MCP MP Kazombo backs federalism for Central Malawi

Another opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament (MP) has joined the chorus advocating for a federal government for the Central Region.

Kazombo: It pains us

Kazombo: It pains us

First MCP lawmaker on record to back the calls for federism in National Assembly was Alekeni Menyani.

On Monday MP for Kasungu East Madalitso Kazombo contributing to the 2014/15 debate started advocating for a federal government for the Central Region.

He was heckled by MPs from the government side, mostly from South Malawi, but Kazombo refused to be stampeded and made his points clear.

“When we speak like this, it means it pains us. It pains us to see Kapyanga area with a population of 4 000 people, but it has no health centre,” Kazombo said.

Kazombo said former president the late Kamuzu Banda laid foundations in education by constructing schools and colleges across the country, but other leaders since then have failed to replicate that.

First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje warned MPs against bringing “controversial issues which will bring disorder in the House.”

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129 thoughts on “MCP MP Kazombo backs federalism for Central Malawi”

  1. on second thought I support federalusm for Malawi..
    if not then aja amene anawina by 36pct should address how they intend to look after the msjority 64pct… idont think moving away development prohects awsy from zem in praiseworthy.strange the leader og the house and finance minister leading in thise tricks.
    Bwana you are insulting these thrice you started with miinistrial appointmments etc..dint blame the clergy via pac when next they pen you pointing out these ills …
    I am luck to have seen these so called democratic champins cone & get knocked offthe rail…so start by tellung the 64pct whst yiu intend to do improvd their affais -be it social education security healthpolitical or economic, … you have full plate.
    hope you wont ask monteangek bulldizer pulldown the capital hill buildings. lets differantiant between national prijects and regional prijects.. this why you have hardly built a tarmarc roag of more than 100kms yey..just ma bypads a 7-10kms basi 2-5yrs zoana koma budget ikulirakulirabe billiins. mbni yanga ndi g. gondwe awo Ali bwi apo kupeka bodza?……

  2. Wkawaka says:

    My dear Mary Khozomba how can south and center reason with the useless Tumbukas. Let them go back to own home or else machine gun will pump some senses into them one day.They will learn shortcuts to their dead north from south and center.

  3. Ndaziona says:

    @kazombo,eti kutchulako kapyanga kufuna kutipusitsa ife kuno bt mmmmmmm!you pipo{politicians}God will juge u.b careful!!!{kwa Kapyangako ndi kwathu nde zandikwana}

  4. Mary Khozomba says:

    It is such kind of hatred and lack of tolerance of each other’s differences (in this case – tribe) that has led to blood shed in many countries today. I have been working in South Sudan for over two years now and I have first hand experience of what it means to turn your own county into hell. Promoting hatred and all this negative feelings is irresponsible behavior. Some of the writers am not sure if they know the effects of what they write. South, Central and North Malawi- we are all the same people and we should enjoy the peace in our country. There are some opportunists who will take advantage of all this confusion and make us fight each other. There are people out there looking for a market for their guns and bombs so please let us act responsibly before we destroy the little we have. Let us instead come up with brilliant ideas on how to develop our country. We want to waste energy in fighting yet what we need are innovations on how to move forward with the world. We all know that what we currently have as a country is not even enough to meet basics so instead of wasting our energy on making each other angry I challenge you to bring your ideas on the table. Just for starters, how can we use the water running all year from Lake Malawi help change the country? How should the youth contribute to the economy? How can we change the education system so that people create jobs instead of looking for jobs?

  5. Google says:

    More fire. Alomwe ayonjeza kuba,

  6. Sidix says:

    Apongozi anga, ku Rumphi, antchito awo onse 45 olima fodya ndi aku Phalombe ndi ku Mulanje. Anthuwa ali ndi luso polima fodya. Ndiye mwati akagwira ntchito mu office after secession? mmmmm! adzikalima mu Office?

  7. Thako Linyada says:

    In case you may argue without understanding what it is :
    Federalism is a political concept in which a group of members(states,provinces) is bound together by covenant (Latin: foedus, covenant) with a governing representative head.

  8. Dadaboma says:

    Kazombo, well done. Keep the fire of federation burning. It’s very important as a way of resolving inequalities in distribution of national resources for the equal benefit of all Malawians wherever they are. We need a govt closer to the people. This govt is drifting to the south, shifting all developments for the southern people. Let’s collaborate, center and north to champion for federation, otherwise Malawi will break up if federation is resisted.

  9. Phyuta says:

    Apatseni atumbuka mbali yawo ya dzoko. Nyumba zawo adzatenga. We will have a lot of job vacancies, because they will have to vacate the central and south.

  10. Tsotso says:

    Pumbwa wanuyo ndiye akuyambitsa zogawanitsa amalawi

  11. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    The blame goes to Zodiak , the corrupt NGOs , the high court judges , Ngumoya , Friday Jumbe , DPP and the whole Electrol Commission, Malawians are not happy with the rigged general elections of 20/05/2014.

    The whole process has messed up our peaceful and beautiful motherland. Greedy Lomwes have divided Malawi.

  12. waliya khale says:


  13. waliya khale says:

    Mpaka kuti ZAMANYI, thats too much. tame your tongue. learn to control your emotions.

  14. chechipapwiche says:

    The government need to take this issue seriously,

  15. Papa says:

    Is this poor Kazombo the same with that of cashgate?

