Minister Kaliati clashes with MP Lunguzi in Parliament over claims ‘ESCOM management full of Dedza people’

Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development  Patricia Kaliati clashed with opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member for Dedza East Juliana Lunguzi in parliament  when she claimed power untility provider Escom which is blaimed for persistent black-outs has management with people from Dedza.

Lunguzi:  I do not know if this country can really develop with this attitude

Lunguzi: I do not know if this country can really develop with this attitude

Kaliati: Escom management full of Dedza people

Kaliati: Escom management full of Dedza people

Kaliati raised the issues when Lunguzi was making contributions in the House and citing energy woes and Escom that is struggling particuallry because of ruling party politicians who are on crusade for assets stripping and wrongful enrighment.

But Kaliati fought back saying it incorrect for Lunguzi to be referring to what is happening at ESCOM as political, “knowing that the whole ESCOM management is coming from her district? [Dedza]”.

First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje said Lunguzi “was just expressing her views” and felt she did not warrant such accusations from Kaliati.

In her reaction to Kaliati claims, Lunguzi said: “I don’t know who the management of ESCOM are and they can tell us.  The comment that is coming from the Minister just shows how we, as Members, don’t take things seriously in this country.  Something is wrong, and the Minister is reflecting on an individual that people are coming from Dedza.  In this House where we belong.”

She demanded Kaliati “to bring evidence” on her claims.

In her contribution, Lunguzi said most of the statutory corporations are full of politicians, which makes it very difficult for them to become efficient.

“If you go to ESCOM and water boards in this country, you will find that politicians, governors, constituency chairpersons are filling these boards, Madam First Deputy Speaker. I do not know if this country can really develop with this attitude. I therefore request that government should listen and appoint board members who can deliver in this country,” said Lunguzi.

“Malawi is for all of us.  We can continue with the status quo or we can choose to change in the name of the reforms that we have been touting as a country. At times, we seem to turn a blind eye to the calamities that are befalling us right in our midst here,” she said.

Lunguzi said the issue of electricity crisis is serious.

“This afternoon I was visiting a lady, Nomande, not more than 40 years of age, a local entrepreneur and she is doing a good job as a seamstress.  She told me that she is almost giving up because she cannot manage to operate buying fuel at K300,000 per month and  averaging K10,000 a day on fuel.

“This is what is happening to all of us due to intermittent power supply. Barber shops, maize meals and saloons cannot effectively operate due to persistent power outages.  We talk about increasing entrepreneurship in here; it is unfortunate that, as a country, we are not focusing on what is happening in these statutory corporations.”

Lunguzi told the House that challenges facing ESCOM, mostly it is political interference.

“ESCOM is doing a wonderful job and trying their best,” she pointed out.

She also pointed out that ESCOM bought 100 new cars in the past three months, saying “one wonders how they can buy new cars when indeed we are struggling like this, as a country.”



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44 thoughts on “Minister Kaliati clashes with MP Lunguzi in Parliament over claims ‘ESCOM management full of Dedza people’”


    Positive about Malawi!

    His Excellency, the State President, Professor, Arthur, Peter, Mutharika, Woyee (all protocol observed) has complained that the media is reporting only negative stories about his reign. Let’s do something about it!
    The Boscom (Black Out Supply Company of Malawi) is creating many jobs in spin off sectors. For instance in solar electricity. James Banda, a supply salesman, says: First I sold energy savers, so people could save on their energy bills. But now the BOSCOM is making its slogan true: Black Outs, All Day Every Day. So my clients cannot use the energy savers, and I can get them to buy solar lights. This way I make money of the same people twice. All thanks to the Black Outs!
    But not only in solar, also in other sectors BOSCOM is creating jobs: A taxi driver who opted for anonymity says: Those BOSCOM managers make sure no money goes into repairs and maintenance. How could they supply Black Outs if they maintained their equipment? This means that the BOSCOM management has a lot of Cashgate to spend. I drive them with beautiful young girls to well know discreet hotels. Of course I am never there, but I suspect they engage in activities that create jobs in the ART sector.
    An anonymous Medication sales business man (who’s ethnicity I will not mention because I have a non discrimination policy) says: I buy Anti Retroviral Therapy from certain civil servants far below market value. And then I sell discretely to BOSCOM managers above market value. This is an important service, because ART is life saving for people with HIV/AIDS. And make so much money I have been able to hire many staff, who now can support their family. All thanks to the Black Outs!

  2. Rasta says:

    I think this woman called Lunguzi is bright. Mi Nah like MPs like kaliat who reason in the reverse. We need people who can deliver in this country. DPP is full of morons who are there just to enrich themselves and think not of the poor.

