Ministers query Mutharika over ‘Prime Minister’, claims Ntata: Malawi leader said to be ‘puppet’

Seven cabinet ministers in the DPP-led government demanded an audience with President Peter Mutharika and told him face to face that they were not happy that the Head of State was “a puppet” to his special aide who goes around calling himself a ‘Prime Minister’ and boasting that he is above the ministers and can order them around.

Ben Phiri (left) speaking to President Mutharika

Ben Phiri (left) speaking to President Mutharika

According to the legal adviser to former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika Allan Ntata,   increasingly powerful special advisor to President Peter Mutharika, Ben Phiri is now running the show at State House.

The lawyer-cum-political strategist pointed out that Phiri wields considerable influence over Mutharika and that he is a de facto appointing authority.

This, according to Ntata, made the unnamed ministers to approach the President and that before the meeting could take place, the “Prime Minister “ tried to sabotage it and stop it altogether from happening but his efforts failed.

He reportedly insisted that he should attend the meeting but the ministers had the courage to demand from Mutharika that he should the room.

The seven ministers reportedly asked Mutharika if he was aware that his assistant was busy calling the Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa and making appointments that are supposed to be made by the President.

The wondered if the President knew that his assistant threatens cabinet ministers and heads of parastatals and other government departments to employ his relatives, and shakes down anyone who wants to see the President, especially Asians, to first give him a lot of money.

According to Ntata, the ministers asked Mutharika to “grow a pair of balls” and correct the matter, pointing out to him that in the year that he has been [resident, it is quite clear that he has left his assistant to deal with everything.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila, who is also Minister of Transport, said he has not heard such a meeting and dismissed Ntata’s claims as “baseless, unfounded and political propaganda.”

Kasaira said Ntata is a frustrated individual busy peddling lies “seeking attention”.

He said Ntata lacks the moral authority to be a critic of DPP.

“Ntata cannot be trusted. You can trust him at your own peril,” he said.

Ntata however said he states “facts” given to him by people involved and having firsthand knowledge of the matters being discussed.

“I’m not writing to provoke responses from anybody. my aim and objective is for the DPP to change the way it is running things. I assure you that I won’t stop writing simply because you interpret my articles as being against any given person or because you make assumptions about my motivation,” Ntata wrote on his Facebook Timeline.

“I have sources that give me information and I make observations based on developments as I see them,” said Ntata.

Phiri could not immediately comment.

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58 thoughts on “Ministers query Mutharika over ‘Prime Minister’, claims Ntata: Malawi leader said to be ‘puppet’”

  1. Davie Chikaonda says:

    Mr Ntata. The more u hate and Castigate Ben Phiri the more God blesses him. Every article u write its all about Ben Phiri. This really show jelousy and anger u have towards BP. Ben is one the best young malawi men who works hard, dont listern to gossip, handles issues in mo mature way. Amalawi nsanje too much.

  2. Jack says:

    there are reasons why people allow others to control them..such reasons as holding the most precious and destructive secretes..
    Now look back and see the origins of such relationships
    N’tata keep up and show us reasons. Dont give up.

  3. mapwiya says:

    kodi amr mtata what had ben phiri wronged you every time ican see your article isee the name of ben what is wrong ben to be a friend of mr president ndi nthawi yake mulekeni naye amve kukoma

  4. zagwa says:

    Let him write all that he knows and sees. Bcoz as a frustrated man what good can he write abt Ben and the president. Mtima ukumuwawa kuti wakanika kumulowa Che Peter ngati mmene anamulowea malemu Che Bingu. I salute Ben for the job hes doing plus all the ministers. Remember all what Chief Ngongoliwa of Thyolo said recently. I dont thinkwe DPP memnbers need another pieces of advice so that we continue stongholding in all regions. I remain DPP 100% so is Ben Phiri, the President and his Vice plus all ministers.

  5. abiti mtila says:

    Ben Phiri samalimbana ndi munthu. bwanji mukufuna kumudanitsa ndi a president? nthawi yomwe amamenyedwa Ben ija inuyo a Ntata mudali kuti? pangani zanu musiyeni Ben atumikire abwana mopanda mantha. amend akukutumawo mwanji wa a malopa ndinso chimwemwe Kajawo akupweteketsa.

  6. abiti mtila says:

    Ntata ndi munthu yemwe akutsowa mtengo ogwira. choncho akungofuna kuti atsokoneze anthu mitu. bwanji sakumutchula minister yemwe anakaonana ndi a president? ngati umayembekezera kuti DPP ikutenga walemba mmadzi.

  7. John Chisi says:

    Ntata s article are always about Ben Phiri which openly shows that he has apersonal vendetta with the young man. Where was he when Peter and Ben were suffering. U have nothing special to offer Malawians. Unya siwunati

  8. hango says:

    Kodi Chasowa anapha ndani- ben Phiri kapena ndani? Pls inform me I just want to understand better.