  16. Papa says:


    1. Malawian Woman says:

      I am a university trained 70 year old grandfather with no political affiliation or ambitions. I am supporting federalism because of people like you who are filled with so much hatred for the north. I do believe this system will offer my great grand children a better Malawi after the federation realities will have tamed nincompoops like yourself. I am saying a better MALAWI because like President Muthalika, I very well know that federalism does NOT mean break away.

      I leave you to do your homework on federal government systems.

  17. banda crue says:

    good its like we are fool chewa bcause of humble life, we are tired federal may help

  18. Komenteta says:

    Federation ya chani? Some few misguided individuals think federal governance will be easy and cheap. No that is not the case and you will not run away from the huge ngongole from the domestic or international sources. Lets not be driven into this careless talk by greed or want of leadership. We cannot all become leaders at once, we can only wait for our turn if it will at all come. After all, God has allowed APM to be the president now and instead of supporting the government we are busy trying to derail any constructive plans of further developing the country with talk of no substance like this. The recent study in the US is showing the likelihood of all the state governments disappearing by 2030 and you are talking federalism now? Umphawi komanso nsanje zisatigawanitse a Malawi chonde!

  19. BOKOHARAM says:


  20. INEYO says:

    # 46 anathawa mavuto akuno kwawo ku malawi, kukafuna moyo wabwino ku ireland. zimene zikuonetseratu kuti kumalawi kuno zinthu sizilibwino ayi!!

  21. Mjumacharo says:

    Abale a chigawo chapakati mwayamba kulankhula chamuna tsopano. Asatinamize APM ndi gulu lake. Come 2019 pulelezidenti adzachokeranso ku Mulhako again ndipo adzapitiriza kuti ononga ife a chigawo chapakati ndi ku mpoto. Federatio woyeee!!!!!!!!!

  22. I will always treat human kind equally. I love Africa, I love my motherland, I love you all!

  23. Nobel says:

    How far can we go with the issue? We need to strategize, have open forum to openly discuss the issue at hand otherwise we’ll talk and talk bt changing nothing. Let the DPP led govt give an ear on this becoz if they trivitalize the feaudalism issue will worsen the situation. But I know that this govt will not listen until people will resort to violence. The ‘incompetency’ will become a dwelling unit in Malawi’s civil service. Some of the people you’re dumping into embassies could have assisted in correcting the ‘man made mess’ u manufactured. Shame on you .

  24. Khuth'upa oMachemba says:

    The northern proponents of federalism and secession have new allies now! All going to be in vain though: nobody will federalize this country, or allow a break up. As a country, we are just too small, financially. Just too poor. The North or Center simply isn’t Scotland ( or Gauteng). And Malawi simply isn’t Great Britain (or South Africa) – the federalists/secessionists often point to these places as examples they want to emulate.
    If Malawi divides, each state or province will undoubtedly become a basket case. Always on their knees, with cup in hand, begging all over the world, day and night. Way more than what present day Malawi, and other African countries do now.
    The South may fair the best, because it has a more diverse tax base, and has had longer experience with commerce. And it is also more sophisticated, culturally.

    1. johnM says:

      Malawi goes cup in hand begging as we speak now so what will be the difference if the other parts of the country secede?

  25. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    oChakwera, where do you stand on this issue?
    Do not just hide behind the mud wall of your house. Articulate your views, Sir. If it turns out you are pro-secession, that will really be the end of your party, as a force in Malawi politics. The numerous Malawians from the South, who vote in the Center, will abandon your party en masse, in 2019! Furthermore, HKB, the founder of your party, will haunt you forever for breaking up our country the way it is. Recall how he hated the “stupid” Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland? And those associated with it, like Roy Welensky?

    1. Inu says:

      We are articulating the issue and we are saying, this issue is of less importance to us. Look, in the cabinet positions, only came from the Central, Achewa tinali phe. Do you think if half of the ministers would come from the central then that would mean that the central would be better off. For me I do not see the correlation of a few ministers and the welfare of the population. After all, it was Bingu who made some important infrastructural changes in Lilongwe. Again not everyone from the central comes from a mud hut.

      1. johnM says:

        You should stop speaking for chewas iwe Inu, you are not one of us.

  26. North Pride says:

    Political solution, North(13% of Malawi population) and Central(43% of the population) to gang up against Alomwe in 2019 and win elections and show anguru ndi mihavani what it feels to be on the receiving end of Nepotism. That is the only Mulhako will understand! Lest we forget the two years JB was ruling Mulli was crying daily for govt contracts! Now wati zii akudya bwino, tidzaonana a Lhomwe 2019!!

    1. Inu says:

      There is already nepotism in the offices which has been happening for a long time. One region has been at the centre of all this and you know it. How I wish in the interest of justice, let us do an audit of the work places and let us how many people are in offices from what region, you will be shocked. If we can do this right now, I do not know whether this secession thing will make sense anymore.

