Mmangisa paid K29m, demands K56m in arrears: Ex Lilongwe CEO sues

Former chief executive officer for the Lilongwe City Council, Kelvin Mmangisa is claiming a staggering  K56 million from the cash-strapped Lilongwe City Council in arrears from July 2012 to October 2013 a period he was arrested for allegedly  pocketing K30 million in illegal benefits between 2009 and 2012.

Mmangisa: Seeking damages

Mmangisa: Seeking damages

Mmangisa was accused of drawing almost K600, 000 in extra allowances on top of his consolidated monthly allowance of K627, 015.00 since he was appointed as the city chief in 2009 by late President Bingu wa Mutharika.

He was among other things accused of getting benefits which were not contained in his contract and also pocketing allowances for a trip to Italy which did not take place.

Among the self-allocated monthly benefits were, K100,000.00 as a house allowance, K50,000 for hospitality, K  60,000.00 for utility, K  45,000.00  for security, K100,000.00  for cell phone K  20,000.00airtime,  K 20,000.00 for landline,  K252,000.00 for 100 litres of fuel,  K 20,000.00 for a cook and K20, 000 for a gardener.

The case has since been discontinued.

The claim form seen by Nyasa Times shows that Mmangisa is demanding the arrears for his salary, leave grants, hospitality, utilities, cellphone and ground phone airtime, residents, gardener and cook. The claim form puts the total amount of his monthly salaries arrears, at K9, 759,624.78.

Officials at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Mmangisa also wanted reimbursements on legal fees amounting to K3, 426, 355. 00.

As this is not enough, in a letter reference number, LG/PF/A/171//25, signed by a Mr HR Chimota, the ministry is demanding the city council to pay Mmangisa a whooping K14, 481, 955. 00, for giving no reason of discontinuing the case.

According to documents seen by Nyasa Times the cash strapped city council has so far paid Mmangisa K29, 714, 566, almost over half of his total claims.

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Apa nde za ma city rates ine sindilipilanso, zizipita kwa a Mangisa basi, ndi a Mayor’s luxurios life, muuponda.


Tiye nazoni. Watsala mzanga Ted Nadolo naye anyambite nawo zaulere. Koma pa malawi mpokanika ndithu. Why do we make such careless decisions?Do we have professional advisers at ministry of local government or someone just wants to flex their muscles at the expense of the poor tax payer. Resolve all the outstanding matters at Local government. Am giving you seven days apo biii ndikukwapulani nonse olakwa.


paja amanena kuti iyeyu anali ndi mlandu ndi ndani? boma lake la chipani chiticho? andibwenzera msonkho wanga nanenso kuyambira mmene ndinayamba ntchito ndikumandidula osakambirana nane. kunditengera ndalama zanga ine kulibeko. aaaasa. pano ndiye muzingowapatsa zaulele anthu oti amagwira ntchito yawo bwinobwino inu nkumati amaba, ndiye wakuba ndi ndani pakati pa iwo otenga ndalama zanga za msonkho ine osavomerezana nazo ndi iyeyo?


Makileni is the one who made the stupid decision of sacking Mmangisa. He also dubiously promoted the estranged DCs who are now seeking legal redress. Then there are Dcs Hara and Simwaka who are just drawing government salary without working. Don’t be surprised if the two decide to sue local government for constructive dismissal. Are we really serious about developing our mother Malawi with this maladiministration? I urge authorities at ministry of local government to sort out the mess left by JB , masterminded by her idiot son called Makileni.


When is Lilongwe city council engaging another THIEF EXECUTIVE? I saw the adverts long ago alongside those of Mzuzu and Zomba city.


Alimba pa Town M’mangisa…agura ena magalimoto

mbola basi
Basi nkhani yapa Malawi is paying staggering sums of money in compensation to people wrongly sacked on political basis.Malawi hates picking people on competency basis.What has he done for Lilongwe to be rewarded such amount of money? has nothing to show.Lilongwe city is one of the dirtiest in the world with non functioning facilities yet one was withdrawing large sums of money on benefits without doing nothing.The useless cycle of politicians in Malawi are bleeding tax payers for nothing.people pays city rates yet they get nothing in services.Lilongwe has substandards roads that do not befit the city standards,No bins,poor infrastructures… Read more »
Amon Chandi

Utesi yayi. Kelvin Mmangitsa ndi waku Zomba. He is a gentleman of distinction. Makileni wagwa nayo….The LL City Assembly is paying the price, a typical example of Management by Crisis, synonymous with the immediate past govt… Malawi for you!


My tax my tax, so bad

MalawianNAKUNGWI # 1

He got the job because he was bedding one of munthalika kid,JB knew that. This is the reason he lost his job,and the guy did not do anything for Lilongwe. All he knew to do is pocketing money from all walk of life in Lilongwe.

All this, is greed on its best. Get a life Kelvin. Go back to coaching foot ball,thus what you used to do. Malawi need coaches so bad. if you have what it takes. This is not during MMS.

Enafe utilakhulisa pambali ukapitiliza zausilu zakozi.

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