Minister probes Kasungu hospital for rejecting  free blood donation due to lack of allowances

Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume has taken it upon himself to investigate serious allegations that medical personnel at Kasungu District Hospital rejected a blood donation of 100 people because there was no allowance.

Kusungu hospital: Turned away blood donors because of allowance issues

This was after 100 youths of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church central region travelled to the district hospital to donate blood as part of the commemoration of Global Youth Day.

Pastor Chauncy Mchewere Banda, SDA youth coordinator for the centre confirmed they were turned back at the hospital on Sunday.

“We had made prior arrangements to have the youth donate their blood but when we arrived there, we were told the hospital had no money for allowances. Hospital job is a calling, they should put lives of people first and issues of money later,” he said.

He said he had no choice but return the youths to their bases, disappointed though.

Kumpalume said if it is true that people were turned away before donating blood because of allowance issues, then the ministry would take disciplinary measures.

“This is unacceptable. People should be encouraged to donate blood not discouraged to donate blood this time when blood banks are running dry,” he said.

He vowed to investigate the matter.

Malawi Equity Health Network executive director George Jobe said he was shocked and saddened by the news.

“Malawi is talking about shortage of blood and here we are with people frustrating blood donors, this is shocking,” he said.

The hospital district health officer could not be reached for comment but one member of staff said there might have been communication break down between the hospital and the blood donors.

Last year the country failed to reach the needed 80000 blood units for hospitals.


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thako lambeta

This job is not a calling these people were employed and they deserve ma allowance pa zinthu ngati izi ikankhala caling bwenzi kukukhala ma interviews? Bleeding a hundred pple its not a joke that meant kuyitana anthu oti ali pa off kuzagwira vep for nothing is that fair?
Iwe kumpalume tikuthamangitsa palibe za yes apap.


Bwana Kumpalume kwina kulikonse otolere magazi amalandira allowance.
Ku Kasungunso ayenera kuasidwa ma allowance basi.
Bwanji a Phungu aku nyumba ya malamulo amalandira ma allowance
atango nkhala pa mpando ku perliament inu zimenezo bwanji simumawa fufuza.

Achipatala nonse musiye kungwira ntchito mpakana apepetse pa nkhani imeneyi kuti zinthu ziziku yenderani.
Panopa achipatala musamale anthu azikutolani ngati simugwiriza. Ngati zimene zili ku UNIMA podedera College of Medicine Lecturers.


@ Mapuya Murupar…chifukwa sukudwala nkona wayankhula choncho. Asiye kugwira ntchito cos of allowances? Agwire koma not full day. Ena ALI PA OXYGEN, ENA PA MA DRIP NDE UKUFUNA KUNENA KUTI THEY SHUD ABANDON THEM? udzadwala

PITA MZIPATALA ZA BOMA AND SEE HOW PREGNANT WOMEN ARE BEING TREATED, BEING CALLED ALL SORTS OF NAMES BY THESE SO CALLED NURSES. Ubwino wake tili mu multiparty, tidzingowaswa akayankhula mwano like the mangochi nurse. Its only Kamuzu time when health personnel were respecting patients.

The ißsue of allowances is nothing new. It happened a couple of years ago with mulanji hospital . The nurses and the trainee nurses and other staff declined to offer their assistance for free medical camp -doctors were coming from uk. Finally the camp was moved to the mission hospital near mulanji. The seven day camp treated over 1,000 patients for eye ailments, minor surgeries,free medicines and spectacles. Every day the camp was feeding over 700 patients and their attendees. Thanks to everyone at the mission hospital . They did not ask for even one tambala. Shameful by mulanji hospital… Read more »

donating blood on a Sunday when possibly the staff were off to church? Why did you not go on Saturday? kuopa kuphwanya Sabata, and its OK with other christian faithfuls who pray on Sunday. And again, 100 donors? That is no simple job. Next time make flexible arrangements for the hospital staff- Pitani mkati mwa Sabata


When you are doing good service in the name of humanity, the lord will forgive you for not coming to church on sunday.

che mangochi

Iwe mfiti anthu akuchipatala ndinu afiti nonse

amoyo salekana

kumpalume are u serious on this or u are saying out of emotions. nthawi inapita imene anthu akangot Yes bwana, mumafuna munthu achite attend The whole 100 people on odd hours without allowance. iwe ukayenda ndiye upasidwe ma allowance.

Ndipo ukangoyesa kuchosa Swap uwona, ukachiza wekha abale ako. love ur health workers

soon there will be no angels on earth

kusungu chirwa

This is bad for the “KUSUNGU” hospital as per the picture above.Playing Politics with peoples’ lives i presume.


Muchita check ma conflict of interest links between Dr Moses ku Central medical stores, and Malawi pharmacies amalandla ma contract mu billions.. Alipo sharholer mu Malawi pharmacies

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