      First thing to happen should be to do an audit of the workforce in Malawi at each level. Our friends from the north, the problem that I have with you is that you are comfortable when you have everyone from the north. When that happens, you do not mind it because you think that is the way it should be since the most deserving people in Malawi are from the north. Anything other than that is not ideal and unfair and nepotistic. If you want to share resources equitably, that should be even extended to the workforce and let us how that is going to work. A lot of you guys will be out of work. DONT START A FIRE WHICH YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO QUENCH. At least that is the way I see it

      1. Mbuzi says:

        the workforce u are busy talking i know is skilled workforce, but workforce doesnt end there even tobbacco tenancy work is workforce, gardeners, house maids respresent workforce, the problem with southerners is they think that we dont know where they work i large numbers just go ku north and central region, that is where u will see largeworkforce working in tobbaco estates as tenants, gardeners, north alone ahs 400,000 tobbaco tenants almost all of them come from southern region central region has 500,000 tobbaco tenants working as tenants and these too come from south, u see workforce is a choice u choose to work in which and hwta profession, who chose thise poeple to work in tobaco farms????? hwy did they choose such nasty profession when others were busy studying to get an office job??????????????????? the problem with southerners is that because u notice m ost many northerners in skilled jobs in south, u think that there is no-one from south who is working in north or center, but mind u the people who are in north from south are those u can hardly notice, their jobs dont draw much envy in life or society, northerners u see in center and south are those u can admire and envy, they are in skilled jobs, that is why u bark here with hate!!!!!!!

  27. Namu! says:

    Federalism iriko ngakhale ku Amereka kumene a Prof. Mutharika adakhalako zaka zambiri. Mwina mwake ndibwino nkhaniyi ikambidwe motere: boma lililonse lidzakhale state ndipo lidzidzapanga malamulo ake ndi ntchito zosiyasiyana zachitukuko. Dziko lonse lidzakhalabe ndi pulezidenti m’modzi amene adzakhale mtsogoleri wa Federal Government. Ma state adzakhala ndi ma gavanala. Magavanala adzakhala ngati ma DC amene tilinawo panowa. Ndalama zonse zopezeka by the Federal Government zidzayenera kugawidwa kupita ku ma state komwe atsogoleri a state iliyonse adzakambirane m’mene chitukuko chigawiridwire.

    The issue at hand is that there is need for thorough consultations and togetherness in charting the way forward.

    1. Inu says:

      And even in America, there are many poor states because they are not economically active or have not attracted investments. So if you can point to a case where federalism has made all states equal, I will be glad to look at it. Furthermore, there was no USA or UK before. The different parts came together in a mutual understanding to become one, so the case of Malawi is not comparable to those. South Africa could be similar but tell me if that has distributed wealth equally. This is just a fantasy of some few guys who just want to have power in another form. No one can guarantee that the north will better off on its own.

      1. kanchenga says:

        This is the misconceptions that some people have. They think that federal system will mean automatic development and uplifting of standard of life. To solve this problem so that no region will acuse the other, let’s bring in the federation system and in that system services like school, heath, public employment and should be handle based on regions


    Malawi cannot continue on its current path. Things Must CHANGE!! The status quo is simply unsustainable.
    All the post-HKBanda presidents have fallen far short of ideas on how to get us out of the poverty trap that we are in.
    What do we get instead? Wanton Theft in various forms. Talk about Cashgate, Oh God save us!! What about the May 20 saga? Even when there is evidence of serious electoral anomalies the courts are too INCOMPETENT to deliver justice.
    Then the “thieves” themselves have oddly resorted to fires: ESCOM, MEC w/h, MANEB, all on fire. Hard earned taxes up in flames. Vendors have followed suit, burning their markets with impunity.
    Malawi has to change. It MUST change. It WILL change. Otherwise civil conflict is inevitable.

    1. Inu says:

      You have evidence of the vote rigging, why not take it to court. I am tired of hearing that issue when not even a single person provides the evidence in court. Msonda promised to do that but up until now there is nothing that is happening. I guess he has nothing substantial. Next time anyone spews this garbage again, he should come with evidence. I voted MCP by the way and I am from the Central Region

  29. Mbanangwa says:

    The north dports you sir, the tension is growing!

  30. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Amalawi zomwe tikucitazi sizingathandize kutukula dziko lathu. Malo mopanga zinthu zotukula dziko tikumatukwanizana pazinthu zopanda ntchito.
    Wina aliyense amene akunyoza atsogoleri ake kunali bwino akanati asabadwe.

  31. Nyakatumbi says:

    Yahh! Nayeni. Its nw the Central side talking.

  32. chiduma says:

    Ndizimene tikufunanso pa centre pano zimenezi, alomwe atilowa kwabasi. Kodi tiyamba liti kukumana nafe pa centre pano chifukwa ine ndiye ndili ready kale.

  33. Wachakwera says:

    It’s quite amazing how this federalism mania has just become an issue in this country. I wonder if it would have been the same If one of the parties in the opposition was in the ruling seat. it sounds more of being filled with emotions rather than facts by the points being raisedLet’s hold hands and build a better Malawi for our children and their children. Let’s not bring confusion and hatred in this beautiful country. Things like tribal wars, genocide etc are born from such simple issues. If we have the facts, let’s Chanel them through the right authorities and let the rest take its course. Who knew that Malawi would one day become a democratic country? It wasn’t achieved in a day but it did happen. So, if indeed Malawi can be divided into sates, why not? But let’s not force it: let it take it’s course in a smooth way and one day we will get there..

  34. Mccarthy says:

    APM, I don’t think is a Malawian, this guy called APM” he must be a Zimbabwean” I support federalism is most welcome” Viva federalism.