  3. Paja ma nurse tu amakhala mahule kapena afiti. Unfortunately Juliana is both thats why sakwatiwa. Akweni musalimbane naye huleyu wachepa nzeru zache ndizachibwana. A MCP alibe strategy other than mudslinging. DPP 2019 boooooma.

  4. Luka says:

    ‘”ESCOM is doing a wonderful job . . .” she [Lunguzi] pointed out.’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!! Which planet do you live on, Madam?

  5. Frank Kumwenda says:

    Triberism is killing our beloved country you heard yourself from the horse mouth instead of solving the escom’s problem you are pointing each others fingers about where one is coming from. As a minister we are expecting unity speeches not deviceve speeches as you are serving all Malawians regardless of where one is coming from, then why were you against people who were calling for federal system of government? whilst on the other hand you are the one who is pushing for regionalism. That tribal remarks are tarnishing the image of DPP government, thats why recycled politician are killing Malawi because they have nothing new to offer to Malawians only baseless arguments. I don’t think any sane leader would be smiling at the current blackouts Malawi is experiencing. Let us put politics a side as our former president Dr. Bakili Muluzi used to say we don’t eat Politics, without power a country can not develop for a machine to run we need electric energy power affects everyday production, Malawi is already facing challenges in exporting of its products which means there is little to export due to low production which will continue to contribute to the falling of a kwacha. So instead of solving Malawi problem you are pointing each other’s fingers where one is coming from really? Shame on you politians I am afraid to say that you are not on that seat in order to serve Malawians but to satisfy your on bellies. Instead mending holes on this ship you are on the forefront drilling holes in order that it should sink fast.

  6. Chakwanuleka says:

    This Kaliati woman is dull and stupid to say the least. Besides, the level of discussions are above the comprehension of a primary school teacher like kaliati. Thats why we have always said that ministers must be appointed on merit. She is in her position because she is a lhomwe and now thinks that that’s how it is for everyone. This is shameful to Malawi government and DPP in particular for having ministers who can’t articulate issues meaningfully and sensibly.

  7. The Patriot says:

    Is there anyone in Malawi who is suprised that Patricia Kaliati said what she said? That is a caliber of a person who has been and still is a minister for most of the past 20 years. No wonder Malawi is in the state where it is now and will remain so!!

  8. winston msowoya says:

    The Hon.Phd Kaliati,let us face the fact that if these Dedza people are hundreds of them with desired qualifications,so let it be,they are Malawians.Now,Malawians can prove that the leaders are the ones who are openly encouraging and supporting the animal TRIBALISM.kaliati or any other Minister has not been heard condemning the APARTHEID STYLE OF QUOTA SYSTEM tribalistically imposed on the people of the North for decades now.Always,the truth prevails and the people believe what the senior Minister says.It is politically incorrect if the leaders do not condemn the wrongs in one Region and on the same issue,condemns the other,this is typically an underground conspiracy to asphyxiate and isolate the people of the North politically and economically.This is the politics of the savage and unlettered society hence,the downfall of the whole country.As expected,Phd does not make a dull person,clever.Northerners have the talents bestowed on them by the supreme being and no human being can stop this ever.

  9. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Kaliate is insane, all Malawians know this fact

    1. john says:

      I agree that Kaliati is insane. That cement she puts in the face is a chemical in nature, that can not be eaten. But the same chemical finds its way into the cell and tissues of her body. If that happens, chances are high the chemical can affect her brain and goes insane. She can not look good only if she feels in the absence of that chemical in her face. I do not think if that is only put in her face.

  10. Dengulanga says:

    If Malawi is going to change for the better later alone ourselves as individuals, let us start talking issues rather than where people come from. We have been this route for too long and it has brought us shit that we currently have because when the DPP have nothing else to offer , the only backward argument they can use is defer to where people come from.

    It is fact that all of cannot come from one area. There would be no need to have a country but one district.

