MCP will not waiver at DPP ‘propaganda’ -Spokesman

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says it will not waiver governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) propaganda to attack the party leadership over the purchase of new top-of-the-range vehicles for the Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, his deputies, and leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera who is also MCP president.

Menyani: DPP propaganda

Menyani: DPP propaganda

New MCP spokesperson Alekeni Menyani said the party was shocked at the “wild and savage attacks of propaganda” from the DPP led government, which, he said, is using public broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to divert the attention of Malawians from other important issues.

“The MCP will not waiver at such propaganda but work to bring accountability in furtherance of development, democracy and its values in order to restore the dignity of Malawian people through acceptable channels.

“We, as MCP, will never sink so low to the levels of the recent propaganda and we will not be cowed into silence during the forthcoming meeting [of Parliament] but to press for transparency and accountability,” he said as quoted in the press.

Menyani said DPP should instead explain to Malawians how the government is resolving the massive shortage of drugs, problems in the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp), produce a list for all Malawians to see of the 116 people who accompanied President Peter Mutharika to the United Nations General Assembly.

The procurement of the vehicles at Parliament was not a political function of the office of the Speaker and Leader of Opposition, but a technical process guided by policy in terms of ranking in the public service; according to Menyani.

“Such assets as referred to by him are institutional in nature. That is why Leader of Opposition vehicle is MG 393 AH belonging to the government of Malawi. If we have changed policy then it’s important to communicate to those with authority to discharge such a function,” he said.

Deputy Clerk of Parliament responsible for corporate services, Renard Mapemba has said the vehicles for the Speaker, his deputies and the Leader of Opposition were procured in the last financial year, 2014/15, following approval from the Office of the President and Cabinet Ref. No. 16/06/4 dated 4th July, 2014.

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42 thoughts on “MCP will not waiver at DPP ‘propaganda’ -Spokesman”

  1. Chabwino Tamva. Zamagalimoto Zili Apo Kabwira Ndiye Kuti Mwamuchotsa? Kulitu Ziiiiiiii Kapena Ali Ku Period?

  2. MWANA WA NGONI says:

    When did Jessie Kabwila removed?

  3. We can’t talk or blame issues of 1999-2000 Financial year. The understanding all Transactions get closed by June 30th.
    Besides that any Procurement done is thoroughly scrutinized by Those Accountable Agencies ie National Audit,etc. If miss- procurement is observed, procurement is immediately stopped.
    Also if in the Procurement Plan was to purchase these Vehicles in 2014/2015, Treasury Funded, what remained, was to implement.
    Budget for last year’s and activities, are contrary to Current, unless funds used are from Current Financial Year.
    Am not A Technocrat.

  4. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    The Kamuzu human rights record is a nightmare we should never re-live. However, Kamuzu’s MCP did well in several areas: Financial management, development strategy and implementation were, compared to the Governments that have since followed, unmatched to this day.

    I never heard of corruption in those days. Ministers did not become millionaires over night. Civil servants worked hard. Hospitals were functioning, agriculture was booming, industries sprung up. There was no foreign exchange shortage. Trees were not destroyed, instead he had a tree planting day. ADMARC served farmers well. Crop prices were announced in advance of the planting season. There were very few civil servants or cabinet members from Kasungu.

    He stressed national unity.

    No one has seen any sign that the membership and leadership of MCP can ever turn the country into a dictatorship. Even if they would have wanted to or even if any party would wish to, this would not be possible. Malawians cannot accept that. Mr Muluzi wanted open term for the President; he failed. Late Bingu wa Muntharika was being dictatorial during his second term; he met strong resistance.

    The politics of regionalism is also a non-starter. There are few families that are pure Southerners or Central Regioners or Northern Regioners. Many of us can identify aunties, nephews, nieces, in-laws from virtually every district in Malawi.

    What should matter are the programmes and policies any party offers for the benefit of all Malawians. We are a nation: we all pay taxes; we have the same needs–enough food to feed the family, enough clothes to wear; health care when we are sick; a decent home. A good education for our children and employment. These basics know no region. They are basic human needs. The politics we should follow must be seen to address these issues. It would not be love of the country not to vote for a party because of the part of the country the leader comes from.

    Again, what do gain insulting each other? Why not list the things that one’s favorite party intends to do? That would be more informative.

  5. Galamukani says:

    I thot the news came out thru times news. DPP ikubwera bwanji pa nkhaniyi? Tikamamva kuti abusa zina amanena kuti iyayi tiyembekeze kaye anthu akuvutika mmidzimu. Ayi poti idzakhala yanga galimotolo podzachoka ku parliament basi kutola khobwe ndi mmawa? tasinthani akulu akulu.