  35. Aggrey says:

    Yes I like it coz Peter has made a clear segregation in the government. I even wish RIP was meant Return If Possible just for Kamuzu Banda and NOT even his Brother. Look at what has happened on Nkhata Bay Boys Secondary School eish let me stop here.

  36. ujeni says:

    The only way to develop Malawi infact most African state is through a system like the federation. We have seen countries like South Africa in Africa and the US doing great. Why watch when you can do it.

    1. Inu says:

      Again that is not speaking without knowing facts. There are many states in the USA that are really struggling, no jobs for people government debts and everything. There are other states that are doing well like New York, California etc. Consider Detroit for instance, the car industrial hub of the USA, is still struggling. By the way, what do you about Alabama, Idaho Kentucky and the like. USA has 50 states and most people outside just know a few of those where financial markets or where Hollywood is.

      In South Africa, which other provinces are doing better like Gauteng and Western Cape? Guys dont cite these examples without really showing how such systems have distributed wealth equally.

      1. johnM says:

        Iweyo Inu, which districts in Malawi are developed. Some may cite Blantyre, Lilongwe and Zomba however even they are not developed by international standards. Even the states in United which you say are struggling, they are much better off compared to any part of Malawi.

  37. ben says:

    I totally support federal woyikana ndiwomweaja adabadwa ndikantima koti zonse zikhale zawo and wokondwela anzawo akamabvutika kusowa chitukuko, kumanyozedwa. Tatopa ndi ulamulidwe wa anthu akumwera anthu wopanda manyazi nkhaza kupondeleza anzawo, tikufuna tingogawana basi

  38. Kennedy says:

    Anyone who is against federalism has a problem. It started in the north now central region, akummwera mutsala nokha mumangochulukana osaganizira economy yanu ikhala ya tea ndi thonje kkkkk.

    1. Akulira Iwowo says:

      economy yawo ikhalanso through remittances from tobacco estates in the north and in centre

  39. rational says:

    Since when did MCP realise the need for federal government? If you claim that Kamuzu was distributing resources equally then why did the north gang up against him in the 70s? who introduced quota in the 1980s? If you claim federalism is the way to go, are you admitting as MCP that you goofed big time for not introducing it when you were in power for 30 years?

  40. christopher says:

    pachichewa palimau oti munthu ndigalu sayamika.kuno kuchigawo chapakati zitukuko zachitika zambili!!funso mkumati mcp yikufuna chiyani?munthu wa(mulungu)wangowonetselatu kuti ndi wosokoneza.atsogoleli otele osawakhulupilila ndi adyela.angofunakukwanilitsa zofuna zawo,basi osatengeka atsogoleli otele. .akuphoto osadandaula apanga chitukuko kumeneko ATHER PETER BINGU WAKULU OSAPINGAPINGA!!!!!

    1. MMALAWI says:

      Rubbish. Muziona kaye musanalembe zamkutu. Zitukuko ziti zachitika pakati? Lilongwe University of Science and Technology pano ili kuti? Stadium anaipititsa kuti? Pano cancer Hospital ikupita kuti? How many high level government jobs are in the hands of Central region people? What about the properties in the City of Lilongwe; are they not owned by mostly people who are from other regions? Do we have a fair distribution of the national cake? All this cry for federalism is emanating for equitable distribution of national resources including positions, infrastructure, wealth etc

  41. Weniweni Balakasa says:

    calling those who advocate federalism idiots reveals how ignorant you are.Development means a lot which includes freedom. Therefore,you better visit relevant literature that defines federal system in depth and how effective it is.If true democracies like the US have developed through its applicability why not us?Look at India…dont mix politics of the fools and that of development.Go and conduct a research,if you are patriotic you will tell the nation the truth and the typical idiot will be known.Federalism in no way divides Malawians rather makes enjoy the state budget equally!

  42. Dyson says:

    i would like to greet all malawians
    please insted of fighting lets go to
    church and worship god.we are all
    brothers and sisters one thing we
    should the whole world there is good people and bad people but we
    all come from adam and eve.we have stand together.from dyson in ireland.

    1. Nanunso says:

      hat exactly are you doing in Ireland? But thanks for your appeal. I shall look into it. Ok!

  43. Professional journalist says:

    Kazombo is not the first MCP MP to support a federal state. Kalekeni was the first one.

  44. Khwethemu says:

    Amene sakufuna federalism ndiye kuti ali ndi vuto. We are fed up ndi tribalism ya anthu aku mmwera. Mumanyoza za fodya komatu tiyime patokha tikuwonereni. Nothing wrong wiv pipo from the north advocating for autonomy and independence. Mukhale kum’mwera kwanuko. Mkazi wanga wakummwera koma i dont giv a fuck anymore. Anthu akummwera agaru inu anthu osayamika.

  45. Tayani says:

    Do you think zinachitikazi angazikonde ndani? kungosankhanasankhana nokhanokha,pamenepa wodzikonda ndi ndani?woyambitsa Federal ndi iyeyo.

  46. Koma Kumeneko says:

    i support the hon MPS views federalism is the way to go, look National cancer centre will be moved to blantyre from LL centrally located pple from Chitipa and Nsanje can travel almost equally distance to access the services of this cancer centre. DPP at it again as they did with stadium. Federalism basi mudzimanga zanu efeso ku central kuno tidzimanga zathu kumpoto chimodzimodzi.

  47. Charles Salima says:

    What are the benefits of a Federal system of government?

