question of how many north mcp mps are there? I know mcp has no mp from the south, so we don’t expect any shadow from there but if they become in power then they can chose anyone from the south to join there cabinet. That will be done, I can assure you that!!!

  8. OGO!! says:

    Malawians need proper civic education on these things. Nothing wrong with Shadow Cabinet as members of the Shadow Cabinet amakhala ma members a the political party that have been elected into Parliament. Its not an inter-party cabinet unfortunately. Komabe mpofunika kumaona ma capabilities a anthu amene mukuwapatsa u shadow.

    Zititengeladi nthawi.

  9. Don Chigwe says:

    Kawale stop talking nonsense. We can see that you do not want to get into government in 2019. You are foolish. Just wait you will soon find the support you had moving to DPP because of your stupidity.

    1. Aferazao says:

      Some people are just born silly, always thinking of using vulgar language. I wonder if such people grew up in perfect homesteads. This is a clear sign that such type of people grew up in the streets and resided under bridges, without proper parental guidance. For once learn to think straight and positive.

      1. Nyasa says:

        You have misunderstood your friend. If you interpret what he has written above not with shallow mind, you will notice that he loves MCP more than anything and he is trying to advise MCP gurus, though indirectly, kuti azawine 2019. Kuzolowera kutukwana sibwino.

  10. Nobel says:

    What more could u say to convince these thieves and arsonists? Let them take it or leave it. Their days are out numbering soon will wipe their tears. MCP will never relent, will never break, Muluzi tried, Bingu tried but they both failed to break it. Imeneyi ndie snadow cabinet, ‘mwaifila’!!!?

  11. Malawianah says:

    Onething i knw is that all Politicalparties are Regional n tribal party.1.DPP..Its a party of the southern region and an investment of Lhomwe tribe.2.MCP..Centralregion and the investment of chewatribe.3.UDF..Eastern malawi and the investment of Yao n all Muslims.4.PP..Loosing control wanted to overtake UDF and DPP.5.AFORD..Nothernregion…Therefore stop pointing fingers for we are not fools anymore.

  12. politix says:

    unfortunately malawi does not run a purely parliamentally system as you lamely put it. your arguments are therefore flawed only bent to justify your silly selfishness

  13. vanikani NJASKO says:


  14. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    Mr Kawale and Jersey Kabwila,you are defending your nepotism.You did not choose shadow cabinet from non sitting MPs,but you wanted DPP to choose Non sitting MPs to be ministers.You must be stupid because your thinking is antclockwise.Why cant you go back and do lecturing because you do not deserve to be a politician at all.

  15. Mbudye says:

    Similarly, choosing ministers who are MPs is better and APM just chose mainly from his crop of MPs who are in majority from the South! So MCP just shut up your hypocrisy you first degree nyau NEPOTISTS! We need 50+1 electoral reform to get rid of regional parties like MCP and DPP! Thats the only way!

  16. Makito says:


  17. Master says:

    well explained,why did u delay that important clarity knowing very well that Malawi is burning on issues of tribes????????????

  18. Tilipo says:

    Well explained. Only that some people wanted to learn from you boss. It is new to them to have an alternative team for scrutiny.
    Viva Mcp.

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