MCP will not waiver at DPP ‘propaganda’ -Spokesman

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) says it will not waiver governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) propaganda to attack the party leadership over the purchase of new top-of-the-range vehicles for the Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, his deputies, and leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera who is also MCP president.

Menyani: DPP propaganda

Menyani: DPP propaganda

New MCP spokesperson Alekeni Menyani said the party was shocked at the “wild and savage attacks of propaganda” from the DPP led government, which, he said, is using public broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to divert the attention of Malawians from other important issues.

“The MCP will not waiver at such propaganda but work to bring accountability in furtherance of development, democracy and its values in order to restore the dignity of Malawian people through acceptable channels.

“We, as MCP, will never sink so low to the levels of the recent propaganda and we will not be cowed into silence during the forthcoming meeting [of Parliament] but to press for transparency and accountability,” he said as quoted in the press.

Menyani said DPP should instead explain to Malawians how the government is resolving the massive shortage of drugs, problems in the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp), produce a list for all Malawians to see of the 116 people who accompanied President Peter Mutharika to the United Nations General Assembly.

The procurement of the vehicles at Parliament was not a political function of the office of the Speaker and Leader of Opposition, but a technical process guided by policy in terms of ranking in the public service; according to Menyani.

“Such assets as referred to by him are institutional in nature. That is why Leader of Opposition vehicle is MG 393 AH belonging to the government of Malawi. If we have changed policy then it’s important to communicate to those with authority to discharge such a function,” he said.

Deputy Clerk of Parliament responsible for corporate services, Renard Mapemba has said the vehicles for the Speaker, his deputies and the Leader of Opposition were procured in the last financial year, 2014/15, following approval from the Office of the President and Cabinet Ref. No. 16/06/4 dated 4th July, 2014.

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Nyasa Fodya Bullets

Chabwino Tamva. Zamagalimoto Zili Apo Kabwira Ndiye Kuti Mwamuchotsa? Kulitu Ziiiiiiii Kapena Ali Ku Period?


When did Jessie Kabwila removed?

Sothini MbwenuMbwenu

We can’t talk or blame issues of 1999-2000 Financial year. The understanding all Transactions get closed by June 30th.
Besides that any Procurement done is thoroughly scrutinized by Those Accountable Agencies ie National Audit,etc. If miss- procurement is observed, procurement is immediately stopped.
Also if in the Procurement Plan was to purchase these Vehicles in 2014/2015, Treasury Funded, what remained, was to implement.
Budget for last year’s and activities, are contrary to Current, unless funds used are from Current Financial Year.
Am not A Technocrat.

Dr Haswel P Bandawe
The Kamuzu human rights record is a nightmare we should never re-live. However, Kamuzu’s MCP did well in several areas: Financial management, development strategy and implementation were, compared to the Governments that have since followed, unmatched to this day. I never heard of corruption in those days. Ministers did not become millionaires over night. Civil servants worked hard. Hospitals were functioning, agriculture was booming, industries sprung up. There was no foreign exchange shortage. Trees were not destroyed, instead he had a tree planting day. ADMARC served farmers well. Crop prices were announced in advance of the planting season. There were… Read more »

I thot the news came out thru times news. DPP ikubwera bwanji pa nkhaniyi? Tikamamva kuti abusa zina amanena kuti iyayi tiyembekeze kaye anthu akuvutika mmidzimu. Ayi poti idzakhala yanga galimotolo podzachoka ku parliament basi kutola khobwe ndi mmawa? tasinthani akulu akulu.

This issue dwells more on maral grounds. We were talking of the jet, that the country could not afford because of the status of the economy. All of us will agree that it did not belong to Bingu but Malawi government. Mr. Menyani your argument does not even clear the mist. The issue here is these vehicles will later belong to these 4 at a low cost. Kukonzeratu kapansi kuti kammwamba katsike. The only problem here is mumafuna kudya nokha, akadya olamula basi ndi nkhani. Mukuchedwa ndi ndale anzanu akupanga ma project otukula anthu. Chenjerani. Kutchinjiriza zinthu zolakwika pamene pakuonekeratu… Read more »

The party of blood, darkness, and genocide.


DPP koma eeeeehhhhh mbuli zisiru za anthu how can they make propaganda on such straight issue kumaona zinazi Pala nkhani apa manyazeeee azolowela pa chisankho Dausi ananena kuti ma Box a chisankho abedwa kumfunsa longosolani poti ife sitikuziwa kulephela mmawa mwake a kuti kwapezeka Box la mavoti Munthu woyamba kupezekapo nkukhala Dausi yemweyo

Che Ngana
A Mcp Kuzikweza Kumeneku Mkuona Mmalira Zisankho Zonse.Let Me Remind You Nkhandwe Za Mcp Ku Central Region.You Will Never Succed In Convising The South To Vote For Your Deadly Party.Angaiwale Ndani Nkhanza Zomwe A Mcp Munawapanga A Malawi.Abale Ndi Ana A Chiwanga Gadama Matenje Sangala Solobala Bukudadi Anakune Erani Mau Omwe Amasata Chipani Chanu.The More You Mention Your Kamuzu Mmasusula Mabala A Wanthu.Nkhanza Za Ufit Onyansa Achewa Nobody Admires Ur Leadership Ku South.Unless Mutapepesa Kumtundu Wa A Malawi Kapena Kusintha Dzina Mwina Kapena Koma Wambawamba Ayi Wakummwera Mukumutukwanayo At The End Of The Day Mukufuna Mukampange Convice Mwanya Mwalephera.Chakwera And… Read more »
Fredrick Banda
Let me remind you that politics is dynamic. Anything can.happen any time..My analysis of your comment shows that you r daft. Its not true that pple of the south cannot vote 4 MCP..Do u kno that Nsanje n Chikhwawa once used 2 b MCP strongholds? Were they central region districts? MCP fails 2 win th support of th south bcoz it doesnt have strong politicians with a considerable following 4rm tht region not otherwise..By the way, do u kno that its very easy 2 convince southeners than it iz 2 convince central regioners? Southerners r business oriented. All wat they… Read more »

Mr Fred Banda, inuyo kuzimva kuzindikila kuwanena anzanu kuti Ali dafuti?? kkkkkk koma. Whether daft or not, but MCP will never rule Malawi possibly in the near future. Whether daft or not but MCP was a cruel party when it was in power and its failing to prove that it could act otherwise. Whether daft or not but DPP is ruling Malawi possibly for a longer period in the future. Machende akoo

Apao Kugola
DPP has used cheap propaganda by smearing Chakwera with nsete zawo. If DPP was run by clever people in this vehicle purchase game, they would have registered the opposition leader’s vehicle with a private number but not the MG. Did Chakwera force the government to buy that vehicle for him? If DPP thinks Chakwera can be discredited and labelled as a hypocrite through this purchase, then I think Malawi as a nation can easily a bunch of fools and imbeciles who think nothing beyond looking for cheap food. DPP shouldn’t think that the electorate in this country are such a… Read more »

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