  48. chosatheka says:

    My fellow Malawians, this issue may seem for some of us, like fun but it is not. We are inviting hardships into our country. This is a peaceful country, are we tired with the peace we are enjoying? Why can’t we address this problem amicably – I think if APM has a soul he will consider the comments made by people and strategize on how to address the matter. CSOs and other concerned parties, let us not rush into the federation that is being talked about, lets give mediation a chance. Let us not behave like savages – for heaven’s sake.

  49. Namandwa 3 says:

    I think talking attacking and counter attacking will not help us, lets go for reflendum and see what people will say, it realy pains to see the hub of farming in this country gets less fertilizer subsidy issues where as in tea growing areas they get more coupons, it pains when the people with good work.experience are sacked because they come from tonga land, if feudalism can solve these problems then lets go for it, other wise another boko on the making be asured of this.

  50. wakukayawakukaya says:

    Keep it up Kazombo, I salute u.Ndipo ine ndikudabwa nawo anthuwa akuwumirira kukhala ndi ife bwanji pamene ife sitikuwafuna.Ife ndife osafunikira ndiye vuto lawo ndichani.Akudziwa kuti adzayambanaso wokhawokha ku mmwerako alomwe ndi ayawo.

  51. syamboza says:

    apatu palibe nkhani yopitanayo kwankhoswe. sikoyambe sikomaliza.alomwe 15 mukabineti nde kuti chani???? mulomwe zoooona???? tiyi atchela ndani?????? pa 18 pompa sikotilandi nayo ikuchoka mumkhwapa mwa angelezi sausyi sudani inabanduka kalifoniya ku ameeka ikufuna 51 state nde mulomwe atikanile apa????? ifenso kuno ku ndix tikufuna ufulu wata bodi iyo koma madzi kusowa ngati akuchokela ku cremea zithapwi zomwe timamwa kuthanki kuyambila kalekale zoooona.
    koma awa odya analikukuti asatitopetsepo apa apite komwe wasankha nduna zakeko azikady analimata adeng’a analigonkhwiyo ife tibukitse maiko athu apa

  52. truth be told says:

    pepani olemba nkhani, ena sakudziwa kuti federal ndichani? Ena kamba kaumbuli ayamba kunena zoti amene anamanga ma nyumba ku mwera, pakati, ikayamba federal apanga bwanj? malawi will be the same with government in each region. each region will have its own budget which will fit in national budget. the budget to the ministry of health will be divided according the regins. I am central guy and i fully support the move!!!!!

  53. de' Morgans says:

    Kwanu sikuchititsa manyazi. Aliyense azipita kwao BASI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Kalyoto Mbulo says:

    Ochewa tiye nazoni! Uku ndiye kubwera osaopa.

  55. point of collection he said 14000 people not 400
    people atolankhani muzilemba zoona.

  56. Abiti Mtila says:

    Tiyeni aliyense kwawo kwawo. Ife tinatukuka kale, Nyau and atumbuka simungatukuke chifukwa chodzikonda! Ulesinso too much mumadikira anthu ena akugwirileni ntchito. Ndiye chifukwa chake ma Tenant amachokera ku mwera eni nthaka ulesi. Akatero amatenga chuma chanucho inu mkutsala ndi machenje. Mkape Tatopa nanu. Tiyeni aliyense kwawo kwao

  57. Pension Nenereko says:

    Yes, this cannot be stupid unless you are stupid yourself. Those opposing do research and find why more voices are supporting federalism. It is simple uponderezana kwakula ku Malawi, with federalism perhaps we will be able participate in business deals

  58. salima says:

    federal gvt is the answer if gvt uses some pipo to brock it,lets kick them out so that they may not dare to do that again even chiefs who are against it lets sort them out this is nt kamuzu time.revolutions must takes place.some members in centrol are suporting federal gvt its just that they are scared to raise it so lets ask the pipo on this issue.

  59. karonga says:

    Guys let’s come to our senses when it comes to federal government, Federal doesn’t mean that if u are coming from northern or southern then u don’t have the right to live in central. Federal is all about equal distribution of resources, appointment of government officials, minimizing the tendency of nepotism, regionalism and tribalism so that every corner of the country has a chance of development unlike what is happening now. If u can see Malawi is a small country but if it comes to distribution of resources it favors southern and partly of central.

  60. Kalyoto Mbulo says:

    Iwe #27 Gwamula, ndiwe chitsiru chakufikapo ndipo sindiwe wa ku Central Region. What do intermarriages have with fedralism. Umbuli basi. Mukamabera mavoti mwayesa anthu a ku Central Region ndi zitsiru eti? Chaka chino muisova nyapala za chabechabe. Even the Hons Njovu, HE Chakwera and FJumbe are actually agitating for such a time when the Centre will decide its own affairs. Agalu a chabechabe inu. A Makolija okonda njuga. Mxi!!