  6. Galamukani says:

    This issue dwells more on maral grounds. We were talking of the jet, that the country could not afford because of the status of the economy. All of us will agree that it did not belong to Bingu but Malawi government. Mr. Menyani your argument does not even clear the mist. The issue here is these vehicles will later belong to these 4 at a low cost. Kukonzeratu kapansi kuti kammwamba katsike. The only problem here is mumafuna kudya nokha, akadya olamula basi ndi nkhani. Mukuchedwa ndi ndale anzanu akupanga ma project otukula anthu. Chenjerani. Kutchinjiriza zinthu zolakwika pamene pakuonekeratu sizothandiza konse.

  7. BigMan says:

    The party of blood, darkness, and genocide.

  8. ngulenjet says:

    DPP koma eeeeehhhhh mbuli zisiru za anthu how can they make propaganda on such straight issue kumaona zinazi Pala nkhani apa manyazeeee azolowela pa chisankho Dausi ananena kuti ma Box a chisankho abedwa kumfunsa longosolani poti ife sitikuziwa kulephela mmawa mwake a kuti kwapezeka Box la mavoti Munthu woyamba kupezekapo nkukhala Dausi yemweyo

  9. Che Ngana says:

    A Mcp Kuzikweza Kumeneku Mkuona Mmalira Zisankho Zonse.Let Me Remind You Nkhandwe Za Mcp Ku Central Region.You Will Never Succed In Convising The South To Vote For Your Deadly Party.Angaiwale Ndani Nkhanza Zomwe A Mcp Munawapanga A Malawi.Abale Ndi Ana A Chiwanga Gadama Matenje Sangala Solobala Bukudadi Anakune Erani Mau Omwe Amasata Chipani Chanu.The More You Mention Your Kamuzu Mmasusula Mabala A Wanthu.Nkhanza Za Ufit Onyansa Achewa Nobody Admires Ur Leadership Ku South.Unless Mutapepesa Kumtundu Wa A Malawi Kapena Kusintha Dzina Mwina Kapena Koma Wambawamba Ayi Wakummwera Mukumutukwanayo At The End Of The Day Mukufuna Mukampange Convice Mwanya Mwalephera.Chakwera And Friends Sangakane Recovery Yakulephera Zisankho Alawe Nao Ulemelero Heee Shame On U.Jesse Wapita Kokasamba.

    1. Fredrick Banda says:

      Let me remind you that politics is dynamic. Anything can.happen any time..My analysis of your comment shows that you r daft. Its not true that pple of the south cannot vote 4 MCP..Do u kno that Nsanje n Chikhwawa once used 2 b MCP strongholds? Were they central region districts? MCP fails 2 win th support of th south bcoz it doesnt have strong politicians with a considerable following 4rm tht region not otherwise..By the way, do u kno that its very easy 2 convince southeners than it iz 2 convince central regioners? Southerners r business oriented. All wat they want is money. With money, you can easily win the support of the south..On the otherhand, its not easy 2 win the support of the centre wth money.. Central region love MCP more than else without any financial help. Southeners can b UDF 2day, DPP 2mor, n PP the otherday..

      1. nyerere says:

        Mr Fred Banda, inuyo kuzimva kuzindikila kuwanena anzanu kuti Ali dafuti?? kkkkkk koma. Whether daft or not, but MCP will never rule Malawi possibly in the near future. Whether daft or not but MCP was a cruel party when it was in power and its failing to prove that it could act otherwise. Whether daft or not but DPP is ruling Malawi possibly for a longer period in the future. Machende akoo

  10. Apao Kugola says:

    DPP has used cheap propaganda by smearing Chakwera with nsete zawo. If DPP was run by clever people in this vehicle purchase game, they would have registered the opposition leader’s vehicle with a private number but not the MG. Did Chakwera force the government to buy that vehicle for him? If DPP thinks Chakwera can be discredited and labelled as a hypocrite through this purchase, then I think Malawi as a nation can easily a bunch of fools and imbeciles who think nothing beyond looking for cheap food. DPP shouldn’t think that the electorate in this country are such a daft lot who can easily buy the DPP vehicle purchase crap and fail to listen to MCP’s explanation. Already the Parliament has has come in the open to set the record straight and a lot of people have heard it from the nation’s radio, the ZBS. Inu a DPP please recruit anthu anzeru kuti zinazi adzikuthandizaniko. Musaononge chipanicho ndi nkhani zautsiruzo ayi.

    The Fearless Samurai ( Jwampiriu)!

