Miracle Money video out, projected to break YouTube viewership record in Malawi


Hours after breaking downloads record by the neck, the Miracle Money hit, by Onesimus Muzik, has now been followed by a hot video which has been released in the dying hours of Tuesday, January 29, 2015.

The video, which has been shot from a flying Jet which belongs to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, is directed by one of Malawi’s finest producers and video director, Suzek.

The footage reflects the lyrical content in a stylish manner that demonstrates the serious levels Malawi music production has gone.

The Miracle Money hit of which audio pulled a shocking download record of over 19, 000 downloads within 24 hours, a record that never existed in Malawi music download history, was released Monday, 28 January, 2015 on Malawimusic.com.

Meanwhile, Onesimus Muzik’s competitors in the music industry have excused that the record-breaking downloads were achieved mainly because his hit was highly advertised through Bushiri’s Facebook page and heavy link sponsorship.

But speaking to Nyasa Times, the promoter of the song, Kelvin Sulugwe, responded to such objections in parables as follows:

“You know, it’s funny that someone can make such a laughable objection. Clearly, those people advancing such excuses are yet to know what music promotion is all about. Actually it’s like travelling from Lilongwe to Blantyre, some people will travel by bus while others will fly.

“It is only folly for someone to complain why the other one chose to fly when the ultimate goal was to get to Blantyre with any means necessary. What artists should know is that talent without good marketing is dead. They will only shine among their relatives and groupies, only to fade down just like that,” he said.

Sulugwe has since promised to champion the record-breaking legacy for a while before another promoter can beat him.

“By the way, this is not the first time that my promotion efforts have broken record on Malawi Music Website. I started with Kalawe’s Dzuka Malawi Remix. All in all, I promise to maintain this record-breaking task for any willing artist who is ready to invest what it takes.

“Believe me, it will take a while before any music promoter will successfully attempt to beat my established record which I am up in arms to maintain and let me put this challenge, any promoter who will break this record in the next 30 days, I will give him MK100 thousand,” Sulugwe challenged.

Miracle Money, which is projected to be the opening hot hit of the year 2016 is one of the 14 tracks packed in Onesimus Muzik’s newly produced album titled ‘Epikaizo’.

Other tracks which include ‘Looking for Somebody’ are set to roll the pace before the year 2015 ends.

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16 thoughts on “Miracle Money video out, projected to break YouTube viewership record in Malawi”

  1. Nachipanti says:

    Zitchito zanu ndi zonyansa. Sakukudziwani ndi ndani? Osatinamizapo apa…. Miracle Money my foot.

  2. Nyonyo says:

    God will judge…ndatha mau ndalama ndi satana

  3. wakulu says:

    gospel ndinaiziwa ine……………………………….A miracle is chozizwa and it can either be Godly or UnGodly i believe that the miracles Onesmus is talking about are unGodly cause last time I checked God encouraged us to work for our daily bread not find some major who will give us miracle money…….Am just highlighting

  4. thoko says:

    This guy breaks record. Mukuti- is this guy from Malawi

  5. gd says:

    is this Gospel ??

  6. Bwande says:

    Akuti ‘Major do it’ ‘Major do it’ ‘I need miracle money’… kupemphera mudzina la Bushiri. So obsessed

  7. pachibale says:

    He is right..ALL HE WANTS IS MONEY….(SHame !….people need salvation #

  8. soha says:

    The jet was not flying at all, check the video again,munangonjabura jet ina basi ikuwuluka!! I can see woyimbayo sitting /dancing koma ndege mitambo siyikuyenda pa window

  9. FAVOUR says:

    The guy is already popular the time he was doing secular,and most people we stil follow his music not becouse of the promoter mwatani kwenikweni musazipope nyimbo ya kalaweyo ndani waigula

  10. another thought says:

    This is as useless as music can ever get. Instead of asking God for miracle money he is asking the Major one. This fella sold his soul to the Major 1. Such wasted talent

  11. becks says:

    Billy are talking of god or God?

  12. Strawberry Juice says:

    Za ziii zenizeni. Zopanda ndi mchere omwe.

  13. Zikagwa says:

    Breaking download record doesn’t mean it’s a good song. People are just interested in the title and see kuti kodi awa akuti chani. After that throw it away or like it

  14. bk phiri says:

    Simungavepo Kathu apa coz izi zimafunika those with ears to hear and those with eyes to see just like what Isaiah said in his prophecy.

  15. nyasa boss says:

    Palibe chomwe ndikuva po apa ….akuti chani kodi nyamatayu?

  16. billy says:


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