    1. Gwamula says:

      Kalyoto Mbulo or Mbolo whatever that means, you must have problems thinking right, I mean up to now you dont see that this is a devicive issue??? Really U are telling me that u dont see people feeling threatened by it, last week it was federalism now its full blown secession??? Seriouly are you telling me that u do have a prolem anlysing solutions and keeping up with trends which will eventually give u a clue of what will come next??? Seriously??? And when u say the center to decide its own affairs what do you mean??? Given the fact that you people from the North wants to go, go quietly, and take this Idiot Kazombo with you. But please just shut the fuck up, I have really had enough!!! Its like arguing with kids who pretty much dont know what is going on

  61. Gwamula says:

    You see what Kazombo is saying is utter nonsense!!! And by the way, when you are speaking in Parliament on this issue or any public podium, please start by saying that this is your personal feeling. Me my kin and all friends who are from the central region Kasungu included do not feel this way, so honestly speaking, I dont know where you are getting these things from.
    When you talk of development, and that there is an area of 4000 people with no access to health centre, have you seen that this is only the unique case in Malawi? Have you travelled all across Malawi to see whether in your area is the only one being affected?
    I think basing your arguments on that is so sad, and just makes you look like a fortune seeker, trying to get your 15 minutes of fame riding on this very controversial and devicive issue.
    At this point, I have to turn my criticism towards your party MCP. I had hopes for this party, but it seems as if the leadership is full of crap. First it was Kabwira, uttering nonsense all the time, and no one dared to put her in her place. Now came these two idiots, calling for federalisim, now, what is the leadership doing, because by now they should distance themselves from this issue as a party because one day it will blow up on the party’s face. MCP has a chance of winning the elections, but not when they take this stance of pushing for divisions. Wasnt it Banda’s motto of saying that we are all one? The guy must be turning in his grave for sure.
    MCP leadership, Chakwera, Njobvuyalema, Jumbe and co, distance yourself from this issue or it will scar the party forever. There are more intermarrieges between the south and the Central regions, your next move will be closely monitored

    1. Malawiana says:

      We were all one then but not now when a tribe which only came to Malawi in 1914 thinks it has the right to monopolise Malawi politics, jobs, business, etc. We the Chewas of Mankhamba descent have every right to be angry! If Kamuzu’s body could be turning in its grave, then its because of calls for federalism but because of the rampant rigging, cashgate, corruption, nepotism, etc which has been the trademark of the rule by southerners and we have the right to divorce ourselves from that.

      1. Gwamula says:

        Malawiana, as a person who has always had a soft spot for MCP will tell you that I do understand why Peter had to have a majority of southerners in his cabinet, because that is where he had his loyalists, its not like he selected these people from the Market or he had a bunch of names and conducted a raffle draw.
        You brought up rigging, if MCP has lost credibility a little is because of the rigging claims. Do you really think people of Chinsapo and Kawale, Ngwenya, Ntandile would have allowed for there to be a new government if they were enough evidence of rigging??? There was not even a single bullet fired to counter riots. Now what does that tell you??? We were told of rigging and nothing came out in form of evidence, bringing the credibility of Chakwera and MCP into question. And mind you I am not the only one, many people do have the same feeling.
        Come on think!!! If MCP had won, how many Lomwes would have been in Cabinet, I mean our MEC had only the VP who is not from the Central, I wouldnt have thought it odd if all the people selected in Cabinet were predominantly from the Central region, because they were the ones loyal to our cause.
        An I also think I should stop saying our, I am without a party now, till 2019

    2. Mwehiwa says:

      Agwamula ndinu mlomwe inu tikukudziwani ife. Go to hell and stink. Stupid. Fedalism basi apa.

      1. Gwamula says:

        Ok ask people from the central, and u will know, kodi do you think u notherners are going to blind us all??? Sorry u have failed. And even if you lie that u are things u r just cheating urself. The question is would JZU allow this nonsense??? The true Chewa man would he???

    3. chikoya says:

      Mlomwe wachabechabe iwe, osanamizira kuti ndiwe wa pa KU ayi. Ochewafe tikufuna federalism yo nafe. We want tangible development osati zolephera kuika tala btween Lumbadzi and Dowa boma since 2008 , 25km yosatha, foolish, Malomo-Ntchisi boma, KU/Malomo- KK, Kasiya etc roads no tar mpaka liti pomwe kumwera mukuika tar to trading centres, misonkho ya fodya from Central region , Sitilola.

      1. Gwamula says:

        Mr. Chikoya, U are an Idiot. Firstly because I am not driven by emotion does not make me Mlomwe. Listen, u are talking as if in the Southern region, they have a brilliant road network like in europe. All these things are not unique, they are all across the country like I said. And besides it was the DPP government that has really transformed Lilongwe, there has been more development in Lilongwe since 2004 than there ever was. So your arguments are really baseless.
        My advice to you is this, dont think emotionally, be rational, have a paper if you can, devide into two, write pro and cons am sure you will arrive to the place where I am now.

        And for the roads, go to Neno in the south, bad, go to Mangochi especially going to the cape maclear, bad. There are so many places i can call to counter your arguments, but then dont be blinded by emotions

    4. kanchenga says:

      Total rubbish. Ku Kasungu sikuchokera zitsilu ngati iwe yayite pano mnenetsa kulije akhokhola kwathu.

      1. Gwamula says:

        Yeah I didnt say that I do come from Kasungu, I did say that I come from the central and some of my relatives comes from Kasungu. But if you do come from Kasungu and this is how you feel then I am happy I am not one of you, because I would rather think like a man other than a bunch of Chickens so yeah, Screw You!!!!!! You cant even spell chichewa properly, are you sure you are from Kasungu though??? Or just a bit high up from there

  62. yuona says:

    Ine ndikukondwa nayo nkhaniyi kwambiri. Rest madela ena atukukeko mwe! Tizingokhalira kudyetsa Alomwe ndi Ayao. Aliyense kwaonkwao ndiwo nchiboda!

