MCP MP Kazombo backs federalism for Central Malawi

Another opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament (MP) has joined the chorus advocating for a federal government for the Central Region.

Kazombo: It pains us

Kazombo: It pains us

First MCP lawmaker on record to back the calls for federism in National Assembly was Alekeni Menyani.

On Monday MP for Kasungu East Madalitso Kazombo contributing to the 2014/15 debate started advocating for a federal government for the Central Region.

He was heckled by MPs from the government side, mostly from South Malawi, but Kazombo refused to be stampeded and made his points clear.

“When we speak like this, it means it pains us. It pains us to see Kapyanga area with a population of 4 000 people, but it has no health centre,” Kazombo said.

Kazombo said former president the late Kamuzu Banda laid foundations in education by constructing schools and colleges across the country, but other leaders since then have failed to replicate that.

First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje warned MPs against bringing “controversial issues which will bring disorder in the House.”

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fathi shehaab
on second thought I support federalusm for Malawi.. if not then aja amene anawina by 36pct should address how they intend to look after the msjority 64pct… idont think moving away development prohects awsy from zem in praiseworthy.strange the leader og the house and finance minister leading in thise tricks. Bwana you are insulting these thrice you started with miinistrial appointmments etc..dint blame the clergy via pac when next they pen you pointing out these ills … I am luck to have seen these so called democratic champins cone & get knocked offthe rail…so start by tellung the 64pct whst… Read more »

My dear Mary Khozomba how can south and center reason with the useless Tumbukas. Let them go back to own home or else machine gun will pump some senses into them one day.They will learn shortcuts to their dead north from south and center.


@kazombo,eti kutchulako kapyanga kufuna kutipusitsa ife kuno bt mmmmmmm!you pipo{politicians}God will juge u.b careful!!!{kwa Kapyangako ndi kwathu nde zandikwana}

Mary Khozomba
It is such kind of hatred and lack of tolerance of each other’s differences (in this case – tribe) that has led to blood shed in many countries today. I have been working in South Sudan for over two years now and I have first hand experience of what it means to turn your own county into hell. Promoting hatred and all this negative feelings is irresponsible behavior. Some of the writers am not sure if they know the effects of what they write. South, Central and North Malawi- we are all the same people and we should enjoy the… Read more »

More fire. Alomwe ayonjeza kuba,


Apongozi anga, ku Rumphi, antchito awo onse 45 olima fodya ndi aku Phalombe ndi ku Mulanje. Anthuwa ali ndi luso polima fodya. Ndiye mwati akagwira ntchito mu office after secession? mmmmm! adzikalima mu Office?

Thako Linyada

In case you may argue without understanding what it is :
Federalism is a political concept in which a group of members(states,provinces) is bound together by covenant (Latin: foedus, covenant) with a governing representative head.


Kazombo, well done. Keep the fire of federation burning. It’s very important as a way of resolving inequalities in distribution of national resources for the equal benefit of all Malawians wherever they are. We need a govt closer to the people. This govt is drifting to the south, shifting all developments for the southern people. Let’s collaborate, center and north to champion for federation, otherwise Malawi will break up if federation is resisted.


Apatseni atumbuka mbali yawo ya dzoko. Nyumba zawo adzatenga. We will have a lot of job vacancies, because they will have to vacate the central and south.


Pumbwa wanuyo ndiye akuyambitsa zogawanitsa amalawi

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