  9. Chimani. Game says:

    Not like a puppet but a puppet

  10. Alungwana says:

    APM is like Charles Logan who reached a point of involving the ex president David Palmer in the afairs of that hard night. Logan was indeed a puppet who would not make any sound idea but put his trust in Walt Cammings. Today that Logan is APM, Ben Phiri is Walt Cammings and Allan Z Ntata is our Jack Bauer.

  11. nsenaboy says:

    usamuone nsena kukhala chete anamau (a pitala mwaduwala tendenitu tikafungule dokoile)

  12. Alarm says:

    We may have early elections in this country, believe me!! Or failing which an uprising!

  13. truth says:

    I said it b4 will say it again ntata has a thing for Ben phiri in all his article it’s about Ben phiri. Azachinena one day

  14. vera says:

    i totally believe what ntata has been writing.i met the president immediately after the elections,what i saw was a man who is totally confused.i m not surprised that ben phiri seize the opportunity to rule the country coz this man is very weak.

    1. MUNTHU says:

      ben phiri is the man.apm just follows

  15. rudolf phiri says:

    I think the system they are following is American. In the USA, after the President, the next most important/powerful person is the chief of staff, not the VP or the ministers. He can summon the Army joint chief of staff, the VP, the ministers, CIA, FBI directors etc and he is not even elected. He is appointed by the President, and his appointment is not vetted by anyone! He is usually the President`s most trusted adviser….I think bwana Ben Phiri atenga udindo oterowo. Tizionera limodzi.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      The equivalent of chief staff in malawi is not ben. The chief of staff is never a personal assistant.

  16. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Is Malawi a country? Where on earth is it situated? Never heard of it.

  17. mwika says:

    Is this the same called at one time the special one?

  18. Wathuwathu says:

    Amalawi tizasitha liti, think beyond today these same people you fool you need them tommorrow abwana prime minister.God is not John.

  19. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    We have heared a lot of this animal called ben phiri , we have heared that he has gone to even telling the Malawi Army General off. Why having more power to be wanting the Army General to be reporting to you ben phiri ?

  20. Kenkkk says:

    If this really happened, I am not surprised and I commend the ministers. It was long overdue that Peter needed to be confronted on his unelected personal assistant who is belittling cabinet ministers and involved in shady businesses.

    The reputation and authority of the cabinet was being destroyed by Ben and something needed to be gone about it. Now you ministers have got balls and that is what all of us want to see you keep your balls intact and threatening!!!

    To some extent ntata’s story is believable because the ministers actions are what we Malawians expected them to take!!

  21. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    At last someone has said it openly! Mr. President (and Mr. Kasaila too!), you need to know that this issue has been said by so many people who have taken the trouble to observe things. If I were you, I would rewind the activities of the period that I have been “in power” and regurgitate them BEFORE dismissing it as the talk of a frustrated Ntata. Because if this Ntata man is lying, then we have thousands of liars at all levels of our society. You think this is smoke without fire? Anyway, you are entitled to your opinion, but be assured that time will tell. And when it does, I hope it will not be too late for Your Excellency.

  22. GRM says:

    How can Ntata say he has first hand information when he was not there? ANAMALIRA TISAWATHANDIZE KULIRA

  23. fight says:

    You mean the President has” NO BALLS” to querry Ben Phiri?LOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  24. LORENI says:

    Bravo Ben Phiri. You are indeed a master among the blind. The president himself is a figurehead. You are ruling Malawi. A country of dead people

  25. Vavlov says:

    Ben Phiri, who is this chap; can someone give us his credentials, please? Can the state president be that daft to be ruled by a dwarf little Phiri? Or is Ntaka jealousy for not having been given the presidential advisory job? Whatever the case is, the Malawi’s president lacks charisma, and leadership. so let the “tiny” Phiri run the show. Enjoy it Ben!!

  26. miko says:

    mr president its time you wake up to reality

  27. Josy says:

    For ur own information Mr. Ntata, Ben and APM are inseperable, u will just waste ur time and energy tyring to separate the two. Mwauponda man

    1. Kenkkk says:

      How are they inseparable?

  28. Josy says:

    Hahhahahaha a Ntata, kodi mukhalira yomweyo for the next 30yrs titakhale muboma?

  29. Steve says:

    Hahahahaha ndunazo zidali kuti mmene mwanayo (Ben Phiri) amamenyedwa?

  30. Suraj says:


  31. Balamanthu says:

    Malawians dont think critically.Dont just dismiss what Allan Ntata claims and writes.Nthawi zambiri chilungamo chimawawa.Ben Phiri is running that stupid country and thats why we dont move forward.There is no leadership in APM.He is worse than our uneducated Muluzi

  32. rudolf phiri says:

    Thats a bold move from the Ministers if this really happened. Now, one of two things is likely to go down from here…if Ben Phiri has such a hold over the President these ministers are gone! Because the President already knows that he has left that much power to the assistant/Prime minister and he doesnt like anyone repeating this line from Ntata to him. There will be a reshuffle and these niggas are gone!