  63. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    That’s my Hon. M.P talking, more fire honourable, aishoshe. amene akukana akakolope nyanja! Wayambitsa federalism ndi pitala yemweyo. Just how do you explain the regionalistic and nepotistic tendencies of public appointments and dismissals by pitala? if anything ndi iye amene akulimbikitsa ferderalism. aisova

  64. aNaLySt says:

    It is very unfortunate that the FEDERALISM discourse has been brought up at such a moment when Malawi needs a strong bond overlooking tribe, political affiliation, religion or region for the development of the state. We need to find a way of working through our differences that is what makes us a Malawian people. We are all equal if you think about it critically because we all depend on each other in some way or the other. Interdependency is what will take Malawi from the poor state it is in to another level but it begins by overlooking the tribal, religious or regional differences.

    Kodi mukati atumbuka azipita kwao, kodi nanga ana athu awa ma 90’s and milenium babies obadwira ku Mwai Wathu, Queens kapena Likuni Hospital mtown momuno apita ku?? We are all Malawians first the rest comes later.

    Khalani serious ngati mufuna chitkuko chadziko!!!

    1. Mike Luwani says:

      Ku Mpotonso Mwai wathu tikamanga..izikatchedwa Mwawi withu hospital..

  65. ADE says:


  66. Dj Loksy De Soldier says:


  67. Mwendanato says:


    1. Tayani says:

      Aamadzikonda ndi chiyani? kuyendera yoloweza eti

    2. kanchenga says:

      Zije Ntchito m’mezo dala Kasungu yo hinya odzatenge Kasungu yochewa idzakhala ndochewa. Korma ongulu ndochawa chalala. Wokakanilira uguza ntawa dala.

  68. Namalira says:

    Mr President , the problem is on distribution of ministerial positions. Do you mean that wise people are only from south? Look at Kaliati is she competent? What about Nankhumwa who do not respect right to education of people with disabilities by denying certificates and diplomas of specialist teachers from only college in Malawi started even before he was born.Therefore this issue of federal government will remain till we succeed. Watch out Noth + central=disasterous

  69. GULEKWAWO says:

    Alomwe Ndi Achawa kwawo mwatibera vote ife a Mcp !! Titsatira Anzathu kumpotoko !!

  70. onele says:

    I totally support Kazombo

  71. COCACOLA says:


  72. Tilipo says:

    What is true is that nepotism has reached unbearable level. Please slow dowm Mr. President. Malawi is better with fedal states than wholesome. One Malawi with three or five fedal states.
    Peace is required and is a right.

  73. Guest says:

    The only way to stamp out ideas is to discuss them, not to sweep them under the carpet. The idea of Federalism is here to stay, its not only the North and Central who feel the current dispensation is totally wrong, but also many other people in the South and East. I am a total Southerner, but I started thinking about a federal state over 3 years ago. I may have made my ideas clear to a few, but they were developmental. Now, I can see, its not only me but a lot of others. Karonga, Mzimba, Chitipa, Nkhata Bay, Kasungu, Mchinji, Nkhotakota, Ntchisi, Dowa, Dedza, Salima, Mangochi, Machinga, Neno, Mwanza, Chikwawa, Nsanje, Balaka and BLANTYRE. That’s 19 out of 28, mumva mbebe.

  74. Tchaka Zulu! says:

    Tiyeni naoni a ngulu ndi a lomwe odya nsete za njoka!

  75. Witoto says:

    Kazombo is one of the vocal empty tins in Kasungu, he is simply looking for a position in DPP after MCP failed to go into Govt, we know his tricks and he must watch out. He speaks too much to be seen and be picked by DPP or destroy it, it wont happen. They were so optimistic and thought were already in Govt. They sidelined Munlo, Mia who would have brought them votes from south. If MCP failed it was because their own mistakes, too confident and they have no one to blame therefore Kazombo should not drag Kamuzu who had no comparison to anybody including in their family. He should also stop mentioning Kamuzu eve time he is speaking because he speaks too much nonsense.

    1. GULEKWAWO says:

      Bwezani Kaye Vote Mnaberayo Ndee Eeeee !!! Apo Biii !! Central Malawi Yanyamuka Wautali !!!

    2. mmihavani says:

      They are a very tribalistic party. Imagine throwing away Munlo and Mia simply because they are from South. The whole MCP leadership is just from centre and they thought they will rule the country.

      1. johnM says:

        MCP has had leaders from other regions as well. How many leaders from the Central and from the North have the UDF, DPP, PP had in the past? It is the Southerners that are most tribalists in the country. That is a fact.

      2. Craniwell Yabooka says:

        Ahlomwe learn to argue based on facts. Munlo did not win s presidency at the MCP cconvention. Actually many people in Malawi were of the view that he was DPP through and through. Remember how he was picked as Chief Justice by Daniel Phiri? He was a preferred choice of Bingu D. Phiri while working at an international tribunal sidelining all sitting supreme and High Court judges because he was Muhlakho. As for Sidiik Mia there is no day he announced that he has joined MCP. We Malawians know how nepotistic and regionalistic Peter Muthanyula is. He was recorded by MIJ radio talkiing ill of Chimunthu Banda. What he is doing is just what was left by his brother Daniel Phiri.

