Mob kills mentally challenged person in Phalombe

An angry mob in Chiringa in Phalombe district on Wednesday assaulted a mentally challenged person who later died while receiving medical attention.death1

The deceased has been identified as Boniface Palapasa, 51, from Phodogoma village, T/A Nazombe in the district.

According to police, an angry mob attacked Palapasa after he had grievously injured another person with a stone.

”The incident angered people around the area. They then mobilised themselves and pounced on Palapasa until members of community policing intervened,” explained Phalombe police Publicist, Augustus Nkhwazi.

Alarmed by the condition of Palapasa, law-enforcers rushed him to Chiringa Parish Hospital where he died while receiving treatment.

Post-mortem results indicate that Palapasa died due to severe tissue injury as he was heavily assaulted.

Meanwhile, Fyson Mulunguzi who was stoned by the deceased was treated as an outpatient.

Police have since instituted investigations into the matter.

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16 thoughts on “Mob kills mentally challenged person in Phalombe”

  1. Mkhokhori no 1 says:

    Ndiye nzeru za Mlomwe zimenezo.Kupha Ndiye kudya kwache.

  2. Love thy neighbour says:

    Malawi doesn’t look after its mentally challenged people.They are all over the country wandering.Its time the government built bigger institution to rehabilitate these people.Mental issues are a stigma in Malawi and you find many people laughing at these people.This is country where most people claims that they are God fearing yet they can’t look after their brothers and sisters in this condition.So where is Love?

  3. ovide says:

    Rest in peace bon koma anthu amenewo eshiii

  4. G man says:

    Some of these people are violent i remember one white lady was seriously injured in Mzuzu while she freely walked in the street a mad man from nowhere just came hit her with a big stone.

  5. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Ndamva chisoni, wamisala alibe nzeru zabwino iye ndiwodwala, ndipo matenda ambiri mankhwala siagwira, kaya nkutani. Kuzomba amakabwerako osachila.

  6. Mbutolwe watata says:

    These mad people they sometimes overbehave. We also have one lunatic mad man here at nkhatabay boma who time without number stone, thumb and kick innocent citizens especiary women. l fully hope he wl be the next victim. These violent madmen are those polobonic victims of marijuana. They puffed or ate more than their brains could accommodate. Viva phalombe guys! n6

  7. simeon ivory says:

    Ooooh shame bwanji otsakhala ngati mwanache wamisala otsagenda kkkkkkkk

  8. Charles Banda says:

    The Police ought to take such people to proper facilities. In Kasungu, just this Monday at Lisasadzi, a mentally ill person who has been perpetually released by Police back into society broke a front windscreen of a minibus full of passengers & damaged another vehicle. Thanks there were no injuries. The Police are to blame!

  9. Francis says:


  10. Kaliati says:

    Alomwe ayamba kupha anthu amisala asiya kupha ma albino.These people are uneducated and Phalombe is the most illetarate district in this country.Ngati mwakwiya osakamenya mlomwe zanu wakumanani Chipatala.Afiti inu oberekera pa ntchire anthu odziwa kugwilira azimayi ndi ana inu.

  11. Dalitso says:

    How can the whole community gang up against a person who is mentally challenged. You mean not even few people could have known that the person is a sick person. Shame on that community, and your ignorance cannot be an excuse;police have to take all of you to court for killing mentally sick person.

  12. redeemed says:

    The daunting question is why was a mentally I’ll person allowed to live in community of normal people? Don’t we have facilities to cater for such people. This is a poor social practice that has been prevailing for a prolonged period. Mental disabled people pause a threat to both the community and to themselves. I strongly condemn the killing and those responsible must be brought to book as their is criminal element.

  13. Brazilian wax says:

    A certain organization started what I think was a good initiative of taking mentality sick people from the streets. But some folks misinterpreted the good move and stifled all the efforts. Mentality sick people are an imminent danger when their condition sublimates into aggression.

  14. Gerald Milinda says:

    Goshiii!!!no mercy killing mad person,these people must be punished accordingly as pay for doing wrong thing

  15. MAPWEVUPWEVU says:


  16. Kawonga says:

    Atleast nowadays our police service is in good order,keep it on

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