  11. Clement says:

    @ Frederick, what facts do you want from me. Am sure even you yourself got facts for the failure of your fucken Congress to come back into govt. It’s enough for them and they will be good losers come every elections. It doesn’t need someone to remind you the barbaric leadership of mcp especially Mai woyembekezera kumudulitsa card, is that good to you Frederick??? After all chakwera is lacking leadership skills and just want to enrich himself. You can’t undermine DPP yet the blues are taking votes in Central while chakwera outplayed by DPP in South and this DPP believe it or not will rule Malawi for more than 50 yrs. This current mcp is unformidable group of power hungry. DPP can’t afford to lose against it never unless otherwise but I doubt.

  12. Fredrick Banda says:

    Clement, dont b emotional when contributing pliz! Can you provide facts as to Y you r saying MCP will never rule Malawi again. On wat premise have you made that conclusion? Tell me otherwise we will doubt your analytical skills. CC the advent of multiparty politics, MCP has come 2nd in every election. Does this support your assertion tht MCP wl never rule? Dont you think winning iz close 2 MCP than losing? Dont you think they only need 2 change their approach towards elections? Politics z dynamic. Anything can happen..How many elections did Michael Sata lose b4 bcoming state president? When Kamuzu was ruling, nobody knew that some1 else would rule Malawi othert than himself. When UDF was ruling, did you ever think that 1day, Malawi would b ruled by a party called DPP? What about PP ruling 4 two years, did you and your DPP plan that? NO PARTY HAS THE DIVINE RIGHT OF RULING..If you follow politics, you will c that MCP is the strongest party in Malawi while DPP only enjoys more sympathy 4rm neutral pple..

  13. Fredrick Banda says:

    Chitsa, can you provide facts as 2 y you r saying MCP will never rule Malawi again. Or iz it a revelation 4rm God? If you r just thinking then am afraid, I doubt your intellectual capability. Under wat premise r you making such a conclusion? NO PARTY IN MALAWI HAS THE DIVINE RIGHT OF RULING. When Kamuzu was ruling, did you ever think that some1 else would rule Malawi other than himself? Wen UDF was ruling, did you ever thought that 1day Malawi would b ruled by a party named DPP? what about PP ruling Malawi 4 two years, did you plan that? CC the advent of multiparty politics, MCP has come 2nd in every election. If you r sane, wat does it mean? It means that MCP only needs 2 change their approach towards election. Do u kno that Nsanje n Chikhwawa were once MCP stronghold? That was when MCP was hated most by the Southern n Northern regions than how things r 2day. MCP lack support of the two regions becoz it doesnt hav strong politicians who hav considerable following in those regions..Politics iz dynamic. How many elections did Michael Sata lose b4 winning? Politics has 2 b analysed wth sober mind..By the way, MCP is the strongest party in Malawi while DPP is supported by neutral pple.

  14. iwe says:

    Kodi galimoto ndi ya chakwela kapena ya boma Chifukwa registration number ndi MG 393 ndekuti yagulidwa ndi boma

  15. DOBO says:

    Following the trends of Malawi politics since 1994, it shows two trends. The first trend was that political parties were primarily surviving on regionalistic trend more than tribalistic trend. For example AFORD, MCP and UDF survived primarily because of regional support of North, Central and South respectively .It seems now the trend is more tribalistic than regionalistic. The next two election or even this coming election will show the clear cut of this trend . AFORD has gone because it viewed lately as CHIPANI CHA ATUMBUKA who are very minority there in North resulting in other tribes turned out to be what we call the swing. UDF is has gone down becoz UDF is being view as CHIPANI CHA YAO who are not in majority. MCP has remain constant as it viewed as CHIPANI CHA CHEWA who are in majority but assimilated in some parts in Southern region. DPP and PP are new comers with DPP viewed as CHIPANI CHA A LHOMWE who are also not as in majority as the Chewas and DPP graph shows that it is also going down.As for PP, l see it NOT Serving at all. I also see UDF and DPP Forming one grouping to face MCP.The tricky card is with the swing tribes. That’s typical AFRICAN politics in making.

  16. Zitsiru za DPP zikuona ngati zinthu zidzakhala choncho mpaka kalekale, afuseni a UDF akuuzani. Ili ndi dziko.

  17. Sathankamwa says:

    My fellow malawians lets support a party basing on its principles to develop the country not because you are coming from Lome belt then you support DPP or from Chewa belt and you support MCP this mindset will not take Malawi anywhere as far as development is concerned.I personally feel shame to see how poor we are its not true that we can be number 3 from list of poorest countries .A true loving malawian who wish this country well can not say now that such such a party will in the 2019 elections, we are not there the current government has not done much to warrant then a win, the opposition again has not stated what they will do to bring this country to another level. Please lets love our country ,put people in position basing on their programs of development.