    3. Vuto says:

      @Witoto..I this you are a retard yourself; What Kazombo did was to compare how Kamuzu distributed development across the country, yes, the North still lags behind but he had no tribal issues behind development. Muluzi brought a big tarmac road to his East Region, well not bad Late Bingu built massive University in his farm, wanted to move stadium from Lilongwe to close to his village; Ahlomwe ndinu anthu ovuta komatu many of your relatives ali ku mpoto mu ma farm; they do not work hard. Focus on encouraging your foks to go to school kaye… I advocate for Regional Administration; Kamuzu had Regional Ministers who were in charge of development in those regions but not leaving budget management to them..we can start from there…Thank you tossbag

    4. MKHOLA says:

      MCP is not about personalities. The party has members and not supporters so you Witoto must show maturity of Malawian politics. If the person you claim the party sidelined loved the party they must have demonstrated it by standing as councillors or MP but tell me were they waiting to be made vice president of the party and later dump it as mbuya did it? Stupid. Know that we in MCP are in full support of federalism. The north and centre can support themselves from the proceeds they make in agriculture. As for pitala, never think of extending your kudzigulira malo to our regions. Never.

  76. Mc Bwampwapwa says:

    Kulila kumeneko. Simunati mulilabe. Ubwino wake wanena wake mu parliament anthu akwanu akumva kuti boma lisawapase anthu a mu costituency yako subsidy fertilizer. Pakungofunika kuti boma lisawapasedi fertilizeryo tione ngati ungakafikekonso kukapangisa nsonkhano kumeneko.

  77. Malawiana says:

    Zinthu zikafika apa zavuta zedi. Mchewa timamudziwa kuti sakwiya msanga koma zafikapa kwachita katondo ndopotu kutuluka mndondo, onanyikwi, okamano, ombunde, ogologolo ni wena wotero. Uko ndi ukhala ochewa osamagunata dala nchifukwa chake omaliwongowa omatiphyeda ngati singano.

    1. Inu says:

      Mchewa sanakwiye, I am one of them and this thing is not for us. I have not people from Central Region who are advocating for this. After all central and South are more or less the same so no difference there. Let this be a northern issue. Let the real Malawi be one and the same except for the part that wants to be on its own

      1. GULEKWAWO says:

        Bwezani Vote Munatiberayo Nde Eeeee !! Apo Bii !!! Central Malawi Yanyamuka !!!

      2. johnM says:

        How is south and central more or less the same? How are we chewas similar to Ngurus or chawa? I am for complete secession and I am from the Centre. It is not only Kazombo who is advocating for this, wava iwe Inu.

        1. Inu says:

          You are for complete secession because you are from the north and it is understandable. In fat if there was vote today, I would vote that you become independent. I am from Central region born in the southern region raised there did my graduate training in the central. In these regions, I have not felt that I am lost. Many things are the same. there are differences yes but are our similarities are many. That is why I am saying this issue of federalism/secession is not a central region issue, it is a northern issue so do not drag us into that. We like Malawi the way it is.

          1. kanchenga says:

            How can I be the same as a snake eating khokhola That’s total nonsense. Don’t find solence in people you have already rejected just because you have lost direction. Central region for the chewas you south for you khokhola, yaos, sends and the fake mang’anjas.

          2. johnM says:

            You have said it yourself, you grew up in the South whilst we are the chewas that were born and bred in the Central Region. I am for independence unlike you that grew up outside the region.

      3. kanchenga says:

        Absolutely rubbish

    2. GULEKWAWO says:

      Bwezani Vote Munatiberayo Nde Eeeee !! Apo Bii !!! Central Malawi Yanyamuka !!!

  78. vilinde says:

    I agree with MP Kazombo push it on and Join norherners for federalism

  79. Mailosi M'jomba Mulusi says:

    Akulu akulu a KONKILESI ANKATI MATI PATE NDO NGONDO ( si iyi nanga) HO! A Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda tadzukani kumene munagonako mudzamve ndi kuwona malodzawa.

  80. chidumayo says:

    Boma ili wanthu wandalikhumbe nadi. Tawelela nyuma wenaMalawi. Sankho la pakwelu ili apa. North + Central mya – mya – mya – yose boooo. Tikaoneko kunja ku Blantyre likakhala dziko lina.

  81. Makito says:

    Dzanja likalemba lalemba ndithu. It is not only northerners feeling it. I love this.

  82. Mlomwe wa ku kaya says:

    Anthu ogoberekana aku mwera koma alibe polima umphawi uli tho!mumanyoza mumati atumbuka ndiwozikonda akufuna federal system. mwawona nokha achewa nawonso atopa. Agalu zi alomwe inu.

  83. johnM says:

    No to Federalism, we want secession we want independence

  84. Don Chigwe says:

    We support you Hon Kazombo. Unless we change the way government is run there will be no development in the Central Region. Please push for federation.

  85. chongoima says:


  86. mboma says:

    game on let us leave these poor, lazy southerners whose main jobs is tobbaco tenants who work up north and in central region as tobbacco tenants in tobbaco farms, north and central region are the main growers of tobbaco, maize in malawi the country main forex getter, we can do without lazy southerners, thee people dont even have land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Central says:

    Thyaya!! thyaya!! thyaya!! thyayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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