Ministers query Mutharika over ‘Prime Minister’, claims Ntata: Malawi leader said to be ‘puppet’

Seven cabinet ministers in the DPP-led government demanded an audience with President Peter Mutharika and told him face to face that they were not happy that the Head of State was “a puppet” to his special aide who goes around calling himself a ‘Prime Minister’ and boasting that he is above the ministers and can order them around.

Ben Phiri (left) speaking to President Mutharika

Ben Phiri (left) speaking to President Mutharika

According to the legal adviser to former president the late Bingu wa Mutharika Allan Ntata,   increasingly powerful special advisor to President Peter Mutharika, Ben Phiri is now running the show at State House.

The lawyer-cum-political strategist pointed out that Phiri wields considerable influence over Mutharika and that he is a de facto appointing authority.

This, according to Ntata, made the unnamed ministers to approach the President and that before the meeting could take place, the “Prime Minister “ tried to sabotage it and stop it altogether from happening but his efforts failed.

He reportedly insisted that he should attend the meeting but the ministers had the courage to demand from Mutharika that he should the room.

The seven ministers reportedly asked Mutharika if he was aware that his assistant was busy calling the Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa and making appointments that are supposed to be made by the President.

The wondered if the President knew that his assistant threatens cabinet ministers and heads of parastatals and other government departments to employ his relatives, and shakes down anyone who wants to see the President, especially Asians, to first give him a lot of money.

According to Ntata, the ministers asked Mutharika to “grow a pair of balls” and correct the matter, pointing out to him that in the year that he has been [resident, it is quite clear that he has left his assistant to deal with everything.

DPP spokesman Francis Kasaila, who is also Minister of Transport, said he has not heard such a meeting and dismissed Ntata’s claims as “baseless, unfounded and political propaganda.”

Kasaira said Ntata is a frustrated individual busy peddling lies “seeking attention”.

He said Ntata lacks the moral authority to be a critic of DPP.

“Ntata cannot be trusted. You can trust him at your own peril,” he said.

Ntata however said he states “facts” given to him by people involved and having firsthand knowledge of the matters being discussed.

“I’m not writing to provoke responses from anybody. my aim and objective is for the DPP to change the way it is running things. I assure you that I won’t stop writing simply because you interpret my articles as being against any given person or because you make assumptions about my motivation,” Ntata wrote on his Facebook Timeline.

“I have sources that give me information and I make observations based on developments as I see them,” said Ntata.

Phiri could not immediately comment.

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Davie Chikaonda

Mr Ntata. The more u hate and Castigate Ben Phiri the more God blesses him. Every article u write its all about Ben Phiri. This really show jelousy and anger u have towards BP. Ben is one the best young malawi men who works hard, dont listern to gossip, handles issues in mo mature way. Amalawi nsanje too much.


there are reasons why people allow others to control them..such reasons as holding the most precious and destructive secretes..
Now look back and see the origins of such relationships
N’tata keep up and show us reasons. Dont give up.


kodi amr mtata what had ben phiri wronged you every time ican see your article isee the name of ben what is wrong ben to be a friend of mr president ndi nthawi yake mulekeni naye amve kukoma


Let him write all that he knows and sees. Bcoz as a frustrated man what good can he write abt Ben and the president. Mtima ukumuwawa kuti wakanika kumulowa Che Peter ngati mmene anamulowea malemu Che Bingu. I salute Ben for the job hes doing plus all the ministers. Remember all what Chief Ngongoliwa of Thyolo said recently. I dont thinkwe DPP memnbers need another pieces of advice so that we continue stongholding in all regions. I remain DPP 100% so is Ben Phiri, the President and his Vice plus all ministers.

abiti mtila

Ben Phiri samalimbana ndi munthu. bwanji mukufuna kumudanitsa ndi a president? nthawi yomwe amamenyedwa Ben ija inuyo a Ntata mudali kuti? pangani zanu musiyeni Ben atumikire abwana mopanda mantha. amend akukutumawo mwanji wa a malopa ndinso chimwemwe Kajawo akupweteketsa.

abiti mtila

Ntata ndi munthu yemwe akutsowa mtengo ogwira. choncho akungofuna kuti atsokoneze anthu mitu. bwanji sakumutchula minister yemwe anakaonana ndi a president? ngati umayembekezera kuti DPP ikutenga walemba mmadzi.

John Chisi

Ntata s article are always about Ben Phiri which openly shows that he has apersonal vendetta with the young man. Where was he when Peter and Ben were suffering. U have nothing special to offer Malawians. Unya siwunati


Kodi Chasowa anapha ndani- ben Phiri kapena ndani? Pls inform me I just want to understand better.

Chimani. Game

Not like a puppet but a puppet


APM is like Charles Logan who reached a point of involving the ex president David Palmer in the afairs of that hard night. Logan was indeed a puppet who would not make any sound idea but put his trust in Walt Cammings. Today that Logan is APM, Ben Phiri is Walt Cammings and Allan Z Ntata is our Jack Bauer.

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