    The issues about ESCOM, that Lunguzi is raising are a national SHAME! Responding to them by deferring to district of origin of its management is the lowest level of thinking any madwoman can call upon. It feels like we have no government in place. Everywhere else, including dilapidated and run down countries / places like Central African Republic which has been at war forever does not have the level of POWER BLACKOUTS we have. It is basic common sense that no country has grown without adequate Energy and good Education. In Malawi we are very far in both. In the twenty first century, we have our kids learning under trees and with one of the highest pupil/teacher ratio. The only country that for three quarters of the day is without power. A country where corruption is the norm. A country where our standards go against the basic acceptable human rights to lead decent lives. Where people are praised as successful for being FOOLISH and CORRUPT. This is why useless third class Indians, Burundians, Rwandese come to Malawi with nothing and prosper. This is a country where we are unable to talk and discuss issues without reference to where people come from or which party they belong. This is the only country where even the most educated people think like HENS and defer to TRIBALISM rather than focus on issues. This must stop. The young woman needs to be supported for raising issues in a place where these issues are supposed to be corrected for the betterment of our lives after all of us have remained NYACHI for a long time. Criticizing her owing to her district of origination is downright UTMOST STUPIDITY and exhibiting to every one including children that you don’t think.

    1. mfula zinkhwali says:

      Is ESCOM performing? NO! Last night Zodiak reported that the connection to Mozambique is a pipeline dream. Kaliati is a politician as such she thinks politically, while Lunguzi is a logical thinker. The two ladies gives the observer a chance to see what our leaders are made of and stand for.

  11. Santana, you are very ignorant because you cant even understand basics of normsl life, cashgate has ruined you and spoiled you brain to a halloween point. What you are talking here is totally irrelevant to Lunguzis facts in parliament, no wonder you are equal to this Kaliyati who goes around buying Phds. Agents of a devil.

  12. Youna says:

    Why do we still keep shallow minded individuals as Ministers? This girl is nothing but a disgrace to the cabinet. Why cant she support what Lunguzi said?

  13. Mbunde says:

    Ine Kaliati amandinyansa.88

  14. mudzalila says:

    Escom bought 100 new cars! What for?Going to the office in th morning to sit on their backside and drive home at lunchime for mtanda wa nsima, returning to the office at 2pm, more sitting and maybe a phone call or so and then home at 5pm.Really? Is this country serious? Trust me this is what happens in these companies.Sad thing is nobody, not even The ‘president’ is doing absolutery nothing about it.Malawi is a beautiful country but some of us would rather live somewhere.Malawians, that country will struggle forever!

  15. chipatso mbewe says:

    kicks of a dying horse – u Dr adakautenga kuti kodi? pomwe mungaonere kuti munthuyu alibe nzeru, anakangogula u Dr ku BIU

  16. Pontif says:

    Munthu wa masters kukangana ndi a graduate from TTC on this issue palibe chanzeru the latter can say but to argue foolishly

  17. santana says:

    Do you really think if Chakwera was the state president Lunguzi would come with this solution? What intelligent thing has Lunguzi contributed here? Even dunderheads like Kamlepo can give this idea and perceive it intelligent provided it is against DPP. The points which Lunguzi is giving does not even need a Diploma of any studies. So what is it in her contribution that can be compared to other MPs? Lunguzi would have been intelligent if she talked something about what the causes of black-outs are and what would the MCP do if it was in the most wanted seat. Don’t you people know that because of political enemity big politicians can use other people to sabotage? Kaliati is right. These things are happening in Malawi. If Lunguzi has a point to solve ESCOM woes let her pump sense into his party president who happens to be leader of opposition and tell us what the MCP would have done to end the black-outs. Is Lunguzi right with the allegations she is putting on ruling party politicians about assets stripping? Does she have evidence of this? Lunguzi is just too childish.

    1. Chakwanuleka says:

      The name should read Satana. You write like someone from another world

    2. Central says:

      @Santana: Munthu walungalunga ngakhale atatenga suit kupatsa wapisala sizimakhala zodabwitsa kuona wamisalayo akuying’ambang’amba ndikuipaka matope, mapina, khoko etc!!

      DPP is full of imbeciles, and pumping any sensible ideas in these idiots is a waste of time because they can neither see nor appreciate the importance of whatever is said to them!!

      Juliana is right but addressing a wrong group and one of such idiots is santana!!

    3. Pope says:

      True Lunguzi is just a stupid attention seeking Nurse. She is always trying to portray herself as patriotic when in fact she is worse than a rapist. No wonder she just gets laid by anybody. Why did she refuse to get free MK12,000,000 if she wants to take care of poor people? Go Kalirani go. Kodi mudziko muno wanzeru alipo?

  18. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Koma ngati Akweni akunama???? ESCOM ikuonongedwa ndi anthu a ku Dedza kwawo kwa Juliana Lunguzi!

    1. Chamwini Kwawo says:

      You are lying those Executives Directors are not from Dedza, even if they are from Dedza why are they being kept if they can’t deliver?

    2. Chakwanuleka says:

      Who are these people you are talking about. The way we know DPP, it has its cronies where it matters most to syphone money is all parastatals. Ask yourself who are those people who were given contracts to supply meters, a contract work MK11.billion. Wake up from your slumber, or are you one of those criminals?

