MCP MP Mwale leaves Parliament spellbound with his maiden speech: Delivers ‘SOCA’

Newly-elected Mchinji West member of Parliament (Malawi Congress Party -MCP) Jephter Fackson Mwale  decided to devote his first speech to Parliament to  highlight critical issues currently affecting the people of  of his constituency from food insecurity, education, health, water and sanitation, road networks and general security.

Chakwera congratulates new MCP MP Mwale

Chakwera congratulates new MCP MP Mwale

His address which Nyasa Times has christened State Of the Constituency Address (SOCA), Mwale was elected in the November 1 by-election  following the the death of Kanjira Banda, told the House that there is acute food shortage in this constituency and that most of his constituents  cannot afford to buy a kilogramme of maize in Adamrc at K250 which translates into K12,500.00 per 50 kilogramme bag

“.This is unreasonable and a mockery to the farmers, Mr Speaker, Sirbearing in mind that the vendors bought the same maize at K60 per kilogramme,” he said.

“As you may also be aware, people of Mchinji West, heavily rely on tobacco as a cash crop. However, with the dwindling prices at the markets on the same where the crop has been selling as little as five cents per kilogramme, people have literally nothing to survive on the famine,” he said.

Mwale pointed out that hunger will not end any time soon in Mchinji West Constituency since the number of Fertilizer Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) beneficiaries has further been reduced.

“Thus, most people will not access affordable farm inputs like fertilizer if the programme will not be revisited, ” he said.

Mwale said without fertilizer application, it should not be  expected that people can harvest anything at the end of the farming season.

“This is a man-made hunger,” said Mwale attracting shouts from backbenchers  of “DPP hunger.”

On the issue of education, Mwale said Mchinji West still has places where pupils walk long distances to access basic education which forces some leaernes to drop from school.

He asked for primary schools  to be constructed in villages like Kandekela, Sesitino, Kazambala, Kossamu, Chimbadzo, Kankonole and Nima.

Mwale also said there is also need to construct community day secondary schools around Benjamin area and T.A. Zulu’s headquarters where students also walk long distances in order to access secondary education.

On health,  Mwale said Mchinji West is facing “serious challenges” like shortage of drugs, ambulances and run-down infrastructure.

He said  there is also a serious problem at the Mchinji district hospital  where the  only x-ray machine that the hospital had, broke down sometime back, saying  poor patients are being referred to CHAM hospitals like Kapiri and Saint Gabriel where they are asked to pay for x-ray services.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, with the levels of poverty in my constituency, how many can afford to pay for x-ray services? This is a great threat to life. Ambulances are also grounded, due to lack of maintenance and fuel.  When there is an emergency at Mchinji DHO which requires an ambulance, the hospital personnel have really nothing to do except to ask politicians to contribute. How much do we have that we can be servicing such an institution?” lamented Mwale.

On Water and Sanitation, Mwale lamented that there are so many areas where people use unsafe water and asked for  boreholes to be drilled.

Road network, Mwale told the House that most roads in his constituency are in bad shape and  impassable during the rainy season.

“There is need for rehabilitation of the roads so that they can survive all types of weather. You may wish to know that some roads in the constituency have no culverts, for example, the 30 kilometre road that starts from Chinkhota Turn-Off to Mphanga through Chioko and Chiosha has only two culverts.  This is one of the reasons, Mr Speaker, Sir, that the roads do not survive during rainy season and they are washed away. There is therefore need that these roads should be professionally maintained,” said Mwale.

Mwale told Parliament  that has some areas which require Police units like sChiosha Trading Centre which he said is one of the fastest growing trading centres in my constituency.

In his his maiden speech, Mwale thanked God the Almighty for  his election victory, saying “without his help, it could have been just a dream.”

Mwale also  thanked his  party president Lazarous Chakwela, MCP membership for propelling him to victory.

“Mr Speaker, Sir, my statement will  be incomplete without mentioning the people of Mchinji West Constituency who have shown a lot of confidence in the Malawi Congress Party and its leadership as  demonstrated by the results of the by-election,” said Mwale.

He went on to thank Traditional Authorites  Zulu and Simphasi, all village heads and all the people of the constituency “for ensuring that democracy wins.  I salute you all.”

Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition in Parliament, said in an interview later that by winning the by-election which ruling DPP  leadership including President Peter Mutharika “barked a lot” during campaign in Mchinji West, democracy had won.

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That’s good. No fear in demoncracy, keeeeeep it up!!!


Congratulations, MP Mwale! Start as you mean to go on and promote the needs of those who voted for you. Don’t be intimidated and don’t be tempted to jump to another party. Keep the needs and welfare of your people foremost in your mind!

This man has voiced his facts basing on rule of law. Every legislature is free to ask for development resources from Government of the day regardless of party of affiliation. The resources are tax payers money whether the government takes loan or not. It is old fashion Philolosophy which asserts that only legislatures who belong to governing party should have access to public resources, that view leads to dictatorship and confuses our genuine legislatures because most of the would be willing to join the ruling party in order to benefit from development resources thereby suffocating democracy. But what is the… Read more »
Zambia Malawi

Omwale Mwayamba Bwino Awuzeni Zoona And Sitinadabwe Zotsatira Zitatuluka Kuti Inu Amwale Mwawina Tinayamba Kuwona Victory Yanu Pakampeni,just Blif,kutabwera Uyu Mukuti Robot Wathu Mumati Pitala Pa Bua Ground Kunalibe Anthu Ambiri Ngat Kwabwera President Koma Ngati Kwabwera Only Kaliat Bt Wodala Achakwera Atabwera Kwa Amene Munapita Kumchinji Anthu Anachokera Pa Kayesa Inn Up To Bua Ground And Kunali Anthu Ambiri As If He Is State President.Kukamba Zoona Mchinji Njala Iriko Koma Mantha Tilibe Coz Zambia Iri Ndi Chimanga Pple Here Are Still Buying Maize @k190/kg Koma Chimene Tikusowa Ndi Madzi Abwino Basi

grevazio sinoya

thats what we waited for…………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!


congratulationa Omwale. tere limbani mtima, tsitsani fundo. MCP woyeeeeer


Timafuna zimenezo.Osati zaoimba ku parliament ayi.Sitimadya nyimbo ife

What a start! So to who were you begging for all these things to be done? MCP having occupied the Mchinji District council by all MCP Ward Councillors with the whole District being MCP, why don’t you use council funds and constituency funds to fix some of these challenges? On hunger, where is your advice to your people not to sell all their maize to the scrupulous vendors who buy at K60 a kilo? I can agree with you that indeed this is a man made hunger by you the very politicians who are vendors robbing the very people who… Read more »
Bush doctor
When I look back over my shoulder, compare the average life of a Malawi then and now my heart bleeds. The white colar thieves have done us a great damage. They have damaged this country beyond repair. Taking advantage of illiteracy and poverty I do not see these thieves changing. They will continue devouring the little resources we have. Their bellies will continue to swell at the expense of hunger stricken Malawians. But the question is, is there any hope that things will change in Malawi?. For me I say yes but it has to come at a huge cost… Read more »

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