  18. Kasinja says:

    Mbava zokhazokha zangokumanapo apa palibepo wabwino apa

  19. Sapitwa says:

    This is a very interesting drama! He says MCP will never sink low to the levels of the recent propaganda. You know what, people do not criticize MCP for the vehicles in dispute.infact there is nothing wrong with the process. What people are against is about the party which is criticizing the government for the unnecessary expenditures to the detriment of worsening conditions at our hospitals, hunger etc. This is what Chakwera has been preaching well not in his church anymore but his political podiums!
    If he wanted to show his statesmanship, he could have rejected the vehicle citing the very reasons he uses to criticize the government for. He could have been respected to the highest level. But he doesn’t practice what he preaches and as such, he has sunk so low. I think his rating should be 10%; he is a mockery.

  20. Jesse kutotatota ndizimenezotu akunyekulira pano wangoti bwatalala

  21. Ine pan ndnaz2luka cz i knw pitala mutu wake suumayenda bwno en pakhalekhale ine ndkubwla kuzalowa mcp dpp ilibe ulemu bola 5yrs yoyamblila ya bingu ija fisi nd fisi olo atakhala pamuzi fisi sangasinthe en mwana wake amazakhlans fisi lero siizi?

  22. Clement says:

    If you will not waived with DPP propaganda why crying?? This is bulshit opposition I ever seen and J Tembo is better off than this pure gulewankulu chakwera. You are on fore front accusing the govt over over spending now you are doing the same, are you serious??? Doesn’t it power hungry?? So does it mean Kabwira has been fired as spokesperson? Take note, mcp as far as people are concerned will never ever ever rule Malawi again. It’s time for DPP like Chama cha mapinduzi in Tanzania.

  23. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    you are right DPP has failed to rule this country, thus why they are using MBC to casitigate other parties. To hell with APM, to hell with DPP!!

  24. Pat says:

    Kodi abale Jessie Kabwira wapita kuti? Amudziwitsa bangwe? Kkkkkk, koma ndale abale!

  25. chimphonongo says:

    iwe ukuti drogba iwe ndiye mbuli number one galimoto yogulidwa ndi boma iwe ukuti achakwera agula galimoto kkkkkkkkk tazinvetetsani musadalankhule Kumazitsata inu a Malawi mudzatokoza munthu atakupherani makola anu umbuli wakeumenewutu

  26. chitsa boys says:

    Amene mukupanga makani tizakumane lachiwili pa 19may 2019 pamene tizawine mipando 114 ya aphungu iwant to remind you the opposite of dpp that pp was more talkertive when it was in power after 18months they lost direction now is mcp lets wait u cee

  27. chitsa boys says:

    If you think mcp will rule malawi you are decieving your selves. the time 4them to rule malawi it was 1999 with chakwamba who that time had supporters all 3rigion not chakwera state house is for the dpp and will remaim 4dpp

  28. mtumbuka1 says:

    Impeach the useless government now cos if you don’t, in 2019 they will steal the votes again and swear in the president in half an hour even before the counting of votes have started. I have always imagined that the mcp have the majority in the parliament and that should make it easier to impeach the clown!

  29. pantu says:

    MCP chonde,ndikuti chonde musawasekelele kapena kuwapatsa mpata a DPP alibe ulemu. Musakhale ngati Mark ndi Davis katsonga kumasowetsedwa ntendere ndi kuvutitsidwa ndi Dausi weniweniyu ha ha ha. Akatsonga ndiomwe anayenela kumaopedwa ku Mwanza ndi Neno koma akumupatsa mpata galu weniweni wotchedwa Dausi nkumaophsyezedwa aaaaaaaaa kinvetsa chisoni. Dpp siimafunika ulemu. Ngati mukufuna anyamata odzipeleka tilipo ife kuti titeteze democracy,MCP,atsogoleli komanso malawi yonse. Tatopa nayo DPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Patriot says:

    Parlaiment ikayambika, make sure you IMPEACH this uselss clueless president

  31. jp says:

    NA munthu WA DPP, (DIZILO PETURO PALIBE) aliense ndi MBULI basi, his can same govrn buy a car for its staff and register it MG 393AH become an issue like he has bought it for himself? All the cars are property of Malawi Government is it not that? And why Angulu amenewa?

  32. nanyonyo says:

    Kodi MCP yachosa kabwira?