  19. thats me says:

    Seriously how can one say I love Malawi and all that if u can seatdown and support Kaliati here? Just because you love the party? Really!!!!!! Its a shame

  20. ANALYST says:

    This country is in the hands of foolish dogs from the Lhomwe belt who find trivia in very serious issues! Pali nkhani yoti chi Kaliati chanucho chidzinenera kuti anthu a ku ESCOM ngochokera ku Dedza? Zoona??? Earlier, it was George Chaponda who also took trivia in another motion moved by the same Lunguzi about tractors! He (Chaponda) was foolishly laughing while claiming that since the tractors were sold off during the PP regime, they (as DPP) will not do anything ab out it! Seriously munthu ameneyu mudzamuvotera kuti akhale president wa dziko?? Mxiiiii

  21. mwana mulopwana says:

    You raised a very good point Juliana Lunguzi, I hope and believe that with these reform , appointments in parastals will also change and especially the board management as well, because most organization which collapsed are the ones with political boards appointment

  22. Kuntiga says:

    Indeed Lunguzi talks sense, she is sitting in on behalf of all malawians so why is kaliati refuting? We are really suffering. Some are saloon operators, maize mills etc. How do you think they are managing?

  23. Maunits says:

    We need people of such caliber to make Malawi move again as it was during the Ngwazi.


    Lunguzi is the exact caliber of new blood we need in politics. Talking issues that affect us all. Kaliati was outclassed.

    1. chigonapamuhanya says:

      although Kaliati was outclassed ndiye magetsi ayamba kuyaka?

      1. ANALYST says:

        Nonsense Gonapamuhanya! Mxiiiii! These are serious discussions but you comment foolishly and wishout any sense of shame??? Koma chi boma cha DPP chili ndi dzianthu dzosamvaaaa!!!!11


        You missed the point.


        You missed the point

  25. Al-Fayeed says:

    Lunguzi usamalimbane ndi ameneyo, palibe chidziwa iye.

    1. mudzalila says:

      And DPP is full of Lomwezi! So Kaliati , look at your own shit you loudmouthed uneducated woman. Lunguzi is educated and it is this new breed that this country needs.In fact , Lunguzi is the only sensible one in that house and I am not from Dedza!

  26. xxxxxxxxx says:

    Lunguzi what a point !!!!!! umatiimilira and dr kaliati instead of supporting a good point you wanted to bring confusion>>> koma mzeru zilipo????

  27. Stupid comment and reaction from this talkative politician! How can one say ESCOM is full of people from such such district and yet it is them milking this entire full time! Shame

  28. Chidakulaka says:

    Good contribution Lunguzi. These are the types of MPs we need as a country who really reflect on issues. Akweni’s maximum level of contribution is to teach primary school kids A,E, I, O. That is why when she does not does grasp issues end up into useless tribalistic outbursts. This is the kind of leadership we have embraced and is not helping Malawi to move forward ! We will continue to pay the price if we don’t change our regionalist thinking.

  29. Inu says:

    Presidential appointments should end at ministerial positions. Of course the president can also choose state house staff. beyond that, let the normal process of recruitment take place.

    1. chigonapamuhanya says:

      umbuli sizithu. ukuwoneka kuti chowmwe ukunena sukuchidziwa.

      1. Push Kankhani says:

        it just shows that you are old and out clased aswell ,dzikoli likufunika anyamata oganiza ndi anzeru ngati madam lunguzi not nkhalamba zimzakozo

        1. Kanchenga says:

          It’s not about age. It’s foolishness brought about by wrong upbringing. Look Atupele is young and educated but is he as clever as Lunguzi. No.And there are so many young MPs in that house. Mphande of KK north has hardly opened his mouth for luck of ideas. Kamuzu was much older than Muluzi in fact older than any of the presidents we have had and yet none has performed better than Kamuzu. Apparently the majority voter who bring in these failed presidencies are young Malawians. This puts their judgement capabilities in question. If we pegged the voting age at 45 this foolishness would vanish immediately. The majority voter in Malawi has not experienced good governance and have no comparison basis. Gwanda would have won the election in 1999 because the majority voter had compared the performance of UDF to that of MCP and wanted MCP back. Our problem now is tribalism and poor choices by the majority south. It is possible to have a southern president and still do well if the south can come up with a good president. But it looks like judgement is a problem in the south. Of all good people in the south they gave us Peter someone already tested and certified as a failure. And now they are talking of chaponda

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