    However, if he doesnt have that hold over the President, APM will sit down with him and give him one tough talking and reprimand him. Thats something Bingu would have done because he liked to swim against the tide and had big balls like that….like a good fight/duel…seemd like anayamba kumera mano kumwamba mkulu amene uja! He was decisive like that. He didnt like people to have some power over him, ask Gwanda chakuamba and anyone who tried to push him around. Peter avoids confrontation, so these ministers better hope Ben Phiri doesnt come back with guns blazing after some pillow talk with the Prime Ministerlol.

  33. God's favour Media House says:

    APM you need to be aret on this stories concerning this rat called ben phiri. Iam not taking it from Mtata but many people are saying the same thing; by the way woh is ben phiri to you!

  34. Civil Servant says:

    Time will tell DPP bootlickers continue being in denial

  35. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    I hope this prime minister knows that he is playing with fire!! If Beni Phiri continues to meddle in public appointments, we shall soon devise a plot to drastically mercilessly deal with him once and for all. This is our country and we shall not allow it to be at the mercy of this little twit. No ways!!

  36. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Koma abale Ntata safa ndi mtima chifukwa cha nsanje ndi Ben Phiri? Ngati Ben Phiri amauza APM zochita ndiye Ntatayo chikumukhudza ndichiyani? In any case he did not vote for APM as he had ran away from his own shadow. Mkazi wachizungu wamulilitsa dollar yashupa patauni.

  37. onjoya says:

    MCP how can u reject to table the loan bill to procure maize and distribute to people affected by floods, just because the beneficiares are southerners.STUPID MCP, STUPID Chakwera kamwa ngati chiwala. U will never get votes from the south and mchifukwa nthawi ya campaign timangokuthamangisani achewa a nyau inu panyopanu nonse.

    1. johnM says:

      You mean Govt wanted to borrow money so that it can buy food, how stupid can someone get? It is a good thing we have Chakwera in parliament.

  38. Biyisikolo says:

    What Ntata is saying is very true. Ben Manthanyula Phiri has helped APM through thick and thin therefore its time to reap now. APM as other politicians do in this foolish nation is think of their stomachs not poor Malawians. It is the Malawians themselves that have allowed this state of affairs. Let BP eat our tax for servicing the pump. After all there common factor P here.

  39. Watson Bin says:

    Chikopa AKA Ben Phiri …your days are numbered

  40. surestream says:

    a Ntata mwakwera yakuphwa. Muyaluka simunati! Which politician can trust you now? I wish you were quiet so that someone could think about you.

  41. powder says:

    who gave you the mandate to write, and who dare if you doesnt? akusiyabe ndiwe munthu wamba. mesa unathawa kodi? amene ali pampando ndi amene ankatumikira chipani panthawi yomwe udathawa. nkhani yomwe waiwona ndi ya dpp basi? udakakhala wolemba weniweni bwenzi ukumatha kupeka nkhani zina

  42. wawa mlomwe says:

    ben anali nganganga ndi peter panthawi yamavuto, chonde musiyeni ndi nthawi yake apukute misozi, pepani olira nonse

  43. Dk says:

    A Ntata,mwatimupange za Dpp basi? Don’t you have other things to concentrate on? Mantha ali tho, inu munkathawa chiyani a president ata mwalira?


  45. Trevor Manyi says:

    Bwampini mathanyula

  46. katebe katoto says:

    I love Ntata for his strengths and weaknesses. Ignore him at your own peril…

  47. Rodriguas Latata says:

    This smoke will become fire one day. When they start running around, its when we shall know the truth. There will be no time to conceal it.
    Human senses always does notify where things are not normal. Your take?

  48. NYATWA says:

    I wish i was Dr Ben Phiri

  49. Mhesha says:

    Ntata…u want to eat twice? No…not this time with APM…you ran away after the death of your former master Bingu. ..leaving Ben Phiri facing the JB Project. You will keep on writing but not enter the APM pocket.

  50. Shawa says:

    To DPP that is lies.

    To some of us,theirs something for us.


  51. Alufeyo says:

    A chikopa just keep quite. Goerge Mkondiwa takes orders from Ben Phiri because it was BP who appointed him CS. Recently govt has had to revert to old lease agreements because Ben Phiri threatened Mkondiwa with dismissal if he doesnt force the ministry of lands to give him the old lease agreements. You can check this out. Mkondiwa cannot promote or move around any senior civil servant without Ben Phiri giving the green light. Every senior public servant fears Ben Phiri more than APM himself.

  52. Nanchidwe says:

    Ntata Chisilu Cha Munthu.

  53. Chikopa says:

    Antata mukakonze kawiri apo mwanena kuti Ben amaimbira phone chief secretary za ma appointment president osaziwa, pamene ndipamene mwaonesa kuti mukutinamiza

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