  33. Zazii koma 2019 mulimba? Play areal balls and you will see the consequences

  34. wakufa samatota says:

    why is he crying in the photograph?

  35. Chaundira says:

    Its very unfortunate that procedure of procuring the said vehicles is being covered and the short minded Malawians are being feature on Government sponsored radios and TV to say the provocative and twisted language. MCP being in the opposition can not do such kind of procurement. It is the Government itself. The vehicles still belong to the Government as seen by the registration number. Parliament has more that once tried to clarify what happened but the radios and TV (MBC) have continued with their negative propaganda broadcasting. We shall also need the same media channel to broadcast correct information to the general public in the local language so that aliyence amvetsetse ndiponso kupepesa leader of opposition and the speakers.

  36. nam'bwibwi says:

    New MCP’s spokesperson Alekeni? Not mai Kabwila. Can someone tell me of this new development ,please.
    Kungofuna kukulimbikitsani a MCP,musagwedezeke olo pang’ono . Mbava za DPP sizichita manyazi,zilibeulemu,umunthu,chisoni,mwambo,khalidwe.Akafuna kuchititsa manyazi anthu a zipani zina amachita china chili chonse ngakhale KUPHA KUMENE. Iwo ali ndi ufulu ochita nsonkhano kwina kuli konse m’Malawi muno Kaliyati ndi kutukwana momasuka ngakhale kumadela omwe sikwawo koma a zipani zina kuti akachite nsonkhano kwa Goliyati ngati angaloledwe nsokhanowo siumata bwino.
    MCP the time has come and its now,to draw a line infact A RED LINE,azolowela kuipitsa mbiri ya anzawo,osawanyengelela kaya ndi kumenyana timenyane ndipo yakwana nthawi yoti olo Wa Mathanyula akakhala ndi zochitika chigawo chapakati adzidziwa kuti sikwawo ndi momwenso amachitila kwa Goliyati. Osawapatsa mpata mafumu ngati Lukwa wa dyela. Chonde MCP mwaona momwe akuchitila kugula galimoto ya aChakwela yakhala nkhani chifukwa si mulomwe koma boma lagula galimoto zochuluka za alomwe ndipo kwaiwo sinkhani,kodi a MCP kapena nditi a chigawo chapakati samakhoma nsonkho? Nanga fodya wambiri ndi wabwino amachokela kuti?

  37. drogba says:

    Za ziiiii zenizeni. You are saying government should focus on important issues, so you Malawi Crocodile Party think that wasting our tax money buying expensive cars isn’t an important thing??? You are so foolish. In fact you MCP never think you will govern Malawi again, NEVER. We can’t want to go back to makadi, nyakula, crocs, kutoleraa mazira, nyau, mayufii etc. We can’t. In fact if I could become president, I could order a disbanding of this blood thirsty party, so archaic. I hate you MCP, you killed my grand father. I cannot forgive you morons

  38. Chabwera says:

    Dpp aparty full of propagandas dont for get thst is same party and same people they made us to cry te past 3years. Peter entered in Government not to help Malawians but to do the following
    1. To protect the billions of his brothers Bingu that was storen in government coffees
    2. To protect himself and his friends from treason case
    3. To make himself more rich than his brother
    4. To make history of two state funeral in there family.

    blessed is Mbendera because analira kale remember kwasala ntchire ndiko moto umapita i see more tears on Malawians. wait for more troubles to come!!

  39. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    1.Kikikikikiki! So Ms Kabwila-Kapasula has been replaced as MCP spokesperson? Only yesterday? oChakwera must be congratulated for listening to people: KK was over her head in that position. Asa. She never saw a mike or a platform she never liked. And instead of attacking policy, she almost always attacked the personalities. The learning curve was just too steep for her. Wagwa nazo (it helps to be humble rather than a show off). Hopefully, now she can concentrate on serving her constituents: we’ll see how that goes. She may pack up soon her luggage, and return to her teaching job; especially if she does not get a prominent and high profile position: that is simply the kind of person she is.
    2. MCP – the Party, their leader, the Deputy Clerk of Parliament and the Mr Menyani (the new MCP spokesperson), are missing the point here. The thrust of the complaints is NOT the fiscal year in which the purchases were approved. Rather when the purchases WRE MADE: when the country is in dire financial straits. NOW!! These unnecessary and extravagant purchases seemed like small beer to them; now they know the public thinks otherwise. This fire may take a while to extinguish, politically. And MCP is now being viewed as hypocritical and disingenuous. Future criticisms , even justifiable ones, against other parties and their leaders will be viewed with skepticism, to be sure.

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